11 Easy Sweet Treats to Make With Milo


It’s a firm favourite with Aussie kids and comes in an iconic green coloured tin. Can you guess what it is? YES! We’re talking about Milo!

There’s nothing quite like that grainy, malted chocolate powder. Intended for drinking purposes, it’s so often eaten straight from the tin with a sizeable spoon.

So grab an ice cold glass of milk (two teaspoons of Milo on the bottom and two more on top, please and thanks) and drink in these11 recipes that call for Milo. Deeeeelicious.

1. No-bake Milo cheesecake

And not just ANY Milo cheesecake, this Milo cheesecake has a chocolate crackle base. Tears of joy, folks, tears of joy. Head to Raspberri Cupcakes for all the tasty details.

Milo cheesecake recipe

2.  Milo cookies

Awesome for the kids’ lunch boxes and after school snacks, this recipe for Milo cookies is super quick to whip up in the kitchen using a Thermomix. If you don’t have a Thermomix, you can follow the steps using an electric mixer. Thanks for sharing your recipe Thermo Kitchen!

Milo cookie biscuit recipe

3. Milo pavlova

Yes, you read it here first! Taste created a Milo inspired pavlova and it’s EVERYTHING. It’s Milo, it’s meringue, it’s ice cream and salted caramel sauce. EVERY. THING.

Milo pavlova recipe

4. Milo ice cream

We’ve long known about sprinkling Milo on top of vanilla and/ or chocolate ice cream for a wicked easy dessert, but now we’re taking it up a notch. We’re talking Milo flavoured ice cream. Find the no-churn recipe at Cook Republic.

Milo ice cream recipe

5. Milo tiramisu, a.k.a Milomisu

Milo and mascarpone were always destined to be friends, and here they are, nestled perfectly together in the shape of tiramisu. An awesome dessert for the kids (and the young at heart), you can find the recipe at Twins And A Blog.

Milo tiramisu

6. Milo muffins

From The Worktop, double chocolate muffins with a hit of Milo, you can bet the kids will be coming back for seconds… and thirds!

Milo chocolate muffin recipe

7. Milo brownies

Soft, squishy and ever so chocolatey, these Milo brownies from Island Smile are made for instant devouring.

Milo brownies recipe

8. The ultimate Milo cake

Also from Raspberri Cupcakes, the ultimate Milo cake. A cake where Milo meets with condensed milk chocolate cake and ganache, forget about a celebration requiring cake, this cake IS a celebration.

Milo cake recipe

9. Milo trifle

One for the adults, this cheeky liqueur laden dessert from Best Recipes is the very epitome of indulgence. Layers of Milo infused chocolate custard, biscuits, cream and sponge finger biscuits promises to be the ultimate night cap of a dessert.

Milo trifle recipe

10. Milo balls

Perfect for munching on the school pick up with coffee in hand, these Milo balls from Play Bake Smile require only FOUR ingredients to make. Easy!

Milo balls

11. Milo fudge

Run don’t walk over to Play Bake Smile for this epic recipe. Combining two of my favourites – Milo and Tim Tams – into a scrumptious fudge. Better yet, this Milo recipe can be done in the microwave – yum AND speedy!

Milo and Tim Tam fudge recipe

Who knew that tin of Milo could be used for so many recipes?

Want more sweet treats? We have plenty more decadent dessert recipes up our sleeve, including these easy and delish ball recipes!

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