Prince George Asks for ONE Thing in Cute Letter to Santa

All I want for Christmas is…

Well, if you’re the Prince of Cambridge, then it’s a police car. And that’s it. Come and check out little George’s cute Santa letter.. and share your children’s lists with us!

Most kids’ letters to Santa are filled with must-have items that we really can’t afford (or are  sure to be sold out by the time we actually make it to the shops). So what would you ask for if you’re a prince, destined to rule your country one day?

Prince George portrait

A whole stable of thoroughbred ponies? A list of action figures as long as your list of ancestors? Every single toy car in the toy shop?

Not Prince George. His letter is refreshingly simple and as sweet as can be! In fact, there’s just one thing on it.

Prince George Christmas santa letter

A police car for the Prince

George’s proud dad, Prince William, is in Helsinki, Finland, and delivered the letter direct to Santa when the pair met on official business.

The Duke of Cambridge was overheard saying to Saint Nick, “I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter.” He then added with a laugh, “He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably ok.”

As long as it’s a toy police car and not a real police car, then we think so too.

As well as his super tiny wish list, the adorable four-year-old prince signed his name (pretty neatly might we add. And no backwards letters!). He also circled “nice” on the sentence, “I have been naughty/nice.”

Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve seen all day?

Let’s see those Santa letters!

Not every kid is so succinct when it comes to Santa letters. Case in point – my son’s list below, which, includes 11 items, two of which I can actually decipher (if anyone knows what a “ZacZobe” could be, please drop me a message!).

mum central

Now it’s your turn Mum Central readers. We’d love to see your own kids’ handwritten letters – share them with us through the Facebook comments. Are they as crisp and clear as Prince George’s? Or are they a little more difficult to decipher?

If the kids still aren’t sure what they want for Christmas, make sure to take a peek at our awesome Christmas hot toys lists for little kids and big kids.

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