Kids Unbox 5 New PAW Patrol Toys Just in Time for Xmas!

If your child’s Christmas or Birthday wish list features “new PAW Patrol toys”, you’re in good company. Most toddlers and preschoolers have a slight (*ahem … perhaps more than just a ‘slight’) obsession with PAW Patrol and the beloved mighty pups.

Most tots recognise at least a few of the main pups and will happily sit glued to the TV watching their rescue missions. But many toddlers and preschoolers go above and beyond in their love for PAW Patrol.

We happened to track down six of the biggest, sweetest and avid fans for our PAW Patrol Unboxing Event where we unboxed and discovered five brand new PAW Patrol toys. 

Paw Patrol unboxing
Gisela was super excited to be opening her surprise!  Source: Supplied

However, to make it even more magical for our toy testers – Rory, Hunter, Gisela, Ari, Leo and Mason, we didn’t tell them why they were there or that PAW Patrol was part of the fun.

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Crikey, that box is nearly as big as Mason!  Source: Supplied

Just wait until you see their adorable reactions when we surprise them with a brand new PAW Patrol toy for them to unbox and keep.

Check out the fun below.

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New PAW Patrol Toys – HOORAY! 

Rory unboxes Chase’s Transforming Vehicle

Our first toy tester, Rory, 4, has been a big fan of PAW Patrol since day one thanks to his older brother introducing him to the show at a young age.

mum central
Rory really put Chase’s Transforming Vehicle through its paces. Source: Supplied

Rory was blown away by the new Chase Transforming Vehicle, especially the armour mode and disc launching. This police car is designed for big rescues in and around the house and comes packed with plenty of cool features.

mum central
Activating armour mode is quick and easy.  Source: Supplied

With lights and sounds, a Chase pup figurine and a motorcycle launch, you can easily see why Rory loved it.

mum central
Rory and Chase – match made in pup heaven!  Source: Supplied

Hunter unboxes Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck

Four-year-old Hunter is another massive fan of PAW Patrol and his mum, Natasha, tells us he’s easily seen every movie and episode at least 100 times. Hunter’s fave character is Everest and he already owns every PAW Patrol plush toy.

mum central
Hunter was besotted with his huge Marshall Transforming Fire Truck. Source: Supplied

So imagine his shock when he opened the new Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck. This mega truck comes with all the bells and whistles kids love – exciting lights and sounds, a massive ladder, a rescue slide, trampoline to catch falling pups and even a ‘water’ cannon mode that shoots projectile water cannons (little blue balls that represent bursts of water). There’s 3 and they store neatly inside the truck!

mum central
Hunter had so much fun extending the ladder right up and sliding Marshall down. Source: Supplied

Hunter was enthralled with the lights and sounds of Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck, and quickly mastered loading and shooting the water cannon to hit targets. By far a real winner for this mini Marshall fan!

mum central
Marshall is ready for a red-hot rescue! Source: Supplied

Gisela unboxes Paw Patrol Total City Rescue Set

Our next PAW Patrol toy tester was four-year-old Gisela, who tells us her very favourite pups are Skye, Everest and Chase.

Paw Patrol Rescue city playset
Gisella loved the Total City Rescue Set! Source: Supplied

She was over the moon when she tore into her new PAW Patrol toy – the Total City Rescue Set. This mega playset is easy to set up and great for imaginative play. Launch the die-cast mini Marshall Fire Truck down the ramp, burst through the abandoned school gates and around the corner to City Hall just in time to put out the fireworks. Phew!

mum central
Launch Marshall’s Fire Truck to put out the fireworks at City Hall! Source: Supplied

Gisela especially adored launching the die-cast down the second track to crash into and knock down the Humdinger tower, exposing Mayor Humdinger in his underwear! OOPS!

paw patrol rescue city playset
Watch out Mayor Humdinger, Marshall’s got you!! Source: Supplied

Ari and Leo unbox the Ultimate City Tower

Brother Ari, 2 and Leo, 4, arrived ready to party and couldn’t contain their excitement when they discovered this massive toy box was all theirs!

After they unwrapped the HUGEST box, the boys discovered the TALLEST PAW Patrol tower yet. It stands at 91cm tall and features moving parts that kept the boys entertained for hours.

mum central
Standing 3-feet tall, you can see why the Ultimate City Tower is a winner! Source: Supplied

Putting together wasn’t too difficult (and thankfully all the pieces are numbered so you just follow the numbering order (genius really!). The hardest part was keeping the boys contained as they saw the huge tower come to life!

After some very clever stickering, and rounding up all 6 pups, the tower was ready for action!

Little Leo loved to rotate the holographic city map which lit up and by turning the pup selector he could choose a pup for the mission (and hear them talk back).

Paw Patrol City Tower
Leo was fascinated with the holographic city map and talking pups. Source: Supplied

By far one of the favourite parts of the Ultimate City Tower was the lever that brought the transforming light-up rescue ramp up and down. Definitely a winner!

Plus, then of course there’s the vehicle lift at the back of the tower which takes Chase’s vehicle (or any of the Deluxe vehicles for that matter) up to the top of the tower to release down the slide.

By far this was one of the standouts of the day, and we’re sure you can see why!

Paw Patrol City Tower Vehicle Lift
Ari took control of the vehicle lift in no time! Source: Supplied

Mason unboxes the Paw Patroller 2.0

Mason, 4 who likes to go by ‘Mase on the Case’ like his fave pup Chase, had a run of bad luck having his last two Paw Patrol birthday parties cancelled due to COVID. As his mum Jessica tells, us “Paw Patrol is his world.”

mum central
Mason was thrilled with his Paw Patroller 2.0.  Source: Supplied

Hiding in his special box was the Paw Patroller 2.0 – the mega-machine that can easily store all up to 6 PAW Patrol vehicles (sold separately). The Patroller comes with Ryder and his ATV plus extra cool transforming doors and a dual vehicle launch.

Paw patroller 2.0
Slide the lever and launch your vehicle. Take off! Source: Supplied

I think the biggest fun was sliding the lever and seeing how far he could launch the car when the lever slid open and the car drove out! Super clever!

Paw Patrol Paw Patroller 2.0
The Paw Patroller has room for up to 6 vehicles over two levels. Source: Supplied

New PAW Patrol toys bring hours of play

Watching your little one’s excitement when they unwrap a new toy, especially one from their very favourite TV series, is priceless. We loved seeing our toy testers’ big smiles when they unboxed their gifts and then their look of amazement when we told them they could KEEP the new PAW Patrol toys.

The great thing about these new PAW Patrol toys is that they offer children hours and hours of imaginative play as they reenact scenes from the movie and show or simply take on heroic missions around the house. There are so many ways to play and so many features to explore – these toys really do make the perfect gift for any PAW Patrol fan out there.

Products are now available from Big WKmart and Target.

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Make sure you also pencil in a date with your kiddies to see PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE, if you haven’t already, which centres around an all-new mission.

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Check out our PAW Patrol Treasure Hunt too where there is still time to enter to WIN all of the new PAW Patrol toys above. But hurry – the competition closes soon.

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