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WIN Tickets to Monster Jam 2018 and Take Home These Massive Prize Packs

Get their engines running and give them an experience like no other!

We’ve got three colossal Monster Jam® prize packs to give away to three lucky families! And each one has a family pass to the show PLUS heaps of official Monster Jam merchandise, including a toy Grave Digger® Truck!

If you’ve got Monster Jam truck-loving tykes in the house, then this is one competition you don’t want to miss!

Monster Jam 2018 Australia

Monster Jam trucks coming to a city near you 

Get excited mums, dads and kids! The most family-friendly, action-packed motorsport in the world races back into Australia for another extreme show.

This year Monster Jam will roar into Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne in October 2018 for four epic performances, sure to get those little hearts a-pounding!

You can expect a bigger, better, faster and stronger show than ever before as world-class drivers get behind the wheels of the custom-designed beasts.

See the show, meet the stars 

If you’ve never seen Monster Jam before, then let us be the first to tell you, it’s quite a show! These massive beasts soar through the sky, literally flying 50 metres in a single leap. They are rough, revved-up and ready to get the crowd going. We took our two little ones last year and they absolutely LOVED it!

Monster Jam 2018 Wonder Woman truckThere’s Wonder Woman™ driven by Australia’s only Monster Jam trained driver, Rhianna Buchanan. And Megalodon®, driven by two-time Monster Jam Triple Threat Serious Champion Justin Snipes. Expect crowd favourite trucks Grave Digger and Monster Mutt® as well as Max-D™, driven by 11-time Monster Jam World Finals Champion, Tom Meents.

Unexpected, unscripted and unforgettable, Monster Jam also includes various competitions, like racing and freestyle, where Monster Jam trucks are pushed to the limit in an adrenaline-pumping battle.

Each ticket to Monster Jam 2018 also includes Pit Party access ahead of the first show, where you can get up close to the Monster Jam trucks, meet the drivers, take pictures and get autographs.

Tickets for all four Monster Jam 2018 shows are now selling, and start at just $24 for kids so jump on over and grab yours today! The kids will love you for it!

  • ADELAIDE: 6 October 2018 – 5pm – Adelaide Oval
  • SYDNEY: 13 October 2018 – 6pm – ANZ Stadium
  • MELBOURNE: 20 October 2018 – 2pm & 7pm– AAMI Park

buy tickets here


What’s better than taking the kiddies to see Monster Jam trucks? How about winning them an amazing Monster Jam prize to go with your free family pass?Monster Jam australia

Here’s your chance to score one of three Monster Jam prize packs. Each pack includes:

  • 4 Tickets to a show in either Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne
  • Yearbook
  • Merchandise Bag
  • A Checker Flag and a Wonder Woman Flag
  • Hat and Ear Muffs
  • Monster Mutt Truck
  • Grave Digger Truck
  • Crayon Set, Frisbee and Mug

Simply fill in the form below to be in the running to see Monster Jam 2018 on us!

Fill out my online form.

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Kirk

    Monster Jam encompasses all that one needs for a fun night out including my all time favorite scooby doo! Big engines fun times and just a good family night out x

    • Avatar of Kelly Jones
      Kelly JonesReply

      I would absolutely love to take my 5 year old son as we have never been. He loves his collection of Monster Trucks and to be able to have the opportunity to surprise him and see it live in action, let’s just say the look on his little face would be priceless. I have heard the atmosphere is and everything about the event is outstanding! Thank you for the opportunity Mum Central 🙂

      • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
        Barbara FehmelReply

        My young great grand son is mad on trucks, as his father is. I would love to give them tickets to see “Monster Jam” this would be their high light of the year.

    • Avatar of Carly

      I’d love to show my kids that there are real versions of the toys they play with!

    • Avatar of Neekie

      The loud sound of the engines reving, the excitement of seeing the monster trucks flip and somersault in the air….. Monster Jam has everything to entertain the whole family.

  2. Avatar of Rebecca Knott
    Rebecca KnottReply

    I love that my daughter enjoys the trucks just as much as her big brother so it’s a rare occassion that he loves sharing with her.

  3. Avatar of Olivia Sadler
    Olivia SadlerReply

    I have never been to a monster jam but would love to take our son he is obsessed with ‘broom broom’ trucks!

  4. Avatar of Emma W

    My son would love to see this and it will be his 8th birthday! He’s been crazy about cars since he was a baby and this would be such a highlight for us as a family!

  5. Avatar of Lea78

    We’re a divided family in this house I go for grave digger, my husband is more Max d, or avenger. My daughters go for scion do and Medusa. Would love the chance to watch it live.

  6. Avatar of Stacey Navarro
    Stacey NavarroReply

    We have never been to monster jam but we would absolutely love to experience the thrills of seeing it live with all the noise of the engines.

  7. Avatar of Loz

    It’s fun for not just the little kids but the bigger kids too!

  8. Avatar of Ange

    My boys would love to see these monster trucks – they have never been before and love how they look especially Grave Digger!

  9. Avatar of Melissa Zammit
    Melissa ZammitReply

    I would really love to surprise my son with tickets to see his face light up when he see’s hear’s and smells the monster trucks on the track..it would be a great adrenalin rush for him

  10. Avatar of Sarah Carland
    Sarah CarlandReply

    Miss 3 would go absolutely crazy if she got to see her favourite Monster Truck Medusa!!!! She’s such a rev head and we would love to give her this experience!!

  11. Avatar of Tracey

    It looks like such an awesome atmosphere. Kids would love the experience

  12. Avatar of Nicole Strachan
    Nicole StrachanReply

    My kids love the excitement of cars doing stunts.

  13. Avatar of Kristy G

    My son is absolutely nuts for the monster trucks! His favourite part is seeing them jump over cars. He’s only ever seen them on the TV and youtube so he would LOVE to go see them in person!

  14. Avatar of Ocea smith

    Family Fun like no other

  15. Avatar of Nicky Bambalam
    Nicky BambalamReply

    The rivalries between teams. The anticipation of the stunts. The crashes. The destruction. The atmosphere. The scale of it all. Such a thrill to watch.

  16. Avatar of Emma heath

    My son loves Monster Trucks. His favourite is Blaze.

  17. Avatar of Jen Thomas

    I would love to take my kids, we have never been to monster jam before. We love the grave digger! Watch monster jam on tv every weekend

  18. Avatar of John Ashbrooke
    John AshbrookeReply

    I love the fact it brings so much joy to kids and adults alike

  19. Avatar of Catrina

    I love the look on my son’s face as he watched the amazing trucks doing their jumps etc

  20. Avatar of Nat W

    I was given 2 tickets last year but it had already started and I had to purchase a 3rd ticket which was no where near where my kids were sitting. We missed the first half and I spent the whole night worried about them. My daughter also got upset and hubby missed out completely. I would love to change our memories from stress and worry to happiness and excitement; to be able to enjoy the show as a family and make memories to last forever

  21. Avatar of Ilisa cooper
    Ilisa cooperReply

    My son is obsessed with big trucks and would love to see them up close!

  22. Avatar of Loz

    My family love monster jam. This would be an amazing experience

  23. Avatar of Ann Sculley
    Ann SculleyReply

    We have never been but would love to take my daughter and Nephew who are both Monster truck fans , Dad would love it also he loves big trucks too ,It would be a magical experience !

  24. Avatar of Rhonda Phillips
    Rhonda PhillipsReply

    I love the loud engines and all the excitement of watching the monster trucks race and do their tricks.

  25. Avatar of Jocelyn

    My son has a collection of monster jam toys and for him to see them in person at the show would be amazing. He’s a huge fan and cannot stop talking about monster jam trucks and their drivers.

  26. Avatar of Biltong

    It’s a great experience for the children to be able to see something that is a bigger monster than they are. LOL!

  27. Avatar of Jess Claes

    My husband and I will take our son and daughter. My son has loved monster trucks since he was a toddler. The look of wonder and awe on their faces is priceless and makes the night even more magnificent.

  28. Avatar of Becky JACKSON
    Becky JACKSONReply

    I love the excitement it brings everyone ,young and old, who watch those massive trucks!!

  29. Avatar of Trish J

    My boys are both Monster Jam crazy (actually we all are). My youngest loves El Toro Loco and my eldest loves Grave Digger! My favourite is Monster Mutt ❤️

  30. Avatar of Tania Karner
    Tania KarnerReply

    My son is MONSTER JAMS number one fan. Everyday we have to watch monster jam (luckily mummy & daddy like watching Monster Jam too). He has over 30 monster jam trucks (and to him that is still not enough). We seen them last year in Brisbane, it was the best night of his life (and ours too). To see and hear him squeal with delight as he watched his favourite monster truck (DRAGON) was worth more than anything money could buy. It is such an exciting and wonderful family night out, creating a happy life time memory to treasure without realising it. I would love to be able to win this prize pack for my son and tickets to see their show in Sydney as I was most disappointed when they released the show dates and Brisbane was not listed this year. It would definitely be worth the trip to Sydney to see.

  31. Avatar of Melinda Mahlberg
    Melinda MahlbergReply

    My 5yo son is monster truck crazy. He would so love to go and experience his first Monster Truck show.

  32. Avatar of Raelene Field
    Raelene FieldReply

    OMG our boys would think Christmas has come early if they were lucky enough to see the monster trucks live , what a amazing child hood memory to create for them.

  33. Avatar of Mhalliday

    I’m certainly no fan of motor sport. But my 6 year old son was introduced to monster jam at the age of 3. It wasn’t long before I watched too. It is the only thing he has truly loved consistently for now what’s been half his life! Great family entertainment!

  34. Avatar of Mick D

    I would love to take my son to see his favourite truck Grave Digger. He has never been and would absolutely love it.

  35. Avatar of Angie

    I love the noise & atmosphere, but most of all, I love the massive smile it brings to my sons face, just priceless!!

  36. Avatar of Jessica

    My son and me love monster trucks his favorite is Scooby-Doo he gets so very excited when they are on. My favorite would have to be max-d, we would love to see them very much, it’s so exciting I love it

  37. Avatar of Chaney13

    We love the excitement – our kids are just Monster Jam fanatics and would love to see them live,

  38. Avatar of Jennifer Faggotter
    Jennifer FaggotterReply

    My 5 year old son has been CRAZY about monster trucks since he was a baby. Nothing could get him to settle, so I would put monster jam on the tv and set him in front of it. Within minutes, he would be happily watching. His love and obsession has worn off onto his 3 year old sister. Monster jam rocks!

  39. Avatar of Bee

    I can only imagine the smiles watching the monster Trucks flying through the air and the roaring of those loud engines would bring to my 2 little ones faces.

  40. Avatar of Debbie

    Monster jam is everything that makes my boys happy noise and cars

  41. Avatar of Sally E

    My 4 year old son has just discovered the awesome world of monster trucks. I would love to see his face light up with excitement when he sees them in real life for the first time. Priceless!

  42. Avatar of Kate Wennerbom
    Kate WennerbomReply

    My kids LOVE Monster Jam! The best part is seeing the pure joy on my boys faces when they hear the engines and get their first sighting of the trucks rolling in. This year has been really tough on us so no chance we’ll get there but even the memory of the look on their faces is priceless

  43. Avatar of Joanne Parkinson
    Joanne ParkinsonReply

    I love the stadium atmosphere and that it is like athletics and gymnastics for monster cars with flips tumbling and racing

  44. Avatar of TaraG

    My son would love to see the monster trucks for the first time ever. He loves Grave Digger and carries him around everywhere with him!

  45. Avatar of Michelle

    Michelle – would love to go watch! Our 2 boys aged 3 & 5 love monster trucks.
    They race them, wash them in the bag and take them to bed! They love watching it on tv and know all the trucks!

  46. Avatar of Jessica Hill
    Jessica HillReply

    My son loves monster jam and would be so excited to see them live

  47. Avatar of Jenna bricknell
    Jenna bricknellReply

    I love that the whole family can enjoy the event and the joy and excitement my boys get out of seeing the trucks

  48. Avatar of Renate Abra
    Renate AbraReply

    My boys have always wanted to go to Monster Jam, but we haven’t been able to go, so to maybe try and win this awesome prize would be so great.

  49. Avatar of Sally

    I love that it’s a family night out. The kids love it and it’s entertaining

  50. Avatar of Allison wallace
    Allison wallaceReply

    Just seeing the pure excitement on the kids faces as they see the monster trucks up close in person – not via the tv! Its like Christmas time – especially if they have no idea they are going!!

  51. Avatar of Tori-Anne Smith
    Tori-Anne SmithReply

    My 5 year old son has been obsessed with Monster Jam ever since my father showed it to him on tv. He would love to see the big trucks

  52. Avatar of Chookee280(

    We have plans to give my son tickets for his 9th Birthday! He absolutely loves Grave Digger… cried his eyes out when his Dad accidentally broke the wheel off his remote control one

  53. Avatar of Hayley parker
    Hayley parkerReply

    My son Roman lives for these enormously loud bigger than life Monster Trucks especially Grave Digger. He draws them, watches on television, has mini models and wants to drive one when he is older.

  54. Avatar of Jade O

    The smashing and the crashing, the banging and the booms the roar of the crowd as the monster trucks make everything their food!

  55. Avatar of julesm

    I love the time i get to myself while they all sit and watch it

  56. Avatar of Rachel Barnett
    Rachel BarnettReply

    I love how excited my boys get when they watch it on TV. We haven’t been able to afford for us all to go and I would give anything to be able to taken them both and watch their faces light up.

  57. Avatar of Laura Wickett Offerman
    Laura Wickett OffermanReply

    After spending many an hour searching for a grave digger toy in all the major retail outlets, something tells me seeing the trucks in person may make my boy’s dreams come true!

  58. Avatar of LorraineJ

    Being nearly 5 years old, Autistic and mostly non verbal our son’s eyes light up at Monster Jam he has even tried saying Zombie & loves joining in with the crowd on tv to do the Zombie arm movements.

  59. Avatar of Lisa S

    We have been wanting to take our kids every year, but every year a new expected bill arrives and we just can’t afford it. This prize would be a dream come true!

  60. Avatar of Sophie Warran
    Sophie WarranReply

    I love how excited my son gets when he watches videos on YouTube from monster jam! He would LOVE this prize, and it would be a great way to spend some time with just him after our second baby comes in August.

  61. Avatar of izzybee kortman
    izzybee kortmanReply

    every time my son sees a hilux he says “mummy that kind of looks like a monster truck, but i want to see a real monster truck one day”.. it would be great to get up close and see the trucks instead of watching them on t.v.

  62. Avatar of Jacqui

    I love Monster jam because it’s the best fun for all ages. It’s the thing our family look forward to all year

  63. Avatar of Boothy78

    My kids would go crazy if they had the opportunity to watch Monster Jam live, my 3yr old is also obsessed with Wonder Woman so guess which Monster Truck she would be most excited about?! Lol!

  64. Avatar of Natalya

    My son’s favourite monster truck is hot wheels with smooth wheels. Last year we missed taking him as my hubby had to have back surgery so this year we don’t want him to miss out. He wants to hear the noise and see the trucks do super tricks like his monster trucks at home do.

  65. Avatar of Sherri Snowden
    Sherri SnowdenReply

    Monster Jam is not just a show its a way of life. They are not coming to Brisbane this year so i will just have to fly to see them

  66. Avatar of Erin

    My son has loved Monster Jam since he was 2. Hes collected the hotwheels trucks for years (hes 6 now!). We always watch them on the TV on Saturday nights. He would love to see them in person.

  67. Avatar of Debbie

    You can feel the excitement right to your core. The thrills and exhilaration as they rev and rumble through the course. The anticipation as as they tip over and your heart is in your mouth waiting to see if they will rescue it and the elation when they do.

  68. Avatar of Gina J

    How awesome and cool are these Monster Jam Trucks!!!
    Even as a 35 yr old woman, I still get a thrill put of watching these shows. I feel lucky that my 7 yr old son loves Monster Jam so I have a real great excuse to watch with him. And when it comes to the live shows, it can be get sticky with my hubby as to who will go to the show with Mstr 7 and who stays home with Miss 3.
    Hopefully this year we can all go!

  69. Avatar of Ltworkmumof4

    My boys love the loud noise of their engines and the vibrations it sends through their bodies. Add the huge jumps and tricks too

  70. Avatar of schzelle mussig
    schzelle mussigReply

    my son has wall hangings , bedspread , throw , pillow case , bean bag , and toys of the grave digger ,. it is safe to say he is a massive fan. we have never been able to attended a live show but he and my nephew do watch the telly ones , they get all excited over the trucks and “destruction” apparently that is what happens when they do jumps , “they just destroyed the others ” lol kids who can understand them , my extra needs boy and his cousin will go ape over this , i have not the money to go and they have a rough time at late , this will allow two lil mates be boys . thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given

  71. Avatar of Debbie Dye

    Monster Jam is heart thumping, blood pumping, great Family Entertainment! It’s an adrebaline fuellwd sowctacukar that has my son jumping out of his seat with eyes popping out of his head!

  72. Avatar of Lisa Marie Warden
    Lisa Marie WardenReply

    My 3 year old son is obsessed with monster trucks and loves to watch them on youtube with his Dad. His favourites are grave digger and monster mutt and we have quite a collection of the hot wheels monster trucks. He would love to be so close to them and be apart of all the excitement!

  73. Avatar of Kylie Webster

    We love the thrill of the event, the tricks, the noise, the atmosphere. A great night out with family Bonding. The best of all getting the kids away from the electronic devices.

  74. Avatar of zoomnat

    My son absolutely loves monster trucks!
    He would love to see them live
    He plays with his mind after trucks all the time

  75. Avatar of Jaxsta

    My stepdaughter and I both love wonder woman and I love that we have that in common as it gives us something to bond over, plus daddy loves monster trucks so it would be a great family day out.

  76. Avatar of Chloe Whalen
    Chloe WhalenReply

    My Son would be so excited to go to monster Jam. He has never been and this would definitely make some great family memories for myself and my kids.

  77. Avatar of Natalie power
    Natalie powerReply

    I have 2 massive monster truck fans in my youngest 2 boys, almost 3 and 4yrs. I would love to be able to take them to see it live rather than just watching all the YouTube videos of them!

  78. Avatar of Matthew

    My son LOVES Grave Digger…bring on the roar of the trucks, the amazing jumps and the excitement of an action packed show!! Too awesome to miss out on…live!!!

  79. Avatar of Maree Petersen
    Maree PetersenReply

    My 5 yr and 1 yr old sobs and 3 yr old daughter are monster Jam mad. We record it on the tv and watch it over and over again. They would love to see the monster truck in real life!! Mum and dad would love it too. :).

  80. Avatar of Malini

    My son is a big monster truck fan and he loves watching it on youtube. He even does his own monster truck obstacles for his toy truck and does some cool tricks. He will be thrilled to see them live in action.

  81. Avatar of Stacey

    My 3 year old son loves monster trucks and watches it ever Sunday with his daddy when it is on TV he would be so excited if I was able to take him and his sister to see it live

  82. Avatar of Fee

    My boys love monster trucks!
    They are always watching it on YouTube and then copying what the trucks do with their toy trucks…. So we have many bumps, bruises and dings in the walls from flying cars!

  83. Avatar of Kellytaylor

    Love seeing the kids faces light up when the trucks jump! Its great 🙂 My daughter has bot seen them before but she is s daredevil amd would love to watch them.

  84. Avatar of Amanda Donohoe
    Amanda DonohoeReply

    My twin boys love watching monster jam on tv ! Imagine there little faces hearing them roar around live in front of them . PRICELESS

  85. Avatar of Jayde

    We’ve never ever been to Monster Jam but my 9 year old loooves Grave Digger and to see him up close would just be a dream come true! I imagine the atmosphere would be brilliant and such a fun family night out we don’t get to have too often! What a great prize!

  86. Avatar of Cassandra

    We love Monster Jam because we have a Max D at our house who is absolutely crazy about monster trucks and their crazy tricks.

  87. Avatar of Anne

    Would love to take my kids to see monster jam. They love grave digger and have wanted to go every year but unfortunately financial issues have made us miss out of tickets. I love monster jam as ot has something for the whole family from the small members to the older members

  88. Avatar of Beth Z

    Seeing Monster Jam live would be the ultimate experience for my boy and girl who are both monster truck MAD! My little girl especially would love to see Wonder Woman in action! Girlpower!

  89. Avatar of bree

    Watching my twin boys and their daddy sit down together and cheer for the grave digger

  90. Avatar of Kylie L

    Whats not to love the noise the dirt and when they come out and go hard the backflips the crushing of the cars its all so much fun watching the kids faces with excitement is priceless

  91. Avatar of Katie C

    Both my son and daughter love Monster trucks – Grave Digger is their favorite!

  92. Avatar of Lisa

    My kids would love the opportunity to see this. With 5 kids ranging in ages and gender it’s hard finding activities together that they all love. This would be perfect.

  93. Avatar of Kim cockburn
    Kim cockburnReply

    We haven’t been to the Monster trucks before and my son absolutely loves anything with 4 wheels and an engine. But Monster trucks are his favourite and it would be an awesome 3rd birthday present for him.

  94. Avatar of Dani Forster
    Dani ForsterReply

    I love how it make my kids faces light up! My Boy 8 and Girl 5 feel so empowered like they can do anything after being at your shows.

  95. Avatar of Toni Parker
    Toni ParkerReply

    I would be the superstar Grandma if I won these tickets and could surprise my Monster Truck obsessed grandson with these tickets and experience as an early birthday present!

  96. Avatar of Jodie Dorricott
    Jodie DorricottReply

    Mr Monster truck loving 6 year old, would think all his dreams had come true getting to see the big boys live, even though earmuffs would be a must for him with his sensitive ears, it would be worth all the money in the world seeing the smile on his face.

  97. Avatar of Lisa G

    My two boys love monster trucks because they are great fun to watch, they love all the noise and really cool tricks.

  98. Avatar of JulieJajieh

    I ABSOLUTELY Love how both my 9 year old daughter and 8 year old son adore monster trucks!

    Monster truck shows engage the whole family…. my hubby is glued watching, I’m cheering on and on the edge of my seat and our kids are excited and always asking when they can go to the next show.

    This would be an awesome experience and chance in time for my daughter’s bday

  99. Avatar of Jane A

    The noise, the anticipation, the full-on action, it’s an absolute legendary experience I’d love to share with my young family who’ll be beside themselves with excitement.

  100. Avatar of Bronwyn jonkers
    Bronwyn jonkersReply

    my kids love watching them online and have every monster jam truck! i would love to take my kids to see them live

  101. Avatar of JennB

    With a family of 5, and another on the way, it’s the small things, like Monster Jam, that we all enjoy together as a family that make the tough times bareable.

  102. Avatar of Corrina Dowling
    Corrina DowlingReply

    My kids love destruction and I love destruction that isn’t happening in my lounge room!

  103. Avatar of Louise bates
    Louise batesReply

    My 2 boys (4yrs & 1yr) are both monster jam mad. The show last year we had a wedding on the same night so couldnt go and i would really love to be able to take them this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets

  104. Avatar of Kelly Zamudio
    Kelly ZamudioReply

    Both my boys (6 & 4) love Monster Jam. Both 100% Grave Digger fans. Have some many trucks I have lost count. They would love to see them live.

  105. Avatar of Elsa Rankin
    Elsa RankinReply

    My 4 year old son is absolutely obsessed with Monster Trucks! He loves to watch the Monster Trucks on t.v every chance he gets. He said to me the other day “when I grow up I want to be a monster truck driver”!!

  106. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess HowardReply

    This is on my familys bucket list. The pure adrenalin and the noise! I think it would be amazing to see them in person and just watch my son’s huge smile! They really need to hit up Tassie though!

  107. Avatar of Melanie

    Mayhem Tricks
    Outstanding Rip it up
    Next level Ultimate
    Sensational Crushing
    Tough Kicking butt
    Excellent Superstars!

  108. Avatar of Lisakarie

    We would LOVE to see Monster Jam , especially Maxx D for all the crazy, wild flips and flights!! Monster Jam is our Mummy & Nick go to show for some excitment!

  109. Avatar of Peta Newsome
    Peta NewsomeReply

    My Daughter loves the girl drivers,
    she reckons they are tops!
    My Son likes the awesome flips,
    the “Flying Monster Trucks!”
    I like the smell, the thrills,
    the whole family thinks it rocks!!

  110. Avatar of Alysha

    I would love to go and see the monster trucks! I have never been and my partner, kids and I absolutely love them! It would be the ultimate way for my son and daughter to finally see them up close and to hear and watch them.

  111. Avatar of Jess Sneddon
    Jess SneddonReply

    My sons are absolutely obsessed with Monster Jam. My 3 year old wants to be a monster truck. We spend our Sunday’s watching monster jam on TV and would love to see them live.

  112. Avatar of Fiona D

    I love that atmosphere – the noise, the crowd and the excitement in the air

  113. Avatar of Belinda marcus
    Belinda marcusReply

    I love the excitement on all the children’s faces as their dreams become a reality when they watch the Monster truck show

  114. Avatar of Jody Slean

    My 9 year old son has autism and one of his talents is knowing everything and I mean everything about each driver, monster truck etc he’s unbelievable, really unbelievable. My dream for him is to take him to see them in real life we have missed out previous times due to his father’s very ill health at the time. I’d like for us to go to make some memories and make it about him and family.

  115. Avatar of Kate Harvey
    Kate HarveyReply

    The joy that it will bring to my 4 year olds face when he sees what they can do and how big they are. He will be beside himself!

  116. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca CostaReply

    My teenage son a bigger fan then me but we both love how they can fly abit in the air over jumps and massive they are!!

  117. Avatar of Pauline Stewart
    Pauline StewartReply

    I love watching my sons face when he see it on TV, watching it in real life with him would be amazing!

  118. Avatar of Sophiewright

    The smile that engulfs the faces of my boys as they watch, totally entranced at Monster Jam. Oh to see that again!

  119. Avatar of Lisa.C

    My son has a monster truck toy collection that he loves to play with. I would love to see his face if he got to see them in real life!!

  120. Avatar of Tarah F

    My oldest son screams everytime he sees the Monster Jam advert on TV! I’d love to win him a pass to see them in person!

  121. Avatar of Kylie

    We would love to see an australian women ripping it up on home soil.. Love monster trucks.

  122. Avatar of Erin

    My 4 year old would be so excited to win tickets. We bought him tickets once but his baby sister was so ill that I couldn’t go and enjoy his excitement and passion. I would love to have that opportunity to share such an amazin experience with him and our whole family. He has definitely influenced his little sister into playin with all his monster jam toys too!

  123. Avatar of Rebecca Haddrill
    Rebecca HaddrillReply

    I LOVE that Monster jam is family friendly, its great for all ages, action packed and ALOT of fun! Cant wait!!

  124. Avatar of Alana Cobb

    My nephews would absolutely love this! The little one went to his first monster jam at just a few months old. Would love to take him again and watch his face light up.

  125. Avatar of Sarah Fisher
    Sarah FisherReply

    My 3 year old son is absolutely crazy
    /obsessed with monster jam, has all the trucks, clothing, hats, doona cover You name it!!! We have purchased tickets for him already for he’s bday (21st October) but would be pretty cool if we won tickets. he said he would take he’s nan & pop. Lleyton is marking down the days on the calender until Sydney!! Cant wait

  126. Avatar of Emma

    My 3 boy’s would absolutely love this! They’ve never seen them in real life but loved watching monster trucks on TV! Would be a great family night out!

  127. Avatar of Carlie E

    My husband, 4-year-old and 2-year-old love to watch Monster Jam together, it’s definitely great for quality boy bonding time!

  128. Avatar of Rachael Smith
    Rachael SmithReply

    My son brought in all his Monster Jam monster trucks the other day for his 9 month old baby sister to play with. He said he thought she might like a new experience. He said she might grow up wanting to drive in Monster Jam!

  129. Avatar of Julie C

    My boys love Monster Jam and it would be a wonderful to experience the live show as a family. Fingers crossed!

  130. Avatar of Natalie Kohn
    Natalie KohnReply

    Big, loud trucks that race, jump, crash and crush… What more could a kid want?!

  131. Avatar of Natalie L

    The sparkle in my car crazy son’s eyes when he watches Monster Jam on the TV! What I wouldn’t give to take him to see all the action live! Those are the moments we live for as a mother!

  132. Avatar of EMakin

    So excited to the kids faces when those trucks come screaming out onto the field! Thanks for the opportunity to be in the draw

  133. Avatar of Meagb101

    My son is Monster Jam obsessed!! His favourite is Max D. He would absolutely love to see Tom Meents his all time favourite monster truck driver.

  134. Avatar of Brodieav

    Gosh I would love to win these tickets, being a single mum to two beautiful children and studying nursing makes it so hard to afford to go to things like this. This would make my children smile and create a wonderful family memory.

  135. Avatar of Dave Bauer

    I love it! What the drivers can do with these trucks is unbelievable! But what I love most is the looks on the faces of my son and daughter when they see some big air or an incredible backflip. Priceless!

  136. Avatar of kristin holland
    kristin hollandReply

    My boys absolutely love monster jam and it would blow their tiny minds to see their favourites live!

  137. Avatar of Kirsty hill
    Kirsty hillReply

    I love that monster jam makes my 4 year old so happy!! He talks about going to see them and how big they would be i would absolutely love to make it come true!

  138. Avatar of Christine Hunter
    Christine HunterReply

    My kids absolutely love monster jam and it would be amazing to take them to this.

  139. Avatar of Cindy Phillips
    Cindy PhillipsReply

    My son saw the ads on tv and his whole face lit up! He would absolutely love to get up close to all the Monster Trucks! I’m not sure who would have more fun though…our 2 boys, or my husband!

  140. Avatar of Kimmy R

    My kids are Monster Jam CRAZY!!! We’ve watched so many episodes I’m sure there’s none we haven’t seen. They wouldn’t believe their eyes to see them in person!

  141. Avatar of ShannonC

    Mr 5 is obsessed with monster trucks. And now miss 2 is just as excited by them. They have both had immunisations this week and they each chose a monster truck as their reward for being brave. I’d love to win this prize pack for them

  142. Avatar of Raine

    My autistic boy has loved monster jam since he was a baby and he connects so well with them

  143. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant

    I love the excitement of MONSTER JAM, BIG wheels on custom-designed beasts, Rev’s and Roars! And smiles on our little one’s faces.

  144. Avatar of S Warner

    The whole family (little boy & girl ) love to watch moster jam and record it and watch it later when we are not home. This would be a fantastic experience we wouldnt normally be able to do.

  145. Avatar of Lee-Anne

    My 5yo absolutely loves monster jam he has so many of there trucks that he plays with
    All the time his favourites are grave digger and max d. He gets so excited watching them on the tv and would absolutely love to go and watch them in person.

  146. Avatar of Danielle Renee
    Danielle ReneeReply

    Monster Jam is the ultimate family night out! So much fun and excitement at the awesome show. My family would be over the moon to come!

  147. Avatar of Simone

    We jave been to a few monster jam shows and loved evey single one of them. Would love to see the WW monster truck as my daughter and i are huge ww fans

  148. Avatar of Katie

    My 6 year old son loves Monster Trucks, he wanted to go and see them when they were here last year but I couldn’t take him as I had a newborn baby and his father was working. He was in tears because he couldn’t go.
    If I won this for him he would be the most happy and excited little boy.

  149. Avatar of Michelle Burke
    Michelle BurkeReply

    I’d like to say it was for my 5 year old son. But the truth is i’ve Been a fan of monster Jam for the last 5 years.
    I love the noise, the trucks, the drivers. When the trucks break down all the drivers help each other, my absolute favorite thing is when they flip the trucks 180 off the container ship containers and land it!!! SO AWESOME!!!

  150. Avatar of Angela

    Such a great sport to have come to Australia! We love watching Monster Jam on TV and how awesome would it be to see these trucks up close and in action!!

  151. Avatar of Hannah Goodwin
    Hannah GoodwinReply

    My Daughters idol is Wonder woman as she shows us ‘girls can be tough too’. I would love to be able to take her up close to Wonder Woman so she can continue to dream big

  152. Avatar of Natalie

    Monster Jam is fun for the whole Fam. My 4 year old would risk the cold, to see them close and bigger, especially his favourite, grave digger.

  153. Avatar of Katie G

    I love that Monster Jam is fun fast and extremely loud! It would be a fabulous family night out.

  154. Avatar of Sue Wood

    Monster wheels, monster cars, monster skill, monster excitement for my Little Monsters! Monstrously good fun!

  155. Avatar of Kelly H

    It’s my sons birthday in October so I would love to take him and my daughter to see Monster Jam as they are huge fans. The roar of the engines would sends chills down our spines and grins on our faces.

  156. Avatar of Maureen Watts
    Maureen WattsReply

    A high energy, adrenaline filled show that my two boys would love (and two parents!!)

  157. Avatar of Carolyn M

    This one has been on the bucket list for ages! I feel my life would not be complete until I’ve witnessed these amazing beasts!

  158. Avatar of Sarah Morrison
    Sarah MorrisonReply

    The adrenaline and the paint jobs are amazing! Zombie and Grave Digger are my faves.

  159. Avatar of Rebecca

    Our whole family loves the monster jam trucks. This would be amazing to be able to go to and to have the opportunity to have pit party access and meet the drivers and see the trucks up close is exciting

  160. Avatar of Belinda R

    I love watching the trucks do tricks, I love watching them crush cars. I love hearing how loud they are and I love seeing the smiling happy faces around me amazed at their feats.

  161. Avatar of david nolte
    david nolteReply

    Fun for the whole family…and I’m desperately hoping there’s a portion of the show devoted to parallel-parking for my wife.

  162. Avatar of Amanda

    How? What? Why? Where? When? ⁉✔
    Soooo many unanswerable questions that only seeing Monster Jam Trucks live can answer them

  163. Avatar of Carina T

    They use slides at the park as Monster Jam ramps, they wear Monster Jam jumpers, they draw them, pretend to be them but have never seen them for real! What a dream this would be for my 2 Monster Jam fans! Tyres crossed!

  164. Avatar of Lyle

    I would love to take my two daughters and my best friend of 22 years who has a disability. He loves Monster Trucks and so does my daughters. This would be an amazing day out for us all!

  165. Avatar of Carlyb

    my kids love the atmosphere , cheering the trucks on so much fun.

  166. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    Heard so much about it but have never been…am sure the atmosphere will be roaring with adrenaline and pounding with excitement!!

  167. Avatar of Tessa M

    My 4yo daughter and 2.5 year old son love the noise, thrill and action of Monster Trucks. It’s the little ones Birthday end of September – this would be an awesome surprise for him and a great family night out!

  168. Avatar of Jo Seysener
    Jo SeysenerReply

    I’ve always thought that my kids were too young for Monster Jam, but we saw one of the trucks recently and they loved it!

  169. Avatar of Sharni

    We love monster trucks for how cool they look and all the tricks that have you on the edge of your seats. My kids haven’t seen them live before so it would be amazing to see their reaction when we go.

  170. Avatar of Kayla Thomson
    Kayla ThomsonReply

    I love the sheer size of the trucks and my children love the excitement that they bring. They are always something fun and exciting to watch especially when they are doing tricks and trying to flip

  171. Avatar of phil holt

    no better show on tv. always watch it and cannot get enough of it

  172. Avatar of Karyn Munro
    Karyn MunroReply

    My girls love watching the flips and especially cheering on the women drivers…

  173. Avatar of April Possingham
    April PossinghamReply

    As a Mum of two crazy boys, the thing I love most about Monster Jam is watching their faces light up and the excitement towards these massive cars do cool tricks!

  174. Avatar of LaurenThom

    We love the monster trucks Cos they are noisy and fun! My son went with Dad last year and I stayed home but I would love to win tickets so I can go this time!

  175. Avatar of Dylbags

    I have twins – little monsters who would love this!!! They will be riveted to their seats – excitement!

  176. Avatar of Vic

    My 7 yo loves the Gravedigger, this would be an awesome family night out

  177. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia ComerReply

    We love watching motor sports. But when Dad isn’t watching the racing and Jack has the remote. It’s bamm! wammm crash crush loud revving and smashing fun over the surround sound and on our 55′” inch screen. I could only imagine everyone’s faces if we were fortunate to win tickets to the Sydney show in October.

  178. Avatar of sam

    I would love to take my little motorhead to the Monster Jam for the first time. The ramps and flips these machines do would blow his mind!

  179. Avatar of Kristy

    We love watching Monster Jam on TV and one day hope to go to Texas and see them live. I have a 5 year old son who we have taken to see the trucks in Adelaide before but he was younger then. I also have 3 daughters who love watching the trucks especially their stunts and tricks

  180. Avatar of Joni

    My son, daughter and husband would love the wild action and mayhem. It’s my daughter’s birthday tbat night so this would be a huge surprise!

  181. Avatar of Rob Fischer
    Rob FischerReply

    My Dad loves taking my son with his other grandchildren, would love to win this so they can all go again.

  182. Avatar of Jeynelle

    Myself and my husband would love this, we always watch monster jam on a sunday arvo on the TV. Baby is a little too small to really enjoy it but we would love to get him involved!

  183. Avatar of Yvonne

    My sons would be over the moon if they were up close at Monster Jam.

  184. Avatar of Irene Nesci
    Irene NesciReply

    My son is car truck and monster truck mad. He would absolutely love to go see monster jam in action! It looks like it’s just a great and fun night out

  185. Avatar of Magda

    We haven’t been to the Monster Jam before and my son wohld love to see it.

  186. Avatar of Sashka

    We would love to see Monster Jam! After a really difficult year it would mean the world to see the smile on my son’s face if we were lycky enough to go.

  187. Avatar of Jillian

    My kids love to see the big crashes just as much as me!

  188. Avatar of Peter Gerard

    We love MONSTER JAM for the excitement of watching the big vehicles with big wheels and the sound of rev’s and the tricks they do, just everything about the show.

  189. Avatar of kelbel

    My son is a moster jam fanatic and would be ecstatic to see the extreme trucks in real life. I don’t think he could contain his excitement!

  190. Avatar of Alicia

    My son loves Monster Trucks and this would be such a surprise to take the whole family for lasting memories

  191. Avatar of Makahla Barker

    I went to Monster Jam in Adelaide a few years ago, and it was absolutely amazing! The atmosphere, the trucks, everything about the day was excellent. My boys would absolutely love a chance to see the trucks, as they were devastated they didn’t get to come last time. They both love Monster Mutt and Grave Digger. I’ve even had them try to steal my Grave digger shirt I got last time haha. Just seeing the smile on my boys faces would make my day.

  192. Avatar of TraceyMason

    The noise from the monster trucks is the best it rumbles all the way along the ground and through your body! It’s the BEST!

  193. Avatar of Erin louise
    Erin louiseReply

    My stepson has been wanting to go to a monsterjam dor ages, we couldnt go tk the last one as it fell on a night both my partner and i were working. This would be awesome to surprise him woth so close to his birthday.

  194. Avatar of Natalie Skinner
    Natalie SkinnerReply

    My boys love the big flips and the roaring noise of the trucks

  195. Avatar of Wedgette

    I love that its a show for ALL ages, my 4 year old loves it and so do we as adults.
    The colours and themes make it way more fun to guess who will win 🙂

  196. Avatar of Angela Eichler

    My 2 boys love watching Monster Trucks on TV and love playing with there Monster Truck toys. But have never been to see them live. It would be a great 5th birthday present for my eldest

  197. Avatar of Emily H

    My son loves seeing his Monster Jam toy cars in real life!

  198. Avatar of Nicolle.H.

    I like how excited my son’s become over them. We have not been before and I would love my boys to experience Monster Jam.

  199. Avatar of Norman

    I love that it’s something we can all enjoy together. Our daughter’s love watching the tricks and flips and then trying to recreate them with their toy trucks!

  200. Avatar of Kerridee

    Both of my boys, 4 & 7, love watching Monster Jam on TV. We have taken our 7 year old to the Brisbane show before and he is devastated that they won’t be returning to Brisbane this year. We’d love to be able to take both boys to Monster Jam this year and have a little family holiday at the same time.

  201. Avatar of Linda d

    Seeing monster trucks live rather than on the tv would be mind blowing for our little max d fan!

  202. Avatar of Bronny

    Monster Jam is monster fun for my husband to have special Dad and Daughter time. They love watching Monster Trucks together on TV. It gives me time out while listening to them discuss which driver and truck is better.

  203. Avatar of Lana Arandt
    Lana ArandtReply

    Wowsers my sons would absolutely love to go to Monster Jam! Monster Mutt is the family favourite, we have our fingers crossed!

  204. Avatar of Cass B

    Oh my goodness, my boys are obsessed with monster jam. We watch it most days and play with their monster jam toys EVERYDAY. THIS WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE PRIZE FOR OUR FAMILY.

  205. Avatar of Simone ann

    We have never been to a monster jam show. But my 5 year old is obsessed with monster trucks and their huge tyres!

  206. Avatar of Amydee

    My 2yo is obsessed with monster trucks! We really need some family time together as well.

  207. Avatar of Shantelle Finn
    Shantelle FinnReply

    The amazing stunts and excitement!!! My 6 year old would love it!! (And husband!)
    It would be a great family trip!

  208. Avatar of Kate harrison
    Kate harrisonReply

    My son would lose his mind. We have always wanted to go and he is now at an age where he would absolutely love watching the monster trucks up close rather than on the tv screen

  209. Avatar of Tamara

    My Kids are Monster Truck Mad!!
    They would love to see the live show! Fingers crossed

  210. Avatar of Tamara

    My Kids are Monster Truck Mad!!
    They would love to see the live show! Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone

  211. Avatar of Lianne Zilm
    Lianne ZilmReply

    My sons just love monster trucks and have never been to one before, so I was hoping to take them this year! 🙂

  212. Avatar of CARA

    The excitment Monster Jam brings out in my son (5 years) is better than Christmas. He does a number of sleeps countdown.

  213. Avatar of DenniG

    My son, Mr 10 would absolutely love to see these “Monsters” in action! Whenever he has seen them advertised, he is frozen to the screen while words like “Whoa” and “Epic” are escaping his mouth. It would be an exciting event for the whole family and I know it’s an outing he wouldn’t forget… he’d proudly talk about it for ages – to everyone that would listen!

  214. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    I love that this is a show that the whole family can enjoy 🙂

  215. Avatar of Abby

    We love monster jam because it brings the whole family together. My 3 year old boy and 6 year old girl are massive Scooby-Doo and El Toro fans!

  216. Avatar of Abbi

    Being from a remote territory we miss out on a lot of stuff like this, the boys would be super excited to see the trucks they play with in real life. What a fantastic adventure.

  217. Avatar of Michael Hart

    My 2 year old is Monster Truck bonkers! Monster truck videos play on a constant loop; he has a Grave Digger in every size imaginable and loses the plot if we leave the house without his beloved trucks. To be able to take him to see them live would make the the best dad in the world and create some awesome father/son bonding memories

  218. Avatar of Jayde

    My son has wanted to go for a long time and I’d love to surprise things. Playing with toy trucks, smashing and crashing them together, and costing me a fortune in replacements, there would be no comparison to him actually being able to watch these huge trucks hoon around in real life.

  219. Avatar of V Natsis

    We love monster trucks, loud and fast just like my boys.!! They would love to see real life monster trucks in person! It would be a dream come true

  220. Avatar of Maria Bibashani
    Maria BibashaniReply

    My son absolutely loves monster trucks. He has the whole collection of monster trucks and has them displayed in his bedroom. Every chance he gets he plays with them. He would be thrilled to go to see a monster jam show he has never been and would be absolutely over the moon! Thanks Maria

  221. Avatar of Julie H

    The kids and I have never been but hubby really wants us all to go. Every year we say we are going to go but never ever get there.

  222. Avatar of Elizabeth Olasz
    Elizabeth OlaszReply

    With 4 kids we have never been able to go but they would love it especially our 2 monster truck mad boys. Mr 2 would be ecstatic to see a monster truck in real life

  223. Avatar of Megan M

    My boys are monster truck mad,
    Watching it live would be a dream to be had.
    My son’s friend has been before,
    He came back with excitement galore!
    My boys would be absolutely over the moon,
    Thrilled beyond belief, danger immune!

  224. Avatar of Stephanie Boyd
    Stephanie BoydReply

    My 4 year old son would love to take his Daddy to see this #boystrip

  225. Avatar of Linda Luczak

    We love being part of the action, feeling the thunderous engines roar, smelling the dust and diesel, seeing the amazing mega monster mayhem….memorable!

  226. Avatar of M Fanning

    I have three little boys who are obsessed with all things Monster Jam and in particular love Grave Digger, Max D and Monster Mutt. They would absolutely love to go and see all of their favourite Monster trucks

  227. Avatar of Carissa Kinder
    Carissa KinderReply

    I would love the looks on my kid’s faces at their first ever Monster Jam!!

  228. Avatar of AndyK

    My seven year loves the Monster trucks, great fun sitting and watching with him. Would love to be able to take him and see our favourite, Grave Digger, live.

  229. Avatar of Bianca Todd
    Bianca ToddReply

    I love that monster jam i s great for whole family, big and small

  230. Avatar of Jennalee Ratley
    Jennalee RatleyReply

    I love Monster Jam because it’s a fun time for the whole family!! The anticipation and adrenaline makes me feel like a kid again. Being a Boy Mum it’s great way to bond with my boys!!

  231. Avatar of SeemaG

    My husband and daughter would love this! They both love loud noises and trucks! My daughter has never seen anything like this and I think she would love it!

  232. Avatar of Jessica Ralphs
    Jessica RalphsReply

    What isn’t there the love about Monster Jam. Roaring engines, vehicular aerial acrobatics, family friendly… My family watch it on television every chance we get, finally seeing it live would be AMAZING!

  233. Avatar of EmmaM

    I would love to take my family to Monster Jam as my 4 year old son is an avid monster truck fan! I love being able to give him as many experiences as possible so he has the best memories of growing up!

  234. Avatar of Jess Wilkinson
    Jess WilkinsonReply

    I would love the chance to win this for my family. I have two children that are monster truck mad and as we rarely get the opportunity to do things as a family it would be so nice to be able to do this together and see the big smiles on my kiddies faces, definitely something they would remember forever!

  235. Avatar of Hayden, 6

    I love the cool tricks they can do and I would love to see them. I bet they would be so so loud. My favourite monster truck is Grave Digger and my brother loves Monster Mutt

  236. Avatar of carky

    Master 4 loves all the different types of cars and the different tricks they can do he is so creative making his own ramps and trails . Just akot of great fun for all ages !

  237. Avatar of Caitlin Armstrong
    Caitlin ArmstrongReply

    My partner and I have been to Monster Jam and have a blast. This year we want to take our 2.5 year old. He loves playing with his Monster Jam toys.

  238. Avatar of Christie Cottren
    Christie CottrenReply

    The noise the atnosphere the adrenalin and to see the excited and happy face of my kids .

  239. Avatar of Fiona Safadi
    Fiona SafadiReply

    My kids all love the fun, craziness and mayhem that is Monster Jam. My son has all the mini Monster Jam trucks, he loves playing smash and crash everyday.

  240. Avatar of aliciajmummy

    I’m amazed by the skill of the drivers, it’s oretty amazing watching what they can do in those trucks!

  241. Avatar of Joanne B

    I would love to take my kids, they love the mayhem and excitement of the monster trucks. Their favourite is Grave Digger.

  242. Avatar of Emma Gloede
    Emma GloedeReply

    I would absolutely love to take my 5 year old son as we have never been. He loves Monster Trucks and to be able to surprise him with seeing ot live would be absolutely amazing as he has been asking to.go for a long time the look on his face of we get to go is going to be one of pure amazement thank you for the opportunity Mum Central

  243. Avatar of Kirsten

    This would be a great prize to win as I have monster jam mad fans both my boys and partner would love to go to this!!

  244. Avatar of Christy Roberts
    Christy RobertsReply

    This would be absolutely a great night for my children and the big kids (me and hubby). It looks amazing

  245. Avatar of Lucy Kennedy
    Lucy KennedyReply

    I would love to be able to take my sister and nephews, all of who have never been. They are always watching it on telly and buying all the toys and merchandise. It would be amazing to see the enjoyment and excitement on their faces.

  246. Avatar of Chanel P

    My Daughter loves Wonder Woman her Dad loves the record breaking Max-D,
    My son cheers for Monster Matt but it’s Grave Digger for me!
    To meet the drivers, to see flying trucks up-close, to really hear them roar,
    Would be a dream for the whole family, there’s no other show we’d want to see more!
    The pictures and autograph’s would take ‘pride of place’ in my son’s room,
    He’d be showing everyone and re-enact the whole show with sound effects ‘vroom vroom… vroom!’

  247. Avatar of Natalie

    What a way to spend a night with tha family! Diesel in the air, dirt in our hair and engines in our ears! The bigger the air the bigger the cheers!

  248. Avatar of Rachel Crossley
    Rachel CrossleyReply

    Yes please!!!
    Love to win this awesome prize and be able to see the amazing and incredible Monster Jam Trucks for the very first time with my beautiful family.
    Wow!!! What a fantastic experience it would be.
    Love to see my boys faces light up with excitement if we won.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  249. Avatar of Heidi O'Day
    Heidi O'DayReply

    Monster Jam has our whole family hooked. I love that both the boy’s and girl’s get excited by the amazing trucks and stunts and all ages love it. ( Even 75 y/o Nanna! ) It is impossible not to enjoy it, even on T.V the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd is electric. It would be awesome to take the family for an experience they would never forget and also be bonded by.

  250. Avatar of Misskdawg

    We’ve never been before and my family would love this 🙂

  251. Avatar of Julia Todd

    My boys both love their Monster Jam toys but to see the real life sized ones would be such a thrill!! The names of the trucks are so very cool!!

  252. Avatar of Lisj

    We love watching Monster Jam to see them get huge air and do cool tricks. My 4yr old daughter loves monster mutt.

  253. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe HeatherillReply

    My eldest daughter is a massive Daddy’s girl and absolutely loves the roar of an engine revving; whether it be a V8 ute, kitted out 4WD up the bush, motorbike, or hotted up muscle car (yes, her Dad has one of each #lordhelpme)! She would absolutely go bananas experiencing Monster Jam for the first time, and would probably wonder why Dad doesn’t have a monster truck in the shed too!! We would love to win this prize for her (and again, for her big kid Daddy too) to celebrate her Birthday at the end of October 🙂

  254. Avatar of Kellie

    My son would absolutely love this. Monster jam is awesome. The stunts and thrills and atmosphere of it all.

  255. Avatar of Kylie Nattrass
    Kylie NattrassReply

    We have never been to a Monster Jam before but my 8 year old twin girls would love to go to see Wonder Woman!!

  256. Avatar of Natalie

    My little man lives the flips and crashing; like every 4 year old.

  257. Avatar of Sarah-jane

    I love the pit party! I love that you can meet the drivers and see the trucks up close! I love the atmosphere in the stadium, I love the adrenaline rush that only a monster truck can give you and I especially love that I’ve been given the opportunity to win this prize! Thanks #mumcentral

  258. Avatar of Leonie

    My kids would love this. They would love the noise, the tricks and the atmosphere!

  259. Avatar of Sarah D

    Wow! I would so love to win this for my son… he’s 4 and completely obsessed with Monster Jam! The show is also on the day before my dads birthday. What an experience they would have together!

  260. Avatar of Vanessa

    What an amazing prize this is!. My 10yr old son would be so super excited if we won because we’ve never been to one before and he’s always wanted to go!. Fingers crossed

  261. Avatar of Belinda Jones
    Belinda JonesReply

    The look on my son’s face if he were to see the trucks live instead of TV would be just amazing and oh so memorable. We would love to win. Thanks

  262. Avatar of Leasha

    Love the adrenaline action pack thrills, unscripted and n ever dissapoint. Whole family loves it

  263. Avatar of Rene Anne

    It would be a dream come true to win tickets and take my son for his 4th birthday! He is monster truck mad, typical little boy. To get away as a whole family with our busy life would be amazing, we live in Toowoomba so would need to catch a flight, which in itself is an adventure as my son has never been on a plane. I can hear the squeels now!

  264. Avatar of Cherie Roberts
    Cherie RobertsReply

    Would love to win and take my kids to finally see them. Long time fans but unfortunately they never come to nth qld.
    Thank you

  265. Avatar of Amanda Donohoe
    Amanda DonohoeReply

    My twin boys love the trucks and the noise of the engines , Scooby doo is there favourite they even dress up just like him in there onies!!

  266. Avatar of Jodie 01

    Exciting family fun for all,
    watching these Monster Trucks fly and fall.
    Hearts would pound,
    with this epic sound.
    Adrenaline filled spectacular to see,
    awesome Monster Jam action for our family!

  267. Avatar of Metta

    Love that there is a female driver so my daughter can dream BIG!

  268. Avatar of Ursula

    Monster jam is an amazing show for the entire family, it keeps everyone entertained from Mum Dad boys and girls which makes it a great family friendly show

  269. Avatar of PaulyD

    I love how unique it is to any other show. With 4 monster boys of our own i know that this would be a completely new experience for them and they would be mesmerised by the enormity #monsterjam

  270. Avatar of Theresa

    My 6 year old daughter is a mad MJ fanatic with over 100 MJ trucks. She went to the MJ show in Perth in 2016 and got her favorite driver Grave Digger to sign her shirt. My son (her little brother) jumped on the bandwagon and loves Max D. Competition is rife in our household. If we win these tickets we well travel to Adelaide to see the show.

  271. Avatar of Emily mac

    The look on our 4 and half year olds face when he sees the monster trucks makes my heart go crazy he is so excited about them and tells you everything you need to know. He loves watching them playing them no matter who you are he will always invite you to play with his monster trucks ☺️

  272. Avatar of Ebony Westra
    Ebony WestraReply

    Monster Jam is so exciting! I love the big jumps, flips and crashes. My son will 2 years old when they come this year and he is obsessed with Monster Jam on you tube, he also has a massive Monster Jam Hot Wheels collection. I also love how each truck is distinctively different to the last. Those machines are so impressive.

  273. Avatar of Simone

    Please, what kid (& just quietly, us parents too) doesn’t love Monster Jam at the moment?!?! This is an insane prize & my son & daughter would flip out if they got to see it. What a great opportunity for some lucky kids to go see their fav trucks 🙂

  274. Avatar of Mandie Boz Louise
    Mandie Boz LouiseReply

    With 3 children aged 5, 14 & 15, there joint interests are few and far between. The older two arent interested in barbies nor the youngest in dating, so Monster Trucks is one of a few things they enjoy together it seems!

  275. Avatar of Aleisha Gebert
    Aleisha GebertReply

    Monster Jam has become a favourite in our house after Mr 5 received a Grave Digger truck for Christmas. Mr 2 is now a Son of Digger supporter as we purchased one for him too. They both know their trucks and can pick them out. We where thinking about taking the kids, but as hubby will be deployed when they are here, we are unsure if any family can come to the city to come with us. We all want to see the tricks, hear the noise and smell the fuel!

  276. Avatar of Kimh

    We would love to go my boys are monster jam obsessed and i had to tell them we can’t afford it last year or this year, they are so understanding but would love to surprise them they are such great kids

  277. Avatar of KPas

    Fun and excitement on a large scale- what’s not to love?! Seeing Monster Trucks live would blow my son’s mind, and would be an experience our family would never forget!!

  278. Avatar of MiniacKaz

    My son hasn’t stopped talking about going to Monster Jam last year. I’d love to be able to take him again!

  279. Avatar of Sarah

    My family would love to go to this. The last time we went we didn’t have our daughter and she just loves the toy monster trucks and she’s a real petrol head.

  280. Avatar of Cassie

    Monster Jam is one of the only things my family of 4 all love to watch together, and who wouldn’t want to celebrate their 30th birthday than at Monster Jam!!

  281. Avatar of Emma

    My teen boys haven’t been to monster trucks since they were young , one last time before they are ‘ too old ‘ would be great .

  282. Avatar of Kate T

    Great family night out and gives everyone some screen free time

  283. Avatar of Kelly lynch
    Kelly lynchReply

    We love the monster trucks in our house any time they are on the telly we watch them as a family . My nearly two year old loves when they backflip he has a grave digger toy truck n he often copies with his toy truck what the trucks are doing on telly .. I love to take him to see him live

  284. Avatar of isabeau jane
    isabeau janeReply

    What’s not to love? The looks on my kids faces would be amazing! not to mention I love a to see some full throttle action on the track! Flying monsters and watching them defy gravity is insanely awesome!

  285. Avatar of Renee Butcher
    Renee ButcherReply

    My son and husband and huge fans!! They love all the action that monster jam packs into its shows

  286. Avatar of Kathy platten
    Kathy plattenReply

    Monster jam is awsome. So much fun for young and old. My grandson wants to buy one for his birthday.

  287. Avatar of Megan Canfarini
    Megan CanfariniReply

    The revving of the engines
    The amazing stunt jumping
    The excitement in the air
    Gets the Adrenalin pumping

    My kids excited screams
    And the massive smile on their face
    Makes Monster Jam,
    My happy place

  288. Avatar of Jodi Coyle

    My two boys would love this, they would think it’s the Hulk version of Hot Wheels.

  289. Avatar of sue perry

    This is my little man’s dream come true watching all the action of Monster Trucks flying around the arena.
    All the excitement of the trucks doing all their stunts & getting to see the Monster Trucks up close

  290. Avatar of Shahna smith
    Shahna smithReply

    My boys are monster truck mad – To go see them would be a dream come true for both my boys!

  291. Avatar of LD28

    Never been to Monster Trucks before but my sons loves playing with the toys and this would make the best surprise for us to be able to take him too

  292. Avatar of Michelle

    I have an old distant memory of going to something like this with my brother and dad as a kid. I would love to take my 8 and 5 year old as I’m sure they’ll love it!

  293. Avatar of MelVK

    I’d love to take my little boy and his best mate. They’re monster truck mad.

  294. Avatar of Katie W

    My daughters, myself and hubby would be so so so excited to see monster trucks. It would be such an awesome family adventure for us all!!! What an amazing experience it would be!

  295. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney FosterReply

    I love the fact that Monster Jam provides entertainment no matter what your age. From watching my favourite trucks do awesome tricks and speed around the tracks, to watching my boys faces light up with excitement as they see the trucks doing what they do best.

  296. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    The amazing atmosphere,
    Hearing the epic crowds cheer.
    Spending an exciting night out with my fam,
    That’s what I LOVE about Monster Jam!

  297. Avatar of Sarah A

    My boys age 3 and 5 would love to share this awesome experience with their Monster Truck crazy Nanna! It would be a wonderful surprise!

  298. Avatar of Christina H
    Christina HReply

    We love the roar of the engines and the sight of the big trucks flipping and spinning around. Such a fun family day out

  299. Avatar of Penny Lee Perry

    Our resident Monster Truck Expert has enlisted his twin sisters by introducing them to Wonder Woman. They now want to see Rihanna Buchanan make that Monster Truck dance and see their big brothers’ passion for monster Trucks come alive!

  300. Avatar of Rebecca Olive
    Rebecca OliveReply

    My youngest was a massive fan of Monster Jam. He would be 5 now. He died in a tragic accident when he was 3.5yrs old. His coffin had Scooby Doo on it and so does his ashes box. We still buy grave diggers for him and place them on our mantle piece. I’d be happy just to have a merchandise pack for Noahs special spot and for his siblings. Thanks for the opportunity.

  301. Avatar of Rachel K

    It’s the most action packed event on four wheels where world-class drivers compete in adrenaline charged family entertainment combining spontaneity with ultimate off-road, motorsport competition. Hubby would love it – thunderous roars, supercharged motors and cheering crowds – I can hear it now!!!

    Alas!!!! Imagine the serenity of home while they all attend!!!! Please!!!!!! I must win!!!! AH, THE SERENITY!!!!

  302. Avatar of Vics

    My youngest is a massive monster truck fan and loves the Gravedigger monster truck and this experience would positively make his year!

  303. Avatar of Lisa G

    I would love to win these tickets to get me out of a Monster Jam. A special birthday is fast approaching and I have no idea what to gift my special needs 18yo son. His last 2 birthdays have seen him in health facilities unable to fully celebrate with us. I want this year to be SPECIAL and this looks like the perfect way of doing it.

  304. Avatar of Amy e

    Watching the kids in awe of the giant, noisy characters that take over the arena. I missed going with the family last year so extra excited be there and see them enjoy it this year. I think I might enjoy it too.

  305. Avatar of Tegan Vlahos
    Tegan VlahosReply

    Boys obsessed with cars , husband obsessed with cars.
    Friends taking their boys…. what’s a woman to do?

  306. Avatar of Erin.h

    It’s a great family bonding event that all ages and sexes’ can enjoy. My son has been collecting the trucks for a while now and it would be amazing for him to have his favourite toys brought to life in this incredible experience. They’re so realist and the fun he has with them is endless. It would definitely be his highlight of the year, especially as the show is on in our state during the week of his birthday and would top of his surprise presents, which are more trucks that he doesn’t yet have. : )

  307. Avatar of Felicity

    I would love to win this prize as my son loves cars, especially his toy monster cars. He would love to see the real ones and feel the atmosphere there as a family.

  308. Avatar of sacha Pech

    It’s every kids (and big kids) dream to drive a big truck over things! Such a wholesome family excursion.

  309. Avatar of MonsterMum

    My kids have never experienced anything like this. Monster trucks are exciting and give a sense of danger, which is what my family would love to experience. Quite the opposite of anything we’ve ever done! I would love to see my kids faces and I think I would enjoy the experience quite alot myself. One thing I need to do is let loose a little and this would be a perfect opportunity to do so!

  310. Avatar of Alexandra J
    Alexandra JReply

    My little 6yr oldman is Monster Jam obsessed! It’s been a weekly ritual for 3.5yrs To sit and watch the show as a family. He loves everything MAX-D and Grave digger, Thankyou for the opportunity to win such an amazing Prize. To be able to surprise him with this and go as a family would be priceless! Everything is triple crossed

  311. Avatar of Christie Majorek
    Christie MajorekReply

    I’ve been working away from home a lot lately. This would be a great bonding weekend for my son and I to attend.
    He’s been so patient and understanding with the demands of my work- this would be a well welcomed treat for the both of us to spend quality time together!!

  312. Avatar of kerrie F

    How awesome this would be for my boys (including my husband). Monster Jam full of action, adventure and surprises just like what we love about it. It would be great to see the trucks in their cool colours and smashing it out.

  313. Avatar of catherine brieger
    catherine briegerReply

    would love to go because my soon to be 3 year old son is Monster Jam obsessed, his outright favourite is monster mutt! would love to take him to his first show. definitely has different interests to his older sister so it will be an education for me too!

  314. Avatar of Penny

    Big, loud trucks doing awesome stunts and crushing cars. What more could we want?!

  315. Avatar of Lisa S

    Wicked atmosphere for adults and kids! Great family outing for all!

  316. Avatar of Rachel Pearce
    Rachel PearceReply

    We would love to win tickets as my daughter just commented on this when she saw a poster and as we we’re driving past Calder race course. Woukd love to be able to treat her to some excitement!

  317. Avatar of Molly

    My boys love playing with their Monster Jam vehicles at home together and at school with their friends. They would absolutely love to see the trucks in real life, and Dad would love it too!!

  318. Avatar of Pinna

    This would make me the best mum and steppie ever! My 3yr old and 9yr old would lose their minds! So would daddy!

  319. Avatar of Sarah J

    My daughters’ love trucks,
    Daddy is a truck driver,
    Nothing like a big monster;

    The big jumps and roaring engines,
    Watching driving legends;

    An awesome experience to be had,
    From the kiddies and mum and dad.

  320. Avatar of brendan

    The kids are already keen to go and have been harping at me to get tickets. Night out with the family would be fun, great entertainment and something they will remember we did together.

  321. Avatar of Jamie

    My boys love monster trucks. We dont get to spend much time together as a family as both parents are shift workers. We would love to see the monster trucks and spend quality time together as a family.

  322. Avatar of Jenny Wilson
    Jenny WilsonReply

    I would love to win this for my son, we love Monster Jam and would love to go to the show and see Grave Digger tear it up!

  323. Avatar of vonnie

    I would absolutely love to take the grandkids, This would be a fantastic experience for them as they are Monster trucks Mad. Would love watching their faces light up with excitement .

  324. Avatar of Alexie

    My son is 1.5 and his first word was car and he can’t go anywhere without his cars and trucks. He points them all out when we drive anywhere and he can’t go past a car riding toy at the shops without throwing a tantrum to go on it. This would be right up his alley. Please take us

  325. Avatar of Michelle D

    Being a mum of 3 boys, I have to do the loud and muddy things they like to watch. I love monster trucks as its for all ages and genders, and I’m looking forward to cheering on Wonder Woman

  326. Avatar of Kylie Dalakis
    Kylie DalakisReply

    Would love to do something special for my nephew, Taijae is mad about Monster Trucks. I will sometimes take him shopping with me and we will walk past the toy section. His face lights up at the cars section and rushes over to see the latest Monster Trucks in stock. I cant even imagine how excited he would be to see Monster Trucks live in action!

  327. Avatar of marsha

    My boys would finally see me as the cool mum if I had these ticket!!!

  328. Avatar of Suzanne

    My boys have been keen as since the last monster truck show ads on Tv
    They would love to see Monster Slam!

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