That 1970s lemon yellow dresser you hauled out of your mum’s house simply won’t cut it when it comes to creating a cute room for your little princess. This repurposed furniture, however, just might!

Before you rush out and buy a roomful of brand new furniture for your child’s space, check out the possibilities that refinishing, refurbishing and re-creating offer!

These furniture hacks are inspirational tricks that will completely change the way you look at decorating your kiddo’s kingdom.

  1. Make a window seat bench from a simple shelving unit. 
  2. Have an old TV unit? Even if it’s truly tasteless, you can still create a totally custom play kitchen
  3. Need a way to display those absolutely adorable baby pics? Turn an old door into a photo display centre and the result is pretty stunning! 
  4. Your toddler no longer needs her cot. Now what? Transform it into a desk and craft station. Cot-to-Desk
  5. Convert an old desk into a corkboard-topped desk. 
  6. Use an old entertainment centre for a princess dress-up station.dress up station
  7. It used to be a bookcase, and now it’s a sand pit!
  8. Turn a desk into a neat bedside chest
  9. Reuse that cot and turn it into a little kid’s library by upcycling the panels into a book rack. 
  10. If you’re looking to make that old cot into something much more useful, another option is turning your cot into a reading chair.
  11. You could always turn this dresser mirror into a crafty chalkboard
  12. Take an old end table, cut it in half and instantly create a bunch of bookshelves.end-tables-turned-shelf-word
  13. Turn an old door into a repurposed bookshelf with awesome detail.old door bookshelf
  14. Upcycle old shutters into a clip-on wall display (for all of those little notes, homework papers and odds and ends). 
  15. The old-turned-new bathtub isn’t for cleaning up. It’s now a bathtub sofa for sittingBathtub to Sofa {3}
  16. Make a clever chalkboard shelving unit from a simple bathroom cabinet. 
  17. Not into a total take-apart and re-do? If carpentry isn’t in your skill set, how about this map/chalkboard dresser upcycle?
  18. Combine two Ikea pieces to make a mobile kids’ book storage centreMobile Kids Book Storage
  19. Transform this old cable spool into a super-cool spool bookcase

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