‘Let It Go’ Be Gone! ABC KIDS Launches Listen Radio Station and App For Littlies

Parents everywhere rejoice!

No longer will your iPhone be held hostage by YouTube kids and the ‘Moana’ soundtrack!

The ABC KIDS Listen radio station and app has just launched and it’s a cracker for kids aged 0-5.

ABC Kids Listen

A station for little listeners

Little listeners can now enjoy a digital radio station dedicated entirely to them. Because it’s the ABC, the content is both educational and entertaining and links kids’ favourite ABC KIDS TV shows with their very own listening space.

There’s no denying that the theme songs to ‘Frozen’ and ‘Trolls’ ARE catchy. But let’s be honest, they’re not offering much in the way of actual learning. ABC KIDS Listen has been designed in conjunction with the national early childhood curriculum. This means it provides listening experiences that enhance learning, imagination, creativity and family experiences. Take that, Elsa!

Running from 6am, seven days a week through DAB+ radios and a live online radio stream, kids and those who are enslaved to them (AKA their parents) can tune in to 14 regular weekly audio programs that link into your daily routine.

Kid-centric programming

From ‘Good Morning‘ which runs from 6am with peaceful music for early risers, to ABC KIDS news bulletins which produce daily, preschool appropriate news bites, programs are themed and designed to suit a child’s daily routine.

Morning programming focuses on waking up and preparing for the day. Toddlers and pre-schoolers can then tune in to ‘Make and Do‘ and ‘Let’s Explore‘ from 9am, both of which focus on learning, sensory play and exploration. Evening programming promotes winding down from the day, rest and sleep.

You can check out all the programs here.


Kids will also hear from a bunch of their ABC KIDS favourites. The Wiggles, Jimmy Giggle, and the Play School gang all host different segments and programs.

Away from home and/or the internet? Parents can download the ABC KIDS listen app which allows families to download their favourite programs to listen to for seven days, anytime, anywhere, no internet needed. Perfect for long car rides (and school pick ups!)

You can find out more about ABC KIDS listen, including programs, times and daily programming over at the ABC KIDS listen website. 

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