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We’re on the Hunt for Nerf Nitro Toy Testers – Supercharged Action, Thrills and Spills

If you have kids it’s likely you’ve already got much-loved Nerf gear in the house. But the latest release from Hasbro doesn’t have a blue bullet in sight … meet Nerf Nitro.

Combining super-fast blasting with high-performance foam cars, the new Nerf Nitro is hours of action-packed, fun for kids big and small.

It’s got all the street cred of Nerf in an exciting new format. But that’s just the beginning.

WATCH and see why Mum Central predicts Nerf Nitro will be on the most-wanted list for 2017!

1. Its blasting AND cars in one cool toy

Yep, this is the exciting double-down of toy combinations….

Blasting stuff? Cool.
Cars? Sweet.
Blasting stuff with flying cars? TAKE MY POCKET MONEY.
It’s a winning duo. #awesome
My kids thought so too!

Excited much?

The idea behind Nerf Nitro is to blast foam cars at high speed towards ramps, targets and demo-derby style targets. Knock stuff over, leap over ramps, hurtle foam cars through the air at incredible speeds. Basically, this is kid heaven. Okay, and I admit it, it was actually dad-heaven too.

You can either start with the basic Throttleshot Blitz Pack ($19.99), the Longshot Smash Pack ($34.99) or the Deluxe Flash Fury Chaos Pack for $49.99 (launches 2 cars at a time!)

Each pack will set you up with a launcher, a car/s and some obstacles to help build your awesome stunts.

The Nerf Nitro FlashFury Chaos set is everything you need to get started. Source: Supplied
My boys loved stacking the cars on top of each other and trying to knock them down! Source: Supplied
You can also buy additional foam cars to really build out the thrills and spills.

2. It’s adrenalin-inducing, imaginative fun!

We’ve all been there. Some toys look great in the box but fail to bring any real thrills once all the cardboard packaging is removed. Nerf Nitro won’t disappoint!

When the kids and I hit the floor to give Nerf Nitro a real workout, our excitement levels proved it. There were screams, there were cheers and endless exclamations of ‘did you see THAT?’

Being a ‘Nerf’ the Nitro encompasses their famed ‘Nerf blasting DNA’. This means it’s got all the super-speed, ultra-distance and high accuracy in its launching mechanics of the normal Nerf range.

So, yep, it’s beyond fun. But it’s also a great toy for independent and imaginative play. There are battles to be had, stunt comps, demolition and target scenarios to be designed. There’s even plenty of inadvertent trajectory science to be explored. Just don’t mention that is actually a parent-approved toy! No kid has got time for that!


3.The Kids Will Love It

Of course, Nerf Nitro is a winner with the small folk. And not just a ‘hey this is new and I’ll be into it for five minutes’ way. This is a real-deal, hours of fun toy. There’s so many reasons this will be an enduring favourite that gets used over and over.

The ability to change up the game, the fact that its action-packed and the format suits one or multiple kids to play – Nerf Nitro is no ‘one hit wonder’.


Nerf Nitro is perfect for kids 5+ and we guarantee this is a toy they’ll reach for again and again.

4. Parents Will Love It

Don’t be fretting about the whole ‘blasting cars angle’, Nerf Nitro is actually super safe. The launchable cars are made of soft foam protecting your furniture and kids (of course!) from potential injury. There’s also an in-built safety feature that requires the launcher to be on a flat surface before you can fire.

Of course, as parents, we always like a toy that inspires imaginative play and even better, if it’s something they’ll reach for themselves. Nerf Nitro is also good value (starting at $19.99) and of course, being a Hasbro product it’s high-quality and tough enough to withstand ‘enthusiastic’ play for a long-life.

5. Great Practicalities

Another notable feature of the Nerf Nitro is that it doesn’t require any track. Unlike other toy cars (which take up a huge space smack in the middle of your lounge room!) the Nitro has no track at all. It’s literally boundless in how kids can use it and where they can play it! This also means you don’t do that enormous internal grrrrrrroan when the kids ask to use it. There’s no parental involvement in setting it up and there are no big storage requirements afterwards.

As a Dad, there are some toys I love myself. Ones that when we’re having some quality time I ‘hope’ they’re going to suggest we play. Nerf Nitro is THAT toy. It’s actually awesome whether you’re three or forty-three. Proving every grown-up has an inner child that can’t say no to blasting cars… as we said, shut up and take our pocket money.

Cold, hard (fun!) facts & our final verdict

Mum Central gives Nerf Nitro the double thumbs up. Why?

  • Nerf Nitro is hours of fun for a wide age bracket
  • Nerf Nitro brings all the cool of Nerf in a new, thrilling format
  • Nerf Nitro encourages independent or shared, imaginative play
  • Nerf Nitro is safe (despite how daring it sounds)
  • Nerf Nitro is track-less so it packs easily and the game’s without limitations
  • Nerf Nitro is a Hasbro brand toy so you know it’s high quality

mum central

So, you want your own Nerf Nitro, right? Here’s how!

So, here’s the big news! Mum Central is seeking three more families to road test the Nerf Nitro and tell us what they think.

Simply complete the entry form in full below, follow ALL the instructions and you’re in with a chance!

We’re Looking for Nerf Nitro Toy Testers – Apply Today!

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  1. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    I feel like screaming with excitement just reading about the Nerf Nitro, I bet my husband and I will have more fun than the kids! My favourite feature is the ability to ‘shoot’ out the cars instead of using traditional hand force. Epic!

  2. Avatar of Fiona

    Great family fun that gets the kids outdoors! Great for some physical activity instead of computers and Ipads!!

  3. Avatar of Lara Haynes
    Lara HaynesReply

    Kids have so much fun us adults even get involved with nerf, Nerf Nitro sounds so much fun my kids & myself could have heaps of fun

  4. Avatar of Car Marchan
    Car MarchanReply

    My son loves playing with nerf gun and spends so much time playing with his friends with it outdoors.

  5. Avatar of Sarah Shelley
    Sarah ShelleyReply

    They inspire my boys to shoot at targets! Targets they couldn’t otherwise get in a virtual game or a wresting match. It inspires them to be competitive, reach a goal and overcome an obstacle. Reaching new heights in learning.

  6. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula HarrisReply

    Nerf Nitro looks perfect to keep the kids amused for hours on a rainy day

  7. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca FosterReply

    Nerf Nitro is a great way to entertain the kids for hours.

  8. Avatar of Yandinna Skvaridlo
    Yandinna SkvaridloReply

    Nerf is strong, durable and fun for hours. I believe Nerf Nitro will follow suit. Also with the price so affordable and being suitable for a wide ‘age range’, my family will love them and so will I 🙂

  9. Avatar of Sarah Walsh
    Sarah WalshReply

    My kids are getting their first Nerf guns for their birthdays and I know they wont want to stop playing with them…will probably sleep with them! Their cousins have them and whenever we go to their house my boys play with theirs the whole time we are there

  10. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    Nerf is safe, tons of fun and encourages emergent play where new games evolve as they go

  11. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea NicolescuReply

    Lots of fun, can be interactive or alone, outdoors, indoors, fantastic products that are made with maximum fun in mind

  12. Avatar of Daniel Abel
    Daniel AbelReply

    My kids love their nerf guns and the foam bullets mean they won’t damage anything.

  13. Avatar of Chelsea Ellen
    Chelsea EllenReply

    I love how versitile they are, they can be enjoyed alone or with friends or in my sons case, me! I also love how safe they are which is a deal breaker for me

  14. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Strong, safe and reliable toys with hours of fun and play

  15. Avatar of Melanie Melaniedarrin Farrugia
    Melanie Melaniedarrin FarrugiaReply

    so many hours of Nerf fun to date now some new fun to explore

  16. Avatar of Evelyn Damjanovich
    Evelyn DamjanovichReply

    Nerf wars are a huge part of my kids playtime, we have quite a collection and can never get enough of them. Im forever collection bullets, so foam cars would be a nice change.

  17. Avatar of Marie Strong
    Marie StrongReply

    It looks like heaps of fun. I love that it combines the usual Nerf fun with creativity and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  18. Avatar of Bethany Brown
    Bethany BrownReply

    the creativity , and tying 2 fun activities together to create the ultimate nerf toy

  19. Avatar of Alexandra

    I love that nerf can be used inside and out making it safe for kids of all ages

  20. Avatar of TanyaCrerar

    What a great idea! No matter how boisterous my boys get, nothing will get damaged while they are playing with Nerf Nitro. Them or the house!

  21. Avatar of Marni Mead

    My son loves cars and Nerf toys so what’s not to love about combining them??!! Anything that gets the imagination working in our house is a winner.

  22. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    I love that the Nerf products help the kids to the use their imagination and play together and I think the Nerf Nitro would keep them entertained for hours.

  23. Avatar of Carlin Lee

    What’s not to love. It is taking cars to the next level while diluting the ‘gun’ component of Nerf blasters. My son and husband would have hours of fun!

  24. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha PageReply

    The combination of guns, cars,imagination of obstacles is truly inspired!! My boys would Love this!!

  25. Avatar of Maree Gray

    Nerf looks like it would provide the kids with hours of fun

  26. Avatar of Mary

    Fast, portable, sturdy and suitable for 1 or more children of various ages, my three kids could play this altogether even though they range from 2 through to 8. We’d absolutely love to be a Nerf Nitro Toy Testers please.

  27. Avatar of Melanie Hurley
    Melanie HurleyReply

    They get the whole family involved, big, small and all genders.

  28. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda LuczakReply

    Nerf Nitro has the WOW factor! Nerf gun action with launchable cars…it’s a win win! My 2 boys would be entertained for hours.

  29. Avatar of Sharee Ussher
    Sharee UssherReply

    With 4 young boys in our household Nerf Nitro would be a real treat. It would entertain them for days & get them playing together a little more. Win for them & win for me!

  30. Avatar of Sharna Lambe
    Sharna LambeReply

    Every little car loving kids dream toys! My boys would love this

  31. Avatar of Alysha Blair
    Alysha BlairReply

    The boys can shoot them at the wall, each other, make things and knock them down. The fun is endless and so safe. Double win for my boys by mixing two of their favourite things (cars & nerf guns)

  32. Avatar of Misty Ramjet
    Misty RamjetReply

    I love how the cars are foam so if they hit walls or other objects it want destruct. Also my son loves fast cars so this also ticks the box.

  33. Avatar of Emma Drew

    My husband and I would love Nerf Nitro! I mean both my kids would.. 😉

  34. Avatar of Leighanne Grant
    Leighanne GrantReply

    I love that this toy brings together everything that my 3 boys love about toys. I love that it will bring them so much joy. I love it’s practicality and versatility. I love that it is something me and dad will enjoy playing too!!

  35. Avatar of Michelle P

    Nerf gun PLUS cars?! Win win combination in this house! My son saw your video and is already begging me where we can get him one (or 3!). Love that they are safe being foam and have the safety feature of needing to be flat on the ground. Safe and hours of just plain fun!

  36. Avatar of Tamara Cazzulino
    Tamara CazzulinoReply

    The Nerf Nitro range is so versatile. Great for all ages – I know it would keep my four-year-old son occupied, and will probably catch the interest of my 33-year-old husband as well!
    I tweet that offers more than one use – not only can you shoot but there are also cars involved – what more could you ask for?

  37. Avatar of Sara Newling
    Sara NewlingReply

    I love that unsuspecting Mum (me) won’t be the target of nerf attacks any longer.

  38. Avatar of Catherine Whyte
    Catherine WhyteReply

    My kids love love love cars, and Nerf, especially my daughter! I love that it gets them away from screens and into playing in the real world. They love the action involved in the play session!

  39. Avatar of Tegan Colvin
    Tegan ColvinReply

    I’ve never seen a nerf gun in action and my son has been begging me for one so would love to try it out!

  40. Avatar of Bree Williams
    Bree WilliamsReply

    Just when I thought we had every sort of Nerf and every sort of car ever made. A combination of the two is made. Basically heaven for my son I think. I can see hours of entertainment in the Nerf Nitro. Which (just quietly) is a bit of heaven for me also.

  41. Avatar of mrslrb

    What is not to love about NERF! my kids love all NERF products, we would love to test new ones to add onto our collection!

  42. Avatar of Lou3

    The fun my boys have with trying to hurt each other, most times they do. Watching them have fun with the soft darts and getting them everywhere. My youngest would love to try out these toys with something new to play with.

  43. Avatar of Sophie Miller
    Sophie MillerReply

    I love that the Nerf Nitro cars are made from foam so my girls won’t put more holes in our walls with cars. Speed, excitement and versatility they have it all.

  44. Avatar of melissa

    my kids love NERF even the Big kid in the family my son loves cars and nerf and my daughter loves knocking things to the ground as fast as her brother can build it so this would be great for both to have fun with and a new toy who wouldn’t love that. 🙂

  45. Avatar of Nicky

    You have just combines two of my 6yo son’s favourite things, nerf and cars!
    We are hosting a nerf battle for my son’s birthday party this year. I will absolutely be putting some of these in his birthday presents! He’s already spotted them In the shops 🙂

  46. Avatar of Suee

    Nerf can handle my rough boys and keep them busy ( and dad) for ages. Safe, fun and ok fun for mum too.

  47. Avatar of Carleen Ellis
    Carleen EllisReply

    The Nerf Nitro cars are something new, unlike anything else we have ever played with. We would love to try these out, as my 5 year old is thrilled by nerf guns and cars! What a combination!

  48. Avatar of TracyBushy

    A combination of Nerf guns and race cars – what’s not to love! My boys would go crazy for this (although they’ll have to fight me for it as well!!)

  49. Avatar of Alana J

    We love Nerf in our household!! Never too old for a good Nerf war!!

  50. Avatar of Sharon daly
    Sharon dalyReply

    My sons are obsessed with nurf guns. They love them. I love them too because the bullets are soft and don’t ruin my walls and roof (let’s face it most don’t hit a target haha)
    My youngest is obsessed with cars and we don’t have 3 nerf guns so they all can’t play together – it would be great to have them all playing at the same time together – with a toy they absolutely love. Their bond would be so much stronger

  51. Avatar of Telea Farrow
    Telea FarrowReply

    My son is in love with anything nerf and anything cars so the combination would keep him (and me) entertained for hours.

  52. Avatar of retta

    i love nerf guns and do my kids because it gets the kids off the screens

  53. Avatar of Mai Miralles
    Mai MirallesReply

    My son loves Nerf gun and will be over the moon to be a Nerf Nitro tester.

  54. Avatar of Natallie Lees
    Natallie LeesReply

    I love that Nerf have combined my kids love for cars, speed, danger and playtime all in one. This is the next craze for sure, would love to be a Nerf-trendsetter!

  55. Avatar of Alison Peck
    Alison PeckReply

    I love that nerf doesn’t have an age range or a gender bias – fun for everyone

  56. Avatar of Nicole

    My son loves Nerf and Cars…so the Nerf Nitro is a great combination of the two! Can’t wait to buy it for my son (and me)

  57. Avatar of Rebekah Perryman
    Rebekah PerrymanReply

    As a mum who does not feel comfortable with the concept of guns as a play thing, particularly when they may shoot them at each other, with 2 boys who love Nerf Guns I can see this as being a fantastic fit for them to have Nerf fun without the “gun” shadow. Hell even I can see myself joining in with his game and not dreading the assembly and disassembly 5 minutes later. Not to mention the stunts I can see dad setting up with these!

  58. Avatar of Belinda Barnes
    Belinda BarnesReply

    My son loves cars and the fact they shoot well thats a bonus very creative

  59. Avatar of Kate Jackson
    Kate JacksonReply

    My 3 sons and big kid husband would absolutely love to trial and review the Nerf Nitro even I would enjoy playing with them!

  60. Avatar of Kaylah Russell
    Kaylah RussellReply

    I love that is doesn’t take up alot of room, and they still have the same type of fun firing the cars Instead of the bullets that we tend to lose behind things which is an effort to retrieve! And my boys all love cars so it’s a win win!

  61. Avatar of Kym H

    My two boys would absolutely love this! Already added to the Xmas shopping list 🙂

  62. Avatar of Anonymous

    My sons love everything Nerf and if they can try out a new toy and talk about it to others that would make them even more cool!

  63. Avatar of HANNAH SMITH

    I love that they don’t have bullets but will give the kids the same amount of fun!

  64. Avatar of Carla Mezei
    Carla MezeiReply

    The new nurf product looks like a fun toy that my son would love to play with, a combo of cars and a nurf gun will definitely be a winner with him.

  65. Avatar of Ren

    I love that both kids will love the toys. Mum and Dad would like to play too. We love that Nerf is a quality product. Actually just bought some today at the Big W toy sale.

  66. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    I love that it requires no set up and can be played with virtually anywhere. The kids (both big and small) will have the best time shooting these cars up and down the hallway!

  67. Avatar of Amy Boyd

    My sons’ (6) two favourite things are cars and nerf wars. What more can we ask for. FUN FUN FUN for the whole family

  68. Avatar of Catrina Rangiheuea
    Catrina RangiheueaReply

    I’ve never been a big fan of the bullets, so it’s great to see there’s a new option available.

  69. Avatar of Joey Richardson
    Joey RichardsonReply

    My kids love NERF! Their Dad and I love them even more! Shooting the kids with nerf bullets are a great incentive to get them to do their chores! Hahaha

  70. Avatar of Jodie Dobson
    Jodie DobsonReply

    These look awesome, definitely on the Christmas lists, I think your right the ‘big kids’ in this house will have so much fun with these!

  71. Avatar of Carly Blackmore
    Carly BlackmoreReply My oldest son is Nerf obsessed (i’m talking hundreds of dollars of nerf guns) and ironically car obsessed too (think hot wheels x 7384937274895938383 and some more……). So Nerf guns and Hot Wheels are two completely different things, and basically Nerf has brought them together as one (kudos to you Nerf!) and thats what i like about the Nerf Nitro.

    When hes decided hes had enough of playing nerf guns, and is settling down to relax with his ipad, what does he go and watch for hours and hours? The kid loads you tube and watches nerf wars and then other kids who review their new nerf guns! (Now hes even giving me reviews on his own guns – “this is the scope, this is the trigger, this is the magazine”, basically hes already halfway to reviewing the Nerf Nitro for ya’ll and he doesnt even own it yet)

    If we were lucky enough to be chosen to do the Nerf Nitro review im certain my son will be running around the house saying “where are my nerf cars” instead of “where are my bullets so i can shoot you in the head mummy?!” Which for me is a sigh of relief – those darn bullets, i cant even count the amount of times ive died and been reborn again after being shot in the face by a foam bullet!!

    To finish of why my son should be chosen, it is his birthday is coming up in July (we have a nerf war party planned – check out the cake we are having made) … nerf obsessed!!

  72. Avatar of Matt Dangerfield
    Matt DangerfieldReply

    Both myself and the kids love playing with nerf toys. This would be great to add to our collection.

  73. Avatar of Melanie Brand
    Melanie BrandReply

    I have 4 boys so we love Nerf guns lol my husband is a big kid to he gets in on the action too!

  74. Avatar of Ineedacoffee

    No track idea is awesome
    These look so fun, miss 7 and me would go for hours

  75. Avatar of Rebecca Roffman
    Rebecca RoffmanReply

    My whole family loves getting in on Nerf wars. I absolutely love the idea of the Wednesday Nitro, it involves teamwork building up the cars then a lot of fun knocking them over. I love that even though it is a nerf product it is completely different concept from the guns. Even more I love it keeps kids playing, using energy, imagination and gets them away from screen time! This will def be on our Christmas list!

  76. Avatar of ChriS

    It’s Nerf and cars, what’s not to love?! I have 3 boys (4 if you include my husband) so cars and Nerf guns are a big part of play at our home.

  77. Avatar of AV

    I think being able to buy replacement cars is fantastic it ensures that the toys are used for much longer!

  78. Avatar of Katie Kenny
    Katie KennyReply

    My boys would just love the idea of this. They bounce between playing with their cars and their nerf guns. To be able to combine their favourite two toys on one game would be a dream come true! Can’t wait to give them a go.

  79. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren IbbotsonReply

    My son loves fast cars and things that shoot
    And to him, this would be an absolute hoot!
    Mum loves that the cars are foam
    And save the damage he could do to our home.
    So this toy seems to be bound,
    To keep everyone happy all round!

  80. Avatar of Juliet Robertson
    Juliet RobertsonReply

    This is such a cool idea, my daughter loves playing with her big brothers in nerf battles and I think they would get a kick out of the combination of nerf and cars. Also loving a slight less aggressive product.

  81. Avatar of Debra Cannon

    My 3 boys love their Nerf despite my dislike for guns. I love that this covers all the fun they have but in a more placid way so they can play together rather than shooting at each other!

  82. Avatar of Angela Nelson
    Angela NelsonReply

    I love the new concept, give the kids hours of entertainment. Mine all love hotwheels and nerf guns now, and the super soft cars combined with the guns would entertain them so much.
    A great way for all 3 of my kids to play together happily.

  83. Avatar of Melissa walters
    Melissa waltersReply

    my son loves his Nerf Gun, he got it for his birthday this year.

  84. Avatar of Marisol Paulsen
    Marisol PaulsenReply

    What an awesome idea!
    My house is full of nerf guns & cars but to incorporate the 2 would just create even more fun & entertainment for the whole household. Looking forward to it!!

  85. Avatar of Cathy Harland
    Cathy HarlandReply

    My 3 kids would love this! Especially the 5 and 8 year old boys.

  86. Avatar of Stefanie Seiler
    Stefanie SeilerReply

    My son loves Nerf guns and now he gets to play it with cars, he will be thrilled.

  87. Avatar of Mary Irwin

    I love that there is no track. My girls have hundreds of dollars of trains and cars track that are rarely used because of the set up and pack away. Its a whole day exercise! Nurf Nitro eliminates that hassle.

  88. Avatar of Kayla Thomson
    Kayla ThomsonReply

    I have 2 boys 3 & 5 and they are just discovering nervous guns through their cousins and aunts & uncles. They are also fans of shooting each other until their both crying but I feel these would encourage them to play together and I won’t get as many tears, it also helps their imagination and gross motor skills in building and aiming to shoot their target. These would be a nice easy way for them to have their own “nerf guns” without all the tears ☺ we will definitely be looking at these for Christmas

  89. Avatar of Noisyciel

    These look brilliant. Bringing a new dimension to nerf and giving the kids something other than each other (or me!) to shoot!

  90. Avatar of Anna Malcolm
    Anna MalcolmReply

    Although we haven’t bought any nerf yet they are definitely on the radar now the kids are getting interested in these awesome toys. The foam doesn’t hurt or break things – big love for that

  91. Avatar of Reesy Dempsey
    Reesy DempseyReply

    Our whole family loves a good nerf war. The range is great and there is a fit for every member of the family. The ‘bullets’ don’t hurt and the bright colours are helpful for finding in the backyard.

  92. Avatar of Naomi James
    Naomi JamesReply

    My kids love cars and nerf guns. Now they are together they can race them any where and a ball with the different cars that are available.

  93. Avatar of Anita Pender
    Anita PenderReply

    I know my girls would love creating things to crash the cars into. I love that nerf nitro cars are made from foam and aren’t going to chip paint if they crash into a wall and aren’t going to hurt their little sister who’s always hot on their heals!

  94. Avatar of Felicity Turner
    Felicity TurnerReply

    My grandaughter is loves cars. Takes after her father. She would just love the Nerf Nitro Set

  95. Avatar of Bronwyn Elmes
    Bronwyn ElmesReply

    Nerf has a real understanding of kids by bringing out a set of toys that are able to withstand the crash and bash style of playing my kids love.

  96. Avatar of JaimeandIan Garland
    JaimeandIan GarlandReply

    My 3 boys would love this. They are nerf mad!!!

  97. Avatar of Kyla Hall

    My son would love this he loves cars and although we haven’t brought him a nerf his poppy has one at his house and he loves it.

  98. Avatar of TraceyY1970

    My kids would be so excited about nerf nitro. They current have competitions to see whose nerf bullet goes the furthest. They also try to out best each other with whose car travels the fastest. This incredible toy could do it all and I can see endless hours of fun playing with this.

  99. Avatar of Theresa Miloseski
    Theresa MiloseskiReply

    I’m excited about nerf nitro let alone my kids because i can see that it will keep them happily playing together for some period of time

  100. Avatar of Bernarda

    My 5 year old (and husband) love playing nerf fights and hot wheels races and challenges and this seems like a fantastic mash of the two! I’m sure they’d be over the moon to test out nerf nitro!! (They’re so cute when they play I’d love for them to have something new to explore and test out)

  101. Avatar of Sheree

    My 8 yr old son loves his nerfs! He has a massive collection and to involve cars with them will be right up his alley! To be able to test them would be an absolute dream of his!

  102. Avatar of Lori Bono

    My son will love Nerf Nitro. He’s a big fan of the Nerf Gun and loves playing with cars so this will be perfect for him and keep him entertained for hours.

  103. Avatar of Rebecca Groves
    Rebecca GrovesReply

    Mr 10 looovvveeesss nerf and loves cars so putting the two together will blow his mind I love that all ages can play

  104. Avatar of Debbie Dye

    Nerf Nitro looks like interactive fun that both my kids can enjoy together. I’m all for imaginative, active play that keeps them occupied and off the IPADS for more than 5 minutes!

  105. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina AinscoughReply

    Nerf is a fast-action brand that my boys love. The new range will add to the excitement!

  106. Avatar of Lisa Grund

    Kids love nerf guns and cars – combine to two genius

  107. Avatar of Erica Lee Westerberg
    Erica Lee WesterbergReply

    My kids would love this because…well…NERF plus cars, what’s not to love?! I love that it doesn’t take up much space but would entertain the kids for hours!

  108. Avatar of Mel Baillie
    Mel BaillieReply

    My girls have not really played with Nerf toys before but my 4 year old is very full on and loves anything action packed and LOVES cars so id love to see what she thinks of these!

  109. Avatar of Jacinta Nimmo
    Jacinta NimmoReply

    NERF is a lot of fun and keeps us all entertained, add cars to the mix and it is so much more fun

  110. Avatar of Naomi Hartwig Ferguson
    Naomi Hartwig FergusonReply

    Sounds like fun my kids around drive their cars across the tiles this will take it to another level

  111. Avatar of Stephanie Van Twuiver
    Stephanie Van TwuiverReply

    NERF – Narly Energertic Radical Fun! My boys (Husband and Son) love turning the house into a battle zone!!

  112. Avatar of Carly

    nerf nitro looks awesome fun for the kids & not having a big track set up will be great they can play anywhere

  113. Avatar of Megan McPherson
    Megan McPhersonReply

    Already know my kids will love this thanks mum central

  114. Avatar of J'aime Perryman
    J'aime PerrymanReply

    We are a Nerf loving family, however those blue darts are hard to find! I am constantly finding them in spots I never thought I would! This version looks like we will be able to keep our bits and pieces in a little more secure spot. Love the idea of cars and crashing! My kids will love it too!

  115. Avatar of Amanda Holland
    Amanda HollandReply

    Oh my if only you could see the amount of nerf we have in this house! I’m not sure who likes them more, my husband or our kids haha. I think these would be great for my youngest being a bit more user friendly. My eldest would also sit there and play with him. I love how it’s for any age and different from other nerf

  116. Avatar of Catrina

    My son loves cars and making them crash so this would appeal to him so much

  117. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny VabrianyReply

    This is great for my two sons to switch away from their ipads. Looks cool, combining cars and launcher, its unique and exciting

  118. Avatar of Chantelle Blank
    Chantelle BlankReply

    They just love the fun nerf brings to th everyday game 🙂

  119. Avatar of sharon

    Nerf toys get my kids to be outside and play instead of being indoors and fighting and they actually get along better

  120. Avatar of Briar Buttfield
    Briar ButtfieldReply

    My DS (7) and DD (8) LOOOOVE NERF. Nerf wars are part of our daily life; our dog scatters whenever the collection comes out! My DS loves making bases, and hiding down the corridor before entering rooms. He has many of the toys and watches Nerf Wars on YouTube. He can’t get enough and would love to test new products for you!

  121. Avatar of Jemmah Lowry
    Jemmah LowryReply

    The biggest kid in my house is obsessed with Nerf – thats my 36 year old husband! My son and our German Shepherd also get in on the fun with Nerf wars, as do I. Its fun for all the family!!

  122. Avatar of Crystal Adams
    Crystal AdamsReply

    It’s a great way to get the kids outside running around and playing together.

  123. Avatar of Amanda

    Its an awesome way to have the whole family and friends to spend time together doing something fun

  124. Avatar of Kirstie Fray
    Kirstie FrayReply

    The kind of (harmless) destructive activity my boys crave! Bring it!
    Kirst IE

  125. Avatar of Belinda Collier
    Belinda CollierReply

    Looks great and that it’s cars and a gun in one, my boys will love it 🙂

  126. Avatar of Annette McCormick

    Omg, Nerf Nitro combines my sons two loves ….Nerf and Cars. We are all so excited about the nerf nitro release and with it comes a whole new wave of YouTube videos my ASD son will become addicted to. He can’t wait to make his on vids as we promised he could start his own channel when he turns 8! Bring it on Nerf! <3

  127. Avatar of jayla1987

    I love how nerf is not just for kids adults can have so much fun too we had a nerf fight yesterday with my fiancé and almost 4 year old daughter the laughter was magical I actually purchased another nerf today for my nephew for his birthday I love nerf

  128. Avatar of Tracy Sargeant
    Tracy SargeantReply

    I think my son will go nuts over these! It combines his favourite two things, cars, and shooting toys! I hope he can try them soon

  129. Avatar of Cindy Borchardt
    Cindy BorchardtReply

    nerf nitro looks a bit like compitition for the hotwheels cars and im liking what im seeing 🙂

  130. Avatar of Donna Joy Leysley
    Donna Joy LeysleyReply

    My girls are Nerf crazy, they love all things NERF which is why I know they will love NERF NITRO too… !!

  131. Avatar of shelbyward

    As long as they are shooting at targets and not each other, I’m fine with that it’s a lot better than them spending time on their iPads. It gets us out into the parks where they can run around and be free.

  132. Avatar of Natalie Caruso
    Natalie CarusoReply

    My boys are natural born builders (their Grandpa is a tradie) and Nerf Nitro seems to incorporate these skills. Stacking the cars up, lining them up & aiming takes skill, abit of mathematics (angles) & concentration. And I like that my boys & their older sister will have to think about playing with these. Big thumbs up!

  133. Avatar of Melanie J Patterson
    Melanie J PattersonReply

    We are a Nerf family for sure, from my 2 year old shooting over his Iron men to my father in law buying the mini nerf guns and all us oldies having full out wars in the house a shooting each other. Nothing really ever turns too nasty except when we need to stop and my 5 year old gets very upset and chucks a tantrum! haha…. Nerf really brings us all together and gets us up and MOVING!

  134. Avatar of Mel

    We haven’t tried the beef nitro toys yet but if they’re anything like the beef guns our boys would love them

  135. Avatar of Taja

    My kids love the nerf guns and having battles with each other and against dad. I havent tried nerf nitro yet but there looks to be so much variety and I can guarantee big and little kids in my household will love it. It won’t be long till they are begging for it for birthdays or from santa for xmas.

  136. Avatar of Baila Cyprys
    Baila CyprysReply

    I love the fact that its not shooting at people or things, but a great way to have fun using cars instead. My youngest received a nerf gun for his laat birthday, it is a weapon. This still lets him have fun, but not by shooting at people.

  137. Avatar of Helen Curtis
    Helen CurtisReply

    I have 3 boys, and the eldest two are very much computer minded. There was always a “no guns” rule in our house, so I was a bit miffed when my brother, (yes, the “crazy uncle!”) bought the boys nerf guns for Christmas. Well, i can honestly say I was gobsmacked! They wanted to be outside – as in, they got up from their games and they WENT OUTSIDE! Brilliant! So, not more bans, just as many nerfs as possible!

  138. Avatar of Kath Weber

    I love it how it’s not using bullets but using Cars and the kids ain’t shooting at each other where someone is always getting hurt. Plus my 3year old son loves Cars and Nerf Guns so it’s a perfect combination.

  139. Avatar of Miki

    I love that this allows the kids to have fun and shoot things without the need for guns and promoting violence. My kids love nerf but I am not a fan of how it all involves weapons. This will allow them to still have a love for all things nerf without weapons.

  140. Avatar of tracywed

    I love that I can let the grand kids play with Nerf and I know they are safe

  141. Avatar of Angela Vearing
    Angela VearingReply

    As a mum of 3 boys I’ve become well accustomed to Nerf and cars and racing tracks. Some of these toys seldom come out of their hiding spots for the fear of having to pack EVERYTHING up after 10 minutes of playtime.
    I feel that Nerf Nitro would be the answer to my toy woes as it combines 3 of the things my kids love the most; cars, nerf guns and shooting things. There would be no fighting over whos turn it was to race in the track, no yelling at each other for stealing the others nerf bullets for unlimited ammo and best of all no where near as much preparation for play and minimal pack up time. Ticks every one of my toy needs.
    I’m sure my boys would be more than obliging to try them out.

  142. Avatar of Cass

    Cars and blasting all at once! This will be the favourite on the gift lists this year!

  143. Avatar of Sharlene Averay
    Sharlene AverayReply

    Cars and nerf guns!! Not sure what more needs to be said! It sounds like a kids dream come true!

  144. Avatar of Jodi Matthews
    Jodi MatthewsReply

    My Mr 4 loves cars, loves to pretend shoot his older brother, my boys would love to test this.. Would make their day!

  145. Avatar of Rachel Quinlan
    Rachel QuinlanReply

    My son has a storage box full of Nerf guns! He loves them and has a great time with his friends playing with them. My daughter has her own and joins in the fun too!

  146. Avatar of Elisha Dixon Boyd
    Elisha Dixon BoydReply

    I love the nerf guns heaps and so does my daughter but secretly i think i love them more than her lol always been a big kid at heart and always will be. Playing with nerf guns also gets us up and moving not sitting behind a screen as most kids now days do. So yeah bring on tonnes more NERF please.

  147. Avatar of Gab Silva Joschke
    Gab Silva JoschkeReply

    were a army of girls over here!! Poor daddy haha… nerfs arent just for boys we love them too!! and imagine one that shoots little cars out could it get any cooler.. my eldest charlotte says we can boobie trap daddy or let him play with us 😀

  148. Avatar of Renee Bolton
    Renee BoltonReply

    The boys have always loved all the Nerf guns, we have so much family fun with them. Would be a blast trying some out 🙂

  149. Avatar of Christina Lungo
    Christina LungoReply

    I love the hours of entertainment and the skills they learn

  150. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    I love the hours of joy the the entire family Nerf brings. Sunday battles in our household are not unusual.

  151. Avatar of Peta

    I love how they use they same science and fun behind the original Nerf guns but promotes a much calmer play!

  152. Avatar of Launa

    Nerf creates fun action packed adventures that can be played both outside and inside with most of the products using foam. Less chance of injuries and breakages means happy mum!

  153. Avatar of Indika Wijayasekera
    Indika WijayasekeraReply

    They are great because parents can get involved in the fun too. My husband is just like my 5 year old son. Something to keep them occupied while mummy can enjoy her “me” time. Great fun indoors and outdoors…!

  154. Avatar of Chris Jardine
    Chris JardineReply

    Hours and hours of entertainment which stops the kids getting bored!

  155. Avatar of Charisse

    We’d love to review the Nerf Nitro toys,
    Nerf guns and Diecast cars are loved by my boys,
    So having soft cars are not going to hurt so much,
    When the boys launch them into walls and such.

    Last year my son had a Nerf party,
    So much more fun than doing karate,
    This year we could do a Nitro car party,
    Served with smarties,
    It’ll be the party of the year!

  156. Avatar of Angela

    What’s not to love!!! Entertaining, easy to use, soft and safe! AND loads of fun for the kids and the young at heart. I imagine they will love seeing whose car goes the highest the fastest and shooting the cars at all sorts of things. Great idea Hasbro.

  157. Avatar of Emmi Collins
    Emmi CollinsReply

    Because Nerf Nitro shoots cool foam cars rather than darts. It’s created an entirely new way to have fun!

  158. Avatar of Lauren East-Wuillemin
    Lauren East-WuilleminReply

    It’s cars that shoot out and knock stuff over, what’s not to love about that.

  159. Avatar of Leah Cook

    Master not-quite-7 is Nerf MAD, he is desperate to make his own Nerf war video to pop up on YouTube!

  160. Avatar of Rebecca Evans
    Rebecca EvansReply

    My kids dad has Nerf guns at work and shoots his employees for kicks (he’s a techie) so my kids have no hope. I’m not the biggest fan of traditional toy guns but find the nerf darts a lot more acceptable, and shooting cars sounds very interesting.

  161. Avatar of Jacqui Roodenburg
    Jacqui RoodenburgReply

    My husband loves a great nerf war, however I have been reluctant to let the kids play with them due to the guns as they are a little too young. But blasting cars at high speed looks right up their alley. ha.

  162. Avatar of Alison Wall
    Alison WallReply

    My 9yr old loves his nurf guns and always wants the newest one, he would be the happiest kid alive if he was chosen as a tester!!

  163. Avatar of Shylee Green
    Shylee GreenReply

    How cool does the Nerf Nitro look! My sons love their nerf guns, and the eldest tomorrow is running a nerf challenge for students to participate in at this schools gala day to raise money for the school and he has already asked about the nitro set. To be able to challenge with the cars, a big angry bird style, and play together would be so much fun, we’d love to review these as a family.

  164. Avatar of SammyK

    There is never a dull day with three sons & Nerf just makes them even more fun!!!

  165. Avatar of Jessica Maxwell
    Jessica MaxwellReply

    I love that it combines two things my 5 year old is absolutely loving right now and all the kids at Kindy rant on about. He’d definitely OVE to try this toy out.

  166. Avatar of Sharon Lorman
    Sharon LormanReply

    I love the low impact of the shooting so hopefully my china stays intact and the fact that it occupies my son for hours!

  167. Avatar of Kelly Blackbourn
    Kelly BlackbournReply

    My Boys love nurf guns and cars so this is the perfect toy for them.

  168. Avatar of Bec Cronin

    My boys 9 & 11 love the nerf guns, they have been playing with them for years and never get bored with them, I always find them stashed away in their bags anytime we go on holidays!

  169. Avatar of Holly Smith
    Holly SmithReply

    I love the fact that they can shoot cars out of the Nerf guns!

  170. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    Cars and guns in one. Every boys dream. This would be so much fun as an activity we can do together

  171. Avatar of Melanie Wilson
    Melanie WilsonReply

    I’m pretty sure my boys would live Nerf Nitro because it combines two of their favourite toys.

  172. Avatar of Maddie Downey
    Maddie DowneyReply

    Nerf Nitro is my five year old twin boys dream come true. They wake up nerf. Drive in the car. Nerf. Arrive at school. Nerf. They come home. Nerf. In the bath. Nerf. Dinner. Nerf. Nerf. And sleep. With Nerf. They live every day with their Nerf guns and play beautifully and creatively. Time for mum and big sister to join in when Nerf war. This looks fabulously fun and original and dedicates another few years to the Nerf cause in our home. Santa. Nerf. Nerf is love . Twin Nerf love.

  173. Avatar of Kit Man Ha Hau
    Kit Man Ha HauReply

    Great toy as won’t worry about losing the “bullet” again as they will just play with the cars too.

  174. Avatar of Silvina

    Birthdays are coming soon and we are on a very limited budget at the moment. THis would be a life savour ❤️

  175. Avatar of Kirsten huddlestone
    Kirsten huddlestoneReply

    Love that they shoot cars! My almost 7 year old loves nerf guns and cars he would go nuts for this!

  176. Avatar of Emily Simpson
    Emily SimpsonReply

    It combines two things my kids loves nerf guns and cars.

  177. Avatar of Renae Liddell
    Renae LiddellReply

    Boys and Nerf – the two are a match made in heaven. Combine that with flying cars and it’ll have my two in screaming excitement for weeks

  178. Avatar of Nicole Middleton
    Nicole MiddletonReply

    The new Nerf Nitro toys look amazing. Both my boys love the Nerf range and are always running around the house or outside playing with their cousins, uncle, dad – anyone who will join in! And I love that there’s no track and it won’t take up too much space!! 🙂

  179. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H SimmonsReply

    how awesome flying cars shot form a nerf, two totally rad toys combined into one – the best toy ever

  180. Avatar of Suzanne G

    My 3 year old loves cars and is constantly crashing them into each other and trains, now after seeing cars 3 thinks it is even better. He also is constantly bringing out his two big brothers nerf guns from their rooms to play with. He would love the combinations. Bonus is the nerf nitro with foam cars won’t make the noise like the others do on our floorboards.

  181. Avatar of Sharon M

    Our whole family love Nerf (hubby and four boys oh, and including me – I love my Rebelle Charmed!!!!!!!), we have so much fun as a family and it takes you back to simple, fun toys WITHOUT SCREENS!!!!!!! 🙂 Love Nerf!!!!!

  182. Avatar of Shannon Philp
    Shannon PhilpReply

    My kids are big fans of Nerf. Adding cars will only make my son happier.

  183. Avatar of Renee

    My twin girls absolutely love cars. The great thing about Nerf Nitro toy is, it can be played inside out from the cold winter without damaging the house.

  184. Avatar of Jessica Charles
    Jessica CharlesReply

    I love how Nerf is not just a fad. My boys stay interested long after the initial excitement and happy to play for hours.

  185. Avatar of Marija Zeko
    Marija ZekoReply

    My son loves cars and uses them to drive on walls, the TV and all over mum and dad. He turned his sofa over so that he can use it as a ramp for the cars. He’s played Nerf Nitro at other people’s places and really enjoyed them so I’d love to be considered to test these at home.

  186. Avatar of rachel

    Nerf Nitro looks EXCITING! my favourite thing would have to be the fact that there will be stunt and demolition comps, i mean mass destruction with toys, how cool is that?!
    if it’s anywhere near as awesome as the nerf crossbow then this family is in for a crashtastic time.

    i wonder how i can justify getting one just for me? (i’m turning 40 next week..that should be a perfect reason.)

  187. Avatar of Jess Dennis
    Jess DennisReply

    Excited to try these. Kids love everything nerf, guns, waterpistols, starwars ships, bows. I just love they cant really damage anything.

  188. Avatar of Kim

    I love that its something the whole family would like, not just my boy. We have quite a few Nerf products and they are always pulled out when it’s play time. The kids never get bored of them and to test this new product would be AWESOME!

  189. Avatar of Marina Kollis
    Marina KollisReply

    My kids would love this nothing like a Nerf products plus cars hours of entertainment to be had.

  190. Avatar of Beksmum

    Our kids and their friends are always playing with these, and to be honest we have had a few adults war games as well – no one gets hurt, its just heaps of fun!

  191. Avatar of Samuel

    I love how the kids can go outside and have a nerf war for hours…until the tears start at least.

  192. Avatar of littleangel

    Love the idea of building and stacking cars to knock down! Plus it being something that the whole family can have fun with that isn’t a screen!!

  193. Avatar of Sandie Trgetaric
    Sandie TrgetaricReply

    nerf is awesome!! I thing some of these will make my boys wish lists

  194. Avatar of Kasey Spark
    Kasey SparkReply

    My boys love Nerf toys. I find bullets everywhere, even in my bed. Shooting cars sounds awesome.

  195. Avatar of Bree

    We love Nerf in our house. Keeps all four of our children happy and entertained for hours. It’s something they can all play together, which is fantastic as I have 3 boys and a girl.

  196. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I love that the Nerf Nitro is a new take on the well-loved Nerf brand. My 2 girls LOVE cars – especially my oldest, who has always loved cars and trucks etc. And my almost 2 year old son also loves his cars and trucks so he will love chasing the cars as they race out of the Nerf Nitro!
    Perfect toy for all of my children.

  197. Avatar of Krystal Gardiner
    Krystal GardinerReply

    Love that this is something different form bullets ! My son woud love it

  198. Avatar of Lesley Collis
    Lesley CollisReply

    this would be awesome for my girls who love to play with cars and trying to knock them down

  199. Avatar of Shell Somer
    Shell SomerReply

    My son asked me for a Nerf gun the other day! He is obsessed by cars and always has been so combining Nerf and cars would keep him entertained for hours! Bonus that my hubby and I can shoot at him too!!!

  200. Avatar of Le Le Ko

    For Mandy Banh: I like the idea that cars are being launched instead of bullets this time. Allows for greater creative expression by the children.

  201. Avatar of Catherine Meadows
    Catherine MeadowsReply

    I have 3 boys aged 6, 8 & 10. I looked through the latest toy catalogue yesterday in preparation for Christmas and could not find one thing interesting, new or different. Their two favourite toys are Lego and Nerf guns, but they all have an abundance of both and the elder two have recently developed an interest in everything car related. The new Nerf Nitro looks like just the thing to tick all the boxes of the next perfect gift to arm them with.

  202. Avatar of Melinda Davies
    Melinda DaviesReply

    I love that you can make targets from the cars – my boys are always making things to aim at! Love that it is right up their alley – we always have ‘Nerf Wars’ the neighbourhood kids or ‘Zombie Wars’, anything that involves shooting Nerf bullets at each other or things.

  203. Avatar of Niawithnat

    My son lives for his Nerf guns – he currently has well over 20 of them. Our friends will be THRILLED to know he’ll now not only be carting the usual arsenal of favoured guns to every visit, but Nitro cars too! Yay. What I do like about these though is great scope for creative play. I think this is a good move.

  204. Avatar of Yvonne 'von' Ryan
    Yvonne 'von' RyanReply

    I don’t know who would be more exited by this wonderful prize the adults or the kids . . Nerf Guns are always so much fun

  205. Avatar of Rachael

    I LOVE that it is trackless. I am so sick of tripping over gigantic hot wheels tracks that are taking over my lounge room. I also love that the cars are made from soft foam so that chance of my son breaking something is minimised.

  206. Avatar of Marlene

    I have one boy who is obsessed, literally, with cars and another that wants to play shooting games all day, so this seems like the best way to get them playing peacefully together whilst having fun!

  207. Avatar of Sarah Hickey
    Sarah HickeyReply

    What kid wouldn’t love to enjoy anything to do with some type of Nerf toys & to be a Nerf tester thats a dream!

  208. Avatar of Bree Foster
    Bree FosterReply

    My little Nerfster lives & breathes these toys! The hours of imaginative games he could play safely with his little brother gives Mummy a break!

  209. Avatar of michelle

    i love that the kids love them and keeps them entertained for hours

  210. Avatar of Hayley Ruth
    Hayley RuthReply

    My son loves NERF guns, he has at least 6 of them. He is collecting the one that u have to buy extentions for. His 2 older sisters enjoy playing with them too. He can play with them for hours.

  211. Avatar of Vics

    I have 4 kids- 2boys/2 girls and they all love playing with Nerf guns- this new demolition pack would give them another challenage..bring it on!

  212. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah ArmstrongReply

    No more sneak attacks to the back with Nerf darts when Im not looking

  213. Avatar of Rosemarie

    I can send them outside for hours and they’ll be entertained – the only issue is losing the bullets over the fence or on the roof!

  214. Avatar of Jade Muffatti
    Jade MuffattiReply

    My kids would absolutely love playing with these for hours and hours!!

  215. Avatar of Maria

    My son and nephew would ABSOLUTELY have a blast with these new toys. They are always hiding out and playing nerf.

  216. Avatar of cat

    My 2 boys would love these toys, they are always trying to build things and then knock them over!

  217. Avatar of Leon SmileyBandit
    Leon SmileyBanditReply

    hasbro is always making good toys. this is no exception

  218. Avatar of Kini Foley

    We are relatively new to meet but playing with nerf guns out on the street has helped my little boy make friends with a lot of the neighbours

  219. Avatar of JFK

    I like nitro due to the fact they are not guns that shoot nerf bullets

  220. Avatar of Lisa Hadson
    Lisa HadsonReply

    This looks like a lot of fun. Combines the usual nerf fun, with added entertainment to keep the kids (and us adults playing with them) occupied. Great idea, and can’t wait to get some.

  221. Avatar of Sally Jones
    Sally JonesReply

    The nerf guns keep my son and my partner occupied. They have a ball attacking each other and I get a decent coffee break

  222. Avatar of Rusty

    The nerf toys allow the whole family – including me – to be able to play. They also allow the boys to develop skills through play on a number of levels while having lots of fun.

  223. Avatar of Amber donald
    Amber donaldReply

    Nerf guns and products are my sons life from
    the moment he wakes until he closes his little eyes!! It would be his absolute dream to test any nerf product out there! Especially nerf nitro! He is nerfs biggest fan! Nerf nitro adds a new spin on the nerf collection and with over 50 nerf guns it would be a great change up to try nerf nitro!

  224. Avatar of Sally-Ann Stavrou
    Sally-Ann StavrouReply

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! my boy is a HUGE Nerf fan- he organises boys against girls fights all the time at home!! He and his twin sister play so well together and their younger sister thinks she is basically a triplet! I promise you those toys will be so well tested at our home!!!! Good luck to all entrants xx and thanks again for such a cool opportunity

  225. Avatar of Kylie

    These look awesome!! My son would love these products, he’s always showing us toy catalogues with nerf products and asks for them to add to his collection : )

  226. Avatar of Melissa Bowers
    Melissa BowersReply

    My boys would love this! And some Nerf action without loads of little bullets to pick up afterwards! It’s a win win for me!! 😉

  227. Avatar of Rebecca Webb
    Rebecca WebbReply

    I have a 2, 4, 8 and 14 year old kids you can’t go wrong with Nerf for good old family fun!

  228. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    My girls would love to blast the cars and bits! 🙂

  229. Avatar of Bess

    Always loved nerf but dislikes the shooting part and now can have best of both worlds with cars and nerf! My boys will go bananas!!

  230. Avatar of Emma Dennaoui Breiss
    Emma Dennaoui BreissReply

    My son obsessed with cars so this would be great for him

  231. Avatar of Samantha Wojtowicz
    Samantha WojtowiczReply

    Haven’t tried the nurf nitro before so not sure how good they are yet but they look fun and would love to give them a go

  232. Avatar of Karen Bird

    Master 12 would love to try Nerf, as he’s never had a nerf toy to play with. It would make his day

  233. Avatar of Heather weir
    Heather weirReply

    My daughter is abit of a tom boy so loves her nerf guns, these would be great to add to her collection

  234. Avatar of Sharon Turriff
    Sharon TurriffReply

    Both my kids would love this but especially my son. He loves his nerf guns and hassles his nanny and poppy to buy him more all the time

  235. Avatar of Jessie White
    Jessie WhiteReply

    Joining both boys loves into one toy…will help make mummy and daddy life less filled with negotiating car or nerf games. THANK YOU

  236. Avatar of Tania Harrison
    Tania HarrisonReply

    No big tracks or hard cars to trip on; that’s a winner in my book and no more random bullets lying around everywhere- my boys love nerf guns and cars so combining the two is heaven for them.

  237. Avatar of Meike Bellett
    Meike BellettReply

    My girls love racing their cars and this would add a whole lot more excitement to it!

  238. Avatar of Lorraine Bown
    Lorraine BownReply

    My boys live and breathe nerf they always want the next nerf toy and have many hours of fun

  239. Avatar of Leanne

    My boys love nerf guns, from bullets to bugs, to running around outside playing their own adventures. My youngest is obsessed with cars and missions so cars being introduced into the range is a fabulous idea he is sure to love.

  240. Avatar of Daniel Richards
    Daniel RichardsReply

    My kids lobe using all the nerf weapons. They habe a mixtire of pistols, bows and rifles.

  241. Avatar of elise allen
    elise allenReply

    We have a range of nerf guns and is loads of fun for the family and having the nerf nitro would be to top it off, looks awesome, keep them amused for a while, easy to use, good for their imagination on racing, slamming into towers and more.

  242. Avatar of Sallie Wise
    Sallie WiseReply

    Love the boys and girls nerf products but these look awesome

  243. Avatar of Meryem Celik
    Meryem CelikReply

    We havd a selection of Nerf toys, I love them because it genuinely keeps the kids active while having fun. Id rather them chase each other around the house with Nerf than to chase people on iPads. Would love to trial this!

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