15 Raunchy At Home Date Night Ideas

You’ve probably read many times before that to keep your relationship alive, you should have regular date nights. But when you’ve got kids, regularly booking a babysitter can be expensive. Add to that the cost of your entertainment, and it becomes less appealing, especially if your spouse is a bean counter! That’s why having a few awesome date night ideas up your sleeve can be a real gamechanger!

So here are 15 raunchy date night ideas to bring your sexy back at home.

1. Camping in the backyard

During a warm summers evening, you and your partner can enjoy one another’s company under the stars, and in addition to setting up a tent, you might place a blanket on the ground and eat a late-night meal together. If the neighbours don’t overlook your fence why not engage in a bit of outdoor action?

2. Whip up a feast of aphrodisiacs

There are a whole range of foods that wake up your libido, it’s not all oysters, strawberries and champagne, but these foods certainly help set the mood. For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest page and check out the full range. Whatever you eat, candles should be added to the table, and the lights dimmed.

3. Wine tasting

When trying numerous types of wines, you and your partner should take turns wearing blindfolds and guess which types you are sipping. Don’t go overboard, but keep that blindfold for some Fifty Shades-inspired activities afterward.

4. Enjoy a hot bath together

As the weather gets colder, you and your lover may warm up by getting naked and relaxing in the bath. Not just an ordinary bath. Make it a luxurious adult bath, put away the kids’ toys, bring out some candles, cue some relaxing music on your phone and open a bottle of wine to share.

5. Play a game for adults

As a mother, you probably play a lot of board games, so how about one for just you and your partner? An adult board game guarantees a happy ending, and it will have both of you giggling.

6. Cover each other in chocolate body paint

Get messy and get painting with chocolate body paint. You can buy it straight out of the jar (yes, it already exists!) or make your own. Lick it off, kiss it off or use the chocolate to create a map leading to parts of your body that need attention.

7. Watch a raunchy movie

Watching a movie that features sexual activity should encourage you and your partner to feel frisky, and it might inspire some new moves. Numerous studies have shown that a sexy/romantic movie can augment the flow of endorphins, which may boost libido.

8. Read the Kama Sutra

Ok, so this isn’t really an activity that you can do in one night, so how about you try a new Kama Sutra position for each raunchy date night, and you read the Kama Sutra in between? You don’t need to visit porn sites. Cosmo and Sofeminine both have great guides online with pictures…and there’s probably an app…

9. Play a game of dares

This game will prompt you and your lover to engage in romantic activities or to perform funny dares. Furthermore, you might reveal information like certain sexual desires your partner has been longing for but was too shy to ask for.

10. Mix some drinks and strip!

Just so you don’t think everything revolves around booze, get a combination of juices and coconut water (see healthy!) to create unique drinks. Break out the mini umbrellas and pretend you’re somewhere tropical. Your partner needs to try and determine the contents of the custom drink, and each time your significant other guesses correctly, you can opt to remove a piece of clothing.

11. Dance

Get hot and sweaty together, learning a dance routine. Head over to YouTube and find one. What woman doesn’t want to do the Dirty Dancing routine with their partner? Ok, so most of the guys I know would say no way, but if you told them that’s how Patrick Swayze got Jennifer Grey in the sack, they might change their minds. And your partner has to wear a singlet or no shirt at all…

12. Give a massage

Before the massage, you can set up scented candles and purchase your lover’s favourite type of body oil. By massaging one another, you and your lover will stimulate the production of natural endorphins, relieve stress and reduce soreness in the muscles, and the massage could lead to a happy ending.

13. Get tangled up in Twister

In addition to improving your flexibility, this game will put you and your significant other in some precarious positions. In order to spice up the game, you can both opt to play it while you are partially dressed. Now here’s one of our raunchy date night ideas with a twist!

14. Play Strip Chess

During the game, you and your significant other will have to take off an article of clothing for every chess piece you lose.

15. Roleplay

This is for the adventurous of you. You get to dress up and play doctors and nurses or similar…it’s your fantasy so pick a character for you and your partner and act it out!

Day 7 Question:  What flavour body paint does our writer recommend?

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