2014 Canberra Christmas Lights Guide

We’ve compiled our Canberra Christmas Lights Guide.  Free to add yours (or one you love) by commenting on the blog below and we’ll update our list pronto!

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Canberra: 13 Stow Place, Watson
Canberra: 53 Eugenia Street, Rivett
Canberra: 33 Kilby Crescent, Weetangera
Canberra: 4 Slavin Place, Gordon
Canberra: 8 Overbury Street, Dunlop
Canberra: 86 Springvale Drive, Hawker
Canberra: Bannerman Place, Holt
Canberra: 16 Tipping Place, Mckellar
Canberra: 59 Burns Circuit, Mckellar
Canberra: Kinchela Cres, Latham
Canberra: 32 Elia Ware Crescent, Bonner
Canberra: 22 Fingleton Cres, Gordon
Canberra: 154 Tillyard Drive, Flynn
Canberra: 8 Chiesa Street, Forde
Canberra: 2 Helen Leonard Cres, Forde
Canberra: 3 Tennyson Crescent, Forrest

Bonner: 32 Elia Ware Crescent, Bonner

Dunlop: 8 Overbury Street, Dunlop

Flynn: 154 Tillyard Drive, Flynn

Forde: 8 Chiesa Street, Forde
Forde: 2 Helen Leonard Cres, Forde

Forest: 3 Tennyson Crescent, Forrest

Gordon: 4 Slavin Place, Gordon
Gordon: 22 Fingleton Cres, Gordon

Hawker: 86 Springvale Drive, Hawker

Holt: Bannerman Place, Holt

Latham: Kinchela Cres, Latham

Mckellar: 16 Tipping Place, Mckellar
Mckellar: 59 Burns Circuit, Mckellar

Rivett: 53 Eugenia Street, Rivett

Watson: 13 Stow Place, Watson

Weetangera: 33 Kilby Crescent, Weetangera

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