Mum Shares Powerful Message About Bullying After 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Suicide

Adelaide teenager Libby Bell was a champion junior surf lifesaver, an outgoing year eight student and a loving daughter with an “infectious smile”.  

Last Monday, the 13-year-old Seaford Secondary School student ended her life. She did it after months of relentless bullying and physical abuse from other teens.

The suicide has shattered the community of Moana, SA, and Libby’s heartbroken family, including her parents, Crystal and Mark. One week after losing her little girl, Crystal shared an emotional letter to her daughter on Facebook.

Libby Bell

The powerful message from a mother shattered to her core is a heartbreaking reminder of the devastating consequences of bullying.

“I have tried so many times to find words but I’m lost & empty… you Libby Bell have been an absolute joy & pleasure to raise these short ALMOST 14Yrs of your beautiful life,” Crystal writes.

“It’s beyond comprehension that you thought this could be a solution to end your pain… I would have backed you the whole way and given my life for you to be at peace with yours…

“Those that bully & so called friends that didn’t speak up. . they failed you gorgeous girl and we won’t stop fighting for you until they are held accountable.”

Libby Bell

“We plead for you kids to talk and walk tall”

Like many teens, Libby was a victim of  bullying and physical abuse, not only online but at school as well. Like many teens, Libby did not get the help she needed to face this battle. The extent or reasons why this beautiful girl was bullied aren’t known but there is video footage of Libby being physically attacked. And it’s other girls who are responsible,

Libby’s family issued a public plea about the dangers of bullying. They want other kids to understand how important it is to speak up, that they can take action to end the bullying.

“We understand schoolyard behaviour and what starts off as pointless teasing and ridicule can soon escalate,” says Libby’s uncle, Clint Gow-Smith.

“So please, as a parent, hold your babies tight. For the teenagers, we plead for you kids to talk and walk tall.”

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What we all need to remember about online bullying

Libby isn’t the first teenager to take her own life. And, tragically, she won’t be the last. As parents, it is so important that we do everything in our power to prevent this from happening.

Talk to your kids, even if they don’t seem to want to listen.
Tell them about your day, even if they don’t ask.
Give them a cuddle and a kiss, even if they roll their eyes.
Get involved in their lives, even if they are embarrassed. 
Tell them you love them, even if they don’t say anything back.
Tell them, that you are there for them, even if they don’t seem to care.

We can’t always stop kids from being cruel. We can’t always stop bullying from happening, especially online. But we can remind our kids that it’s okay to talk. We can tell them that they always have someone to turn to. And we can assure them that they are never alone, even if it sometimes feels like they are.

If you or someone you know needs help, call Lifeline on 131114 or the Kids Help Line on 1800 55 1800.

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  1. Avatar of martina

    Act your age, be modest and stop posting nudies for attention. Parents, guide and love your children so they don’t seek attention from people who’s only there to prey on them. This is the end result when a teenager is not getting love and attention, always out to get another person’s approval,.im a pretty, am i good enough, this problem started from home not in school.
    If this teen grew up well loved and guided, she’s grounded enough to love her life enough not to end it.

    • Avatar of Leah

      Wow. What a heartless thing to say.
      As a woman who once was the girl taunted by bullies to the point of attempted suicide I can tell you you are totally wrong. I couldnt5have had more loving ir supportive parents and family yet I still attempted to die because the bullies made my life hell. Don’t comment stuff like this unless you have been there personally. To the family. I am so sorry for your sweethearts loss. You did NOTHING wrong.

  2. Avatar of Geenie

    that brawl is about boys,.it’s always about boys. If you’re 13 this is the reason why parents tell us to focus in school and that we are not emotionally ready for relationships because of teenagers like them in the video. Who thinks they own another person just because the boy sent them a nice text. Those girls should be prosecuted!

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