Apply to Become a VIP Product Tester in our NEW “Mum’s The Word” Review Panel

Do you enjoy recommending products you like to others? Do you love receiving products in the mail? Are you pretty good behind the camera? How about on video?  If so, we have just opened up the next phase of our Mum Central Review Crew and would love to have you join our Mum’s the Word Panel as a VIP Product Tester.

Dyson vip product tester project
Reviewers got to trial and keep a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier. Source: Supplied

Mum’s the Word – Become a Reviewer

At Mum Central we are constantly having brands approach us, wanting our readers to try and review their products. After all, there’s nothing better than a third-party endorsement … and that means you!

Each time we go out to our audience and open applications for you all to apply to review each product. This time though, we’re looking to build out our core crew. Those who go above and beyond, have a good eye for a photo and really want to offer NEXT-LEVEL reviews. Think of it as our VIP product testers.

Products and services we review will vary and may include:

  • TOYS including games, sensory play kits, bikes and trampolines
  • BABY ITEMS including prams, bottles, sleep bags and nursery products
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS PRODUCTS including air purifiers, vaporizers, thermometers
  • HOUSEHOLD ITEMS such as furniture, kitchen appliances, bedding and more
  • FOOD including new items, pre-made kits and baby food
  • EXPERIENCES such as swimming lessons, trampoline parks and baby/toddler programs
  • and so much more
rug doctor portable spot cleaner unit vip product tester
Reviewers get to trial and keep an amazing range of products. Source: Supplied

Many of our reviews require both kids and adults to share their thoughts and take part in photo shoots and videos (which can be a lot of fun for kids and mums too!).

Emma Sleep VIP product tester project
William, Alex and their dad loved reviewing their Emma Comfort Mattress

How it Works

All reviewers will get to keep the product they review (or receive the service for free) and there are sometimes additional incentives delivered after the project has been completed in full.

These requirements include:

  • A short online survey to seek your HONEST opinion
  • Capturing a series of high-quality photos of the product/experience
  • A video review (only for some projects, not all) and you’ll know in advance before you apply
  • Sharing your experience on your strongest social channel
mum central
Review crew member Lily examining her new box of educational toys to review. Source: Mum Central

Who is this perfect for?

Being a product tester can be heaps of fun, but it’s also something that requires a commitment to finish the project, patience and good-quality photography skills.  This is not just simply an opportunity for people to get free things.  While it all sounds lovely, there are very specific deadlines in place so we require all of our reviewers to be able to tick off the following requirements:

  • Meet the project’s deadlines – We just can’t have someone who doesn’t care about completing their part on time
  • Excellent communication skills – There can sometimes be a bit of back and forth with each review
  • Great photography skills – Both lifestyle and product shots required – the better your pics, the more you’ll stand out!
  • General writing skills – You will need to effectively communicate your thoughts about each product in our feedback survey so thinking about what’s really important for other parents to consider with this product is key.
  • Be comfortable on camera – Some reviews require your review on video too (of course you can opt-out of applying for those if you only prefer to take photos)
Sealord-Hoki-Fish-Fillets product tester project
You’ll also get to try some of the newest food products to hit the shelves. Source: Supplied

Sometimes our projects are video reviews

Not all but some – and that means you need to get out from behind the camera and share your thoughts, on video! We’ll send you a list of questions to respond to so don’t panic about thinking you need to create a video from scratch. It’s actually really straightforward and it’s an even more awesome opportunity to let your personality shine!

Check out one of our recent video projects to see some of our Mum Central review crew in action.

YouTube video

Read through our recent product reviews to get a feel for what is required:

Choose how many reviews you’d like to do too

When a review opportunity comes up, you will receive an email sent exclusively to our Mum’s the Word panel and, if you’d like to apply, simply reply and register your interest and you’re up for consideration. There is no obligation to apply every time – simply pick and choose the reviews that fit your family and your schedule.

mum central
For Grace, reviewing swimming lessons with Kingswim was a perfect fit. Source: Mum Central

Ready to get started? Apply now to get on the list!

To apply to become a part of Mum’s The Word – Mum Central’s Review Crew, you will need to firstly register by completing the form below in full. Tell us a bit about you and of course that helps us work out which projects you’ll be perfect for! We will then contact the shortlisted applicants with further details.

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    I’m a stay at home mum and would love to be on the review team.

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    I would love to be on your review team as I’m a stay at home mum now with our new baby girl and two other children that are now at school one in kindergarten and yr 4 and would love it give it’s ago

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