Recall: Faulty Strap Fix For iCandy Peach Pram

Do you have an iCandy Peach pram? You might want to check the straps because the ACCC has just issued a safety recall.

According to the recall notice, the single stroller that converts to a double has a faulty crotch strap which can come away from the centre of the buckle. This poses a fall or injury hazard for infants if broken during use.

The recall only relates to the 2016 model of the iCandy Peach pram, sold between 1 January 2016  and 3 July 2017. The affected prams have batch numbers A10050-A10057 and A10067-A10070. The shoulder straps and waist harness are not affected by the recall.

What should I do if I think my stroller may be affected?

Tobil & Co Pty Ltd, the manufacturers of iCandy, will post a replacement crotch strap with a stronger buckle to consumers if they have a product in the affected batch range.

To check whether your iCandy pushchair is affected or to organise a replacement part, contact iCandy.

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