VIDEO: 6-Month-Old Baby Waterskiing Sparks Outrage


Baby Rich just turned six months old. To celebrate this amazing milestone, the cheeky little chap went for a quick lap around the local lake on a set of water skies.

Sure, he’s a baby. Sure, he can’t stand up on his own, but look at him go (scroll right on the pic below to see the various videos of Rich in action).


Go Rich!

His very proud parents, Casey and Mindi Humpherys, shared a photo and video of their waterskiing baby online.

Take one look at this kid and tell me he isn’t having the time of his life! Such a little stud! #worldrecord,” Rich wrote.

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Source: Instagram

So dangerous and stupid

Although many have shared their disbelief and “naawws” over the video, many more have criticised the parents for exploiting the child and putting him in harm’s way. 

“So dangerous and stupid,” one person wrote.

“He looks scared and unsure.”

“This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen, his knees bending back, because ya know he’s 6 months old.”

“Honestly this shouldn’t even be considered a world record because for one he is not doing it himself. Babies at that age can’t even stand up for that long or know to hold on. Parents are ridiculous to think to even put the child on this.”

Parents defend decision

Casey and Mindi have since spoken out, explaining that they would never do anything to harm their baby and that his waterskiing feat is something he’s been working on for many many months.

“We love our child and would never put him in harm’s way,” Casey told 7News. “Much more preparation and safety went into what Rich has accomplished than meets the eye.”

Casey made a makeshift baby waterski out of timber and Rich held onto it often at home before hitting the water.

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Practice makes perfect. Source: Instagram

Casey also explains that his waterskiing baby is very “advanced” for his age.

He was able to stand on his own at three months and shortly after started pulling himself up onto furniture.

We work very hard on his posture when he crawls and stands so that he stays healthy based on recommendations from his pediatrician.”

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Source: Instagram

Well, one thing is for certain! Rich looks pretty darned cute doing so and very happy with his accomplishments, especially on the water. But is it safe? We’ll let you decide.

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