11 Vegemite Recipes Putting the ‘Yum’ in Every Bite

It’s a staple in every Aussie pantry and packs a delicious and tasty punch. Can you guess? Yep, Vegemite!

Vegemite. You either love it or you don’t. Black, rich in vitamin B and thick as boot polish. Here’s 11 ways to use Vegemite – toast excluded.

If you love that iconic yeast spread, you’re going to REALLY love these recipes. And if you don’t, these Vegemite recipes might just encourage you to give the spread a try. Tell us, how do you love your Vegemite?

11 Easy Vegemite Recipes to Try

1. Vegemite linguine

Yep, take a deep breath. Vegemite linguine, tried and true – and reportedly delicious. We must admit, it DOES actually look mouth-wateringly good.

Vegemite pasta recipe

2. Vegemite and cheese twists

A classic, lunch box favourite, Vegemite and cheese twists are a lunchbox winner.

Vegemite cheese twists recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

3. Vegemite sausage rolls

As IF you thought sausage rolls could get any better. Apparently, they can. The only question we have is this – do you still have tomato sauce with Vegemite sausage rolls? ‘Course you do!

Vegemite sausage roll recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

4. Cheese and Vegemite pull-apart

Holy cheesy goodness. It’s creamy, stringy and salty. What’s not to love about a cheese and Vegemite pull-apart? We reckon the kid’s will love it – even if they *think* they don’t like Vegemite.

Vegemite and cheese pull apart recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

5. Vegemite sushi

Technically a sandwich, but super cute like sushi. I’ll remember this Vegemite and cheese sushi sandwich for the kids’ lunch boxes, they’ll be THRILLED.

Vegemite sushi sandwich, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

6. Roast chicken with Vegemite masala

Now we’re getting down to business. A tablespoon of the fine spread is used to flavour chicken marylands and boy, I’m keen for a taste. Roast chicken with Vegemite masala is hitting my meal plan REAL SOON.

Vegemite chicken masala recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

7. Giant Vegemite scroll

We all know and love a Vegemite or cheesymite scroll. Now you can enjoy it in epic proportions. We give you, the GIANT Vegemite scroll recipe. What a sight to behold!

Vegemite scroll recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

8. Vegemite meat pies

When one Aussie icon meets another, what a match made in tasty Heaven we have here. Vegemite meat pies for the win!

Vegemite meat pie recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

9. Vegemite ribs

Run out of your favourite marinade? Why not turn to the jar with the yellow lid for a taste sensation? Vegemite ribs, coming to a slow cooker near you!

Vegemite ribs recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

10. Vegemite and cheese muffins

That same classic Vegemite and cheese flavour combo, just in muffin form. Delicious and fun sized, these Vegemite and cheese muffins make perfect lunch box fare.

Vegemite muffins recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

11. Vegemite ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Vegemite ice cream! It makes sense, sweet and salty is received well on just about EVERY OTHER LEVEL – but this, this seems a little out there. Are you game to try it?

Vegemite ice cream recipe, Vegemite, Vegemite recipes

And there you have it. 11 glorious Vegemite recipes to tickle the tastebuds. For more recipes inspired by everyday Aussie pantry basics, see our Weetbix and Milo recipe collections!

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