Ewww – Disgusting Things Mums Find in Their Kids’ School Bags


There’s the half-eaten, now brown and putrid-looking, apple, the usual smashed, half-empty packet of chips, a mouldy cheese sandwich and…what’s this? It’s the TV remote. Obvs.

I bet EVERY MUM has found something UTTERLY REVOLTING or A BIT SURPRISING in the depths of their kids’ school bag. It’s a bit like a lucky dip…unzip at your own peril…

At the start of every new school year, lots of parents fork out for a new school bag (what on earth do they do to these bags?), and a bunch of Kmart containers to keep their kids’ lunches fresh and to stop their sandwiches from getting squished.

BUT…no matter how hard we try food always manages to escape the lunchbox, leaving a load of mouldy remnants waiting to rub themselves on our hands as we reach in to pull out the said lunchbox. Yuk!

Just this week I found five forks, two wrinkled apples, a half-eaten muesli bar (chocolate too, I mean what kid doesn’t like chocolate?) and some LEGO in my son’s school bag. But that’s not the worst of it.

Check out these what these poor mums found in their kid’s schoolbag #schoolbagfinds

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Now in-edible sandwiches (once made with love)

Urgh, this poor mum from @mum_thatsabadword had a double-whammy when she found not one, but two squished and mouldy sangas in her kid’s school bag. Thank goodness they were wrapped up.

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Day-old veggie soup

Someone doesn’t dig veggies. If this isn’t encouragement enough to make sure your kids clean out their school bags EVERY night, I don’t know what is. There’s practically a veggie soup.

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Halloween-inspired apples

Hands up who is constantly finding apples in their kids’ school bags with only one or two bites taken out of them? Annoying AF. But hey, this mum found an apple with a face— and it’s smiling! Although I bet she’s not.

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Unwanted ‘artist’ alerts

Uh oh, soggy two-week-old sandwiches and stale crackers are one thing but imagine finding your kid’s school bag full of spray paint? Eek, someone is in for a good talking to. I’ll take half-eaten apples any day.

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Chocy stashes

Oohh, Twixes. Now that’s a school bag find! But hang on, didn’t you tell Jimmy not to go spending all his pocket money on junk. Bet your kid is everyone’s new BFF with that stash of chocolate. Here at Mum Central, we think there are worse things to find in your kid’s school bag (see previous school bag find!).

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Call in the rubber glove brigade

If ever I saw something totally rancid, this is it. This banana is definitely an interesting disgusting find. I don’t think there’s a mum in the world who hasn’t dug deep into the dark depths of their child’s school bag only to discover a squished banana (which is now under your fingernails). Hello, has no one heard of a ‘banana saver’ case?

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Not-so-subtle messages

Mmmm, even the most astute mums can sometimes overlook the most obvious cues. Like this mum, who just uncovered the hidden message – her child doesn’t like Dippits! I think I’d keep putting them in just for a laugh.

I mean, whose job is it any way to check school bags for disgusting or unusual finds? After seeing what these poor mums have discovered I think we should make it our kids’ job to do the daily check.

What weird things have you found in your kid’s school bag?

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