Top Sex Positions for Burning Calories Revealed … and No, it’s not Reverse Cowgirl


>Ready to get sweaty and looking for the best sex positions for burning calories? Look no further, because we’ve found them!

According to recent data from luxury sex toy brand,, the winning sex position for an all-over workout is … drum roll please…

The Butter Churner. 


On average, couples can burn a combined 196 calories through this sexercise in just 15 minutes. This position is more effective for the male partner, who can burn more calories by churning the butter. 

For those who (like me), have never heard of the Butter Churner before, here’s what Dr Google has to say about it:  The butter churner is also known as the squat thruster and involves the woman lying on her back with her legs raised above and behind her head. The man then squats, angles his penis downwards, and squats, penetrating her from above

Okay, so basically the man is squatting for a full 15 minutes and yes, we get how this would be a workout. Hell, two minutes of squats and I’m over it. 

Let’s Sweat in On… Top Calorie-Inducing Sex Positions

According to, which used the PTPioneer fitness experts to help examine the difficulty and breathing intensity of each position, the top sex positions for burning calories are as follows: 

1. The Butter Churner – Squat, baby, squat. 

2. The Standing Position – Like the Butter Churner, this is more of a workout for males. 

3. The Kneeling Wheelbarrow – According to Lelo, this sexercise requires plenty of upper body strength. We’re assuming the Standing Wheelbarrow would also burn a decent amount of calories. Heck, anything involving a Wheelbarrow sounds like a workout. 

4. The Lotus – This intimate sex position involves the couple wrapping themselves around one another and facing each other, great for connection. Also great for calorie burning. 

5. The Doggy Style –  Woof, say no more.

6. The Legs Up – Legs up involves a fair bit of bendy action so it makes sense it burns calories. 
On average, couples can burn a combined 121.5 calories while engaging in this position. 

7. The Squat – The winner for women wanting to burn the most calories during sex is The Squat which involves the female doing pretty much all the work. 

8. The Eagle – One of the tamer sex positions on the list, the Eagle soars into eighth place. 

9. The Sixty-Nine – You won’t break a huge sweat doing the Sixty-Nine which is probably a good thing for this position. No ball sweat, thanks. 

10. The Cowgirl – In 10th position, the Cowgirl burns less than 100 calories by both partners in a 15-minute time frame. 

11 and 12. Spooning and Reverse Cowgirl – Both of these popular sex positions are not ideal for burning calories but we all know this isn’t what sex is all about… Yee Haw.

Most common sex injuries

So there you go! Want to know some of the most common sex positions that result in injuries? We’ve got that info too! Yep, we are just a beacon of sexformation. 

The top three injury-inducing sex positions are rear entry ‘doggy style’ position, topsy turvy ‘69’ position and (surprisingly) the missionary position. Sex in the shower is also up there with 1 in 4 complaining of a slip while wet. 

The most common sex injuries? Bruises, carpet burn and UTI’s. Making up the rest of the top injuries were pulled musclesvaginal tearsanal tearstwisted ankles, haemorrhoids and back injuries. 

You’re welcome.

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