10 School Morning Survival Tips Which Will Have You Nailing Weekday Life

UGH. School mornings can be a special kind of Hell. Lunch boxes, antsy kids, missing shoes and library books is a daily grind for many of us. Here’s 10 stellar school morning survival tips to whip everyone into ship-shape!

A cold-hearted troop march it shouldn’t be, but every family team needs to have a leader. As the adult or a parent, you naturally fall into that position, like it or not. #soawesome #adultingsucks

Want to establish a BETTER, more efficient school morning routine? Now is the time to lead by example. Let the kids know times are a changin’ in the household and everyone needs to pull their socks up. Literally, like every day.

10 School morning survival tips

1. Caffeinate

Definitely number one, nothing is happening until the kettle has boiled and you’ve at least drunk half a cup. Better yet, make that first cup in an insulated travel mug so you can take the other half with you.

2. The key is in the prep

I can’t state it enough, preparation is key in nailing the school morning routine. Do EVERYTHING you can the night before. School lunches, notes signed, uniforms out and shoes paired. You can even have all the breakfast cereals and crockery out ready to go for the morning. It gives you extra time to feed the baby, find a clean bra or even (shock horror) shave your legs in the shower.

3. Get yourself ready first

Get yourself dressed before you help kids get dressed. Doing this means there’s no time for them to muck up while “you quickly change” before heading out the door. Get up earlier if you have to. The early bird catches the worm after all!

school morning survival tips

4. Eat, then dress

Is there anything more annoying than a cereal milk dribble down the front of a navy school jumper? Have the kids eat brekkie first, brush their teeth, THEN get into their school clothes. No margin for error!

5. Remain calm

If things start to fall to s**t on the school morning routine o-meter, remain calm and carry on in a level headed, not at all yelly manner. Kids sniff out weakness and stress and will wind you up further like nobody’s business.

6. Don’t let chatty Cathy distract you

We all have one. The child who loves to distract you and everyone else around them with casual banter about why the sky is blue, why the cat poops in a box and their friend’s mouse is called Kitty. Remember, speed is of the essence. Ignore them for now, save the chat for the car!

7. Leave early

Factor in the traffic, the fact that the neighbour has let her dog loose and the bin truck is coming – yes, all of it. By leaving even just 10 minutes earlier than you need to, you have a little wriggle room for whatever may cross your path. I’m sure something will crop up. It always does!

school morning routine tips

8. Have everything ready to throw out of the car

Don’t be that annoying-as-hell parent at the drop-off point, taking forever to stuff notes in school bags and chasing after their kid with a drink bottle. Aim for the ultimate speedy drop off and beat your PB time. Stop, push out, drive off. But gently, obvs, (no time for Bandaids).

9. Bribes

Don’t underestimate the power of a bribe when establishing a school morning routine. There’s great value in offering an after-school snack or milkshake or stopping by a playground on the way home. You’ll have quick, efficient children in no time!

10. More caffeine

Finally, congratulate yourself on a job well done. You successfully got everyone out the door and deposited at the school gate safely. Don’t microwave that cold coffee, treat yo’self and get yourself a fresh one, you deserve it!

school morning routine tips


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