The NEW Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline – Revolutionary New Shape and Super Safe Springless Design.

Looking for a springless trampoline that comes with extra bounce, superior safety and rave reviews? Whether it’s a birthday gift, a Christmas present, or a special surprise for the kids, you can’t bounce past the Plum® Freebound Bowl Trampoline®.

This Bowl Trampoline® is in a class of its own in terms of safety and style. Thanks to its unique ‘curvilinear’ design, your kids can literally BOUNCE OFF THE WALLS in it. Safely. Securely. And without any fear of running into springs (it’s spring-less after all!).

In fact, the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline has revolutionised the traditional flat-bed trampoline. I mean, have a look at those curves! And wait ’til you see it in action!

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This is not your average trampoline … be prepared to be amazed! Source: Supplied

Plus, what’s even more exciting than buying a unique trampoline that will last the kids a lifetime? There’s SO much jumping and bouncing fun to be had!


Watch the new Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline in Action

We know a large, quality trampoline is a big investment for any family. This is one of the reasons we wanted to give you our honest opinion on this Plum trampoline, to give you an idea of the setup process, the size, the bounce factor, the safety features and also to hear from both adults and kids to see what they really thought of it.

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Our Real Mum’s review of the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline

My kids have had a few trampolines growing up but the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline has definitely exceeded all our expectations. My boys could easily do flips, perform tricks and get some crazy air with minimal effort.

Even I was impressed with how high I could fly – yep – adults can jump too! It comes with a 125kg weight limit for family bounce fun. Let’s just say the kids were far more gutsy than me at getting some air but I was really impressed at just how easy it was to bounce high!

The one thing I loved most about the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline compared to other traditional trampolines was the whole new dynamic it brought to outside play.  Not only do you have your traditional flatbed trampoline, but the curved ‘track’ transforms into bouncing heaven!

It’s safe, secure and my kids were blown away. I just loved how the kids kept gravitating towards the trampoline as a general play space for all sorts of gameplay.”

✓ Curved for more bounce appeal

The genius behind the Plum Bowl Trampoline is the CURVED shape which allows bouncers to move or ‘freebound’ in any direction. Another cool thing about the freebound design is that there are markers on the mat to track your movement and refine your moves. My boys LOVED this feature!

✓  Bungee cords for extra safety

Another great thing about it is that there are absolutely no springs on this trampoline. Instead, it works on the power of the bungee. 136 bungee cords to be exact, making it one of the safest trampolines on the market.

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One of the things we loved were these elastic bungy straps which meant no springs and extra bounce! Source: Supplied

✓  Bounce without annoying the neighbours

Of all the trampolines we’ve had, the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline is by far the quietest and has won over the kids the most, which is a godsend, especially during school holidays! AND it’s actually perfect for having a few kids on the trampoline at once!

✓  The trampoline turned into a central playspace

Within the first few weeks of having the trampoline there were at least three instances where the boys had mates over and the trampoline turned into a central playspace.  They gravitated towards it – not just to jump and bounce but they got super creative given the freebound area which took the space to whole new level.mum central

Then came my son’s 11th birthday (below). They devised some sort of Survivor Island game where they lost a sock each time they failed a challenge (hence the random socks in the middle). Now what I love most about this photo is not that they’re out being active, but that they’re using their IMAGINATIONS because suddenly this isn’t just a trampoline, it’s a blank canvas for playtime!!

So this was the absolute winner of the day. A boy, his mates and a trampoline. For three hours. And I’m not joking when I say they wouldn’t get off it. Until it was dark. And they couldn’t see.  Legit! 😉

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The Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline quickly transforms into a playspace to set imaginations free! Source: Supplied

✓ Quality guaranteed

Plum Play Australia has been around for 32 years and is the expert in outdoor kids’ toys and springless trampolines. We love the Plum Play range and their new Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline is no exception. It comes with a 10-year warranty on certain parts and is designed for all-weather play. 

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✓ DIY Installation

For those of you wondering if you can put it together yourselves, don’t fret! Three of us managed to put this baby together in just under 5 hours (which, I might add, included several breaks for snacks and other mum duties!). The manual estimated 3 people would take 3 hours (although we really know that’s often 4 hours +).

That said, we did get lost a few times but, hey, it’s all part of the fun. If you can read fluent graphics and are already a master of instruction manuals, you’ll be fine! We found this awesome US chid blogger who walked us through the instructions step by step – perfect for people like me who prefer video how-tos over reading instructions.

YouTube video

Real kids’ review of the Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline

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The boys were glued to the trampoline – it was a real winner! Source: Supplied

I really found it easy to get the hang of the angled net, and was actually really surprised at how quickly I could learn to do a front flip.” James, 11

I really loved the bounciness of the trampoline. It’s heaps bouncier than the last one and I loved that I felt like I was playing in a UFO.”Alex, 8

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The Plum Bowl Freebound Trampoline

The Plum Bowl Freebound Trampoline
Value for Money8.5
Bounce Power10.0
Ease of Set Up8.0

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Get Your New Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline today

I can assure you, a Plum Trampoline® will go the distance and grow with your kids, whether they are tots or teens. This unique BOWL experience will build confidence and skills and inspire hours of freestyle play in one of the safest trampolines out there.

So let them bounce off the walls and discover the difference a BOWL trampoline can make.

Amazing savings on the revolutionary Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline

For a limited time, all Mum Central readers can get $500 off the RRP AND FREE delivery (up to $350 value). Take home an extra-large Plum Freebound Bowl Trampoline for just $1,999.

You’re not going to find a more affordable deal on such a high quality and safe spring free trampoline. Plus, Plum Play Australia offer interest-free payments available through Zip and AfterPay.

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This is a sponsored review for Plum Play Australia. All opinions are those of the reviewers.
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