6 Health and Well-Being Apps That are Actually Useful!

If anxiety is kicking your butt, you have no spare cash for a gym fee or you just want to up your water-drinking game, hold on tight. We’ve found 6 health and well-being apps for all of it!

Technology is a wonderful thing is it not? These days your smartphone can double as your motivational trainer or even your own personal sleep coach. Minus the huge fees, obviously.

If you’re not on your A-game when it comes to your personal health and wellness, you soon will be. Because we’ve bundled together six awesome apps that will help boost your health and well-being. And dare I say it—make being proactive a little less of a chore. Quick, find your phone charger!

6 Awesome health and well-being apps for a HEALTHIER YOU!

1. Plant Nanny

Drinking plenty of water is one of the EASIEST things to do to feel great, but so many of us find it an arduous task. Myself included. Believe it or not (and as weird as it sounds), keeping a virtual plant has helped me overcome this hurdle.

Plant Nanny is a fun app which tells you how much water you need to drink per day, then prompts you to drink it #HELPFUL. With every glass of water you drink, you help your virtual plant grow and flourish. It’s as simple as that. It’s the Tamagotchi of the water drinking world and I unashamedly LOVE IT.

Plant Nanny app | health app

2. Pacer app

Don’t want to fork out any extra hard-earned cash for a step tracker or other paraphernalia? Good news, you don’t have to with Pacer app!

Pacer is your newest walking buddy, keeping track of your activities in one fancy and uber intuitive interface. Its fun challenges and helpful data insights are excellent for motivating you into action, all without the drama of wearing an added track device.

Pacer app | health app

3. Calm app

Do you feel overwhelmed or just need help winding down at the end of the day? Calm app provides you with all that you need to feel blissed out. And with any luck, you’ll be enjoying a brilliant night’s sleep before long (or as good of a night’s sleep as is possible when you have kids!).

From blissful stories to help you drift off to practicing your breathing with gentle, helpful inhale / exhale exercises; it’s all wrapped up perfectly within the app.

Calm app | wellbeing app

4. Nike Training Club app

When it comes to working out, many of us have ALL manner of weird and wonderful excuses for why we don’t (or can’t). Time poor, no equipment, tied to the house with the kids. You get the drift.

Well, Nike is making it hard for those excuses to stick, as this app makes working out at home an absolute CINCH.

The Nike Training Club app incorporates more than 185 FREE workouts, including my fave, yoga. Choose from short, 7-minute workouts through to longer, 45-minute sessions. There’s a workout for everyone here. PLUS, many workouts require ZERO equipment. Go on, go get your sweat on!

Nike training app | health app

5. Headspace app

Here’s an excellent tool for those who suffer from anxiety and stress (and there’s more of us than you might think!). Headspace app helps adults – AND KIDS!- get more from their day through mindfulness, being less distracted and more reactive.

Headspace’s ‘Basic’ course teaches you the fundamental techniques of meditation and mindfulness for FREE. It’s the perfect taster to see if it’s something you could comfortably incorporate into your everyday. Before too long, meditating could well become a positive habit to look forward to!

Headspace app | wellbeing app

6. Argus app

An all-in-one fitness and wellbeing app, I feel Argus deserves a shout out for its food content alone. Trust us, no one is going hungry with this app in their pocket.

No matter how tricky your dietary requirements are (keto, paleo, dairy free, just to name a few), Argus has all the recipes to suit. Even better, you can access complete meal plans so you don’t even have to think about what to cook. Brilliant.

Argus app | health app

Do you have a favourite health or well-being app? We’d love to hear about it! And don’t forget science says mums catching up with friends twice a week also does wonders for health and happiness!

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