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Release the Feast! 7 Reasons You Need a New Fridge NOW + WIN a $500 EFTPOS Gift Card

Thinking about a new fridge for summer? Now’s the time to spring into action!

Harvey Norman has an incredible deal on a wide range of energy efficient, uber-sleek and ultra-cool fridges. Plus, if you buy a new 300L fridge, they’ll chuck in a free Waeco Ice Box, valued at $199.

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That’s right – Beat the heat, keep your food chilled, and enjoy icy cold bevys, wherever you are.

Why we ALL need a new fridge

1. Because this offer won’t last!

Here at Mum Central, we LURVE a good deal. And when the deal comes with a free ice box, well, it’s almost too cool to pass up, isn’t it?

Harvey Norman’s, Buy a Fridge, Get an Esky deal is only around until 19 December, 2017. The deal applies to a number of their fridges, many of which are already on special. As long as it is 300L or more, then you also walk away with a free Waeco ice box, perfect for the backyard or your next camping trip.

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2. Because Christmas is just around the corner.

And the entire extended family have decided it’s your turn to host Christmas Day lunch.

Which means you’re gonna need a bigger fridge to hold the salads, the chicken and the 18 bottles of wine you’re going to need to consume to get through the day without killing off one of your in-laws.

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Harvey Norman’s Buy a Fridge, Get an Esky will ensure you have your fridge before any crazy in-law can make an appearance. In fact, they guarantee delivery before Christmas on any in store stock.

3. Because it’s freakin’ hot out. 

You literally can’t leave ANYTHING out on the bench without flies trying to eat it. Or your stupid cat. A bigger fridge means more food gets stored in the cool. And less food gets consumed by your fuzzy feline.

4. Because the kids are home. And hungry. 

And they are probably going to open and close the door 800 times each day in search of something to eat, quickly followed by, “Mum, there’s nothing to eat.”

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Luckily for you, one of the best things about Harvey Norman’s range of fridges is their energy efficiency. They have several five star energy rated fridges which means you will be saving a small fortune over time on your electricity costs, even if the kids are opening the fridge every seven seconds.

With electricity costs on the rise, now is a good time to get a 5-Star rated fridge and save in the long run.

5. Because throwing out half-rotten apples is incredibly annoying. And disgusting. 

Ever notice that your fridge currently SUCKS at keeping fruit and veg fresh? It’s a common problem with older fridges.

But Harvey Norman’s range of fridges are designed to keep fruit and veg crisper for longer.

You can get two to three weeks of extra life out of your produce with the various crisper bins and organisational compartments.

No more half-rotting apples hiding in the back! Hooray!

6. Because your wine deserves its own special area. 

There’s nothing better than opening up a super organised, well-stocked fridge. Especially when it’s super organised and well stocked with wine. Harvey Norman offers fridges with a massive selection of wine cabinets and units where you can safely store and display your wine within your fridge.  I know.

Harvey NOrman fridge

There are also compartments specially designed for produce, cheese, eggs and condiments. Plus, you can customise the shelving to suit your specific food storage requirements.

7. Because you deserve something shiny, new and pretty too!

Everyone else gets spoiled this Christmas. You should too! You’ve just dished out a fortune on gifts for other people. It’s your turn, dammit! And a new fridge is the gift that keeps on giving, for years and years and years to come.

Plus, you can use the free Waeco Ice Box as a present for your hubby. Best. Wife. Ever.

Head into Harvey Norman today to get a great deal on a brand new fridge and walk away with a Waeco esky. 

mum centralHave your fridge. And esky too. But that’s not all! Because Harvey Norman has one more surprise up their sleeve… 

Release the Feast – And Win $500

Simpy click on Harvey Norman’s Release the Feast competition for your chance to win a $500 EFTPOS Gift card to spend on food, drinks or a holiday! And here’s the best bit – you don’t even need to buy a new fridge to enter!

It takes all of 20 seconds to enter and you could be the lucky winner. Gotta be in it to win it, though! So head on over now!

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mum central

This is a sponsored post for Harvey Norman.
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    Hi, when did the free waeco ice esky start? we bought a fridge from harvey norman on the 3/12 and didn’t receive one. Do you have a link to the information? Cheers

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