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Mother’s Choice Travel System: Yes, You Can Get a Pram and Capsule for Under $500!

There’s not a lot you can buy for $500 these days. A hotel for two nights will easily set you back $500. Two T-Swift tickets? Easily $500. Two weeks of groceries – that’s another $500. And fuel for the month – add another $500 to the card, thanks.

That’s why we were so excited to discover that you can get a complete travel system – that’s both a capsule AND stroller, plus adaptors, for less than $500! The Mother’s Choice Travel System is the most affordable system on the market which is incredibly refreshing, especially as baby gear (and everything else) seems to get more and more expensive by the minute.

Practical, durable, and affordable, this travel system will take you from A to B without causing financial stress or compromising on comfort, style or safety. And it will certainly last you longer than most things you can buy for $500 these days!

Take a look at the Mother’s Choice Travel System and put your name down to WIN one below.

Mother's Choice Travel System includes a pram and a capsule
The Mother’s Choice Travel System includes a pram and a capsule plus all adaptors. Source: Supplied

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We have ONE Mother’s Choice Travel System to gift to one lucky family. This prize includes:

  • Mother’s Choice Capsule
  • Moher’s Choice Haven Stroller
  • Travel Adaptors

Scroll down to enter to win but first, let’s take a look at the Mother’s Choice Travel System and why it’s by far the best value and smartest purchase you’ll buy for your baby.

Introducing the most affordable travel system on the market! 

Mother’s Choice has been a trusted name in the baby business for several years now. Their products are designed to be affordable and practical with comfort and safety at the forefront. The Mother’s Choice Travel System is the perfect blend of these things and is designed to make getting out and about with bub easy and convenient.

Mothers Choice Travel System Capsule and Stroller
Yes, you can get a stunning travel system without breaking the budget. Source: Supplied

It does come with plenty of important safety features and a smart design, but it’s also incredibly easy to use which is one of the things new parents need from a travel system – the easier, the better!

Expect plenty of adventures ahead too as the capsule is suitable from birth to six months while the Haven Stroller will keep them strolling in comfort from birth up to approx 4 years of age (20kg). 

Travel safer and smarter

The Mother’s Choice Travel System comes with both a pram and a capsule which can be used separately but also together. The capsule is designed for your car but also easily attaches to the Haven Stroller with adaptors (included) and comes with both a capsule and a base that remains in your car. The capsule is also compatible with plenty of other stroller brands too.

Light and easy

The Mother’s Choice capsule is lightweight at under 5kg, and easily clicks in and out of the base so you don’t have to wrestle with it anytime you want to remove it from the car. It also has two recline positions so you can choose the better fit for your specific vehicle. Getting bub in and out of the car and swapping to a pram shouldn’t feel like a workout and with Mother’s Choice, it’s not. Click. Unclick. Attach. Simple.

Mother's Choice Capsule
Simple and convenient for those newborn days. Source: Supplied

Comfort in the car and on the go

In terms of comfort and safety features, the Mother’s Choice Capsule keeps your little one protected in the car and in the pram. The large UPF 50+ sun canopy with peek-a-boo mesh window allows for extra airflow during summer and the Breathable Wicking Fabric ensures your baby is cool and comfortable in every season.

There’s plenty of newborn support with a soft head hugger and a 2-position crotch buckle adjustment to improve fitment for smaller babies. There’s also an ergonomic carry handle and a five-point safety harness and tether strap – both big pluses for baby capsules. In the event of a poonami or spewnado (which we know are bound to happen), simply take off the capsule covers and throw them in the wash – easy, peasy!

Capsule + pram

It’s hard to find a baby capsule for under $500 but the Mother’s Choice Capsule delivers the best value capsule on the market. On its own, the Capsule retails for $299, or for $499, you can also get a pram to go with it! That’s seriously great value!

Mother's Choice Travel System including capsule and Haven stroller
Tick two big-ticket items off your list with this stylish Travel System. Source: Supplied

Stroll in style with Haven

It’s not a flimsy travel stroller either. The Mother’s Choice Haven boasts a sleek design together with smart features to pack an impressive punch. In fact, it comes with all the bells and whistles but without an eye-watering price tag.

3-in-1 bassinet

The Haven comes with a newborn-ready bassinet which doubles as a seat once your little one is older and ready to sit up. The seat is reversible too so you can go from parent-facing to world-facing in just a quick click. Bub is going to LOVE that!

Of course, you can also click the capsule directly onto the pram which most parents prefer to do when bub is under six months of age. But having the option of a cosy bassinet is also a godsend, especially if you’re running errands around naptime.

Haven Stroller by Mother's Choice
The 3-in-1 bassinet lets Bub lie flat, face the world or face you. Source: Supplied

Small but mighty

Speaking of running errands, you’ll love the impressive 5kg storage basket together with the one-handed self-locking fold which allows you to easily put the pram into the car while balancing a coffee, a bag of groceries and your phone (but not baby, sort them first! The pram is only 9.5kg too and easily fits in tight spaces.

Stroll without strife

Like the capsule, the Haven Stroller seat also comes with a large UPF50+ canopy to protect your child from the sun as well as breathable fabric for all-weather rides and a five-point harness for safety. Take your Haven anywhere too thanks to the lightweight EVA wheels and all-wheel suspension that offer a smooth ride and awesome manoeuvrability.

And for under $300 (on its own), you really can’t ask for a better value pram!

Haven Stroller by Mother's Choice
The Haven Stroller packs a pram punch. Source: Supplied

Get your complete travel system for under $500

Most new parents will opt for a travel system. It’s the most convenient choice, especially during the newborn phase, but it can also be quite costly. And let’s face it, it really doesn’t need to be.

We absolutely adore how the Mother’s Choice Travel System provides new parents with an affordable and convenient way to protect their precious cargo in the car and while out and about. Get the full packag including the Haven Stroller, Mother’s Choice Capsule and Stroller Adaptors for under $500 and tick these big-ticket items off your list. For good!

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Be sure to also put your name down to WIN a Mother’s Choice Travel System below. 

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WIN a Mother’s Choice Travel System, valued at $499, including a Capsule, Haven Stroller and Adaptors. 


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