This Perth Dad Has the Magic Cure for Colic

Have a colicky baby? A Perth dad has concocted a miracle mixture that’s being hailed as the best thing EVER for colicky babies.

Steven Litas’ colic fix is quickly soaring to the top of every new mum’s most-wanted list. And – here’s the best bit for frazzled parents who don’t live in Perth – you can grab the miracle mixture online. 

Countless parents have endured the stress, the frustration and the heartbreak that comes with having a baby with colic. As it turns out, the miracle cure for colic may have been under our noses the whole time!

Locally-made mixture hailed as ‘magical’ colic cure

Perth pharmacist Steven Litas and son

Perth dad Steven Litas (that’s him up there with son Alex) makes the mixture, known as The Colic Mix, from his small community chemist shop in northern Perth. Steven inherited the pharmacy, as well as the recipe for The Colic Mix from his father, also named Alex. Steven’s tinkered with the mixture over the years to improve its effectiveness and make it easier for babies to take.

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And frazzled mums everywhere can’t get enough of the “magical” elixir, though Steven is quick to dispel talk of a magic cure.

“In my opinion, it’s not just a matter of giving a bottle of something that’s going to fix your baby, it’s a matter of going through a whole range of other factors that could be contributing to that to make sure we’ve got a more holistic approach to how we’re treating babies,” Steven explains.

“There’s nothing magic about it.”

Stopping colic, one bottle at a time

However, for mums and dads with colicky babies, the small bottle is proving to be as magical as it gets. Hundreds of parents arrive each week asking for the special formula, which sells for $40 a bottle.

Steven takes the time to speak to every parent; however, the solution is also available online for parents who can’t make it to Perth. It’s even sent around the world.

“Steve absolutely saved my sanity with his magical colic mix. I had tried everything for our baby who would scream constantly in pain,” mum, Elise Benson writes. “We saw an instant change in our little girl and after a day or so she actually started to smile because she was not in so much pain anymore!”

Racheal Kamer is another mum who vows there’s magic in the mix. “We had a very unsettled and uncomfortable little lady who at only two weeks of age was awake for four hours at a time. After two days of using the Colic mix we have a more settled, content, sleeping baby.”

Is it colic?

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It can be hard to know if your baby has colic or is crying for another reason. This is why The Australian Medical Association Western Australia Vice President Dr Mark Duncan-Smith suggests that parents speak to their GP before turning to over-the-counter medication.

If you do have a baby with colic, you may also want to try these bottles, which are especially designed for colicky bubs. 

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  1. Avatar of Kayla

    The mixture is dangerous. It is not safe for babies. There have been numerous hospitalisations from the wonder mixture… More like wonder over dose.

  2. Avatar of JoAst79

    I found the same thing Kayla.
    Worrying signs when your baby is listless.
    The initial consult made me leave the chemist feeling very hopeful. After my baby’s demeanor changed I rang the chemist and spoke to the pharmacist again requesting the literature about the safety of this mixture via email. Never received anything so I stopped using it. Scary to think I gave a one week old baby a concoction of drugs that no other shop sells so who knows what’s in it

  3. Avatar of AllyMM

    Checked up the ingredients.
    There isn’t a country in the world that hasn’t banned the drugs used to make this dangerous potion

  4. Avatar of Baldridge

    Seems like this mixture isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Makes sense though. A drug company would have got their hands on it and mass produced if it actually was safe

  5. Avatar of Zan

    Hi, the miracle cure that worked for my granddaughter was to see a paediatric osteopath & after 1st treatment no more screaming.Up until her 1st treatment at approx 3 months it was constant screaming day & night,then she was cured & slept like a “baby”.I urge you to try it as it is all natural & very gentle.Also may help withmany other conditions.

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