Over the hills, across the dirt, through the sand and into the shops – there’s no stopping the Bumbleride Indie stroller.

This smooth ride lets you tackle any terrain with your little adventurer.

Retailing at over $750, the Bumbleride Indie surpasses all stroller expectations. From its sleek design to its effortless folding feature, we’re truly in love with this pram!

bumbleride indie competition

The easiest ride on the market!

The best thing about the Bumbleride Indie is its ingenious geared hinge which folds the stroller for you. No more trying to fold the pram in the middle of the car park while bub screams from the car seat. Hooray! And unfolding it is just as simple. You can even do it one-handed, while holding said baby who, apparently, hates the car seat.

And get this – the pram folds down so small that you can even fit it in the front seat of your car if the boot is full of shopping. Genius!

bumbleride indie compact

Once bub is in the stroller, you can easily adjust the backrest from upright to lay back position with a sliding, single lever. So whether your little one wants to look around or take a nap, you can keep them content without having to jiggle the pram, juggle the seat and possibly mutter profanities under your breath.

The Indie lays flat so it’s perfect for newborns right from the first day you bring them home. Plus, the generous leg room and tall back means your growing toddler won’t look squished.

bumbleride indie 2016

Pram pushing power

Pushing the pram is also a breeze, thanks to the Bumbleride Indie’s seriously spectacular suspension on all wheels. With larger wheels, a 360° front wheel swivel with lock option and longer legs for a more comfortable push, you can enjoy a smoother push whether walking or jogging.

bumbleride indie child

Bumbleride Indie also comes with heaps of pocket space, a pop-out extension panel for extra sun protection and a mesh back rest to assist with airflow. Oh and did we mention the magnetic viewing window?

The lightweight frame weighs in at only 10kg and comes with a three year guarantee. Plus, you can pimp your pram with a number of cool accessories such as a mini board, rain cover, travel bag, carry cot, foot muff, snack pack and capsule adaptor.

You can also rest assured knowing your Bumbleride is environmentally-friendly. All fabrics used on Bumbleride prams are made from 100% PET – that’s recycled milk bottles, if you can believe it! The company also uses a new water saving method of fabric drying to minimise the environmental impact.

bumbleride indie grey

Pick up your own Bumbleride Indie pram at Danish by Design in four marvellous colour options for $759.95.


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. After owning a couple of awkward and hard to move strollers, I love the longer legs on the Bumbleride for an easier push.

    • Melanie Juskiw Reply

      I like how easy it folds away and looks very easy to carry

      • Becoming a first time Nanna so love the easy fold and compact storage of the Bumbleride Indie pram as it’s been a few years since I have had to battle one

    • The geared hinge which folds the stroller for you – sounds brilliant to someone who is severely challenged folding down strollers!

    • I would love an easy to operate pram especially a sturdy but light one

      • I am an expectant first time Grandma and all
        the features of the Bumbleride exceed my expectations of a new pram.
        I would love for my future grandchild to have the opportunity to ride in such wonderful technology and manufactured excellence. It would be a delight to be able to wheel our pride and joy in a Bumbleride and be 100% on con fort, safety, performance and manufacturing.

    • Can I just like the look and the color!? I mean on top of all the awesome features, but we just have to have that Aqua!

    • I love that I’ll be able to fit it in the front seat when I’ve done too much shopping and filled the boot!

    • Julia Morand Reply

      One front wheel for manoeuvrability so you can squeeze into those tight spots. The Bumbleride Indie pram’s sturdy wheels offer suspension for our tiny tots.

    • Wendy Brady Reply

      I absolutely love the idea of the hinged gear I think being able to fold it so easy is an ingenious invention.

    • Love that this pram is so easy to fold our current pram is a nightmare that has to be disassembled into two peaces to put in the car boot

    • The ingenious geared hinge which fools the stroller for you I love,and that means less stress on your back.

    • The suspension and strong wheel structure. I like to take my son on local walking tracks and need the versatility of the indie.

    • I test a pram if you can wheel it on carpet with one hand easy and fold it up with one hand and pop in the boot this ticks both tests with an A+ 🙂 My kind of pram 🙂

  2. The small folding size is what I love the most. Boot space is always the first thing I look at when getting a pram especially when I’m trying to fit a pram, shopping and 3 kids worth of gear in the car.

  3. I like the fact that it is light and can single handedly folded and also I can adjust the backrest from upright to lay back position with a sliding, single lever. That is massive things for a mom with an active baby and his super helper big brother 😉

  4. The one-handed fold. A life-saver when the other hand is constantly clutching at coffee 🙂

  5. Jessica Maloney Reply

    It’s pretty cool that its name is as bad arse as one of the Transformers titles, making Dad less embarrassed to discuss it!

  6. karina lee Reply

    To be able to fold this easily and with one hand would be amazing!!

  7. Luke Selby Reply

    The ease of folding it down with a single lever and having it lay down flat for newborns and sleeping babies is a fantastic feature.

  8. Allisia dawson Reply

    I love that this pram is lightweight. My current pram is so bulky and heavy very awkward to move around.

  9. Wow love how it’s lightweight. This would be so much easier to lift in and out of the car.

  10. Amanda Giffard Reply

    Loving the look of the big sturdy wheels – no more struggling and wrestling a stubborn old pram with tiny unmanageable wheels!

  11. Annette Shears Reply

    Weighing in at 10kg but also able to accommodate a newborn from day 1 is perfect. No need for a bassinet. love it

  12. At a mere 10kg even Nanna’s will be able to pick it up and pop it in the front seat – awesome

  13. Jan O'Bree Reply

    I love the geared hinge! What a great invention. No more wrestling with the pram, and even better, it’s so compact it will leave room in my boot for the shopping! Genius!

  14. Sarah James Reply

    I love how easy it is to fold and carry once folded. Super easy to get into the car

  15. I love the all terrain, means I can keep up with my other two boys from Beach to park to soccer field

  16. I love that it has the extra height for jogging.
    The color is great and how the front end looks its pretty unique looking!

  17. I love that this stroller can face you or away from you. I love to have my newborn facing me and love to turn them to face the world when they are able to support their head.

  18. I love the easy fold , being able to do it one handed would be great. And also that it folds down small so it can fit easlily into the back of the car.

  19. Helen Coxall Reply

    I love the light weight and easy design of this pram! Such a lovely ride for my little loves!

  20. I love the geared hinge so it’s very easy to pack up and that it’s compact when it is folded up. great features to have!

  21. I love the style the handle on the pram is at a perfect height so your not arched over while pushing and the fact it’s light weight makes life so much easier while going for a jog and the spacious room it has plenty of leg room for the little one to stretch out their legs and not hang over the pram and that canopy that’s definitely a fave gives a lot of protection love how it comes right over and down

  22. One handed fold would be amazing due to health issues I can’t use one arm so would definitely make things easier for me to use with my bubs.

  23. Sally Jones Reply

    it’s All terraine capabilities! Living by the sea but without a pram that can go on sand is less than ideal! We’d love this to maximise our beach fun and fitness

  24. The compact size where the Bumbleride can fit in the front seat. It’s easy to fold and unfold one handed. This will be super handy when I have a toddler and new baby (due this month) that I’m trying to deal with.

  25. Where do i start. Suspension is briliant. That its got growing room. Love the big wheels and long legs. Absolutely super!

  26. The geared hinge for a super easy fold is definitely my favourite feature! No mucking around dismantling a pram – ain’t nobody got time for that when you have 3 little ones to keep you busy!

  27. Julie Ann Warhurst Reply

    I love how easy it is to set up and pack away, the last thing parents need is extra hassle when taking a new baby out to explore the world! The easy design makes getting out into the world just that bit easier for new parents!

  28. Michelle keating Reply

    The bumblerides all terrain ability suits our lifestyle and with its ageless design will see us comfortably using it for many years to come.

  29. Carol Milanovic Reply

    I looove the easy adjustable back rest! It would make life so much easier!

  30. I adore the portability and versatility of this pram, with my sister about to give birth to number 2 this would make a great gift and take some stress off expenses

  31. I love that all that pram with all those features weighs only 10kg, and the fact that it folds downs so small (sorry couldn’t pick just one)

  32. The best feature has to be how lightweight it is, I’m all of 156cm tall and woyld manage this into the back of my 4wd no problems.

  33. vicki morrison Reply

    The best feature would have to be the one handed fold! Great colours to.

  34. The easy fold option. Folding with one hand will make it alot easier and that it is light weight too.

  35. I actually like the fact that it is made out of recycled milk bottles.
    And that it is so light!

  36. I like the extra leg length as my daughter is quite tall for her age this would be very comfortable for her

  37. Its lightweight, compact and easily folded which will be extremely useful when juggling my twins (5) and bub.

  38. Kaleisha J R Reply

    All terrain and geared hinge. These features make going places a breeze.
    The compact fold is Definitely up there to.

  39. I know everyone has said it, but the one handed fold sounds like a dream! The fact it’s made from recycled bottles is fabulous too!

  40. I like that the pram is easy to push on all grounds will make beach and park days so much easier with the little one.

  41. Jiana Sumner Reply

    I love that it folds small and that I could put my 3yo or 11mo in it and take it anywhere we could want to go.

  42. Kelly Demicoli Reply

    That it lies flat. My bubba has club foot and will require a boots and bar soon and won’t be able to fit into his bassinet attachment on our current pram.

  43. Natalie Lucas Reply

    Pop out extension sun protection panel! A must for this hot Queensland sun!

  44. I love that the pram folds itself and is small enough to fit in the front seat! With 4 kids space is premium and hubby curses when I take the big pram, lol

  45. Mandy noble Reply

    I love that it lies flat. I have two kids under two so we have a double pram but it would be so helpful to have a single for bub when the oldest wants to walk next to me

  46. With 6 kids & always traveling I love that the bumblebee is lightweight easy to fold & most of all easy to manoeuvre

  47. Kristy Stark Reply

    I love that it’s lightweight, compact and has extra storage!! Perfect!

  48. Kahlia Barker Reply

    Absolutely love that the fabric is made out of milk bottles! It’s great to see more businesses do their part by recycling to help preserve the environment and ensure our kids will have a greener future!

  49. loren fuller Reply

    I love how easy it is to fold! id love to be one of those mums who can just whip my pram out of the boot with one hand and have my daughter in the other, instead i have to go through the painful set up of getting my bulky pram out of the car then attatching the seat. this looks so easy! and wouldnt be so straining on my back!

  50. Love that it is compact and light weight and the super easy fold. The shed extend long enough to cover most of bub when he’s asleep. Pram looks super cool too!

  51. Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    I love that it is lightweight and super compact while still giving my baby plenty of space and comfort!! These feature alone would make life so much easier for me!

  52. I love that it folds so small, I’m very pushed for space with two kids in a Corolla.

  53. Ashleigh King Reply

    I love the compact quick and easy fold as well as the sun canopy to protect my little one

  54. Recycled materials is brilliant, what an inovation!! Wonderful to see a company leading the market in this area, so many companys could follow suit, I want to leave my kids a wonderdul world to live in! The one handed fold also sounds like a godsend!

  55. The easy folding mechanism has won my over I’m pregnant with my 3rd so I’ll need every trick in the book to get in and out of the car on time!

  56. karen walker Reply

    I love the all terrain aspects as walking even somewhere like minnamurra falls is so hard with a standard stroller

  57. I love how light is it and easy to use compared to others prams.

  58. Amanda Brogan Reply

    The fact that its lightweight and one handed gold would be amazing and help massively with my pain issues. Plus love the green colour of the main pic.

  59. I love how small it folds up making it easier to take fur and human baby out for adventures.

  60. I like the fact that it is a load better than my $139 eBay pram which wiggles and wobbles and breezes the wind through openings.

  61. I love the sound of it folding small enough that it can fit into the front seat of the car. Having two different sized cars it would be handy going from one to the other.

  62. Suspension on all wheels!!! I live in the qld outback and all our vechiles need good quality suspension, so bubs’ pram shouldnt be any different!

  63. Rachelle Moller Reply

    I love the one handed fold! I have a newborn and I struggle to collapse the second hand pram I was gifted. It would make life so much easier!

  64. Shawny Lillie Reply

    I love that the pram is good for all terrain, we love the outdoors and our current pram hates going over bumps and the fishing spots we like don’t have a nice pavement to use..
    I also love that it’s one piece and easy fold (current one is two pieces)

  65. Debra Marr Reply

    The lightweight frame weighs in at only 10kg, very important when juggling bub, bags and pram.

  66. Only having a small car and a big pram and struggling to fit it in my boot which it takes up all of the boot space I love that the Bumbleride folds up compact.

  67. I love how the Bumbleride is so lightweight and folds so small. My current stroller is huge and I can’t fit enough Kmart goodies in my car ;p

  68. Firstly I love that the fabric is made from recycled Milk bottles. An environmental friendly pram who would’ve thought! I love that it has a geared hinge to make it easy to fold Down. The fact that it is small enough to fit in the front seat is fantastic as the pram I currently have is so quite large and takes up majority of our boot space. Would love to win this pram!

  69. I love that it can be used from birth and that it has air filled tyres. I also love the colours it comes in.

  70. Who doesn’t need a self folding stroller! It’s exactly what you want when your juggling a baby and the shopping. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve hurt myself folding my current pram.

  71. Alison Matheson Reply

    Definitely like that all wheels have suspension for a smoother less bumpy ride for bub in all terains.

  72. How easy it is to fold up, you don’t want to be struggling to get it into the car after an outing and the kids complaining. Also can take it anywhere. I live in a small country town and the roads and footpaths aren’t always ideal to walk on. This would be perfect for afternoon walks 🙂

  73. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    The easy fold – meaning even with my hands with rheumatoid arthritis I don’t have to ask for help

  74. I love the compact fold! I drive a little hatchback so any space saving features are a win for me!

  75. The accessories this pram comes with ensures that it can be used for 2 just as easily as it can be used for one with just one added board for a toddler- great for a growing family!

  76. The seat that can become fully flat with the easy tab at the back. Because of this you can use the pram from birth, you can lay it flat for your baby to fall asleep, or if bub has fallen asleep you can slowly release it flat for more comfort.

  77. Whitney Ellem Reply

    I love that it is made using recycled materials! So unexpected from a pram, and setting such a great standard for other manufacturers to meet.

  78. Cheryl Walla Reply

    Been looking for a small lightweight pram/stroller to downgrade to. This looks perfect. Love the sun canopy and recline.

  79. I love the feared hinge to make it easy to fold. My pram at the moment is big and bulky and so awkward to fold up. This pram sounds amazing!!

  80. Helen Breslin Reply

    I love that they have been so thorough in EVERY detail. Everything I want and need is in this pram. Prefect for active women with busy city lives who love to escape to the country and also care about the environment. What a winner!

  81. It doesn’t have any Velcro on the viewing panels and is environmentally friendly

  82. The best feature is hard to narrow down, but beyond the many very practical child safety focused features (harness, sunshade, ventilation etc), the manouverability has to be the best feature for me. Being able to maintain an active lifestyle with my children is incredibly important, and living in a hilly suburb has proven challenging with our current pram not providing great manoeuvrability or stability. This Parma would actually be a game changer for us. It looks incredible and I have no doubt that my kids would be extremely comfortable as well! Thanks for the opportunity.

  83. The best feature is hard to narrow down, but beyond the many very practical child safety focused features (harness, sunshade, ventilation etc), the manouverability has to be the best feature for me. Being able to maintain an active lifestyle with my children is incredibly important, and living in a hilly suburb has proven challenging with our current pram not providing great manoeuvrability or stability. This pram would actually be a game changer for us. It looks incredible and I have no doubt that my kids would be extremely comfortable as well! Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. I love the easy fold option. These days prams are complicated to fold sometimes having to detach parts just to fit them in our cars. Having a pram that folds with one movement and becomes compact is excellent.

  85. Angela Sassella Reply

    The compact fold. With a car full of kids and shopping, not needing to stress about where to fit a bulky pram makes everything so much easier.

  86. The effortless folding is one of the many amazingly attractive features.

  87. Because of the all-terrain feature, compact fold and is environment friendly.

  88. Pushing Power – I’ve brought a pram (I won’t mention names) and it’s “@&$“…. horrible. The steering is non existent and I don’t know how many times I’ve taken people or things out with it. Bubs number 3 doesn’t have much of her own as it’s all reused so would love love love a new pram for her.

  89. I love that it is so compact when folded! As a small car owner I am struggling to find a pram that will fit in the boot – this would be perfect.

  90. I love the foldability, it sounds amazingly easy, stress free & not make you look clueless trying to compact!

  91. I love the compact way it folds up… we have very limited boot space in our car and having a pram that didn’t fill the entire boot would be a life saver!

  92. Elise Stevenson Reply

    The one handed fold and compact design are my absolute favourite design features!

  93. On the fold, fold, fold,
    I am sold, sold, sold.
    Can fit in my front seat?
    Can’t tell me that’s not neat!
    Almost folds itself – no way!
    What more is there to say!
    No more folding to baby screaming
    Instead I’ll be folding with face beaming.
    Bumbleride, what a ride!

    • Rachael Harm Reply

      Can I give my entry to Sarah? Because that’s an awesome comment!

  94. With having 2 children and having previously broken my back in multiple places I’m constantly looking for a pram with features to make my on the go busy everyday life just that bit easier. The bumbleride provides features that achieve this! The most important features and the ones I love the most about the bumbleride is that it is lightweight, can fold up by itself and has many extras available, my favourite; the mini board.

  95. Tracey Lewis Reply

    I love the fact that it folds up small enough to fit in the front seat, I’m so over pranks that can only go into the boot plus my daughter name is Indiana so itll be pretty cool to have a pran that’s named after her

  96. Philippa Tudor Reply

    I really love how light weight it is and the one handed fold would love this for my baby girl

  97. Brianna Finley Reply

    I love the all terrain! I cant wait until my 5 week can join me and my 2 older kids 7 and 4.5 on some outdoorsy adventures 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  98. Tess Mammone Reply

    I really like that this pram is suitable for a newborn, but I LOVE that it can go on the sand! For any true Aussie, beach friendly is must!

  99. Louise Speirs Reply

    I love the amazing versatility of this pram! I have been looking at it online for my first baby and apart from the beautiful colour, I feel it is the most accessible, protective, sturdy and easy to use pram on the market! Oh how I would love one

  100. Oakley condon Reply

    I live the fact that it can be used for newborns without the need for additional bassinets/capsule parts!

  101. I definitely love the proper tyres! I have a new baby and we are using our budget, old stroller from our first child still. It has rigid plastid tyres and as soon as you get any weight on it, makes it hard to push and maneuver. Don’t even get me started on what happens as soon as you have to cross loose dirt or sand! We would love a replacement to make our outings so much easier, as we love to walk!

  102. Tall mumma Reply

    The fact it accommodates riders and users who are taller is awesome (62cm baby, 5’11” mumma) along with the bigger wheels for all the different terrains we go on. Winning!!!

  103. Mandy Pannach Reply

    Best feature is how light it is, so easy to pick up to put in and out of the car boot.

  104. I love the three wheel suspension, perfect for trips to the park or wherever my soul desires!

  105. Lorna burton Reply

    I love how uts lightweight and you can use it it even with one hand which is amazing especially with having a little one

  106. I love the fact that its so light. I have weak hands so this pram would be amazing for me to push my grandson around.

  107. Jaye Warner Reply

    Compact, lightweight, easy fold and environmentally friendly – there are so many great features to love about this pram!

  108. I love the idea of being able to go anywhere. I really want my kids to connect with nature but we are restricted by their little legs. Being able to grab a pram and go would be great

  109. Light wait easy to use and fold away.I’d love this pram for my new grandchild.

  110. Loving the recycled fabrics! With all the focus on the environment and reducing our waste, it’s awesome a pram company is taking that on board!

  111. I love the fact that Bumbleride prams are made from 100% PET recycled milk bottles, any company that is doing good for the environment is a winner in my eyes.

  112. I love that the designers have taken their time and really thought about how to make this a 1 for all pram. As someone who has a pram for off road walking, and then a pram for normal daily errands, I love that this pram can be functional for both.
    I love the height of it, the design style and ease of use, and the size of the carry basket, making it nice and practicable for all facets of pram needs for the modern parent.

  113. Folds down using one hand & small enough to fit in the front seat!! Currently I have a 2nd hand pram I have to take apart in 2 sections before it can be folded down & go in to boot of the car it’s awkward, large & time consuming while trying to juggle a four month old at the same time

  114. I like that it lays flat. I’m due to have my bub in March so I definitely need a pram that lays flat.

  115. Jennifer O'Connor Reply

    I love the geared hinge feature. It would make life so much easier to be able to pack up a pram quickly and efficiently. I also like that it only weighs 10kg.

  116. Gary Bourke Reply

    Easy to fold and fits in the front seat . More space in the boot for the other essentials

  117. Melissa Leigh Powell Reply

    WOW! What a game changer – I can’t believe this pram can fit on your front seat. I need this in my life!

  118. Dominique Towns Reply

    I love that it fully reclines, so helpful with a sleeping baby, and light so easy to travel with. I injured my shoulder in the past and have trouble with heavy weights. And the bumblerider miniboard sounds great for my toddler

  119. I love the fact that this company is making such an effort to reduce their environmental impact. Using milk bottles is just incredible

  120. I love the the magnetic viewing window, its a lovely touch and an easy accessible piece.

  121. Being 6ft tall, I appreciate it having the longer legs for a more comfortable push.

  122. Bec player Reply

    Best feature for me is that it is all terrain. I don’t drive so this is the perfect pram.

  123. lily goodwin Reply

    The all terrain all the way, living in country vic i need this to get around the rural roads.

  124. Bumbleride Indie, is PERFECT for mums who want variety compact features that is ECO Friendly, practical and durable, I REALLY like it FOLDS to fit into small spaces. Every Mummy wants me!!

  125. The suspension on all wheels. Most strollers don’t have suspension so going on rough surfaces isn’t much fun for bub, and prams that do have suspension generally cost at least double of the bumbleride indie!

  126. The weight is the best feature being only 10kg able to still hold baby while you take it out or put it back into the car. Just great

  127. I like thr lying flat feature as it means I can use this stroller (with perks of a pram) interchangeably between my newborn and 2 year old toddler whenever we go out on our adventures.

  128. I like that it’s lightweight (I currently have a bulky strider pram) and made from recycled materials. This would be a great option when taking one of my two on an outing or letting my toddler walk independently while my 11 month old is on board.

  129. Rebecca Swann Reply

    I love how compact & light it is. It would be great to try it when we travel later this year.

  130. I love that it lies flat so can be used from whwn they are new born, and the 360 degree swivel wheel for increased mavouverabilty when out and about

  131. Looks like a terrific pram all round – lightweight, easy to fold, fits on the front seat, all terrain – YES please to all!
    However, the fact that they have even gone to the effort to manufacture it from recycled materials and use a water saving method is amazing. Reducing their environmental foot print, setting a standard for other companies and helping to make the world a better place for my baby when he grows up!! Amazing!

  132. Louise Patterson Reply

    I love that it is made from recycled materials and is therefore more environmentally friendly 🙂

  133. Christine Day Reply

    I love the geared hinge for easy folding and that it can fit into the front seat of the car. How awesome to get it folded and stowed away quickly with eyes on bub the whole time. Fabulous!

  134. I am so excited to find a pram designed with outdoor adventures in mind whilst also be mindful of the environmental impact with recyclable materials and eco dyes. It’s the dream pram.

  135. Fiona Ellis Reply

    The special gear hinge, that pretty much would fold the pram for me sounds amazing. Prams are always so hard to fold up. I would Love to win this for my baby due in January. Thanks for the chance to win.

  136. I love how quick and easy it is to fold away and pack in the car.

  137. Jody Smith Reply

    The pop out extension panel because it is hard to find a pram that offers enough shade.

  138. The folding feature looks amazing and easy – and to be able to fold down small enough to fit in the front seat is perfect!

  139. I like that the pram is lightweight and easy to push and load in and out of the boot, one less thing to worry about with a new Bub!

  140. I love the easy way it folds down compactly for easy storage in the car or at home or when your out.

  141. I love that the materials are recycled..saving the planet one pram at a time

  142. Maree Wood Reply

    I’m loving everything, I’ve been reading, but my favorite is the fact that it’s lightweight & easy to fold & fit in with groceries…

  143. Extra thength for bubs long legs, all terrain ease to get Bub to sleep. The mesh back sells it for me though, knowing the little guy is cool & comfortable means more time outside for all of us!

  144. This is a no nonsense pram – durable, strong and rugged, I could take it wherever I wanted knowing that Mr Bubs would be comfy and cool. Perfect pram!

  145. Love that it’s light weight and can carry with just one hand. And the lay flat feature

  146. I love the suspension and big wheels. We love going for walks, but we live in the country so lots of the roads are too bumpy.

  147. Jodi Coyle Reply

    How compact it is and that it can go in the front seat freeing up more boot space.

  148. LisaDoomps Reply

    I’m onto my fifth child I would have to say ease in opening and closing – I have spent many times almost losing a finger or my dignity dangled over a pram in the carpark sure that the person who designed it never had a screaming kid and always saw sunny days. I also have to comment on the easily adjustable backrest. If you have ever had a screamer and a light sleeper you will know the agony of accidentally waking them an attempt to lower them into a sleeping position as you fumble with a reluctant latch and end up jiggling them like jelly.

  149. kerri jentzsch Reply

    The air filled ties means a more comfortable ride and you can go off road and not worry. I’m also impressed with it being 100% recycled PET fabrics!

  150. Jenna Waye Reply

    I love the fold and carry one handed feature being a busy mum always on the go

  151. Emily Jane Reply

    I have carpal tunnel in both hands and am about to have surgery; one hand at a time. The one handed operation of the Bumbleride would be a total game changer for both myself and my children! I also currently carry my youngest to pick up my eldest (who has just started school) as I am too embarrassed to take my current stroller!

  152. Jules Coombs Reply

    Love that it’s lightweight, packs down compact and allows air flow!

  153. Asamantha J Ellis Reply

    The extra sun protection.. most pra.s I have found don’t have a big sun protection part of them and my boy still gets blasted by he sun.

  154. that its lightweight. I need a pram that is easy to pop up and down!

  155. I love the one handed fold and simplicity in its use. Quite often you get stuck trying to juggle everything at the shops and pack up quickly in order to clear your car space for the next person waiting.

  156. cheerie murnane Reply

    I love the fact is only weighs 10 kilo and it as a geared hinge to aid in folding and it has a viewing window, that is amazing, and my boot is always full so to be able to put it in the front seat would really be handy.

  157. I love the fact that it has a pop-out extension panel for extra sun protection, my little 7month old is blind in one eye, & is sensitive to light, and living in the Sunshine State (Queensland) our Sun is forever shining. Having this fantastic feature would benefit us immensely as if its a really hot shiny day, I can protect her good eye and still take her out for a walk 🙂 Thank you.

  158. I like that it’s lightweight & only ways 10kg.. I mean who wants to lug around a huge pram! I also love a company who backs their product with a warranty!

  159. I love the idea of the ingenius geared hinge to allow for easier folding of the pram after use. Even better that it allows for it to be done one handed too!

  160. Laticia Cox Reply

    A pop-out extension panel for extra sun protection, little eyes are so sensitive to the big bright sun

  161. I love the fact it’s so compact and light. Makes it much easier when you have more than one kids and your out by yourself with them

  162. Hands down best feature for me would have to be the folding mechanism!!! My current pram is a big hassle to fold away and is also very bulky whereas this one seems super lightweight.

  163. kathryn lambert Reply

    With an 11 month old and another on the way the one-handed easy use would be perfect and the mini board will come in very handy as well.

  164. Belinda Belinda Reply

    Heaps of pocket space is a must for us because we always have our hands full! Would be great to lighten the load.

  165. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I love the extra tall adjustable handlebar that would suit my tall self and be adjusted lower to make my fiance more comfortable while pushing our 6 month old.

  166. I LOVE the fact it folds to be so compact. With two older stepkids I need this.

  167. 360 degree front wheel swivel makes it so much easier to negotiate corners.

  168. CHRISTINA D Reply

    I love the compact folding! With 5 kids I need all the space I can get!

  169. Elizabeth Affleck Reply

    I absolutely love the fact that the materials are all made from recycled bottles! How absolutely fantastic

  170. Jeynelle fry Reply

    Love that the materials are all recylced. and with living in a parr of town that has no concrwte footpaths this would be perfect.

  171. Phoebe Phillips Reply

    I love the fact that it folds down so compact, my current pram takes up the whole boot and it’s impractical for travel. This would make life so much easier.

  172. Meron Slattery Reply

    From bubs to kid,
    It covers the lot.
    Easy to fold,
    When you’re in a tight spot.

  173. Jacinta Ward Reply

    I love how the Bumbleride Indie Stroller allows for all terrain! Best thing ever knowing we can take it anywhere we go…

  174. I’ve recently made a move to the country and I am in need of a pram that can handle the rougher terrain! With my little guy becoming a toddler I also love the idea of the extra space for him to grow.

  175. Jess baker Reply

    Love, love this pram, great that it has pump up tyres for all terrain! And excellent that can take a capsule for quick outings… colours are amazing also!

  176. Kym Webster Reply

    My old pram was so big, I couldn’t fit anything in my boot. If this pram can fold away and fit easily in the front seat, I’m in

  177. i love how compact the bumbleride indie is and the one hand fold would come in very handy when getting it in and out of the car.

  178. Definitly the one handed fold, folding most prams can be very challenging

  179. Compact? Check. Decent size basket? Check. Decent weight capacity? Oh my gosh I want it!

  180. I love the sound of the easy fold hinge and lightweight frame this would make it much easier to get out and about

  181. With bub #2 on the way an easy to fold, easy to pack away pram would be ideal when trying to juggle a newborn and a toddler! My current pram is heavy and bulky so something like this would be perfect

  182. Danni-elle Reply

    Wow! Suspension on every wheel, easy and compact fold and only weighing 10kg. This pram ticks all the boxes!

  183. I love that it’s lifhtweight and the pram folds down so small that you can even fit it in the front seat of your car

  184. Love the light and compact folding… kids and their stuff take up enough space, the pram doesn’t need to as well!

  185. Kerry Howitt Reply

    Love the fact that it is light weight, folds easily down to a reasonable size and looks very comfortable for the little man.

  186. MARY IRWIN Reply

    10kgs and folds itself! Are you kidding me this is perfect for our busy lifestyle. With two dogs, a baby and 10yo we are in and out all day! Plus we are taking the kids to Scotland for Xmas to meet that side of their family (first time in person for both and me!) and this would make the airport navigation so much easier!

  187. All terrain and plenty robust yet light enough to be convenient…..perfect for active family

  188. Has to be the 10kg lightweight frame!! Amazing and easy for any Mama to lift!!

  189. Its fantastic! Air filled tyres, all terrain, lightweight and suitable from birth up…. whats not to love!

  190. I love that the wheels have suspension so my som wont be shaking like a milkshake when we go exploring

  191. Kat Smitheram Reply

    Easy to fold, folds small and light weight makes it a great option for travelling!

  192. Definitely the geared hinged leaver. How amazing being able to hold and comfort a little one while easily being able to fold the pram!

  193. Snack pack! My toddler never stops eating so this is an awesome feature!

  194. Alexandrak Reply

    I love the extended hood nothing worse then a Qld summer going out or for a walk and the sun is in bubs face. All prams need an extendable hood

  195. I am loving the mesh back rest feature! Living in sunny North QLD, maxium airflow is a must especially to keep our little ones happy.

  196. Melissa Te Whata Reply

    Definitely the light weight frame! Last thing I want to be doing is lifting a heavy pram out of the boot of my jeep

  197. So many amazing features but the absolute stand out is the fact the pram is made from 100% recyclable material.

  198. LOVE that somebody finally came up with an enviromentally friendly way to furnish a pram, what an absolutely fabulous idea!

  199. Loving the clever design making it lightweight and compact for us mums that only have two hands.

  200. What I find exciting about the Bumbleride Indie is its geared hinge which folds the stroller for you! And that unfolding it is so simple, you can do it one-handed! I also love that you can fit it in the front seat of your car.

  201. Jenny Leong Reply

    I love that it’s lightweight, has good storage space and environmentally friendly!

  202. The longer seat and higher back are so needed for my long day napping 2 year old who has outgrown his city select!

  203. Maria Gillies Reply

    I like that the frame is lightweight and only weighs 10kg!

  204. Christine Jenkins Reply

    How light weight it is and the one handed fold, perfect for a busy mum with a newborn and a very busy little 2 year old.

  205. I like that you can fold it with one hand and it seems to be quite compact

  206. I love that the pram has a tall back for toddlers who are mini giants like my son who has outgrown our current pram. It also looks to be easy to transport and fold down for when friends/grandparents have to use it too.

  207. Sanderella Reply

    I went through 3 prams so far with my first born and I am still not 100% happy. We travel a lot between farm and town and no pram so far managed to be good in the country side and town… now with number 2 on the way and a toddler on my hands it would be great to find a pram that’s also easy to fold up and won’t take much room up and another plus are the accessories you are able to purchase anyhow I wish everyone good luck with their pregnancies and best of luck with winning this competition

  208. Brittany Dela Cruz Reply

    Gotta love the spectacular suspension on all wheels. With larger wheels, a 360° front wheel swivel with lock option and longer legs for a more comfortable push, you can enjoy a smoother push whether walking or jogging.

  209. Love the larger wheels! I will be able to have my walk or jog without any worries. 😉

  210. Steph Fonty Reply

    Most definitely the lay flat feature. Iv only had pram that don’t lay flat and both my kids are tummy sleepers so sleeping in the pram only lasts 20mins max. I’d love a lay flat pram.

  211. joe chahal Reply

    I love the fact that because of its long legs and lightweight it can be used from newborn to toddler with a good backrest.

  212. Carolina RAFIN Reply

    After 4 Spinal surgeries the Bumblebee Indie Is just what we need 10kilo lightweight frame & 100% Recyled materials You have Won Me!!

  213. I love that all wheels have in-built suspension and the lightweight frame – perfect for adventures!

  214. Jessica Wilson Reply

    The all terrain wheels would be awesome to take bub on any adventures we go on. Also the newborn layback and high back to accomodate both my baby and toddlers!

  215. Nicole Gardner Reply

    If someone told me they were going to make a pram out of milk bottles I would laugh! I think that’s amazing! I never would have thought! I love the fact that not only is made environmentally friendly it is light weight and so easy to push.

  216. Heather Perkins Reply

    I love the canopy size and the fact you can lay the seat right back for sleeping little ones

  217. Danielle Curtain Reply

    It has so many awesome features but I love that it has a 3 year warranty.

  218. There’s so many awesome features but I love the all terrain action and the 360 degree turning wheels

  219. Rachael Coulbourn Reply

    As we enjoy going to the bush and walking around the farm the all-terrain capability would be amazing as often we end up carrying bubs who is growing too fast.

  220. The safety peak window in the hood means I can keep and eye on my sleeping little one whilst on our morning walk.

  221. One handed unfolding – AMAZING! Being able to go offroad is a massive bonus too.

  222. I love the easy fold away feature-as necessity for any busy mum

  223. Compact folded position is great, as well as being lightweight.

  224. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    I LOVE that the Bumbleride is environmentally friendly made from 100% PET MILK BOTTLES!!!

    It’s also value for money and means less waste in the long run because it lays completely flat for newborns and grows with baby into toddler years meaning less waste environmentally and financiallly. You don’t need another pram or stroller ever!!

  225. Love that it folds up small enough to fit in the front seat of the car!

  226. I love that the Bumbleride Indie Pram can accommodate my precious wee daughter securely at all ages.

  227. Everything! I l especially love how easily it folds and can be stored.

  228. I love how small it folds! I drive a hatchback so boot space is at a premium! Plus a lot of prams don’t even fit!!

  229. stacey coppin Reply

    My favourite feature is the lightweight frame. When parents are sleep deprived, everything feels harder/heavier. So this is a must!

  230. Look at those wheels!! Love the sound of the smooth ride those babies would provide.

  231. I would love to win this! As we are off a Farm the all-terrain is really important to us! We walk our dogs every day so having a suitable pram is very important. Plus I LOVE the colours!

  232. I love that this pram fabric is made from recycled milk bottles, such a great idea!

  233. One handed fold is a life saver for me as I have a permanent injury to my wrist. So anything that makes everyday life easier to enjoy time with my daughter is amazing!

  234. The best thing is definitely that it’s made from recycled milk bottles!! That is amazing!

  235. The higher weight limit and adventure style of the pram so you can take your growing babe anywhere

  236. The longer legs + large wheels do it for me! Given how often I’ll be pushing it, ease of use is a huge factor.

  237. What to choose??? Probably too pick is the all terrain ability. I like to have one tool that covers most jobs so the fact that I can use the Indie pram for school drop offs but also for when we go bush walking is a great feature for me. Having a large age gap between my kids and the one on the way means the little one will be coming everywhere they go no matter the weather or location!!

  238. Juliane Gold Reply

    It would be amazing to have this sturdy pram that is light and easy to use for my second baby on the way. It is all I ever want in one pram.

  239. I love how compact it is!!! I had to buy a bigger car for my first son’s pram just to fit it in the boot!

  240. Jessica ashbrooke Reply

    Love how this lays right back most strollers done so that perfect for newborn

  241. Sarah Hart Reply

    What isn’t awesome about this pram!! But what I love most is it’s environmentally friendly and light weight! Thank you for creating something I could love and trust for my babies.

  242. Katy Nudelman Reply

    It’s lightweight so I don’t have to break my back trying to get it in the car ❤️

  243. Love that it weighs only 10kg so little weaklings like me can handle it!

  244. Debbie Scott Reply

    I love that it’s on 10kgs in weight after having twins 3 years ago my back is not as strong as it used to be and I need a lightweight pram that folds up easy and stores in the back of the car nicely. What a cute looking pram I love it

  245. The fact it is all terrain and you can jog with it! We love walking and I’d love to get back into running ASAP, this would make it so comfortable for bub.

  246. Plenty to love, but living in the NT, the pop-out extension panel for extra sun protection would be perfect 🙂

  247. I like the ability to fit it on a front seat, to allow room for the dog in the boot…

  248. Angela Vearing Reply

    The suspension on all wheels. Living on a farm, all the surrounding roads are dirt. This would make walking enjoyable for me and my bub.

  249. Kirsty Perkins Reply

    I LOVE that the fabric is made from recycled milk bottles!! So perfect in this day and age, where we’re all trying to reduce our waste. Bravo on taking this initiative

  250. Nabiha Fatima Reply

    It feels like a complete package .All The way from its recycled fabric to the way it folds and best news is I can use it while I jog !!! The joy of it all 🙂 can’t wait to get my hands on it and start using it

  251. The fold up feature is a lifesaver – just remember to remove your child before folding 😉

  252. I like that it lays flat for a newborn and folds up small with ease great for my small stature.

  253. Sophie White Reply

    I love that this pram is made with the environment in mind. Our carbon is so important to future generations and as seen by the move to ban plastic bags, it is a real war on waste. Companies that ethically make products get a big thumps up from me!

  254. I love the idea of the easy finding and that its light weight. What an awesome looking pram

  255. Danielle rowlands Reply

    I love the fact that it folds easily and take up minimal space. Thats an absolute winner

  256. Belinda LS Reply

    I like how the pram can be lay flat for my new born. Most importantly, the light weight and the geared hinge which folds the stroller using one hand. This come in very handy with me having both a toddler and newborn at he same time.

  257. Berenice Lawrence Reply

    I love that this is made from recycled material and it looks really stylish

  258. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    There are so many great features but my favourite would have to be it’s ergonomic trigger release on the handlebar which makes folding Indie easy and completely seamless THEREFORE MY HUSBAND WILL HAVE NO EXCUSES NOT TO BE ABLE TO USE IT TO! ☺

  259. Bet feature sliding adjustment for the position! No stupid pull cords! yay

  260. Yvonne Krikken Reply

    Push power for sure. Having let my self go last pregnancy I’m determined not to let that happen. I’ve started running again and have all intentions of running through my next pregnancy and as soon as my body will allow after birth. This pram will allow me to safely get my health back without jeopardising my babies safety.

  261. Lauren Navarrete Reply

    I love that the bumbleride is eco friendly and made from recyclable plastic to help save our beautiful Mother Earth!

  262. My wife and I are most excited about how easy it is to fold and put away – especially my wife who will have enough on her hands when I go back to work.

  263. I love that the pram has been designed withthe environment in mind. The fact that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles and has a quicker drying time gives this pram a big tick from me.

  264. Cressida B Reply

    How flat it folds! Super important now that our boot will be full of supplies for 5 kids 🙂

  265. Mary Preston Reply

    So many great features. The ease of adjusting the back rest caught my attention. No more struggling so that the little one can lay right down.

  266. The easy fold feature!! No one wants to have a meltdown trying to fold a pram while your baby is in Armageddon mode!

  267. The compact fold is my favourite feature! Having a tiny car it’s very hard to take my pram anywhere as I need to put half of it in the boot and the other half on the front seat! Stressful!

  268. Rhiannon Mav Reply

    How small it is folded! Will fit perfectly in my little car!

  269. Schona Murray Reply

    I love this pram’s ability to be used in a variety of environments. But most of all, as our baby is called Indie, I love it’s name!!!

  270. Nat Hollis Reply

    When your holding onto bub
    and trying to get everything in the car
    the easy fold system
    is the best feature by far!

  271. Tricia Leonard Reply

    I love that it only weighs 10kg and is so easy to fold. My grand daughter is due next month ( my first grand child YAY! ) and I would love to win this fabulous Bumbleride Stroller for my son and daughter in law.

  272. I love that it can handle all terrains, since we travel quite a lot plus that it can fold itself!

  273. I love that its lightweight as my baby boy is so big it’s perfect not having to push around so much weight the easier the better. More walks for me during springs means more naps for my boy in his pram.

  274. When you have both hands full (which is a given with kids) easy folding is an absolute must! I love the sound of the Bumbleride Indie folding as easy as 123 without having to bend over and hurt your back! Bliss!

  275. LaurenThom Reply

    I love that it folds down so small you can even put it on the front seat! Incredible!

  276. Shameemah Kurzawa Reply

    I love the fact that it has nice suspension and fold easily. My current pram is hard on any surface and very bulky.

  277. We had a Strider Plus and it was useless the wheels buckled and it was to wide for registers at the supermarket

  278. Erin Le Good Reply

    I love how light it is still with all the amazing features that it has! It seems too good to be true!!

  279. Kate Slack Reply

    I love the extension panel for extra sun protection, so important when in the heat of the Perth summer.

  280. Pram folds itself and compact. With three kids, need as much space in the car as possible!

  281. Rebecca Stretton Reply

    I love that it’s suitable from newborn upwards, without the need to purchase additional supports such as a bassinet. Fabulous!

  282. Leah Taylor Reply

    I love the compactness of it,
    It’s quick fold down and easy handling

  283. The suspension and 3 wheel design would make this really great for running or off roading

  284. Love that you can adjust the backrest from upright to lay back position with a sliding, single lever!

  285. Andrea Dinan Reply

    I love the fact it is all terrain, perfect for uneven bush walk paths! And the fact it can fold neatly in your front seat, genius!

  286. What’s not to love about this pram?! It’s compact and easy folding, versatile and ohhhh so pretty ❤️ I wish I had of done my research a little better before buying my current pram or I wouldn’t be here ogling the bumbleride ‍♀️

  287. Kavin Khatri Reply

    This all-terrain 3 wheel pram is hard, durable, tough… sorry about the strong language …but it’s perfect for this work, play and exercising mum and her 3 rug rats!!

  288. You had me at “sleek design to its effortless folding feature”. Being pregnant with my second bub. We are currently looking for a stroller for my first who will be under two when i birth my second child. and omg folding a stroller while holding my 14 month old while being pregnant is the absolute worse!! Please please let me win this stroller, i need it in my life like my son needs giggle and hoot!

  289. I love the fact this pram is designed for the active mum, easy push and suitable for jogging. A def must for getting back into shape post pregnancy!

  290. I love how easy it is to fold, and into a size small enough to fit in between the seats.

  291. I love the way the Bumbleride folds up, the fact that you can do it one handed and that it folds up so small makes it so much better than any other pram I’ve seen. I love that it’s environmentally friendly and that it can lay all the way down, perfect for all ages!

  292. The small fold down size is definitely the best feature. Good for lots of boot sizes!

  293. An environmentally conscious baby company- has my vote right there! All the other features are a bonus.

  294. Imrose Bin Muhit Reply

    Lightweight and 360° front wheel swivel with lock option make this stroller unique and effective for me.

  295. My fave feature is the fact that the strollers are made from recycled polyester! Around 28 bottles per stroller! Now thats saving the environment!

  296. Catherine G Reply

    Love the lightweight one handed folding design. The pram I had for my first bub was so big and bulky, not to mention heavy, this would be a dream for when bub 2 arrives.

  297. Roz Nordin Reply

    Love the easy fold geared hinge that fold the stroller and with one hand too. Suspension on all wheel is a big bonus as i love going for a good walk with my son. Its a dreampram!!

  298. adele wriede Reply

    I love the fact it is environmentally friendly. This is the first pram that had consisted how it can be more sustainable and help protect the environment for our children. well done!

  299. After SO MUCH RESEARCH, this is my pram of choice because 1) stylish 2) running-ready 3) compact 4) lightweight 5) storage space 6) manoeuvrability… but my hands-down favourite feature is the eco-friendly aspect. Oh, and I love that it’s a small, family created brand.

  300. Wendy Hatton Reply

    I love it’s easy folding design and light weight. No more struggling! Yay!

  301. I love how the geared hinge can fold the pram for you, and single-handed unfolding!! Nothing else to be said!

  302. I have been looking everywhere that would suit our farm life! I’m forever struggling to push my current pram over the rocks, through the dirt/mud and even when I can, it’s not a smooth ride! This looks like it would give such a smooth ride over the lumps and bumps and might even mean my baby will sleep while I walk (no more noise-cancelling headphones!!)

  303. I love that its all terrain, no more getting bogged with sub standard wheels.

  304. The feature that has me wanting this is the fact it’s easy to fold and with one handed. I have a really bad back, this would make life so much easier and less painful.

  305. Alise Headlam Reply

    I live out bush so the all wheel suspension really got my attention

  306. I have been coveting this pram ♡
    I’m quite active so suspension, bigger wheels and ease of use are huge wow factors for me! Having a pram that fits my lifestyle and offers safety, comfort and style would be amazing!

  307. Lindi Phillips Reply

    A young busy Mum with a 20month and a bub due in November, love the big wheels suit my lifestyle the foot board for my daughter when she tired, but for me it’s the teenie weight of 10kgs, making my life so much easier when lifting to put into and pull out of the car.. Love Love the look of the Bumbleride and The fact it is made from recycled bottles is an environmental Genius.

  308. I love how big the shade cover is. Great not only to protect baby from the sun but also to help baby sleep.

  309. Definitely the one handed fold would be my favourite – when you have three kids you NEVER have two free hands to use on anything!!!

  310. Courtney pascoe Reply

    The fact it folds down small enough to fit in the front seat ! Sounds like a dream !

  311. Cindy Nickels Reply

    The large wheels and suspension making the pram all terrain is the standout feature for me. My grandson loves to visit the horses and cows and the old pram we have often gets bogged and is so hard to push.

  312. I love that it’s suitable from day one right through to toddler with the right size without too much weight and being highly adjustable.

  313. Love the off track possibilities, with summer round the corner the ability to go on sand makes this pram stand out

  314. Sally Turner Reply

    The fact that it folds down so small that it is so versatile and easy to store, makes this my dream baby carrier/pram. Would love to own this!

  315. Being compact and lightweight is important to me. I hate being bogged down by weight and struggling to get it in the car.

  316. How compact it folds. We have a smaller car so would be easier to fit in.

  317. Carlin Lee Reply

    So many things, but the easy one handed fold down to a super small package would have to be what stands out to me. This would make it so much easier for us a family, particularly when we are travelling with roller skating gear our son’s bike etc for an active family outing

  318. Dianne Bell Reply

    You know, prams these days come with all the bells and whistles but its hard to know what you really need. This pram has all the practical functions that matter!! And whilst competition is on to be the best, this one is environmentally friendly which really means a lot to me who is becoming more and more environmentally aware. 100% PET and a new water saving method of fabric drying to minimise the environmental impact is just fabulous and should be advertised more. Well done Bumbleride!!!!

  319. Krystal Garner Reply

    I love the pop out extension panel for extra sun protection because I read recently you shouldn’t drape a wrap or blanket over the pram for sun protection as it makes the pram hotter and unsafe for babies. This pop out extension panel and mesh back rest will help with airflow and not suffocate my baby while trying to give him extra sun protection.

  320. Bents142327 Reply

    After having Breast Cancer in 2016, and having a Double Mastectomy, we have been blessed with what they are saying is a miracle baby after all the Chemo and Radiation I had. Due to my Mastectomy, I am quite limited with my left arm movement range due to my lymph nodes being removed and cording, so this stroller will be great for me to be able to use without putting too much stress on my left arm and body and baby.

  321. Natasha Alyce Robinson Reply

    I love the color, but most importantly I love the air filled tyres for a smooth ride for the little ones. Also that adjustable handle will make those long walks way more comfy for mummy!

  322. I love the color, but most importantly I love the air filled tyres for a smooth ride for the little ones. Also that adjustable handle will make those long walks way more comfy for mummy!

  323. I love that this pram is so lightweight and is a smooth ride to run and walk with! We use our pram a lot! And need one that ticks all the boxes.

  324. I personally like that I could run with it. I am in dire need of more outdoor exercise.

  325. Allannah Glennister Reply

    Bumbleride would be amazing! The ease of folding it down would make taking the bubs out for a stroll so much easier than lugging a bulky pram around.

  326. I love the lightweight frame – perfect as I don’t have much arm strength

  327. Rachel Tindale Reply

    Honestly I love the whole product. But if I were to pick a feature I like the most, that would be how easy and compact the pram collapses. So easy to store and quick to put in the boot of my car. No more fussing around too long while poor bub is in the car.

  328. Emily Dessent Reply

    I love the look of it and how easy it is to pack up and set up!

  329. Sarah Masson Reply

    Loving the geared hinge that folds the stroller for you, perfect!

  330. TriciaHayley Reply

    Love the suspension and larger wheels. I like to take my girl on all sorts of adventures off-road so we need a rig that’ll handle it and give bubs a smooth ride.

  331. Widi Baskoro Reply

    The COMFORT it gives to both baby and parents. Light like a feather, yet drives like a tough 4WD.

  332. I love the portability aspect of the Bumbleride and how lightweight it is, as my back is really bad and I don’t want to struggle when taking bubs for a walk.

  333. It looks narrow and agile. The perfect vehicle to squeeze through those tight spots and do some serious shopping quick!

  334. Sarah mary Reply

    The lightweight frame. Being around 50 kilos I really struggle pushing a heavy stroller so this would make our explorations into nature much more enjoyable

  335. I am absolutely loving that she is holding baby in one hand and folded up Bumbleride Indie in the other.. That is impressive!!

  336. Laura Thomas Reply

    I love how quick and easy it is to fold down and pack away. With having two boys to look after, the quicker I can get them moving and packed into the car means we can get on with all our adventures

  337. The lightweight frame! Its so important for the stroller to be user friendly, practical and designed well!

  338. Rose Petal Reply

    That it’s just so easy, even a new Dad will be able to use it!

  339. Natasha McRae Reply

    I love that you can easily fold it down to be so very small and that it barely weighs anything! Travelling with a pram has never looked so appealing!!

  340. Renee Prince Reply

    It’s really a combination of the light 10kg weight and the ability to fold it up one-handed as we travel frequently between our current home on the Gold Coast and where we were living in Vancouver. Transiting the nightmare that is LAX would be a BREEZE with this beaut!

  341. Jakub Jerzyniak Reply

    The fact that this pram folds up so small and that it has the teched out hinge is a game changer as it will take up minimal boot space and time packing up on our camping/ surfing adventures. We can continue to take everything but the kitchen sink away with us without sacrificing stroller quality and features. Happy wife, happy life!

  342. Love that it would fit in my tiny car and I’d still have space for shopping

  343. Jodie Scott Reply

    Such a beautiful quality pram, would be perfect for my granson

  344. The all terrain ability, the small folded down size and the extra leg room for toddlers

  345. Sharon Markwell Reply

    The light weight of the Bumbleride Indie is its greatest feature to help my crotchety and sore back.

  346. Kylah Stevenson Reply

    You only ever want to make one trip. I love that the pram is so lightweight, even with bub in one arm and the pram in the other, at least there is a possibility of carrying some shopping in to.

  347. The compactness and how light weight it is. Just being able to fold it down and pop it into the boot without struggling would be amazing after owning heavy prams for years now

  348. The fact it’s so simple to use one handed as we all know doing jobs with one hand is a prerequisite of motherhood !

  349. John Mclean Reply

    I wish to be a dad and take care of beautiful baby from my soon to be wife happy life

  350. I love how the Bumberide Indie is for the active family as I run in marathons and is made out of 100% rPET fabric, protecting the environment.

  351. Light weight and speed of easy fold… so important when shopping with babe, toddler and a preschooler. Environmentally friendly for a household of “greenies” . Amazed that fabrics use recycled PET bottles.

  352. I love how small it folds down and how easy it is to fold down. With a small car, space is very important

  353. Kayla Griffiths Reply

    Love how compact and light it is. Will be great for travel

  354. Tamara Robinson Reply

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE FACT THE BUMBLERIDE INDIE IS MADE OUT OF RECYCLED MILK BOTTLES!! Honestly to have such an ingenious pram that is so extremely compact, with more sun protection than many and most other strollers I’ve seen and to be completely made of 100% PET is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen! I’ve never adored a stroller so much as I do this one, the fact that something that takes so long to break down and is so harmful to the environment has now been recycled and turned into something that is so extremely convenient and an essential for parents, that can be used from child to child for years to come! You’d be proud to even own this, and how stylish is it! I’d love a bumbleride indie but unfortunately that’s just not possible due to finances, I would love nothing more than to win this for my girls and secretly for myself too he he

  355. Michelle P Reply

    I love that it’s lightweight. After a really exhausting day the last thing anyone wants to do is to be lifting something that feels like a tonne of bricks. This would make life that little more simpler.

  356. I love that it goes on sand! I’ve often been left behind on the edge of the beach, with the pram, while the others go for a swim or walk

  357. I love its being eco-friendly. I believe Green technology is our future!

  358. I absolutely love that the Bumbleride is environmentally-friendly, and one many things that are being made from recycled materials. I also like the idea of the longer legs for tall Mums!

  359. Taking my grandson on scenic hikes, so he can enjoy the birds, animals and landscape.

  360. Lizzy Archer Reply

    I love the generous leg room and tall back because my son likes to make parallelograms and spin around like windmill in his sleep!

  361. Wish they were around when my kids were little – now I celebrate this for the “Great Grandies”

  362. Kirstie Sweetin Reply

    If I had to choose one feature, it would be light weight. My new car is much higher than my old one and I struggle to lift my pram up to the boot now.

  363. Hope blank Reply

    With an 8 week old and a 19 month old i have enough weight to carry. I really like that this stroller is easy to fold and only weighs 10kg making it light weight and easy to lift into the back of our high 4wd 🙂

  364. The fact it is so easy to fold up and when folded is very compact.

  365. Yvette Apollos Reply

    Love everything about this gadget. So many features stand out . @cornears50

  366. Erinne Dunn Reply

    I love the size of the hood and that it lays flat and that it’s easy fold down

  367. Colin burt Reply

    Up and down without a frown, easy of use, collapse it down, rise it up not a problem Easley peasey

  368. Emma Winter Reply

    The aspect of this stroller I most love is how compact it is and that it can be folded with one hand – so useful! Also that it is suitable from birth up!

  369. I love that it is so lightweight, makes it so much easier to take in and out of the boot of a car and travelling on public transport. I love all the additional cool accessories , especially the magnetic viewing window. 🙂

  370. Easy folding and lightweight. why. Because after carrying baby. bag and shopping my back could do with a break

  371. I love how easy it folds up. Having 3 kids it would make life a lot easier to fold and pop in the boot

  372. Hannah Madden Reply

    How small it folds down to. We have a big car but not much room for a pram, this size would fit perfectly into our car though

  373. I love that it is compact with a lightweight frame and 30cm air filled tires. And has a fully adjustable backrest, footrest and handle to create a customized fit for me and baby.

  374. The geared hinge, it would make life easier to be able to close the stroller with no extra effort whilst I’m either holding bubs or groceries

  375. I currently own a pram that lacks the features that the Bumbleride Indie Stroller has. I love that this pram has adjustable footrest, is lightweight and provides a large basket.

  376. Kerry Howitt Reply

    All the features are great but I really like the light weight and ease of folding with comfort for the little one all rolled into one versatile transport hub.

  377. I love how compactly the pram folds down too, perfect for storing in our small car

  378. Jessica Johnson Reply

    I like that it works!! My pram just broke so being able to push it and it moves is my favourite feature

  379. Alecia Barnes Reply

    Light weight and easy to fold – a winner in any parents eyes!

  380. Love that part of this pram is made from recycled materials!! How unique, hats off to company!

  381. Have you tried single handedly loading kids, baby, sports gear, bag, phone, keys, snacks, fold up chairs and pram into a 12 seater bus lately?
    No, nor have I, but one day that will be my norm and when that day comes, I’ll need a sturdy, lightweight framed pram to save my back and sanity.

  382. Jacquelyne Ryan-Tants Reply

    I love that it’s all terrain and we can use it mostly anywhere. We walk a lot and visit new places so this would be great!

  383. This pram is Great with functionality and style. It is also one hundred times better than our current pram.

  384. Haylee Thomson Reply

    I LOVE the one handed fold because with 4 kids, you need to be able to fold and unfold your pram quickly and easily before they can all run in different directions because you are to busy setting up and folding the pram!

  385. The one handed use would be great for me at the moment as I am unable to use one hand due to illness and unable to use current pram as it is heavy and need both hands.

  386. brianna kent Reply

    I love that it folds up so small but the most outstanding thing to me is the reduced impact on the environment. Everyone know wat a pram is essential but having the choice of none which is better for the environment is amazing.

  387. Single handed fold and unfold will win every time with a cranky baby in arms. Although must say love that it’s light weight and folds small and the fabric colors

  388. Brenda Vonortas Reply

    i LOVE that it folds. Perfect for our first family holiday

  389. Love that this is a full size pram that would both accommodate my tall toddler would fit into and fit in the boot of hatchback!! Hard to find!

  390. To be honest the space saving feature screams out to me… with three kids and no room in the car for anything else after bags and shopping, a compact stroller that squeezes in nicely would save the boot Tetris we play every day!

  391. Palika Woodward Reply

    I love that it’s light weight and all terrain. I have a big baby boy so need to be able to get around with ease.

  392. Ameliyah & Ivie-Rose Reply

    I love the fact that it folds so compact. With a family of five there isnt much room left for the luxury of a decent pram.

  393. My favourite feature would be the fact it can fold down and fit into the front seat of the car. I just recently got my license after 16 years of being on my learner’s permit and am loving the freedom that driving has given me. But with two children, it’s hard to get the pram and everything else into the boot. Would love a bumbleride for the ease of use and the style 🙂

  394. Ally Jacobi Reply

    The ease with which it folds and unfolds would be a dream! At the moment I just about break my back getting my sons pram set up and put down. I would also love to be able to fit the pram in the front seat when I need the extra room in the boot!

  395. I love that this pram is made from recycled PET bottles. That’s probably the biggest seller for me! Start them young on building a sustainable future.

  396. Pamela Khoury Reply

    I love that its lightweight. Easy to take in and out of the car

  397. I love that is has suspension on all wheels. Living in the country means few footpaths and the suspension would ensure a smooth ride for baby.

  398. Shontelle prout Reply

    Wow! the Bumble ride Indie is made from environmentally friendly materials! As a mum that is trying to leave a small carbon footprint for her child, this is hugely exciting.

  399. What i really like about this pram is that it can be used from birth to toddlers. As a active mum i love how versatile it is. Big wheels for outdoor activities but still great for everyday use.

  400. Tarin Collins Reply

    The best feature would have to be all terrain as I live in country WA, no footpaths around here! A pram that is easy to push on gravel would be a life saver. The second best feature would be how small it folds, our trips to Perth for food mean the car is stacked to the roof and currently I can’t take our pram with us as it doesn’t fit in on the way home. Winning this pram would be amazing.

  401. All of the features sound amazing! Lightweight – check, easy to fold – check, lockable front wheel for jogging or walking – check, lies flat for newbies – check! I also love the bright colours this comes in – perfect for making a statement.

  402. What’s not to love?! Lightweight, swivel wheels, lie flat for newborns, the style, th colours.. the best feature in my mummy eyes is that It folds down to fit in the front seat! My current pram takes up the whole boot. No room for shopping!

  403. Sarah Skehan Reply

    Lots of room for nappy bag and shopping, my current pram has zero space and I end up carrying nappy bag and shopping on my back or don’t venture out without my hubby by my side 🙁 this pram would give me the freedom and confidence to get out by myself whilst looking awesomely stylish. 🙂

  404. How can I only pick one?! To be able to have our dog secured in the boot, baby secured in their seat in the middle and the pram able to fit in the front of my hatchback sounds like all of my dreams come true!

  405. I NEED a pram with amazing manoeuvrability and this pram has exactly that!

  406. I love that the Bumbleride Indies fabric is made from recycled milk bottles. As a mum who is trying to lessen my families carbon footprint, this pram ticks alot of boxes for me. Plus that colour is amazing!

  407. Good love, this jolly pram has been up in airs all over the well-being websites, I’ve been searching about it for weeks, now I know everyone’s got as good a chance as me but as a budding young father, this fashion passion ride away is the only four wheeler I’d take out the door, the mechanics of the humble bumble sunrises me, at first it looks like every pram in the past but you can see the real work that has gone into it, I’d never expect myself to be searching for something so desperately, and at this wondrous point in my life. It’s a funny pram called the bumble ride

  408. Natasha Littler Reply

    Love the lightweight frame and full suspension. Perfect for when I want to run

  409. 1st time mummy Reply

    I am a first time mum, using a 3year old hand me down pram. From my lovely sister because we found ourselves in a situation where we couldn’t afford to buy a new pram. To own a new pram would make me so happy
    And the ability to easily lift it into the car with its sleek design would make my life so much easier

  410. I love that Bumbleride pram is made using recycled materials. I like knowing I am supporting companies that will support my baby’s future and the environment.

  411. Heidi Mansfield Reply

    While I absolutely love that it’s made with 100% recycled PET, I must admit that the all-wheel suspension and welded, lightweight aluminum frame are real winners for me. As first time parents, we’re looking forward to taking bub to Bali next year close to his first birthday. The terrain, even on footpaths, is uneven and I feel as though we’d be able to tackle it with confidence in this pram.

  412. Kiera Gustsfson Reply

    So many things to love! I think the best part is the easy one hand folding, we all know how difficult juggling a baby/groceries and trying to fold a pram is BUT I also love tgat the pram folds right back allowing using right from a new born!

  413. Love the all terrain ability! Just because I’m a parent doesn’t mean I am going to stop do in the things I love – now I can share them with my little ones!

  414. Heather Ryan Reply

    The ease of putting it up and down along with how light and compact folded up it is would be perfect I be grateful and lucky to have one.

  415. The thing that appeals to me the most is the fact that the pram compacts to fit in the front seat as space can be limited with groceries and multiple people!

  416. Anthony Callen Reply

    Even though it’s light weight and compact, this pram looks like it can take a few knocks because I can be rough as guts sometimes!

  417. Lisa wishart Reply

    I love how small this pram folds up and how many amazing features it has. It would be amazing for my 3m old

  418. Karen Darcy Reply

    love the sound of suspension on all wheels,it would be a dream to push.

  419. Kylie Kelly Reply

    The suspension on all wheels sounds genius! And the mesh back rest would be perfect for the hot summers here, no more sweaty bub!

  420. Sheree Pallis Reply

    My baby deserves a luxurious ride
    And with Bumbleride Indie there’s no comfort denied.
    With the one step folding it’s a parents dream,
    But most of all it’s environmentally green!

  421. Josie Kenney Reply

    Over the hills, across the dirt, through the sand and into the shops – there’s no stopping the Bumbleride Indie stroller… perfect for a couple like myself and my husband who live being outdoors

  422. A pram that when folded down fits in pretty much anywhere is perfect for us mums with smllcrs as we need all the extra spce we can get. ilove the look of the pram so stylish and fresh.

  423. Selina hoyer Reply

    I love the extendable sun shade, perfect for Aussie conditions

  424. Paisley Parish Reply

    I love how quick and easy it is to fold, perfect for busy mums on the go!

  425. Jacinta Gornall Reply

    The size once folded down is a great feature! I love that I’ll be able to fit a pram in my small boot finally!

  426. My favourite feature would be that it is lightweight at only 10kg! Living in an apartment with a newborn baby has been pretty hard so a lightweight pram would make my life so much easier. I also love that the pram is very stylish! Thanks

  427. Natalie Cloud Reply

    Would love this because of its size when folded. We can’t fit our current stroller in our car without the back seats down. This would make such a difference.

  428. Alanna Morgan Reply

    I love that’s it’s an ‘all terrain vehicle’… living in the country on a farm means I’m constantly faced with varying ground surfaces everywhere I go, not just at home but to local events, friends, park etc. I love that I know I’d be able to take bub for a walk and not have to constantly struggle with the pram and be limited in my active choices. I also love the easy folding mechanism, my current pram is a two handed folder and it does make things awkward at times. This would be such a massive upgrade my for soon to arrive bub. Pick me!

  429. Kerri Nixon Reply

    Definitely the size once folded. As a busy mum of 4 kindy and school drop off and pick ups are longer putting our pram together each time.

  430. Katie Simpson Reply

    I love everything about this pram! Compact, lightweight and easy to fold. And it’s pretty!!!

  431. Stacy Saville Reply

    Love how compact it folds down , sometimes the boot is to full to fit a pram in also.
    Also love the height as I’m tall much easier on the back to push.

  432. Margot kiesskalt Reply

    I love that it lays flat! Not many do, but it’s such an important feature

  433. The features i love about the bumbleride pram is how compactly it folds down making it so portable as well as the fact that it’s an all terrain pram. I live near the beach so this would be perfect for the afternoon walk!

  434. Louisa athena Reply

    I love how compact and light it is, drives me nuts when my boot is full of the big kids bikes and other gear and I need to leave the pram at home, will be great to be able to pop it on the front seat!

  435. I love how it is light weight and it can fold easily and packed away in my small car.

  436. When baby throws a tantrum wanting to be held, you need something that’s lightweight and folded quick and thats what I love about this!

  437. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    The ability to fold the pram one handed! I have two under two, so wrangling my toddler whilst trying to hold armfuls of groceries and a newborn is tough. Being able to easily fold the pram down and not have to wrangle that too would be a game changer when it’s time to pack up into the car!

  438. The one handed fold and unfold!
    My baby likes to be held, sometimes it’s one handed or nothing!
    Bumbleride combines all the features I’m looking for (in one hand)

  439. I love how the bumbleride is quite compact when folded down. Having a mazda 2, this definitely helps with the space issue. As well as the one handed fold down, genius!

  440. I most love that the bumbleride indie has all terrain capability. I live in the bush and need a pram that can handle any surface I throw at it!

  441. What’s not to like about the bumbleride, but if i had to pick one thing it would be that the large wheels make it a smooth ride for any terrain making it easier to take everywhere.

  442. Courtney t Reply

    I love the oversized hood – perfect for a hot day or even getting caught in a light shower

  443. Sarah Williams Reply

    I love the extended canopy. How perfect for our long hot summers and for total nap time goals!

  444. The quick and simple one handed folding would help save the amount of tears from my little girl in the backseat who hates the car.

  445. Ali Alexandra Reply

    The one handed fold out sounds amazing! I have one of the said car seat hating babies so this will save many a tear! Keep bub on hip and vwuala pram up and ready to go!

  446. Kandace Beatton Reply

    There are a lot of features that I love on this stroller, but I really appreciate that the Bumbleride Is made from recycled materials.

  447. Jade lehner Reply

    I love how small it folds down, space is always very limited. The smaller the better

  448. I love that it is easy to fold, folds flat and doesn’t take up too much room. Extra bonus is the magnetic window which makes so much sense. You don’t want to wake your sleeping baby by ripping open a valcro tab window.

  449. Chloe Golder-hutton Reply

    I love that it’s easy to fold and you can start a newborn in it! My little girl is 7wks old so this pram would be amazing

  450. Would love to win this for my future daughter in-law we just found out she’s pregnant while she is in the middle of planning a wedding so any help would be grate. the features I love about the pram is that it’s light, compact and that you can lock the front wheel to stop it turning.

  451. I love the feature that it can lie flat or upright because it will be able to grow with my newborn!

  452. kelly.sienna Reply

    this pram would b.c.e do ideal for me and my little bubba. i love the fact of how compact and light weight it can be. especially from currently using the bulky strider aling with capsule trying to transport everthting in a 2 door little hatch back is not ideal. would love to give this a go 🙂

  453. LOVE LOVE LOVE that it folds flat with the geared hinge. A must have feature!

  454. With a very active toddler and a 6 month old the one handed fold down sounds amazing!

  455. Danielle Palmer Reply

    The Bumbleride is such a practical & stylish pram! It would really suit my bub and my fam!

    My favourite feature is the suspension & 360 degree front wheel spin, with a 9 week old bub (and two others under 5 at home), I need to get back into jogging to wear the clothes I no longer fit in! The weather is slowly getting warmer and without a doubt, is pram would be perfect to get out and about!!

  456. Am I the only one who’s noticed that most lightweight strollers don’t have adequate sun protection? I’ve been desperately looking for an easy to use stroller for my daughter (easy is the magic word here) but I can’t find one that has a large enough sun canopy or storage, until now that is (thank you Mum Central!) And the price point is right on too 🙂

  457. Easy to fold and compact. We all need this especially when we are trying to hold other toddlers. The pram looks great too, stylish with great sun protection. Would love to win this for my little girl.

  458. I love that the Bumbleride Indie stroller has a geared hinge which folds the stroller for you… so many times I’ve struggled to fold my current pram

  459. i love how small it folds down hate having a small boot & having a pram that takes up the whole boot

  460. Love that this pram is made minimising environmental impact using 100% PET and saving water while dying the fabric.
    Also the size and ease of folding, would make life much easier when out and about!

  461. Kathryn Gardiner Reply

    Magnetic viewing window so I can keep an eye on bubs at all times, and the environmental impact it is having.

  462. All weather and terrain – protected from sun, wind and rain – those wheels are designed to take bub anywhere!!

  463. I love how it’s easy to fold away, being a first time Grandma and a little on the older side I think it would be easy for me to handle

  464. Samatha Ireland Reply

    Being able to push with one hand and hold my much needed coffee with the other!

  465. I love the durability, it seems like the only pram that can do it all without breaking!

  466. The lightweight frame. Its hard enough to carry all the necessary items as a mum so the lightweight frame will make like so much easier.

  467. I love the look of the slim, compact fold. With 11 years between kid 1 and kid 3, I’ve tried numerous prams and strollers. I’m yet to find one that I LOVE. I like the one I have but gee its hard to fit into a compact sedan with school bags and shopping. My son (9) plays the cello and on days it has to go to school the cello sits in the front and all 3 kids in the back. My daughter (12) protests.

  468. A compact, lightweight pram that can go anywhere. Yes please!
    I loved my twin however I only need a single now. Amazing brand, amazing customer service.

  469. Jessica Simpson Reply

    The fact that they are so light-weight and easy to fold, makes it so much more convienient for busy parents.

  470. The easy fold and compact design is the key selling loot for me! Plus love the covers are environmentally friendly.

  471. lyndel marshall rowe Reply

    i love the easy to fold,compact design,better still lightweight for us nannies

  472. Roberto Colombi Reply

    The ease of folding it away – simply ‘Bee’rilliant, no Bumbling or Fumbling for this klutzy parent!

  473. Made of recycled milk bottles, wow, that has to be the most impressive feature! I love the sustainability factors along with the ease of use. Would suit well out on my off grid home!!

  474. 100% recycled PET? Ohmigggggoddd!!!
    Not only is this amazing versatile yet compact pram a good way to get people out and about without having to lug a heavy two piece pram, but you have recycled all those milk bottles from all our increased coffee consumption which is fueling our poor tired souls.
    Nothing makes me happier than a move towards a more sustainable environment and companies that care about their footprint.

  475. I love that it made for fully recycle materials and folds compact to save space in our busy family car.

  476. Small compact, fit in the passenger side size, would make my life so much easier!!

  477. We travel a lot so the fact that is lightweight and compact is so import to us

  478. I love how compact and easy to use the pram is. Being able to fold it up so small to fit in the car is awesome. And i love it is made with recycled milk containers!

  479. Laura Scriven Reply

    Only 10kgs but has all the features you need,
    That has me totally pleased!

  480. Sarah Wallace Reply

    the amount of times I get in and out of the car, having a lightweight pram will make life so much easier!

  481. Tim Durrant Reply

    So lightweight and folds so compact, yet probably one of the sturdiest and robustly built ones I’ve ever tried

  482. Laura Power Reply

    Love that it’s so light weight, great color range as well!

  483. Andrea Paroz Reply

    I love that it has a pop out extension panel for extra sun protection. This would be perfect for when we go out on an afternoon walk, so that the sun doesn’t get in bub’s eyes and saves me trying to clip on a wrap over the top which she ends up trying to pull off anyway!

  484. I love how light this pram is – plus light on my conscience being made with environmentally friendly materials! Yes please!!!!

  485. A stroller that has everything a parent asks for.Easy to use, light and stylish.

  486. One thing you notice when you’re a new mum is that you get tired so so easily! I love how this Bumbleride Indie Stroller is LIGHT WEIGHT, making it EASY to pack away after use, EASY to assemble and has ALL the features you need in a luxury pram, that will keep baby SAFE, COMFORTABLE and mum HAPPY!

  487. Lyn Richards Reply

    Wow what a terrific product and even more wonderful to have the opportunity to win one

  488. This looks like the ideal all terrain pram for a mum and bub who want to get out and go! The easy fold mechanism is a stroke of genius!

  489. Chrissy Roberts Reply

    The geared hinge which folds the stroller is just wonderful. Sounds like a fabulous invention.

  490. I love it has so much pocket space to allow for places to put things neatly.

  491. Amy Macdonald Reply

    I lovd how light weight and compact the pram is while still looking compact.

  492. Amy Macdonald Reply

    I lovd how light weight and compact this pram is while still looking stylish.

  493. I think the big wheels and suspension are like nothing else on the market. The practicality that they afford the pram along with the lightweight frame allows you to be able take this pram anywhere!!!

  494. Geared hinges that fold the stroller and possible to fold one handed! Wowsers that would be awesome!! And won’t take up my whole boot, yay! Bonus the hood fabric is made from recycled pet bottles, incredible! This is an amazing stroller

  495. ‘Lightweight’ seals the deal for me. The other fab features are an added bonus

  496. Janelle Dowton Reply

    The all-terrain manoeuvrability,
    Is the feature that appeals to be,
    Means bub and I can stay on the go,
    The Bumbleride would be the hero!

  497. Ashley Beech Reply

    Only 10 kilos,
    you’ve got to be kidding!
    The old stroller I had
    felt like I was powerlifting.
    The frame’s have come far
    it’s my favourite feat,
    getting this new stroller
    would be a wonderful treat.

  498. Chris Beatton Reply

    I love that that this stroller is lightweight, appears to have quality construction which Bumbleride backs with a 3-year warranty, it’s practical, and most importantly LOOKS SUPER COOL & STYLISH!! I want one!!

  499. Mandy Sched-Carter Reply

    Being able to fold it back up with one hand sounds like a dream!! That would be a favourite feature for me.

  500. So light and convenient! Best feature by far, don’t need the extra stuff. Simple is best.

  501. paula sutton Reply

    It’s light and stylish – so no sore back with heavy lifting.

  502. I love that it’s lightweight. Nothing worse than having to unload a heavy pram out of the car. Killer on the back.

  503. N Beaumont Reply

    With a car full of kids toys, snacks and tiny humans, I love the compact size of this Bumbleride Indie Pram and the ease of operation when your hands are full! A god-send for any busy, run-off-your-feet parent!

  504. Johanna rees Reply

    The geared hinge which folds the stroller for me and can be done with only one hand.

  505. An easy fold after a c-section with a busy toddler on hand sounds like a dream!

  506. Zoe Marshall Reply

    The geared hinge will be incredibly handy because I’m notoriously bad at setting up things especially in time pressure scenarios and a full car park with people waiting for your space is too much pressure!

  507. Patricia Harkin Reply

    Its lightweight frame because I already have back issues and don’t want to add to them with heavy strollers to lift.

  508. Lisa Hilton Reply

    Lightweight and easy to fold down are essential pram features. Oh and it looks FAB too

  509. Skye Danaher Reply

    The style and colours! It is really hard to find a ‘funky’ stroller 🙂

  510. Christina L Reply

    I love that it only weights 10kg. Its particularly useful when you’re on your own and struggling to manage the stroller.

  511. I love the light weight frame, as it will make carting around my baby so much easier!

  512. I absolutely love that the Bumbleride is ideal for a newborn bub but can also still comfortably fit my 5 year old daughter due to the tall back and leg rest! It is extremely versatile and has incredible longevity and practicality, not losing its quality along the way.

  513. Being environmentally friendly is a big priority for me, I’m elated that this stroller is 100% PET. YES PLEASE!

  514. MUST be easy to fold. That’s my favourite thing about the Bumbleride Indie stroller. Love everything about it too. Easily pushed, strong, safe and comfortable.

  515. Helen Russell Reply

    The Bumbleride Indie is the Rolls Royce of prams! The best feature is the geared hinge allowing easy folding. On top of this wonderful innovation the pram has every possible feature you could hope for in a pram and more. The designers are to be congratulated on creating the best pram on the market. A simply outstanding pram.

  516. One step fold!! This would save me trying to give over-the-phone instructions to the grandparents when they’re out with bub and can’t work out the pram. Don’t blame them though, some prams are so cumbersome.

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