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Finding Calm in the Crazy World of Motherhood: 10 Relaxation Tips

Parenting is crazy and EXHAUSTING, is it not? Here’s 10 relaxation tips to help find a sense of calm in the crazy world of motherhood. And not one is hiding in the toilet!

You know the saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup! Invest in your own good health (and sanity) because you’re worth it. Try some of these budget-friendly, easy-to-do relaxation tips today!

Ready to feel a little less “stressy” and a lot more zen? Me too, let’s go!

10 Relaxation tips for mums

1. Screens OFF

It takes some getting used to, but hitting the ‘do not disturb’ mode on your phone – or even turning your phone off (GASP!) is an instant stress reliever. We don’t need to be available to everyone 24/7, nor do we need all the constant social media or email notification dings. No siree.

2. Breathe in low and slow

Take a minute to concentrate on taking a few deep, slow breaths – inhale and exhale with purpose. If the kids are wanting to play outside, lay on the grass in the sun, feel the warmth on your face and breathe. Just watch out for children who love to jump on you – they’re a little stressful.

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3. The early bird gets the worm

My personal favourite, wake up a little earlier before everyone else does. Waking up early (even just 20 minutes earlier) means you can drink your cuppa, eat HOT toast and catch the morning news headlines in peace! BLISS!

4. Massage

It’s pure indulgence, going out for a massage – but something that should be done at least a few times a year. Go on treat yo’self. Can’t afford the spa treatment? Convince your partner to give you his or her best handwork or let the kids run over the back of your shirt with toy cars. You gotta take what you can get here mums.

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5. Sleep

Sleep is NOT for the weak, sleep is for stressed, tired-as-hell parents. And this is why you need to sleep when the baby sleeps, sleep when the kids nap, heck call your bedtime at 8:30 PM if you have to – don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s shut-eye!

6. Take 5 and have a cuppa

Contrary to the belief that caffeine adds to stress levels, there’s nothing more pleasing than just calling it momentarily quits on the endless #mumlife daily routine. So sit down, ignore the mess, and enjoy a hot coffee. Kids dressing the cat in Cabbage Patch Doll clothes? Let them be until that last sip…

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7. Meet with other parents

For me, Friday playgroup times were akin to mummy therapy. Surround yourself with other mums (or dads) in the same boat as you and talk each other’s ears off. It’s a fantastic stress reliever for everyone. Not to mention you can share tried and true parenting / life tips with each other. You might make some great, lifelong friends too.

8. Read

Feel as though you haven’t read a non-picture book since having kids? Now is the time! It doesn’t matter if it takes you MONTHS to read a novel, dedicating 15 minutes a day to get lost in reading is good for the soul and your sense of calm.

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9. Find yourself a hobby

Not even a hobby per se – but something JUST for YOU. Carve yourself out a little time each week to do something you’ve always wanted to do or enjoy doing. Doing something just for you shifts your focus from the kids, from work and the humdrum of the everyday. Catch a movie, take a walk or run through the park, even hit up the gym – it’s ALL beneficial to relaxing the body and brain.

10. Take turns for the sleep in

Ok so it’s not a spontaneous sleep in like the days of old – but a sleep in is still a sleep in – a luxury which is FREE. You need to have your partner on board for this relaxation tip, and work it out that every weekend one of you gets a sleep in and TAKE TURNS. Spoiler alert: it has to be fair, or it’s not going to happen, let’s be honest.

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Want some other wellbeing ideas for a healthier, calmer you? There’s a whole bunch of wellbeing apps for that!

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