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Mum’s Fury after MIL Gets Tattoo of Newborn Without Asking Her

A grandmother has caused quite the family drama after deciding to get herself inked in honour of her new granddaughter. The grannie wanted to do something extra special for her first grandchild so she decided to commemorate her birth with a big ‘ol chest tattoo of newborn baby girl.

However, the mother of the baby isn’t too pleased with her ink choice, finding it disrespectful that she wasn’t asked if this was okay first.

Here’s the full story:

‘I hate my MIL’s tattoo of newborn’ 

The 31-year-old mum shared her side of the story on Reddit’s Am I the Asshole (AITA) forum, which basically lets readers decide if the poster is the asshole in the situation (YTA) or not the asshole (NTA).

As the mum explains, this is her first child and she’s really loving the whole parenting thing, except her “attention-seeking” MIL is “over the top, to say the least”.

On Christmas Eve MIL and FIL rock up to the house to exchange gifts.

She told me and my husband that she had one last gift for our daughter and handed us an envelope. My husband proceeded to open the card and read it out loud.

To sum it up, it said that she loved our daughter so much that she decided to get something for her and herself.

We both look up and there she was pulling down her collar to show us a huge tattoo on her chest of a heart shaped pearl necklace (my daughter’s birth stone), a couple of roses (birth flower) and our daughter’s name.”

As the mum explains, this isn’t her MIL’s first tattoo but it is definitely her biggest. And while it’s tasteful, it’s the “she did it before me” thing that upsets her.

‘Took her birth stone and flower’

As she explains, she wanted to get a tattoo of her daughter too but she can’t yet as she’s still breastfeeding.

I WAS STUNNED. I balled my eyes out in my bedroom. I could hear my husband trying to explain to her what she did wrong. I wanted to get a tattoo of my daughter/ other children (we plan on having more) but I can’t right now because I’m breastfeeding. I was so upset because not only did my MIL take her name but she also took her birth stone and flower!”

After the mother composed herself and returned to the living room, she found her MIL sobbing and “making a huge scene”.

She told me that she was sorry, she didn’t think it was a big deal and that she thought she was doing something nice for my daughter. She even said that she discussed her plans with FIL and their friends and everyone gave her the green light.

I told her that my daughter was 6 months old and had no idea what a tattoo is and that she did this for attention just like everything else she does. I was upset with the fact that she didn’t even think to discuss it with us, her parents, about how we would feel about it. Mind you, she doesn’t even have her own children’s names tattooed on her.”

Did not tell us first

Since the whole tattoo debacle, the MIL has tried to reach out but to no avail. While MIL wants to sweep things under the rug and move on, the mother of the newborn isn’t ready to let go.

I’m not upset about what the tattoo entails specifically. I am just upset at the fact that MIL did not come to us as my daughter’s parents to discuss beforehand. She has overstepped boundaries in the past so, I guess this could be the last straw. Am I the asshole?

While most of the AITA threads end the same – NTA (not the asshole), this one went a little different with most people agreeing with the MIL and suggesting that the mother was the asshole in this situation.

After all, it’s her body, her choice and if she wants to get a tattoo, she’s allowed to without asking for permission.

I fail to see why her getting a tattoo on her body is a problem and means you can’t get one. Like seriously who cares? Every single tattoo is unique so what’s it matter if you get one too?”, one commenter said.

Others pointed out that the tattoo doesn’t sound as offensive or rude to the baby either or that the birthstone or flower was something that can be ‘owned’ by the mother only.

Yep, YTA. I thought this was going to be something awful. Like you hate her tattoo because it’s a nazi symbol. But nope, you’re just overreacting,” said another.

A few agreed with the mother though and thought the MIL had overstepped.

Yes, it’s her body and she can tattoo whatever she wants, but I fail to see in what context is this an acceptable Christmas present for her 6-months granddaughter?! She literally did this to herself, on herself and for herself; as in, not for the child. Narcissism at its best.”

What do you think?

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