5 Simple Ways to Insulate your Home and Save Money this Winter

The sun is setting on another lovely Aussie summer which means it’s time to pull out the winter warmies and dust off our heaters. Most of us have felt the sting of rising energy prices, which means you could be gearing up for higher energy bills as the weather cools.

If you’ve been looking at ways to reduce energy costs AND make your home a more comfortable temperature year-round, then now’s the time to do it!

Check out these easy ways to insulate your home this winter and enjoy the benefits of a more temperature-controlled house year-round.

Whether you’re dealing with the scorching summer sun or shivering thanks to the nippy winter winds, these easy insulation ideas will make a huge difference.

1. Invest in roller shutters and save on energy bills

Roller shutters are installed on the outside of your windows and are ideal for improving insulation. Not only are they going to make a huge difference to your heating and cooling costs, but they are going to make your house look more modern, increase your home’s security, increase its value and help to reduce noise. Plus you get to control the light, which is always a winner when it comes to bedtime (day or night!). All big ticks in our books!

Modern Group roller shutters add value and security to your home while reducing noise and light.
Roller shutters add insulation, security, privacy and value to your home. Source: Supplied

They are a great upgrade to any home and really easy to do with the right roller shutter installer. Our pick is Modern Group which provides Australian-made electric, battery or manual roller shutters to suit any style of home and any size window.

Their roller shutters are durable, affordable, and functional and come in a range of colours too. They even have a range of bushfire-rated shutters ideal for providing extra protection to homes in bushfire-prone areas. All their products are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit harsh Australian conditions.

The team at Modern Group is amazing to work with too and can answer any questions you have. They also provide a free measure and quote to give you an accurate idea of pricing. Best of al, you don’t have to do anything – the team at Modern does it all for you and they have installation experts across Australia too. Easy, peasy insulation, sorted.

2. Window upgrades

If you’re looking to do something to the inside of your windows, you have a few easy options to ensure better insulation.

Window tinting is an excellent option to help reduce your energy costs while insulating your home. Not only will you reduce your heating and cooling costs, it can also reduce UV rays by up to 99%. You can either have a professional window tinter come to your home or opt for a DIY installation with window tint film sold at retailers like Bunnings.

Other window furnishings that can offer excellent insulation include thermal curtains, plantation shutters and insulated roller blinds. Essentially anything that can block the heat coming into your home in summer or prevent cold windows from absorbing the heat from the air in winter. Again, you can buy these yourself at Bunnings or Spotlight (for example) or opt to go with a company that can do the installation for you. Modern Group offer a great range of plantation shutters too and don’t they really transform a room?!

Which way to go depend on your budget and your DIY skills!

Modern Group Plantation Shutters - Insulate your home
Apart from roller shutters, Modern Group also sells plantation shutters too. Source: Supplied

3. Look for cracks where heat escapes

If you are planning a trip to Bunnings or your local hardware store, then add sealant strips and putty to your shopping list. These will come in handy to patch up any cracks that could be causing a draught in your home.

Take a good look around your home for any cracks around doors, windows, and through the floor. Get the kids involved in this one too. They might enjoy hunting around the house for cracks (not as fun as hunting for Easter eggs, but, hey, good enough).

Also draught stoppers under doors help to keep the cool air from creeping in under doors (and cool air escaping during summer).

For cracks around the doors, use sealant strips or insulation tape. For any gaps in your windows and flooring, patch it up using either putty or a sealer. Replacing the strips around your windows will stop any breezes or movement in the window.

Replacing insulation strips on doors and windows will help insulate your home. Source: Bigstock

4. Outdoor landscaping 

For all gardening enthusiasts, this is probably the most fun way to get your hands dirty and insulate your home. Monitor the sun’s patterns around your property. Consider which way your home faces (north, south, east or west) and when and where the sun hits your home. Then plant accordingly!

A few purposely placed pots and smaller trees can add much-needed shade to your windows and also brighten your outdoor area. There are a lot of plant and tree choices here and it’s probably best to ask an expert in your area as certain trees will do better in certain conditions. Anything that shrubs up and hedges well is your best bet.

5. Ceiling, floor and wall insulation 

To conclude our top insulation suggestions, it’s important to insulate the key areas of your home, such as the roof, walls, and floor. If you have to prioritise one, insulating your roof is likely to be the most advantageous, as heat tends to rise and much of it is lost during the winter through the roof. Moreover, installing roof insulation is the simplest as it only requires accessing the ceiling without cutting holes in walls or floors.

Several companies offer professional insulation services for your walls, floor, and roof, but you can also purchase the necessary insulation from hardware stores like Bunnings and attempt to install them yourself. For ceiling insulation, consider using insulation batts – they’re rolls of insulating fibre available at any hardware store.

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Insulating your home can save huge on energy bills. Source: Adobe Stock

Combat rising energy costs with these insulation tips

With effective insulation, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by anywhere from 20% to 50%. Considering our energy bills are expected to increase by anywhere from 1% to 16% in the next year*, it’s a good idea to do what you can to prepare for this.

Not only will it save you in the long run, but it will keep you more comfortable throughout the day and night, regardless of the time of the year or what the unpredictable weather outside is doing.

Start with roller shutters 

Our suggestion would be to start with roller shutters. So many homeowners we’ve talked to admit they wouldn’t be without roller shutters having had them installed, and that the difference they make is insane. Not just to the overall comfort of their home, but to the protection, security and look of the property too.

roller shutters Modern Group - how to insulate your home
The professionals at Modern Group are experts in roller shutters. Source: Supplied

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