Royals Share Their Too Cute (And Too Perfect) Family Christmas Photo

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released their annual family Christmas photo for the world to swoon over. And, like always, the foursome, donning similar outfits and smiles, are royally adorable. 

We’re not sure this family could get any cuter… well, except in April, when they welcome Royal Baby #3. But, this picture of regal perfection will tide us over until the next wave of Royal fever takes over the world.

Four people. All of them dressed to impress. All of them looking at the camera. AND all of them smiling.

It’s a Christmas card miracle!

Kensington Palace released the official Christmas card photo overnight with the Duke and Duchess standing behind Prince George, 4 and Prince Charlotte, 2. They also made the grand announcement that Princess Charlotte will be attending prestigious Willcocks Nursery School in London in 2018. I know… they grow up TOO fast!

As the world goes mad over the latest image and news, there’s a few things about the photo that we couldn’t help but notice.

No baby bump?

First of all, there’s no baby bump. That’s right. Kensington Palace admit that the photo isn’t a new one – it was taken “earlier in the year”, clearly before Kate was showing with her third pregnancy.

But even if it’s a few months old, it’s still a cute one. And, with the cool icy blue theme, it’s also perfectly suited for a wintery Christmas card.

A formal family affair

royal family photo with baby Prince George

Secondly, it’s not shot outside. While not all of the past images of the royal family are taken outside, a lot were! For example, there’s that time the Duke and Duchess introduced Prince George to the world. Then there was that time the family took a ski vacation.

Princess Charlotte’s second birthday photos were also shot outside. And the Royals’ past Christmas card was also an outdoor affair.

mum central

This year the foursome are inside, in front of a beautiful light blue backdrop. Both kids look like little angels with their cheeky smiles, golden hair and blue outfits.

royal Christmas photo Dule and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte

But even if it’s not outside or brand new, the picture is all sorts of perfect. Formal. Elegant. Beautiful. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the world’s favourite royal family. (Or second favourite, if you’re Team Mary of Tassie).

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