A Kmart Dollhouse Makeover is the New Renovator’s Dream!


The ultimate Kmart hack – HOUSE RENOVATING. See how mums are transforming their Kmart dollhouses into prime, Pinterest-worthy real estate with these AMAZING dollhouse makeovers!

A simple wooden dollhouse and a mood board of awesome ideas and #inspo is all you need to get cracking on creating the dollhouse of your dreams. And yes, I do mean YOUR dreams.

No matter your reno style, from Vogue-esque interiors to a super-cool minimalist retreat, you need to start somewhere. Available for as little as $19, depending on which size you choose, Kmart wooden dollhouses are a top pick for many renovating mums.

The coolest dollhouse gift EVER

An epic Kmart hack if ever I’ve seen one, one mum’s dollhouse makeover was created for her one-year-old niece’s birthday. We have ZERO doubt this is one gift that will be treasured for years and years to come.

dollhouse makeover
Images via Daily Mail Online

Have paint brush, will reno…

Kacey says she bought the dollhouse from Kmart and then set about turning it into the ultimate Scandinavian-inspired space by giving the included furniture a new look with a simple lick of paint. Extra furnishings, of the adorable, teeny tiny variety, were found on Ebay.

Also, because you CAN make something from practically nothing, Kacey did just that! She re-purposed odds and ends from around her home to create new styling bits and bobs on a mini-scale. For example, that adorable plant you see below is a cutting from a bigger fake plant – so clever!

dollhouse makeover interior
Images via Daily Mail Online

We all know that no house reno is complete without a trip to Bunnings. Kacey paid them a visit too – the floorings throughout are all sample pieces cut to size and cost next to nix. DIY dollhouse makeover GENIUS!

The minimalist approach

One Brown Bear blog set the dollhouse makeover trend in motion a couple of years ago with this adorable modern dollhouse makeover. The all-white minimalist affair had us all swooning and wanting to move in.

dollhouse makeover

Larger scale renovation

Ok, so you’ve nailed the dollhouse makeover thang and you’re ready to take on something even bigger. Then check out these magnificent Kmart cubby house makeovers. They’ll have you feeling SUPER inspired and you’re sure to have your cubby house looking like a million bucks in no time! Just in case your kids are too old for a cubby house but you still want to make one over, I think it’s the perfect spot for a quiet cuppa. #notweird

mum central

Whether you let the kids move in to play with it is optional… after all, it’s YOUR reno project, yeah?

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