Twistshake Introduces Solids in a Fun, Easy and (almost) Mess-Free Way

The pureed fruit, the mashed veggies, the selection of adorable baby feeding goodies! 

Of all the magical milestones in that first year, exploring baby’s first foods is by far one of my very favourites.

Sure, it’s messy, but it’s also heaps of fun especially watching your little one react to different tastes and textures.

To prepare for this culinary odyssey with your littlest taste tester, we have uncovered an incredible range of feeding products to try. Because regular plastic plates are so boring! And also a nightmare to keep off the floor…

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Meet Twistshake, a funky and functional range of feeding supplies that makes us want to go through the whole weaning process again. Except without having to make all that pureed baby food…

Twistshake is kind of like the Tupperware of baby feeding essentials. Their range of bottles, sippy cups, bowls, cutlery, containers, and more are all BPA-,BPS- and BPF-free and built to last.

Twistshake started in Sweden but quickly expanded around the world. Currently The Stork Nest stock a massive range of Twistshake products and even have 3 x Twistshakes Feeding Prize Packs to give away to our gorgeous Mum Central audience at the end of the month.

Check out some of the products featured in the range below and enter to win one of these awesome Twistshake feeding prize packs. 

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Mealtime made easy 

All of Twistshake’s products are designed to promote independent eating and drinking in your little ones. Take their Mini Cups ($19.95), which are not only spill-free, but also easy to grip for little hands and incredibly durable for the inevitable drops on the footpath from the pram.

It also comes with a cool fruit mixer that allows you to add fruit, shake, and give your child’s water a natural boost of fruit flavour.

The fruit mixer will crush the fruit for you (without the need for a blender or to puree the mixture with your hands), providing you with an easy way to introduce baby to those first fruit flavours.

twistshake sippy cups

You can pair bub’s sippy cup with their colourful collection of bowls and click mats ($69.95) which come with an ingenious anti-slip bottom. Prevent the plate from sliding across the table or “accidentally” being knocked to the floor when your child discovers you put broccoli in the pasta (oh the horror!).

There’s even a clever lid so you can pack the plate on your next picnic. Plus, Twistshakes plates comes with a Twistclick function so you can easily stack and connect them to one another.

Twistshake Click Mat

Twistshake also comes with a range of cute containers ($9.95 two pack), divider plates ($22.95) and cutlery ($12.95) to complete the culinary experience. Each cutlery set comes with a soft touch knife, fork and spoon, allowing little ones to learn the fine art of cutlery holding from early on.

The bibs ($24.95 two pack) are another awesome invention for easy meal time moments. Simply sling it around your tot’s neck and it becomes your baby’s own personal food catcher, keeping the floor cleaner and the mess contained in the deep spill pocket.

Twistshake products

Shake snack time up 

There’s so much to love about Twistshake’s feeding range. The modern colours, the durability, the functional features. It’s like the designers went through the list of dramas that crop up during weaning, snack and meal time and added features to stop them happening.

No more spilled plates, broken bowls, leaking sippy cups, food-covered floors. Just happy mealtime moments. And probably a few funny faces along the way.

twistshake feeding products

We are seriously smittin’ with this collection and we’re sure you and your little foodie will be too. Whether you’re about the delve into the weaning process or already knee deep in mashed goodness, Twistshake shake things up and make meal time fun.

You can check out the entire range over at The Stork Nest.

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You’ve seen the collection. Now it’s time to win it! 

We’ve got 3 x Twistshake Feeding Prize Packs up for grabs, valued at $155 each and including:

  • Mini Cup 230ml 4+m
  • Click Mat Mini
  • Bowl 6+m
  • Divided Plate 6+m
  • Learn Cutlery 6+m
  • Container x 2 100ml
  • Bib 4+m

Winners can choose their favourite colour and all products will be shipped directly to your door or postbox.

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