Want to Eat Less Sugar but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Ready to eat less sugar but unsure of how to go about it at home? Meet Low Sugar Lifestyle – a step by step guide to reducing your sugar intake in easy, manageable steps the whole family will love.

It’s a minefield out there, and working out how to reduce sugar in your home without the kids really noticing can be really tricky. There’s so much information out there…but where do you ACTUALLY start?  Right here!

Join us on February 8 for the kick-off of Low Sugar Kids, a 28 Day Challenge created specifically for families by Michele Chevalley-Hedge, a highly qualified Nutritionist. She’ll help you and your family experience better physical, mental and emotional health through a Low Sugar Lifestyle, and hold your hand every step of the way!

This is unlike most other ‘wellness programs’.  Michele will teach you how to make subtle changes in the food you eat and how this will impact on the moods, behaviour and physical and emotional wellbeing of your family.  

Most importantly, this is not no sugar, this is low sugar.

Michele makes things easy for busy parents and understands the time and cost pressures families are under.

  • No calculations
  • No counting
  • No points
  • Just clean, real, whole food

Her daily meal plans are simple and easy with dinner leftovers quickly and easily becoming delicious lunches the next day, saving you time and money.   Best of all, it’ll help you to avoid sugar ladened products and revert to a healthier, cleaner and more natural lifestyle without creating major upheaval in your home.

Plus right now, she’s offering Mum Central readers a special introductory price of just $59 for the 4-week program – that’s around $2 per day!

You’re in great hands with Michele, she’s a nutritionist and an active member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. With years of clinical experience at her busy practice, A Healthy View under her belt, she’s also a health writer and speaker. And most importantly, she’s a mum, so she gets it!

Michele is also a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador, the author of ‘Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies’ and is a regular contributor to Women’s Fitness, The Sunday Telegraph, Body & Soul and Sunrise Channel 7 Weekend Breakfast show.

So take the first step, download our FREE Low Sugar Lunchboxes eBook and really get a taste for what we’re all about at Low Sugar Kids. You’l be glad that you did!

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