Cue the Cute! So Much to Love about Oobi, Ethical Clothing Made for Girls

Hold on to your ovaries mums, because Oobi’s latest collection of girls’ clothing oozes with so much adorableness!

We’re talking twirly skirts, patterned dresses, funky swimwear, bright rompers, comfortable fabrics and so much more! How can we resist?

Oobi girls clothing rangeBe still my fashion-loving heart! How cute are these outfits??

Oobi is one of our favourite brands for girls’ clothing and we reckon it will easily become one of your faves too. So, get ready for summer, update her wardrobe and indulge in a bit of retail therapy for your tiniest fashionista.

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Oobi – offering a better way to buy girls’ clothing 

Kids’ clothing is all the same, right? Your kids wear them, dirty them, possibly complain about them being itchy. Then you wash them, watch them change shape or colour and, eventually, bin them and start the process again.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Get more wear, less tear and fewer complaints out of your little lady’s wardrobe with clothing that goes the distance. In fact, Oobi goes above and beyond the distance. What’s more, these ethical clothes for little ladies are ever so cute!

Trust us, both you and your daughter will adore all that Oobi has to offer!

Oobi girls fashion

Being ethical doesn’t have to cost the earth 

One of the things that really sets Oobi apart from the rest of the clothing companies out there is their dedication to ethical and sustainable practices.

Although Oobi’s collections are 100% designed in Australia, like practically ALL clothes sold in Australia, they are made overseas. HOWEVER, unlike most other companies, Oobi ensures their collections are made in SEDEX-approved factories. This means the workplace environment meets ethical standards.

Oobi ethical girls fashion

This is one of the reasons their clothing comes with a 5-star Good On You rating for ethical production, animal rights, humane work conditions and also for environmental practices. Oobi even won the Best Ethical Clothing Retailer at the LUX Magazine Parent And Baby Awards.

Oobi also donates to a child in need for every new-season garment sold, partnering with a number of charities including Good360 Australia and Global Sisters to support children in need

We love knowing our kids’ clothing is coming from an ethical environment and designed to not only make our own kids happy, but other children as well. With Oobi, we know this is the case. Plus, despite being ethical and sustainable, they don’t cost the earth.

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Fun, comfortable and cute to boot

Of course, it’s not just us who needs to love the clothing! It’s our darling (and, let’s face it) often picky daughters. I’ve got two of them and both ADORE Oobi clothing, especially for special occasions like dinners out or birthday parties.

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The clothing is comfortable, made of cotton and easy to put on and take off. There are no buttons at the neck or anything that is uncomfortable for a child.

In fact, Oobi has a full-time production manager whose sole job is to ensure that garments are well made, fit well and are also beautiful. How’s that for a cool job?

oobi girls clothes

There are dresses, swimwear, skirts, jumpers, socks, tights, pants, rompers, hats and jackets – ALL the essentials but packed with an extra dose of age-appropriate prettiness.

With bright prints, lace trims, extra pockets for little treasures and plenty of frilly, twirly fun, your little girls are sure to LOVE wearing Oobi. Mine certainly do!

Oobi girls clothing and bedding
Beautiful bedding and twirly tutus

Plus, all their outfits are soft, preshrunk and prewashed for that extra cosy factor and they’ve got heaps of baby items too! They’ve even got a stunning collection of handmade bedding to pretty up the nursery or bedroom.

Oobi girls clothing swimwear range
Oobi’s newly-released SPF50++ swimwear

Made for longevity – not landfill

Another thing that we love about Oobi is that their clothing is designed to last – season after season, sibling after sibling. You can expect to get years and years of wear from one Oobi item, meaning you can easily pass their garments down to sisters, cousins, friends, etc.

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Unique fashion finds and sibling sets 

Oobi manufactures several collections through the year, but in small batches, including some limited edition and special pieces – so there’s always something new to choose.

They make great gifts too and most collections are available in sizes 0-12, making them ideal matchy-matchy sibling sets.

Oobi bright pattern skirts and dresses
Matchy-matchy sib sets for the win!

Shop now, receive 25% off full-priced delights

When it comes to little girls’ clothing, we highly recommend having a look at the adorable Oobi range. Bright, bold, cute, comfortable, pretty, practical and ethical – what more could you want?

How about 25% off? Sure thing! Simply use the discount code OOBIMUM and receive 25% off full-price items. 

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With Oobi you can enjoy an easier shopping experience, treat your little sweetie to something special and help contribute to a better future for all children.


This is a sponsored post for Oobi.
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