This 7-Year-Old Kid Earns $30 Million a Year and We’re Jealous Too

The world’s richest YouTuber is a seven-year-old making $30 million a year. Whaaat?!

A year ago we told you about a cute little first grader called Ryan who was RAKING in the cash reviewing toys on his YouTube channel Ryan’s Toy Review. Well guess what? He’s now THE number one earner on the platform, pulling in a cool US$22 million annually.

Nope, you don’t need glasses. You read that correctly. That’s a SEVEN-year-old boy who made more than $30 million Australian dollars in one year just because he loves toys. Daym! And that figure’s set to soar even higher thanks to Aussie kids, because a range of Ryan’s World toys has just landed on our shores.

Meanwhile, my six and eight-year-old boys couldn’t even sell one box of chocolates for the darn school fundraiser last month.

Winners are grinners

Forbes announced their list of the 10 highest earning YouTubers for 2018 recently and little ole’ Ryan was crowned the winner – a seven place jump from his spot at number eight last year. Not only is he the only child on the list, but the only person doing what he does.

The others in the top 10 (all male) are mostly gamers providing witty commentary while playing online, or guys doing funny skits, tricks and pranks. There was also a male make-up artist (for real).

Back to Ryan though, I bet you’re wondering how on earth a kid got so much cash right? Well, apparently the mini mogul started his YouTube channel at age four (when most kids are playing in the sandpit and getting marbles stuck up their nose). He was a huge fan of watching videos of people opening and reviewing toys online and asked his parents why he couldn’t do the same. And because it’s a mad world, before long Ryan was raining money.

Ryan ToysReview

Follower frenzy

Ryan’s Toy Review now has 17 million followers and a combined total of 26 billion views. That’s a LOT of eyeballs. A family-run account, Ryan’s parents produce and now star in the clips with their son – which have gone beyond amateurish toy reviews to professional quality videos spanning toy and food reviews, educational videos and an animated cartoon series.

The mum used to be a high school science teacher but soon quit that when she realised how much moola was to be made from whipping out the fam cam (smart). They’ve even created a second channel, Ryan’s Family Review, which features Ryan’s younger twin sisters Emma and Kate (even smarter). And if that’s not enough, earlier this year US retail giant Walmart created a toy line called Ryan’s World (mike drop).

And in news just in, Big W has just started selling some of the Ryan’s World toys here in Australia, including a giant surprise egg stuffed with all manner of fun stuff. Cha-ching!

YouTube video

Marvellously minted

Talk about seeing an opportunity and running with it! We don’t even know what Ryan’s surname is, but we’re starting to think maybe it’s Kardashian. And while it’s tempting to want to turn your nose  up at Ryan’s Toy Review and his whole stinking rich family, the little boy is actually super adorable and genuinely excited and honest in his reviews. Sooo annoying. I wonder what’s next for Ryan… a TV show? Book deal? Movie? One thing’s for certain, that kid doesn’t need any more toys this Christmas.

Kind of makes you want to grab the camera this weekend and get filming your youngsters right? But then again, beach.

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