Meet Peek-a-pets: The Ultimate Bunny Plush Playmate for Kids

If you’re searching for a new cuddly companion or an interactive friend for your little one, look no further than the two little heroes in the Peek-a-pets family … the Peek-a-pets Bunny Plush (for newborns and up) and the Peek-a-pets Interactive Bunny Plush for older babies and toddlers.

Both bunnies are here to offer the perfect mix of comfort and engaging play. The Bunny Plush is ideal for snuggles and storytime, crafted with soft fur to be your child’s next favourite hug buddy. For older babies and toddlers kids, the Peek-a-pets Interactive Bunny Plush brings a dynamic twist to playtime with its interactive features, including games and activities that both entertain and educate.

The perfect gift idea for babies and kids

These gorgeous, baby and kid-friendly toys take the classic game of peek-a-boo to a whole new level of fun and excitement. Each is made from super soft, high-quality plush material and has a super sweet design.

Super cute from newborn up, these Peek-a-pets love cuddles! Source: Supplied


Peek-a-pets Bunny Plush – your perfect peek-a-boo pal

The Peek-a-pets Bunny Plush is an irresistibly fluffy little plush that comes with a magical surprise that will delight little ones! Gently press its soft tummy, and watch as its ears rise up, revealing its cute, twinkling eyes!

This adorable 30 cm plush bunny is available in two gorgeous colours: white and pink – each with their own beautifully detailed design.

We especially think it’s a great gift idea for babies and young children for first birthdays, christenings, Christmas, Easter, sibling gifts on the arrival of a baby brother or sister, or just because!

Peek-a-pets Bunny Plush will be your baby’s new snuggle friend. Source: Supplied

This sweet little bunny is already receiving some rave reviews, making it the perfect all-round gift.

“I bought this for my little granddaughter for Easter. You squeeze the belly and the ears pop up from over the face . Good quality and an adorable gift!”

“This is a lovely little toy that I bought as a gift for a 1 year old, it comes with its ears over its eyes and they lift up when you squeeze its tummy, which is done pretty easily – lovely little gift!” – Jennifer

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Safe for young babies

The Peek-a-pets Bunny Plush is safe for newborns and the perfect company for daytime play and snuggles. At just $19 each, these cute plush bunnies are an affordable and cuddly gift and will soon become a much-treasured member of the family. Available in-store  or online at Target, so you can nab one (or both!) today!

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Peek-a-pets Interactive Bunny

The Peek-a-pets Interactive Bunny is a gorgeous, interactive plush pal for older babies (6 months up) and toddlers who are ready to play, dance and sing!

Peek-a-pets Interactive Bunny features both day mode and night mode. Source: Supplied

Day Mode: Let’s play and dance!

Press its fluffy foot to activate ear movement in ‘day mode’ for a fun peek-a-boo game with two easy play modes. Press the other foot, and it will play three different classic songs for your child to dance and sing along to:  The Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

Night Mode: Time for Sleep

If you switch The Peek-a-pets Interactive Bunny to ‘night mode’ it will sing your little one to sleep playing the classic lullaby Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It also features a night-time light-up function, with the heart on its tummy glowing and turning into a handy night light.

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Aussie families already love this fun, interactive bunny plush and are leaving some great reviews online!

This bunny is absolutely amazing quality and the softness is out of this world. It’s generous in size and has very cute sound effects. I bought one for my daughter and one for my nephew and they were both received very well. I highly recommend this! It’s the perfect gift.” – Emma

“My granddaughter loves this bunny – will play with it for long periods of time. Is especially good for riding in the car – keeps her well entertained!” – Diana


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Give your little one the Easter gift they can enjoy all year round with The Peek-a-boo Interactive Bunny Plush, available in-store and online at Target.mum central

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