Total Fire Bans, Closed Child Care Centres & Power Load Shedding in Adelaide Heatwave

TOTAL fire bans have been declared across the state as child care services are closed & power shedding announced during the extreme Adelaide heatwave.

Adelaide’s fire danger has prompted the Education Department to suspend child care services in high fire risk areas.  FOR A FULL LIST OF CLOSURES CLICK HERE

Thousands of households could be without power for up to half an hour as electricity demand surges during South Australia’s heatwave.   Authorities have warned load shedding – where power is cut to homes and businesses during peak demand – will be considered as the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts a delay to Friday’s cool change.

Premier Jay Weatherill said the extreme heat was putting an enormous strain on the electricity network in South Australia and Victoria.  “There is a high potential for technical problems to occur,” he said.

“We will be putting in place measures in case we do see periods of load shedding which will lead to the loss of electricity supply to various homes.

Find out if your suburb will be hit by heatwave blackouts by checking this link.

Click here for a full list of areas to be affected in the Load Shedding

The next forced power outages start from ‘Group 7 Grange Feeder’ and will occur in order after that. The outages will happen for 30 minute periods to ease demand on infrastructure, consecutively until the our power system is relieved, in a bid to avoid a total network collapse.

Information relating to areas affected is available through the following sources, SA Power Networks website via the Current Interruptions page –
Automated SMS or email updates will be sent to those registered with Power@MyPlace, click here to register or by contacting Faults and Emergencies on 13 13 66

The SA Government has also welcomed people into foyers of Government buildings, and in the CBD the Interstate Bus Terminal is open 24 hrs to accommodate people.

Also head to your local library or shopping centre if your power’s out and you need to keep you and the kids cool.

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What’s your best strategy for staying cool? 

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