2022’s Most Popular Toys in the World Revealed

The toy gods have spoken – behold, the most popular toys across the world, according to The Toy Zone.

The team analysed countless key searches to uncover the top toy in every country as well as the most searched toys in the world. Video gaming consoles, classic toys, dolls, board games – come and see which toys made the ‘most popular list’ for 2022.


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Take a bow, Barbie. She’s the winner of the most popular toy in most countries this year. We can see why Barbie remains a staple in every toy room and under Christmas trees across the world – she’s got an epic castle of a dreamhouse, she’s the accessory queen and there are about 1,000 different dolls that fall under the Barbie world.


One of the most searched items in all of the land was Playstation 5. This is the newest PS console and retails for a hefty amount (around $800 I believe). It’s also probably one of the most-asked-for pressies for Christmas this year.

Nintendo Switch

Another gaming console that has made the most popular toys list is Nintendo Switch which is generally cheaper than PS5 and is the most uniquely popular toy in most countries.

Rubik’s Cube

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You can’t beat a classic and Rubik’s Cube certainly falls into this category.


Another humble toy that made the most popular list – the yoyo! It does make a great stocking stuffer!

Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels brand falls under the same parent as Barbie – Mattel – and its mini-car-themed empire continues to turn heads and make it on Christmas wish lists around the globe.


In addition to Barbie, other dolls ranked quite high as well, including Bratz dolls, which are fairly new (2001 to be exact) but took up the most popular toys – doll category – spot in eight countries in the Middle East and Central Asia.

American Doll

This one surprised me – Sure, American Doll is popular in America but did you know it actually ranked as the most popular doll toy in Australia and New Zealand? And it’s actually NOT the most popular doll in America – Cabbage Patch Kids is. Go figure!

LOL Surprise

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LOL Surprise is another doll that made the list, taking the most popular doll toy title in 10 countries.

Sky Dancers

This winged toy is actually banned in America for causing eye injuries but it continues to dominate in other countries, such as Kenya and South Africa.

Polly Pocket

In terms of vintage classics, Polly Pocket is one of the most favoured 90s toys.


Another vintage classic – Gameboy – made the top vintage toy of 022 in Australia.


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In terms of building and construction toys, LEGO remains the leader of the gang in 57 countries. LEGO was ranked the top toy across Australia too.


The winner of the most popular family board game in the world – Ludo! Ludo beat out Scrabble, a Game of Life, even Uno, plus Buckaroo which won the top board game in Australia.


In terms of superhero toys, Spiderman has webbed the top spot in 24 different countries.

PAW Patrol

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We see TV series toys A LOT on our hot toys lists and this year, Gabby’s Dollhouse has been a heavy hitter. However, Gabby wasn’t enough to take out the top seat for the most popular TV series toys, which belongs to PAW Patrol. In Australia, the most popular TV series toy was Octonauts.

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