Product Review: Lupi Lu Toilet Training Seat

A toilet seat for the whole family, the Lupi Lu is 2 seats in one! We roadtest one and find out what all the fuss is about!

I have to say it feels like we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to toilet training ‘devices’ for your kids, and to be honest I’ve bought quite a few.  We all want for our kids to have the easiest and fastest experience and to reach success as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.  So when I was asked to road test the Lupi Lu, I was somewhat curious but it seemed like such a practical and genius idea so decided to give it a go!

I’ve got a 4 year old who’s fully toilet trained and a 2.5 year old (going on 5) who’s just starting.  With master 4 we tried the elmo potty, the ladder with handles, the Thomas the Tank seat insert that sits over the top of our existing seat (complete with handles), and finally he ‘got it’ by using our existing toilet.  The fear though, was that his tiny little bottom would fall through the hole on our traditional toilet seat so it was a clever balancing and confidence over time that won over.  If only I’d seen this then!

Essentially the Lupi Lu is two seats in one.  You simply replace your normal toilet seat with the Lupi Lu, which has separate toddler and adult seats integrated into the one unit.  So the toddler seat is always attached when needed and hidden when not required.  The Lupi Lu won’t move, pinch or trap germs like other ad-hoc attachments, which also makes it’s more hygienic too. Both seats have a soft close hinge so no hurt little fingers and no ‘slamming’ noises (especially with 2 boys who are known to get a little ‘heavy handed’ at the best of times!


The quality is excellent and made from strong polypropylene with a high quality finish and with its stylish design will complement any bathroom. It is simple to install (no tools required) and trust me, I’m no DIY expert, and removed our existing toilet seat and installed the Lupi Lu in about 15 minutes.  It fits standard Australian toilets with an option to also attach to most blind fixing toilet pans.
Click here to check if your toilet is suitable for a Lupi Lu.

The Lupi Lu was a runner-up in the My Child Awards 2012 for Best Accessory For Baby and after trialling it out, I can see why! It’s a great invention and something that I think you’ll find once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder how you coped without (and my kids love thier own ‘big boys toilet seat’, as you can see from Master 2 above – he loves it and feels so grown up!

Check out the video below which will give you a bit more info and there’s instructional videos on their website which will help you to install them yourself (seriously easy).

YouTube video

All in all, I think it’s a really neat idea!   I’m a practical kind of person so it was right up my alley and quite frankly, it’s a damn good quality toilet seat too!

Until the end of February, SAVE 20% off all Lupi Lu seats, making them a bargain at just under $80!  To order yours and have it delivered to your door, simply visit the Lupi Lu website and enter code “MUM CENTRAL” at checkout to get your discount! Easy as that!

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