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The Best of SYDFEST 2019: So Many Free Activities for Families!

The Sydney Festival (SYDFEST 2019) is here and we’re excited to share with you what fabulous family entertainment is on offer (including a raft of sweet freebies you won’t want to miss).

Running 9th to 27th January 2019, there’s no better way to fill the summer holidays on your city’s beautiful foreshore and the greater Sydney suburbs.

Here’s Mum Central’s list of SYDFEST 2019 must-see events and activities!

All things Moon Related for Your Budding Astronaut

If you’ve a little space-fan in the house you’re going to love this! One of the themes of SYDFEST 2019 is the Anniversary of the Moon Landing and there’s three engaging and exciting experiences to choose from (heck, they’re free, why not do them all!)

MOON DROPS is a free, interactive installation that mimics feelings of weightlessness and low gravity.

Get that fun, space feeling at Darling Harbour and it won’t cost you a cent! Smart mums and dads might like to grab a coffee and then find a nice comfy place to watch the kids #losetheirminds at the space-inspired action. Everyone’s a winner with this plan! 

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APOLLO 11 is an outdoor exhibition of giant Astronauts – a nod to the diverse heroes of space travel.

See these awe-inspiring, larger than life astronauts around Barangaroo including sculptures and interactive experiences. Walk, bike or take the ferry, there’s so many ways to see these orange fellows around the waterfront! 

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FLY ME TO THE MOON runs through out the whole SYDFEST 2019 festival.

In case you’re wondering it’s 384,400 kilometres to the moon. That’s how many kms Sydney is going to ride this month! Yikes! Head on down to World Square and peddle on the free flying bike sculpture, Lunar Velocipede. You’ll be doing your bit to get Sydney to the moon!

Get your Culture On with Sydney Symphony Under the Stars

One of the most iconic events of Sydney Festival, Symphony Under the Stars will be held this year in Parramatta.

Settle back with the kids on your picnic rug, watch the sun set over western Sydney and enjoy well-known classical favourites. In keeping it family-friendly, the tunes are ones you’ll know, including film soundtracks.

Don’t feel intimated, this event is truly aimed at families – toddlers welcome! Even better, it ends with an aerial bang – an exciting fireworks display!

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Run Away with the Circus

Parramatta’s Prince Alfred Square will be alive with the thrill of the big top and all things circus.

See incredible free performances, marvel at Heliosphere or turn your bicycle into a flying flame machine to join the opening parade. There’s also affordable (paid) circus skills workshops for all ages and abilities, along with our outdoor Flying Trapeze workshops if you’re feeling adventurous and want to Run Away with the Circus!

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Don’t let school holidays be a snooze-fest, visit the SYDFEST 2019 website for more information, and take advantage of great family fun that’s FREE.

Don’t forget to check individual times and dates for all events via the links provided.

We look forward to seeing you there – it’s a party in your own backyard Sydney!

PS: If you’re planning a date night and want to leave the kids at home there’s literally hundreds of amazing shows, acts, experiences, exhibitions and concerts just for grown-ups! Be sure to visit the SYDFEST 2019 website for these as well. Enjoy!

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