Hello Massive Mum Boobs and 5 Other Unexpected Surprises About Breastfeeding!

Aussie mum-of-four Bec Judd shared some exciting news this week – she wrote a book on babies!

But what really captured the attention of mums around the world was one of the pics in her book, The Baby Bible, where Bec showcases her massive Judd jugs during those glorious postpartum days.

Teeny tiny Judd’s refreshingly honest photo hit a nerve with mums everywhere. Because, let’s face it, we all have a similar shot and haunting memories of our mammoth mum titties mid-engorgement.

Ginormous jugs! Welcome to engorgement

Bec Judd engorgement
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“I look like Dolly Parton on steroids,” Bec joked in an interview where she shared the image of her boulder boobs.

While not all mums will experience engorgement to this extreme, most will have a “what is happening to my boobs” moment as the milk starts to come in.  In addition to the excess size, you also might recall the hard, hot, tingly sensation that comes with engorgement.

So what else do you remember about those postpartum breastfeeding days? We decided to follow Bec’s awesome lead and share a few more fun memories about breastfeeding problems that I’m sure most of us can relate to!

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1. Vein Pain

Remember that time when your boobs not only expanded, but also started to sprout a whole field of bulgy blue veins? That was fun.

Although creepy AF, veins all over your breasts (and body) is actually normal, caused by the excess milk and blood floor. Breast to alien transformation. Complete.

2. Cabbage love

Then there was that newfound appreciation for cabbage. Regardless of what you craved during pregnancy, cabbage became our new breast friend during postpartum. Not to eat, but to plant across your chest in an attempt to reduce the inflammation and pain.

You see, cold cabbage leaves happen to be the perfect size and shape for your growing gals. It is recommended that you place cabbage on your breasts 3 times a day for 20 minutes to alleviate engorgement. But only during those first few days as it can decrease milk supply.

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3. Spilled milk, everywhere

On your shirt. In the shower. All over the bed sheets. Night or day. The milk bar never closes. And neither does your infant’s desire to feed.

4. Squirt shows

And how can we forget the excess squirting? Turns out, your breasts don’t just product milk from one main tap on your nipple that neatly fits into bub’s mouth. Oh no. There are hundreds of different exits for your milk. And often they all decide to go off, at once, even when not breastfeeding.

Apologies to anyone who happened to be in the ten metre splash zone.

5. Hunger strikes

Sit down. Get comfortable. Start the feeding marathon. And feel the insatiable urge to eat an entire pizza. Yep. Breastfeeding turns you into the mum version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Also known as The Very Hungry Sleep-Deprived Slug Who Will Eat Your Arm Off If You Don’t Bring Biscuits ASAP.

Yes, those first few days/weeks of getting the hang of breastfeeding aren’t exactly easy. But, hey, we did it! And we have our once-rock-hard-now-deflated-pancake boobs to prove it!

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