REVIEW: phil&teds Sport Buggy Really is the Only Pram You’ll Ever Need

A pram is a must-have for all mums. But do you get one that is compact and easy to fold for quick escapes or one that can handle the rougher terrain for outdoor adventures?

Perhaps you choose one that offers a reclining seat so bub can sleep on the go?  Decisions. Decisions.  Thanks to phil&teds sport buggy, you can get a pram with all of the above features… and oh so much more!

Hey mums, it is possible to have your compact, comfortable pram  … and run with it too!

phil&teds sport buggy

We put phil&teds sport pram through its paces to see just what the shiny stroller is made of. And, let’s just say, both our review mum and her one-year-old bub were more than thrilled with what phil&teds delivered.

Oh the places you’ll go!

Having kids is an adventure. And it’s pretty much the greatest, craziest, most rewarding adventure you will ever go on. Sure, there are always going to be some stressful bumps along the way – teething, tantrums, sicknesses and sleep regressions, but, for the most part, you and your little adventure seeker are in for some pretty crazy fun times.

phil&teds sport buggy by the beach

phil&teds sport buggy close up

If you’ve been around the pram circuit, then we’re sure phil&teds needs no introduction. They are a leading name in nursery products for active parents. The mission behind phil&teds is to “adapt&survive the parenting day by escaping the nursery jail, with products that let you retain your sense of self & live your dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow”.

 Cate&Henry test out phil&teds

We asked Sydney mum Cate Hornbrook and her one-year-old son, Henry to test drive the sport pram. The pair headed out for a day around Sydney, cruising along the beach, stopping for snacks at a cafe and playing at a local park. No tears, no tantrums and plenty of quality time – phil&teds delivered a great day out (with plenty more adventures to come).

phil&teds sport buggy

Safety first!

What especially stood out for Cate is the safety features of the buggy, especially the innovative autostop hand brake.

“Basically, when you’re walking and you accidentally let go, it will automatically stop for you,” Cate explains.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally taking your hand off the pram and having it roll away. This in itself makes the pram worth it in my eyes.

Versatile and functional

In addition to the autostop hand brake, Cate also loved the versatility of the pram. You can configure it to suit a newborn, as the seat lays flat, and then use the seat upright as they grow. The sport’s main seat is taller than most pram seats, making it more comfortable and spacious for kids up to 5 years oldphil&teds sport buggy review

phil&teds sport buggy rear facingThe sport pram can easily transform to a double pram by clicking on the double kit. It takes all of two seconds and one click to add the extra seat. Plus, you can choose to have the seat facing forward or fully reclining so bub can see you.

The different seating options are perfect for naps on the go. Henry’s happy to sit in it and has been sleeping in it every time we use it.

No pram wars

Fighting to get your pram to fold AND FIT IN THE BACK OF THE BOOT, DAMMIT, is never fun. It’s actually pretty frustrating and embarrassing.

Not this phil&teds pram. sport easily folds down and fits into big and small car boots, so you don’t need to upgrade your car to fit your pram.  Sport is light and compact and you can push it through pretty much all tight spaces, even gates and doors, and around busy city streets with ease. With grippy air-filled 12″ tyres, a robust steel frame and engineered for best weight distribution (whether single or double), the pram is also practically effortless to push. Even on sand. Yep, sand.

As Cate tells Mum Central, “The wheels are awesome, making the pram light and easy to push on all terrains.”

It easily fits in the back of my boot and takes two seconds to fold up. You can take it pretty much anywhere.

Happy mum, happy bub

Cate says she couldn’t fault the pram, which is not only functional, but also sleek and stylish. She also loved the added extra accessories, including their coffee cup holder (it fits a water bottle too for summer months), sunshade, raincover and even a buggy sleeping bag.

phil&teds sport buggy accessoriesphil&teds sport buggy sunshade

Little things like a place to hold your water bottle, make a big difference, especially when using the pram every day.”

Finding the perfect pram can be a mission and a half! But phil&teds sport pram provides mums with a more comfortable, clever and convenient way to get out with their kids.

If you are in the market for a new pram, then we highly recommend the phil&teds sport buggy! Cate, Henry and the team at Mum Central all give it FIVE MAJOR THUMBS UP!


You can pick up your own phil&ted sport buggy through Toys R Us ($699). 

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This is a sponsored article for phil&teds.
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