The 10 Best Aussie Snacks That Are Too Good to Share With the Kids

Is there anything that can top that moment of pure, delicious silence once the kids are asleep?

What about that moment when the kids are asleep and you realise you’ve got something tasty stashed away in the fridge or pantry that you can now enjoy without sharing? That might just top it.

No little fingers trying to snatch a bite of caramel slice. No need to hide in the pantry to eat a giant Freddo from the school fundraising box (we’ve all been there). Just you and your chosen sugary poison. Alone together at last.

You COULD be forgiven for thinking that Australia had become a nation that shunned anything associated with ‘the white devil’ (that’s sugar to you and I). Stroll past any hip cafe of a Saturday morning and you’re likely blinded by the glare shining off mason jars of green juice and baffled by the sheer scope of the drinks menu (what’s a ‘dirty chai’ when it’s at home? Honestly, it sounds like something from a bad porno.)

All is not lost however. It seems us Aussies still have a soft spot for the sweet stuff, especially the traditional, iconically Australian varieties. Here’s our junk food hit list for quality munching once the kids are safely snoozing.

The 10 Best Aussie Snacks to Enjoy While the Kids are Snoozing

1. Golden Gaytime

best Aussie snacks

Arguably the best ‘on stick’ ice cream out there. It has certainly stood the test of time. First released in 1959. you can’t beat this combination of toffee and vanilla centre, chocolate covering and that ridiculously delicious coating (which is NOT nuts, as this writer thought as a six-year-old, but melt-in-your mouth biscuit pieces). Ignore the sacrilegious mint version and the Golden Gaytime in a tub and stick with this bad boy.

2. Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate Original

 Best Aussie Sweets to Enjoy

Yes, they’ve released eleventy billion new flavours (Choc-Pineapple anyone? What is that about?) but hardcore fans know that the original will always be the best. Why even try to improve on the deliciousness that is smooth cream sandwiched between two crunchy biscuits and coated in Tim Tam chocolate? Pair it with a cuppa and you’re halfway to heaven. Especially if said cuppa is enjoyed hot.

3. Twisties

best Aussie snacks

There are some who will put forward the argument for Cheezels. And I get it, I really do. But in my mind, there can only be one faux cheese flavoured snack winner and it’s the Twistie. Controversial? Maybe, but there’s just something about that twisted column of colours and flavours that just works. And it seems Australia agrees. First released in 1964 by Smith’s, they’ve remained a permanent fixture on supermarket shelves ever since. Of course, the cheese Twisties v chicken Twisties debate has been known to split families, so we’re going to leave that one alone.

4. Barbecue Shapes

best Aussie snacks

Don’t mess with a country’s unofficial national cracker. That’s the message Arnott’s got when it dared to meddle with the savoury bikkie that has launched a zillion backyard barbecues for decades- the humble Barbecue Shape. A public outcry, including an official 10,000-signature strong petition demanding an end to the flavour meddling., soon saw the original recipe back on supermarket shelves, along with Pizza and Chicken Crimpy.

5. Milo and milk (or ice cream)

 Best Aussie Sweets to Enjoy

We’re not fussy how you have it, what matters is the Milo itself. No ‘similar’ substitutes (Milo IS NOT hot chocolate), just pure, unadulterated Milo powder heaped into or onto your dairy based snack of choice. Malt and chocolate really is the perfect match and the sometimes sludgy, sometimes crunchy, always delicious texture just takes it to the next level. Yah – we might tell the kids not to heap it in a glass,  but that doesn’t mean we can’t!

6. Musk Sticks

Best Aussie Sweets to Enjoy

It’s not a comprehensive list without at least one lolly. And while there are plenty of honourable mentions (Minties, Jaffas, Fruit Tingles, Red Frogs, Bananas, Fantales, Milk Bottles…), the musk stick takes the prize for not only standing the test of time but also for being the prettiest of the bunch (that pastel pink hue can’t be beat). A stalwart at the corner shop where a selection was sold in a little paper bag for 20c, the musk stick is now found in packets in the supermarket and while it may not be quite as good, it still holds a fond space in our hearts. And, when the kids are asleep and we get to raid their party bags, our mouths,

7. Lamingtons

 Best Aussie Sweets to Enjoy
Image source: Everyday Gourmet TV

Yes, another ‘cake based’ treat but really, how can you go past a good old fashioned ‘lamo’? There’s just something about that cloud soft sponge married with the perfect amount of chocolate and a dusting of coconut that just screams ‘I am the perfect cake.’ Add cream (has to be fresh, get out of town mock cream, nobody likes you) and jam if you like, but it’s the sponge itself that really takes, well, the cake, in this instance.

8. Chokito Bar

7 Best Aussie Sweets to Enjoy While the Kids are Snoozing

It may not be all that appealing to look at, but this ugly ducking of the chocolate world shouldn’t be judged on its appearance. It’s what inside that counts and when it comes to the Chokito, that’s milk chocolate, crunchy biscuit balls and chewy caramel fudge. What’s not to like?

9. Wagon Wheel

7 Best Aussie Sweets to Enjoy While the Kids are Snoozing

Chocolate? Tick! Jam? Tick? Marshmallow? Tick. It can only be one thing… the iconic Wagon Wheel. While the WW IS sold in a couple of other countries, there is something very ‘Aussie childhood’ about it. And we’re not talking about the reduced size version either. The original, mega sized wheel is where it’s at.

10. The Mint Pattie AND The Golden Rough

7 Best Aussie Sweets to Enjoy While the Kids are Snoozing

These two go together like well mint/chocolate and coconut/chocolate. Another favourite corner shop buy, these round slabs of deliciousness have been around forever and always inspire heated debate as to which is the pick of the pair. I personally prefer the Mint Pattie but I know that could be considered controversial.

There you have it. Our pick of the best Aussie snacks. Make sure to tell us which sneaky treat is your fave.

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