WIN One of Ten Ubisoft Just Dance 2021 for Nintendo Switch

Get the party started this summer by winning your kids the newest edition of the mega-popular game, Just Dance 2021. If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch or are planning on buying the kids one for Christmas, this competition has your name all over it.

If you’re not familiar with the Just Dance games, you’re in for a hilarious treat! These games get the kids moving and grooving as they dance along to popular tunes. It’s by far the most active video game out there which is one of the reasons kids and parents love it so much. They are getting heaps of exercise WHILE playing a video game.

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Dance like everyone is watching!

The object of the game is to copy the dance moves on the screen and beat your dancing opponent. With the new edition, kids can play with friends in co-op mode to get the highest game scores possible.

Just Dance 2021 features a whole soundtrack of cool tunes too – “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa and “Senorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello, for example. Songs that are easy to listen to, dance to and won’t drive you around the bend. Baby Shark not included. THANK GOD.

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You’ll be grooving to your fave tunes before you know it! Source: Supplied

Kids can also personalise their experience with custom playlists and curated recommendations which is a new feature of the 2021 game.

Trust us, this game is a laugh and a half, whether watching the kids or attempting to do it yourself. After a few wines it’s even funnier! It’s ideal for family time, friend-time, parties and anytime really.

Our kids LOVE it and we are sure yours will too.

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Get ready to groove with Just Dance 2021 for Nintendo Switch. Source: Supplied

Win it just in time for Christmas

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, enter below to WIN 1 of 10 Just Dance 2021 games.

Each game retails for $74.95 and makes an excellent gift for under the Christmas tree. Prepare for a lot of laughs at Christmas lunch, especially if you can convince Nan and Pop to have a go!

You can pick the games up through the Ubisoft store online – they’ve got heaps of other cool Nintendo Switch games heavily discounted too – definitely worth a look if you’ve got gamers at home.

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