Great Balls of Yum: 20 Amazeballs Ball Recipes to Try

Grab those aprons, Masterchefs. Have we got a collection of classic ball recipes just for you.

We’ve got sweet balls, savoury balls, salty balls. And nutty ones too in our brilliant ball recipes roundup.

If you’re looking for something round and wonderful to make, then get your spoons and bowls out and try these ball-tastic treats today.

Holy sweet balls! 

1. Chocolate Apricot Balls

Apricot balls have been popular in our household for years now. But chocolate apricot balls? Yes please! And they only take three ingredients. Winning!

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2. Malteser Tim Tam Balls

Tim Tams are a great addition to any ball recipe. Add Maltesers to the mix and you’re in for a serious chocgasm. If you want to load up on Tim Tams, try some of our Tim Tam balls recipes such as Crunchie Tim Tam Balls, Red Velvet Tim Tam Balls and Raspberry Chocolate Tim Tam Balls.

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3. Fruit & Nut Balls

While you’re browsing through the biscuit and chocolate bar section, why not pick up a packet of Arnott’s Ripple Biscuits and a Fruit and Nut bar and make these Fruit and Nut balls as well? I mean, you’d be nuts not to.

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4. Magical Unicorn Rainbow Balls

Here are some unicorn rainbow balls the kids will beg to help with! You’ll need marshmallows, 100s and 1000s and rice bubbles to make the magic happen.

rainbow balls recipe

5. Cherry Ripe Balls

Another occasional treat, these Cherry Ripe balls are sweeter than sweet. Healthy? No. Tasty? Hell yes!

cherry ripe balls recipe

6. Oreo Balls

Combine cream cheese, white chocolate, milk chocolate and Oreo biscuits to create this Oreogasmic sensation. Oh happy days!

Oreo balls recipe

7. Cheesecake Balls

Another top contender for best balls in the history of earth are these Red Velvet cheesecake balls. They only take four ingredients and a few minutes to roll up.

red velvet cheesecake balls

Boozy Balls 

8. Irish Cream Balls

Alcohol-infused balls are my all-time favourite balls. And Bailey’s Irish Cream make for a delicious addition to any balls recipe. Sure, they are slightly naughty. But you deserve it.

Irish cream balls recipe

9. Kahlua Balls

Bailey’s too sweet for you? Looking for something a little stronger? Enter Kahlua balls.

Kahula balls recipe

10. Frangelico Balls

Frangelico, AKA hazelnut liqueur can also provide the perfect punch to your regular ball recipe. Because, sometimes just chocolate on its own won’t do!

Frangelico balls recipe

Healthy salty, nutty balls 

11. Energy balls

Need a bite-sized hit of energy? These energy balls are sure to do the trick. They contain heaps of good stuff including dates, almonds and honey. Plus, they are perfect to pop when you’re on the go.

date energy balls

12. Nutty Nutella Balls

Nutella. And hazelnuts. Together. In ball form. Oh, and did we mention these Nutella hazelnut balls are packed with protein too?

Nutella balls recipe

13. Lemon Protein Balls

Great for after a gym workout….or when you’ve just spent a good two hours binging on Netflix shows. Either way, these zesty balls pack a protein punch.

lemon protein balls recipe

14. Apricot and Macadamia Balls

Fruit. And nuts. Combined in perfect healthy ball form. Great with a cuppa or on their own.

apricot and macadamia balls recipe

15. Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut butter is healthy, right? Well, it’s healthier than Tim Tams and Cherry Ripe. And these peanut butter balls are brimming with nutty, buttery yumminess.

peanut butter balls

16. Choco-Block Protein Balls

If you’ve got a tin of protein powder sitting in the pantry, then we’ve got the perfect alternative to a smoothie! These choco-block protein balls! No blender needed. A Thermomix is required though.

chocolate protein balls recipe

Even More Fun Balls 

17. Chocolate LCM Balls

Kids love LCMs and these round balls of rainbow deliciousness will be a huge hit at your next kiddies’ birthday party.

fairy bread balls

18. Icy Jon Snow Balls

You had me at Jon Snow. And balls. These wintery balls are a perfect treat to tide you over until Game of Thrones starts back up again. In 10 more months. Not that I’m counting or anything.

snow balls recipe

19. Minty Balls

Great for Christmas or anytime you feel like popping something minty in your mouth, these Peppermint Mint Balls are sure to freshen you up.

Peppermint balls recipe

20. Meatloaf Balls

Don’t worry, while we’re compiling ball recipes we didn’t forget about dinner balls! These Meatloaf Balls are a great appetiser or addition to any plate. Hearty, healthy and bite-sized, kids and adults will eat them up!

meatloaf balls recipe

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