This New Dinosaur Pasta is Loaded with Fibre & Fun and Sure to Be a Hit with the Kids!

Got a hungry little dinosaur on your hands? There’s a new kids’ pasta in town that’s sure to make little ones roar with delight!

Whether they have the fierce appetite of a T-Rex or are more of a picky-eating Parksosaurus, your tykes are sure to love munching on Vetta’s all-new SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta.

That’s right mums – Vetta Pasta is a smart (as in healthy) choice for your tribe, packed with plenty of fibre and low GI. But, best of all, these delicious little bites of dinosaur goodness are almost as fun to play with as they are to eat.

Fuel your kids’ imagination, fill their bellies and be one of the first families to taste the all-new Vetta SMART pasta. We’re giving Mum Central mums the opportunity to trial and review Vetta’s SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta before it even hits the supermarket shelves!

That’s right, we’re searching for 15 mums and their little dinosaurs to trial and review this new pasta (and for mums to take heaps of photos of all the dino-action!). Keep scrolling for your chance to apply to review.

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Get Ready for a Roarsome Mealtime Adventure

Most kids have a few foods they will happily gobble up. My kids survived on the four main food groups: Chips, cheese, chicken nuggets and pasta (with an occasional cucumber or piece of fruit on a good day).

After months spent stressing out over their limited palate and talking to other mums, I discovered that many kids prefer to survive on this same primitive diet. And that’s perfectly okay. But it means that us mums with fussy eaters need to find alternative ways to add extra goodness to our kids’ plates, even if they refuse anything that is green or possibly good for them.

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This is where Vetta’s all-new SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Pasta comes in. Add a plate full of prehistoric fun and healthiness to the dinner table with adorable little dino-shaped pasta. Even the fussy eaters won’t be able to resist. Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaur Pasta can be ‘mum’s little secret’ because they’re packed with fibre – but the kids won’t even notice!

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1. It’s super healthy! (But your kids won’t even notice!)

We’re talking 4.5 health star ratings. Plus, it’s loaded with added benefits and nutrients including twice the fibre of regular pasta (but same yummy taste as standard pasta). It’s also low GI and low fat and made with added oat fibre.

2. It’s Aussie-made.

Vetta Pasta is 100% Australian. Proudly family-owned, Vetta has been making pasta since 1878 using the finest Australian durum wheat. Vetta dinosaur pasta

3. It’s relatively mess-free.

Okay, so let’s face it, no meal is 100% mess-free, especially if you’re dealing with a toddler. But compared to stringy pasta, Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Pasta is easy for kids to grab, especially little kids (12 months+) who are learning how to use those pinchers.

4. It’s easy to find in the supermarket.

There is no need to make a trip to the baby and toddler section to find Vetta pasta (which will inevitably lead to your children asking for a snack from that aisle). Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Pasta is the only kids’ pasta currently located in the pasta aisle. You can get it at Coles for $2 a packet. Bargain!

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1. It’s a smorgasbord of DINOSAURS!

There is a Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Brachiosaurus, all your kid’s favourite dinosaurs, ready to be gobbled up.

2. It’s fun.

Okay, so food is meant to be eaten. But food is more likely to be eaten if it’s fun! And you don’t even have to bring out the sandwich cutters, the edible googly eyes or the veggie spiraliser to make it exciting. Kids from 12 months right up to tweens will love it! After all, dinosaur-shaped food is always going to win over ol’ linguine.

Toddler in high chair eating pasta, spaghetti. Vetta Kids pasta

3. It tastes yummy.

Even though it’s made from wheat and is full of fibre, it still looks the same as regular pasta. Plus, there’s no weird brown colour that gives away its healthiness. Kids will just love the taste!

dinosaurs kids pasta from Vetta

Big on flavour, fibre and FUN, Vetta’s SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta is a plate full of adventure.

If your little creature is a bit of a fussy eater, then we highly recommend giving Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta a try. It’s affordable, easy to make, great for their little bellies and designed to make dinner fun.

What more could you want in a kids’ pasta?

If you have kids (aged 12 months+) and would like to be amongst the first to try Vetta’s Dinosaurs Kids Pasta, then simply complete the form below to apply.

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Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids PastaTrial and review Vetta’s SMART Fibre Dinosaurs Kids Pasta

We are looking for 15 mums with kids aged 12 months+ to trial and review Vetta’s new SMART Fibre Dinosaur Pasta.

Each trial family will receive:  

  • 2 x packs of Vetta SMART Fibre Dinosaur Kids Pasta (500g)
  • 1 x pack of Vetta SMART Fibre Spaghetti (500g)
  • 1 x pack of Vetta SMART Protein Spirals (375g)

If you have a little one who adores the camera and you love taking photos, then we encourage you to apply. All reviewers will need to trial the pasta during a two-week period and submit a review form plus several high-quality images of your experience for our roundup review!

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