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21 Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids (and Mums Who Can’t Be Stuffed)

Yes, it may be an American tradition. But Halloween is a great excuse to dress your kids in homemade costumes and send them door to door for treats to hide in the pantry for when those late night sugar cravings hit.

So, bring on Halloween!

Jumping on board the Halloween bandwagon requires a costume. But, because the memory of Bookweek is probably still haunting you, we’ve uncovered some beyond brilliant yet super basic costume ideas that you can easily whip up (even after half a bottle of wine).

No need to buy a costume or a sewing machine. A trip to Kmart, Woolies or Spotlight should do the trick.

Dress Up Ideas

Raid the closet… get a costume. Simple.

Crazy cat lady

mum central

Pair a colourful robe with a toy box full of stuffed animal cats and voila! Crazy cat lady for the win!

Lumberjack (or bearded hipster)

mum central

I see a lumberjack. Others see a bearded hipster. Either way, this costume is pretty easy to pull off. If you’re going with bearded hipster, try swapping the axe for an acai berry smoothie.

The exhausted mum

mum central

This little girl NAILS the tired mum look. And how easy it is to pull off? Just add active wear, a few clinging dolls, some heavy eye makeup and a dash of baby spew to your shirt.

Upsidedown man

mum central

Arms for legs and legs for arms! How clever is this upsidedown man? Add gloves around your little one’s feet and cut some eye holes out of a pair of jeans. Complete the outfit with one of Dad’s collared shirts, some shoes for the hands and a beanie attached to your crotch.

Movie Fans

Get your Halloween inspiration from some of the classics.

It (if you dare)  

mum central

All you really need is a yellow raincoat and some red balloons to pull off this It-themed outfit.


easy Halloween costume ideas

Or, if you don’t want to scar the children for life by theming their costume on one of the scariest books/movies ever known, then you could always go with Coraline. Another yellow coat costume. And only rated PG on the creepy scale.

Fix it Felix

mum central

How cute is this little fixer-upper costume? And super easy to put together, especially if your wee one already has a selection of toy tools.

Charlie Brown

mum central

It’s amazing what you can do with a black pen and a piece of black felt. The Snoopy stuffed animal really tops this Charlie Brown baby outfit off!


Chucky toddler Halloween dress up idea

Your living doll is sure to love dressing up as one of Hollywood’s most infamous pint-sized evil villians. We love how happy this little Chucky looks holding that knife…

Elliot from ET

DIY Halloween costumes for kids

If you happen to have a creepy ET doll floating around the house, then you’re set. Just add a red jumper, a blanket and a trike.

Crafty costumes

Cut and paste some stuff together to make these crafty costumes.


easy Halloween costume ideas

Got toilet paper? Then you’ve got a mummy.

Fidget Spinner

mum central

The latest childhood range – the fidget spinner – is also an easy costume idea, especially if you have cardboard boxes taking up space in your garage.

Lego brick

DIY Lego costume

Got a leftover nappy box and some colourful craft paint? You’re only a few steps away from turning your kids into oversized Lego bricks.

Dirty laundry

easy Halloween dress up

Airing out the dirty laundry never looked so clever. And it’s another cardboard box costume winner!

Mac and cheese 

mac n cheese easy Halloween costume

Another laundry basket idea is this delicious bowl of Mac and Cheese, complete with yellow paper pasta. To make the blue bowl, simply cut the bottom out of a laundry basket and add some coloured paper to it. Seriously, some mums are so smart!


easy Halloween dress up ideas

Duct tape to the rescue!

Trick-or-Treat for Tots

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up your babies in ridiculous outfits before they’re big enough to complain about it.

An iPhone

iPhone baby pram costume

What’s the one thing mums can’t leave home without? Their baby, of course. But an iPhone is a close second. So it makes sense to put them together.


easy Halloween dress up for toddlers sushi

Delicious enough to eat! This Sushi baby outfit is another winner.

Gym junkie 

DIY easy Halloween dress up for baby gym junkie

Let’s get physical. To pull off the Baby Aerobics instructor you will need baby leg warmers (which are like $1.15 online) and a matching sweatband. Fabric boombox optional (for crafty mums only).


easy Troll dress up for Halloween

Crazy hair, don’t care. This troll costume requires a ballet onesie, a cheap wig and A LOT of hairspray.

Along Came a Spider  

spider mum and baby dress up Halloween

Babywearing mummas – here’s an easy way to carry bub around as you wander the streets with your older kids. Meet Spider baby!

Need more costume inspiration? Have a look at these Book Week costumes that will probably put the above ideas to shame.

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