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Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line Review: The Portable Clothes Line With a 9 Star Rating!

Laundry. One of the only constants in our lives. You may not know what the day will bring, but you can bet your bottom dollar there will be dirty clothes involved!

This is why so many families are investing in quality laundry products that can help them conquer the loads quicker and more effectively.

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line does just that and more because:

  • It’s a revolutionary portable clothesline that holds mulitple loads of washing(including king-size sheets and bath sheets)
  • Is suitable for both indoors and outdoors (especially small-living spaces) and,
  • Is designed for people of all abilities and heights
Mrs Peggs Handy Line review
Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line was rated portable, convenient and pure quality! Source: Mum Central


Mrs Pegg's Handy Line review
Powder-coated aluminium ensures lasting quality. Source: Mum Central

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line is the only portable clothesline that comes with 5-Star Reviews on Product reviews. It’s recommended by occupational therapists, NDIS approved and loved by families of all shapes and sizes.

So we at Mum Central wanted to test it out for ourselves. We enlisted the help of two mums, Lexi and Lisa, both of whom reviewed their own Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line.

mum central

mum centralLexi is a mum of three. Not only does she recommend Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line, but she admits it’s been a massive game-changer to her laundry routine.

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line is an investment worth making for your laundry routine. It’s definitely not a run of the mill clothes airer – it gives you amazing line drying real estate on a slimline footprint so your inside or outside space isn’t overruled by wet washing. I LOVE IT.

mum centralLisa is a mum of two kids (9 & 11) and especially loved how lightweight and durable the Handy Line is.

I fell in love with my Handy Line the very first time I did a load of laundry. Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line has made our whole laundry process for our family of four easier and quicker.”

mum central

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Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line Review

Both Lisa and Lexi are well-versed in the world of washing. Lexi admits she easily does around six loads a week and admits their three drying methods include “wonky, old and lopsided air dryers inside, a small outside clothes line, and the tumble dryer.” 

Lisa averages around five loads a week and typically uses a clothes airer.

This is one of the reasons Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line is so popular – it’s suited to all types of families and households. Indoors. Outdoors. Rain. Hail. Sun. Balcony. Backyard. Living room. Anywhere!

Mrs Peggs portable clothesline is great for indoors and outdoors
Inside or outside, your clothes will dry with ease. Source: Mum Central

Mrs Pegg’s was the first portable clothesline for people living with a disability but it’s now used by people across Australia. It’s the only balcony-compliant portable clothesline suitable for apartment dwellings and is also DVA registered, MyAgedCare and NDIS approved.

I love the fact I can hang sheets and towels inside of the house to dry quickly in colder months, and the easy and convenient packing up/setting up.

It’s the perfect height compared to other products. High enough to hang the sheets but not so high that it’s hard to reach.” – Lisa

Mrs Peggs handy line is great for drying clothes inside
There’s no need to bend with Mrs Pegg’s. Source: Mum Central

A more sustainable solution to drying

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line is designed to make laundry less of a chore, to help lighten the load of households who want to dry their laundry in the most sustainable way.

No need to use the tumble dryer – the Handy Line easily dries your clothes using the power of the sun, but without the annoyances and without taking up the space of a traditional clothesline. Considering households contribute to over a halftone of CO2 emissions from using the tumble dryer, it’s also a more sustainable solution.

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line can take a few loads of washing with EASE. The impressive height of the Handy Line allows you to hang sheets, quilt covers and a stack of pillowcases on the line without having to ever rely on a dryer.” – Lexi

The Handy Line is also much kinder to your clothes than a tumble dryer and dries 2-3 full wash loads, plus SHEETS and BEDDING! It can handle even the heaviest clothes – tradie uniforms, sports clothing, even bulky doona covers. 

mum central
Source: Mum Central

I REALLY loved its sturdiness, slimline build and height. I could be confident that my washing would remain on the line and that it wouldn’t topple over from the weight OR the wind.

When it’s inside, its slim figure means it can be pushed to the side of the room, saving on space and out of the way of the daily family hustle and bustle. Plus I loved knowing my fancier garments weren’t at risk of damage!”  – Lexi

Mrs Peggs Handy Line basket
You can even hang clothes hangers from the end rails and corners. Source: Mum Central

So easy to use and store! 

The Handy Line is easy to assemble and is fully foldable. It folds down smaller than an ironing board and it’s easy to store when not in use too.

Mrs Peggs Handy Line stores flat easily
The Handy Line folds flat for convenient storage. Source: Mum Central

I’ve set it up and packed it up many times and is easy. Quality feels good too. I took it out the box and simply had to unfold the legs. I’m now storing it against a brick wall under my pergola using the hanging hooks provided.” – Lisa

So lightweight!

Oh, and did we mention how light it is to move around? This is one of the things both Lisa and Lexi loved most about the Handy Line – you can pick it up and move it without any issues!

Its portability sets it apart from a traditional clothesline for me. It’s so lightweight you don’t have to worry about throwing your back out if you want to move it from inside to outside. 

I also love that, unlike my clothesline attached to the outside of our house, my clothes and sheets won’t hit dusty brickwork.” – Lexi 

Mrs Peggs Handy Line is so portable
So easy to pick up and move. Source: Mum Central

Heavy duty pegs and peg bag too! 

Mrs Pegg’s pegs are chunky, virtually indestructible and UV coated. Best of all there is no squeeze required … simply slip them down the line, making it great for anyone who has arthritis or isn’t able to squeeze/grip tight. To apply the peg simply push on and pull off! #easy

Mrs Peggs pegs
Mrs Peggs offer easy soft clip pegs which are great for those with arthritis. Source: Mum Central

Plus the Handy Peg bag is just awesome. It simply clips on and off the Handy Line and can slide along as you move across the line.

Mrs Peggs Handy Line peg basket
Never lose pegs again with this handy, clip on peg basket. Source: Mum Central

mum central

Mrs Peggs Handy Line

Durabie/Quality 9.3
Versatile 9.3
Ease of Use 9.8
Price 9.0
Lightweight 9.3

mum central

Well worth the investment!

Compared to other indoor washing lines, Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line is in a class of its own. Both Lexi and Lisa would highly recommend Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line.

I will be recommending the Handy Line to my friends and family as I’m confident it is a great quality, long lasting product (and purchasing a few for upcoming gifts too!)” – Lisa

Mrs Pegg's Handy Line clothes hangers
Hang clothes on hangers easily from the corners or end rails. Source: Mum Central

100% Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line is an investment worth making for your laundry routine. It’s simply not your standard clothes airer. It’s sturdy, lightweight to carry and can fold flat for storage under a bed easily. It’s a game-changer!” – Lexi

It comes with a 10-year warranty and is weatherproof and rust-proof. The Deluxe 10 Handy Line retails for $329 and holds over 2 washloads with ease, offering 16 metres of drying space.

There are plenty of other sizes to choose from for those wanting a smaller or shorter line. These include:


  • Classic 8 comes is slightly smaller and comes with 12m of drying space and can hold over a full wash load.
  • Classic 10 comes with 16m of drying space and can hold two wash loads.
  • Easy 8 is the lowest line level, ideal for people in wheelchairs and with mobility problems. It comes with 12m of drying space, is perfect for balconies and holds a full wash load. 


  • Deluxe 8 is slightly smaller and comes with 12m of drying space and can hold over a full wash load.
  • Deluxe 10 comes with 16m of drying space and can hold two wash loads.

For busy families, Mrs Pegg’s is a MUST

We recently asked our Mum Central readers how many loads of washing they do a week (on average) and many mums commented they are washing two or three loads each day!

20 loads per week – that’s 20 loads to wash, dry and fold and hours of time. While Mrs Pegg’s can’t physically fold the washing for you or prevent your kids from spilling sauce on their school uniform, this portable clothesline does make the laundry process more efficient, space-saving and comfortable.

Sheets, towels, uniforms, bedding, itty bitty baby clothes, heavy-duty tradie clothes, mismatched socks – it’s all made easier with Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line.

mum central

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This is a sponsored review for Mrs Peggs Products. All opinions are those of our reviewers.

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    I am glad there is different height and length choices.
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