WIN: ALL the Fun with a $500 Mega Toy Pack from Talkin’ Toys, Wahu & Goliath Games

Just in time for school holidays, we’ve the best-of-the-best in fun from Talkin’ Toys, Wahu and Goliath Games to give away. 

Hey, Mum. Here’s our promise to you. If you’re the winner of this epic $500 prize pack, you won’t hear a single ‘I’m bored’ for the next six weeks. You may not even see your kids AT ALL.

And just in case you need any more encouragement to sign on for your chance to win, here’s a round-up of the sweetest toys around – all of which could be yours this summer!

Get get busy with outdoor toys

Wahu Soccer & Wahu Footy: Everyone knows that Wahu is mum-speak for awesome outdoor play! The Wahu Soccer ball and Waju Footy are made of an ultra-tough neoprene outer with an internal air-filled bladder. In a variety of colours, they’re waterproof and kid-proof making them perfect from backyard to beach.

Grip Ball: It’s a family favourite that’s been the epicentre of fierce competition for so many summers. The original and best, made by Wahu, is the quality choice for hours of fun. Perfect for home, holidays or throwing in the picnic bag, throw it, catch it and rrrrrrrip it.

Phlat Ball Flash: This third evolution of a much-loved classic features tricked-up LED lights creating a dazzling aero-show. Ideal for summer evenings as the light drops low, everyone will be mesmerised by Phlat Ball Flash. Throw a disc, catch a ball!

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Head inside and chill with cool new gadgets, games and softies 

Feisty Pets: Remember that YouTube video of the little boy freaking out at the cute-then-evil plush toy? Yep, that’s the hilariously scary yet adorable Feisty Pets. Sure to bring endless laughs for all kids (big and small) they’re ‘stuffed – with attitude!’ There’s five different animals to collect, including a unicorn, kitty and dragon, and you can win them all.

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I-Top Spinners: Spin it to win it! This 21st century spinning top counts your successful rotations creating awesome opportunities for battling with your mates. Flashing lights and 8-functionalities combine to make this pocket sized toy enormous fun. There’s TWO spinners in our prize pack – Mega Gear Blue and Infinite Purple.

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Rubik’s Battle Cards: Show it, spot it, shout it! Think fast! This fab new card game is about to become your family’s most-reached-for choice in 2019. With the quick-thinking, brain-teaser feel of the puzzle, everyone will want to play long past bedtime.

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Rubik’s 3×3: This cut-down version of classic Rubik’s cube has a 3×3 grid simplifying the world’s most frustratingly addictive puzzle. More simple than the original, it’s ideal for kids to learn (or an adult who’s never broken the code! Awk!) Share your 80s obsession with the kids and give them the modern taste of your own childhood, now!

Love fun? Love Talkin’ Toys 

Got a kid in your house that loves watching YouTube videos about toys? Or maybe you’re a mum who likes to know what’s hot in play land? Either way, the Talkin’ Toys YouTube channel is for you. Click on over and subscribe for the latest, greatest and coolest in all things fun and games.

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And, here’s how to win, win, win

Thanks to Goliath Games, Wahu and Talkin’ Toys we’ve one bumper prize pack for a lucky Mum Central reader! That’s $500 worth of toys to keep them busy, busy, busy all school holidays. Keep on scrolling for your chance to win!


Like the idea of starting off the school holidays with a swag of cool toys?  Us too!

Then just fill in the form below! and you’re in the draw for a fully-loaded summer of fun.

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