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There’s a Bear in There: New Dates Announced for Play School Live in Concert

Get ready for bears, chairs and plenty of games.

Play School Live in Concert hits the road for the ‘Once Upon A Time’ national live tour in March this year.

Play School Live in Concert

Clocking up over 50 years on our screens, watching an episode of Play School is a rite of passage for generations of Aussie kids.

Taking the action off screen and onto the stage allows kids (and their parents) to experience the magic of Play School Live.

Play School Live in Concert

This year, the Once Upon A Time concert tour brings a whole host of favourite nursery rhymes, and their characters, to life. Get up close with Little Miss Muffet,  the Incy Wincy Spider and Humpty Dumpty and bust some classic moves to ‘Heads and Shoulders’ and ‘Der Glumph’.Play School Live in Concert

Each 40 minute show features two presenters, along with a whole host of Play School favourites, including Big Ted, Little Ted and Jemima.

Play School Live in Concert

The live 2018 shows will tour around Australia from March till November. Each concert follows the format of the TV show to make it familiar for even the littlest fans.


Tickets to ‘Once Upon a Time’ are available online now!buy tickets here

With locations right across Australia, including regional areas, there’s sure to be one right near you: 

VIC – 3rd March to 11th April
QLD – 16th June to 8th July
ACT – 20th July to 22nd July
SYDNEY/NSW- 1st October – 23rd October
SA – 10th August – 19th August
WA – 7th September – 16th September
TAS – November – Tickets on Sale Wed 22nd Aug

For more information about dates, times and tickets for Play School Live in Concert in your state visit Kids Promotions.

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    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara Fehmel Reply

      My 3 year old Great Grandson will not eat his breakfast until he is allowed to watch “Play School”

      • Avatar of Nikki

        Hahaha our 2yr old is the same! His first word when he wakes is playschool!

      • Avatar of Shelley

        Same in our house! Breakfast and playschool give me time to make coffee and get dressed!

    • Avatar of Angela Marie
      Angela Marie Reply

      Izabella would love to see BigTed perform. She has a Big Ted that she slleps with every night

    • Avatar of Lidia Koppe
      Lidia Koppe Reply

      My 2 year old LOVES Frogs when we play Der Glumph she goes hopping happy around the house. She gets especially excited if she sees Teo and Justine

    • Avatar of Fi

      My 4yo twin girls are obsessed with playschool and I love how they learn so so very much from it. They would be extremely excited to see it live! 🙂 🙂

    • Avatar of Lauren Hoskins
      Lauren Hoskins Reply

      My daughter is obsessed with Jemima she carries her everywhere, sleeps holding her and chatters to her. She’s 11 months old.

    • Avatar of MelMoyle

      I would love to win tickets so my sister could take my niece and nephew to their first Play School concert. I loved doing this with my kids. Thank you!

  1. Avatar of Tracey Bentley
    Tracey Bentley Reply

    Play school is the best kids show! My kids adore it and it always makes me feel a bit nostalgic too – I would love to see it live on stage!

  2. Avatar of LaurenG

    My daughter LOVES play school and has for quite some time. I have no doubt she’d adore the performance

  3. Avatar of DanielleS

    My two littlest kids love playschool and love going to live shows. We cant wait.

  4. Avatar of Kelly Baldock
    Kelly Baldock Reply

    My 2 year old son loves playschool, he would love to see it live! It’s also one of my favourite kids shows too!

  5. Avatar of Shelli

    I love playschool, my kids love playschool. It’s a childhood necessity

  6. Avatar of Samantha

    My daughter watches play school every morning while she eats breakfast. She’s OBSESSED with Jemima

  7. Avatar of Vicki

    Our son would love to see all the playschool characters live! Especially little ted

  8. Avatar of AnnettwAnnette
    AnnettwAnnette Reply

    Is there any one else but “my myma”. Translated to Jemima

  9. Avatar of Yas

    My 3 year old twins love play school and learning new things. They also watch the big adventures and story time shorts.

  10. Avatar of Amandain

    The only time my 16 month old daughter stops to watch a show is when playschool is on. She loves it and dances to the songs

  11. Avatar of ShelleyBrock
    ShelleyBrock Reply

    My son loves Play School, especially the stories and songs

  12. Avatar of Ellie

    Miss three loves watching Playschool. She loves nothing more than to dance along to all the songs!

  13. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe Heatherill Reply

    My daughter, 2, never has had much interest in television, but Playschool has always captured her attention. As soon as that iconic opening music begins, her face lights up and she bolts to the tv! Compared to many of the other bizarre shows on ABC today (not to mention a certain little rude pink pig!), Playschool is a fun and educational show teaching new skills! We would love a family pass as a special treat for our girl, especially as she has just become a big sister and deserves a fun fsmily day out doing something exciting for her!

  14. Avatar of Rachel

    My son LOVES Playschool! When he was younger, that was the only cartoon he would watch on Tv. He loves copying the things the Playschool characters do. When they bang on their pots & pans, he would do the same with his own tiny pots & pans. We’ve taken him to two Playschool concerts now & he LOVES them. We also did Playschool theme for his two year old Birthday party and it was amazing! This is such a great price to win so that we can all go as a family.

  15. Avatar of Karen

    My twins have loved the Playschool show – would love to take them again.

  16. Avatar of Kylie

    My kids would absolutely love to go see play school live and to be honest so would I

  17. Avatar of Linda Lane
    Linda Lane Reply

    My grandson loves Play School- his father loved it when he was little.Both my boys enjoyed concerts and it is great for teaching children about all aspects of life

  18. Avatar of Sophia

    My daughter has recently discovered a love of Play School, so I’d love to take her to see the show live!

  19. Avatar of Sam

    My youngest daughter has just turned 2 and whenever she hears the Playschool intro on Abckids , she comes running into the lounge so excited. I would love to take her to the show.

  20. Avatar of Adelle suitor
    Adelle suitor Reply

    Would love to win tickets to play school for my little man whose birthday is just after this concert. Would make for a perfect 3rd birthday present!

  21. Avatar of Briony

    My daughter loves Play School especially Humpty Dumpty. Or as she says Humpy Dumpy

  22. Avatar of Samantha Matwijenko
    Samantha Matwijenko Reply

    Because once upon a time there was a little girl who loved playing games,telling stories and most of all play school.

  23. Avatar of Hayley

    It’s the first thing this household hears in the mornings and toddlers last show she watches before bed.

  24. Avatar of Bree

    I’d love to win for my kids, both loooove playschool. My daughter loves Jemima & my son loves Humpty. They love picking a window each show & it gives mummy some much needed quiet time while they are learning new things!

  25. Avatar of ️Andrea Vergara
    ️Andrea Vergara Reply

    My daughter loves the show and watches it every opportunity she gets ( mainly when I’m doing her hair, she has an afro, sigh..)she loves big teddy but Humpty Dumpty is probably the one she reacts to the most, she loves his clumsy nature and roundness…. She loves having a great fall in unison

  26. Avatar of JulesWT05

    It would absolutely blow my son’s mind to see all his favourites (Play School presenters AND characters) right before his eyes! He doesn’t have much interest in TV except for Play School (he grins like a nutter when the opening song plays) – he loves the singing, play and story telling and I love some down time while he’s preoccupied!!

  27. Avatar of Jessica Brierley
    Jessica Brierley Reply

    My eldest daughter is obsessed with Playschool and I would love so much for her to experience a live concert! It would make her so happy and would be such an exciting experience for her and for me to see the excitement on her face.

  28. Avatar of Catherine

    What a wonderful bonding experience, I watched Play School as a cnild and I can still share that with my granbabies all these years later. Im 53 and they are 1, 3 and 5 yet we can all si g and dance znd be silly together while they learn too. Would love to win as a treat for all of us.

  29. Avatar of Stacey

    My kids absolutely love play school! I love that I can say to my daughter that I used to watch play school when I was her age too!

  30. Avatar of AmyLord14

    As soon as the play school intro music starts my daughter stops what she is doing and is mesmerized by it. She loves the singing, dancing and story time. Would love to see her face light up!

    • Avatar of Elizabeth I
      Elizabeth I Reply

      My mister 7 months has obsessed with songs and he would love this. I would love to take him to his first concert

  31. Avatar of Lauryn

    My 2 little boys would absolutely love to see playschool live!!! It’s our favorite time of day when playschool is on they love to listen n watch stories and dance and sing along!!! It’s soo much fun to see them not only having fun but learning to!!

  32. Avatar of Kirk

    Playschool is legendary in every way!
    I loved it back in my day!
    My daughter loves all the crew!
    So please send us along to view!!!

  33. Avatar of Melanie Wegener
    Melanie Wegener Reply

    I’d love to win tickets to
    the Playschool concert with my son,
    I know he’d be grateful
    and would have so much fun!

  34. Avatar of Alison Mark
    Alison Mark Reply

    Rachel is our favourite and Tao, little miss would love to see a live show

  35. Avatar of Narelle Thredgolf
    Narelle Thredgolf Reply

    My childten dont watch much TV, but playschool is one show I happily let them watch as i have fond memories of watching play school as a kid

  36. Avatar of Kavin

    My children are aged one and two.
    Love watching Play School, always want more
    This ONCE in a life chance concert they would adore.

  37. Avatar of Esther

    My boy loves Playschool, he bops up and down whenever it comes on and sits intently watching story time each day without fail!

  38. Avatar of Marnie

    My daughter loves playschool, this would be a perfect Daddy and daughter first concert.

  39. Avatar of BecS

    This looks like a lot of fun. Let’s hope my daughter thinks so too…

  40. Avatar of Kelly

    Playschool is so very much enjoy learning for young and old. A favourite at our house.

  41. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    I took my owns kids to see Play School concerts so it would be just fabulous if I could take my grandkids as well

  42. Avatar of Lex_pi

    I grew up with PLAYSCHOOL,
    And for my new baby to grow up with them would be kinda COOL,
    This concert would be his first EVER!
    It would be so special if we could go TOGETHER!

  43. Avatar of Aimee McCloy
    Aimee McCloy Reply

    I would love to win this as my 3yo son loves Play School to the point that we have some of the songs on a playlist for in the car! I grew up loving Play School and my inner child is stoked that my son loves it so much . Hopefully my daughter (16 weeks) will love it just as much.

  44. Avatar of James

    Play School is an Australian institution! Hope it continues for a long time!

  45. Avatar of Maree Schmidt
    Maree Schmidt Reply

    I would love seeing this just as much as my kids..it would be great for my youngest to experience Play School in person!!

  46. Avatar of Lynley

    We love Playschool! I think I would be as star struck as the kids!

  47. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    It is my sons 4th birthday in a few weeks so to be able to surprise him with play school tickets would be amazing!

  48. Avatar of Milly

    I have a very active 3 year old who I think is the perfect age to enjoy something like this.

  49. Avatar of Bec

    With a new bub Play School has been a life saver to put on to entertain little miss 2.5…. I can not imagine how exciting it would be for her to see them live!!!

  50. Avatar of Ratna

    My daughter is 5 years old now but use to love the show…now my new lil man is 1 and he adores playschool too…recognising the Playschool Theme, gets totally excited about which “Window” it will be and of course the family favourite Teo 🙂

  51. Avatar of Stevie

    All my kids love play school but my youngest who is almost 2 has shown the most interest. As the youngest of three she often just follows the older ones with what they are playing, watching or interested in so I’m looking forward to nurturing this interest she has by taking her to a show!

  52. Avatar of Laura

    What a fabulous all round show-educational, musical, crafty & fun. My son loves it and it’s helped keep him in good routines

  53. Avatar of Blossom

    Our youngest son will be 23 months old in early August. He already laughs at funny things and moves in motion with the music. He sits with his older brother and mimics what he does. We went to a movie and they showed a “Mickey Mouse” one first when our now 5 year old was that age. He literally laughed all the way through it. He still watches Play School when he is able to. We have a PLay School DVD too.

  54. Avatar of Julie Tran
    Julie Tran Reply

    My little one just turned one and will finally get to see what his mama loves about this show live!!

  55. Avatar of Belinda

    My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves play school, I love how she stops what she is doing or playing with and loves to sing and dance with the presenters and listen to the reading of the story and loves the play school windows, she gets excited to see which one is used.

  56. Avatar of Stacey B

    Because I would love to surprise our girls and take them to the concert. It would be a great outing for the whole family, and the girls would enjoy themselves.
    Play school live, it’s real tv as my 4 year old would say haha

  57. Avatar of Linda F

    My 2 year old and 4 year old love Play School! I think Play School is a beautiful show – a great mix of education, craft, cooking, imagination play, experiments and the list goes on – very entertaining. My 2 year old loves Teo and my 4 year old loves Abi. It would be amazing to see them live in concert! The family pass would be super special as it would mean their Dad would come along too, creating a beautiful family day!

  58. Avatar of Melissa Colgan
    Melissa Colgan Reply

    Would love to let my girls experience the playschool experience live as they love watching it on tv.

  59. Avatar of Alexandram
    Alexandram Reply

    I’d love to take my two daughters to there first ever show together & what better then playschool together

  60. Avatar of Susan

    My 2 year old loves Playschool as much as I did as a young child. Her big sister still loves to sit with her and help her with Sh hung and dancing to the music.

  61. Avatar of Anne Johnson
    Anne Johnson Reply

    We went to the show last year and my son absolutely loved it!! Didn’t stop dancing the whole show!!

  62. Avatar of Shannon

    Would love to take my youngest this would be a great day out seeing our favourite show and friends in action

  63. Avatar of Stephanie

    I’d love to win it for my baby brother because he would love it and be so excited.

  64. Avatar of Rebecca

    I watched Play School when I was a kid and now the only tv show my 14 month old will watch is Play School.

  65. Avatar of Renae

    Would love to win play school tickets, my kids love watching & singing along to all the songs

  66. Avatar of Samantha

    We’d love to see a Playschool concert! My daughter loves ‘Paystool’ and joining in on all of the songs.

  67. Avatar of Sheree

    Playschool is amazing, it’s not just for children but adults too.
    Parents can get alot of craft ideas from playschool

  68. Avatar of Megan Gonzalez
    Megan Gonzalez Reply

    My little boy loves watching Play School. Would love to take him along to the live show.

  69. Avatar of Lucy S

    I grew up with Play School and now my 3 year old son is growing up with it too. For over 50 years Play School has entertained Australian children. I would love to take my son to see them live and all his favourites including Big Ted, Jemima and Humpty.

  70. Avatar of Felicity

    My kids have grown up with Playschool and love Jemima and big ted. they are at school now but would love to see the show as the dancing and songs are always enjoyed.

  71. Avatar of shirley

    Because my granddaughters love Play School, they would love to see the live show.

  72. Avatar of Rebecca

    We have a family of Play School fans! The show is timeless and they always create fun and interesting ways to learn. I’d love to introduce my youngest to a live play school show and see her face light up with her favourite characters right before eyes!

  73. Avatar of Belinda Mouk
    Belinda Mouk Reply

    My 3 year old niece and 2 year old nephew love watching Play School. The stories and the sing a longs are fun and they would have a great time.

  74. Avatar of Jacqui Lagaluga
    Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    So as three generations of Play School fans can sing and dance along togather.

  75. Avatar of Nicholas

    My son love playschool. He would be over the moon to go see the live show.

  76. Avatar of Deb

    I’d love to win this prize as a treat for my great-grandchildren.

  77. Avatar of Mistie Honeyman
    Mistie Honeyman Reply

    My girls love playschool and they always put on a fantastic show wether it’s big or small!

  78. Avatar of Emma

    Would love to win the tickets to take my daughter who would love it!

  79. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    I grew up watching play school and absolutely loved it and so do the kids.

  80. Avatar of Mur

    My eldest daughter learnt a lot of vocabulary and language usage from Playschool. She’s now 6 and still enjoy watching Playschool with her younger sibling. My kids love the storytime, crafts and memorized all the songs. I bet they want to be Playschool hosts when they grow up!

  81. Avatar of ros mayes

    I love taking my grandchildren to live shows..and the little ones..Hannah (5) and Ivy (2) would have cherished memories of this fabulous prize event!!

  82. Avatar of Angelene McCracken
    Angelene McCracken Reply

    My 2 y.o. son loves play school and dancing to all the songs. It would be so nice to take him to one of their concets. He would have soo much fun.

  83. Avatar of Lana W

    My 3 year old would be so excited to go! She loves play school@@

  84. Avatar of Daina

    My two young ladies love Playschool and sing, dance and listen the entire show. We have the Playschool CD in the car and whenever we go for a drive their first request is Playschool!

  85. Avatar of Ellie

    I loved watching Play School growing up and love watching it now with my daughter!! It is so educational, fun and we love the crafts!
    It would be just wonderful to see Play School live together! I am not sure who would love it more, myself or my daughter!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  86. Avatar of VICSTAR

    Watching Play School LIVE will be so much fun for the boys. Big ted, Little ted, Humpty and all those toys.
    The singing, dancing and atmosphere, they will have a ball. #Familyfunforall

  87. Avatar of Alex He

    My kids love Play School so so much. If they can go watch the show in person, they would be very excited.

    • Avatar of Melinda

      I love watching the wiggles with my kids they would love to see them in person they would be amazed

  88. Avatar of Jessie Matthews
    Jessie Matthews Reply

    My 2 boys would absolutely love to watch play school live… my oldest drops everything when the show starts….

  89. Avatar of Janice

    What a perfect way to celebrate family time (We are having a break from devices)

  90. Avatar of Melinda

    My kids 3&4 love watching playschool the songs , pretend play always has them ingrossed ( it also means I get time to clean up , prep meals or simply have a cup of coffee in peace – thanks playschool )

  91. Avatar of Christina L
    Christina L Reply

    Perfect entertainment for the kids and they love Playschool as did I when I was growing up

  92. Avatar of Jess

    My son loves singing and dancing to all the songs. He best learns through the music and fun in Playschool.

  93. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana Angel Reply

    Playschool will take children through magical journey of storytelling, dancing and singing. My daughter loves it!

  94. Avatar of Sue Wood

    So many concerts, performances and special events that the kids would love to experience! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the tickets when a tight budget is the order of the day. My kids would be ecstatic to finally see a show…. especially their favourite, Play School!

  95. Avatar of Martha

    My kids love playschool! Watching it helps their imagination grow! Seeing it live will be a great experience for them and something they’ll never forget!

  96. Avatar of Irene

    My 19month old loves playschool. He watches it everyday. I’m sure he would love to watch the show in person.

  97. Avatar of Dawn

    Playschool was the first TV show that my now 3yr old granddaughter would actually sit and watch all the way through and she still loves it and now my 1 yr old grandson is just as enthralled at watching it . I would love to be able to take them to see it.

  98. Avatar of Kate

    We all love play school – the songs are a favourite with our 2 year old and the crafts and pretend play are our 4 year olds favourites. Something for everyone!

  99. Avatar of LGlenn

    My Bubs loves anything singing and dancing and I love to take him to places which make him happy and spark his imagination 🙂

  100. Avatar of Emma Flanagan
    Emma Flanagan Reply

    Play school is literally the only thing my daughter will watch on tv so i can only imagine how much she would love to see it live!!!

  101. Avatar of Fiona Charlton
    Fiona Charlton Reply

    We have loved Play School for so many years. Would love to take my son!

  102. Avatar of Karen Pamment
    Karen Pamment Reply

    I would love to win because my kids love play school. Everyone loves play school, my daughter is forever copying songs and dances they do as well as making things they do. Back in the day play school taught me how to tie my shoes and now I watch it with my kids.

  103. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    Big Ted and Humpty it has to be
    The favourite characters for my Mr 3
    Loves all the songs and the round window too
    Seeing Playschool live is long overdue!

  104. Avatar of Angela S.

    I fondly remember watching Playschool as a child, and now my children do the same. It’s a household staple here! We would love to go to a show!

  105. Avatar of Emma Gregory
    Emma Gregory Reply

    My son is almost 1 and I would love to take him to his first concert!

  106. Avatar of holley

    My son, 21 months old, loves Humpty and Big Ted and reads his Playschool Nursery Rhymes book every day. Especially fond of the page that Big Ted is driving in a red car.

  107. Avatar of Bec Dunn

    My youngest loves play school and gets so excited when it’s on. Her favorite is Jemima. My eldest two have been and I would love for her to have this experience as well.

  108. Avatar of Jackie Reavie
    Jackie Reavie Reply

    I would love to bring my kids to see playgroup, something I grew up with

  109. Avatar of Monica Huffer

    My great niece and great nephew would think I was the best Aunty in the world if I won them this prize.
    They love Playschool and watch it everyday.

  110. Avatar of Louise

    Would love this to be my babies first concert! I find it so lovely that I grew up with play school and now my kids are too! Such a classic!

  111. Avatar of Aleks Darwin
    Aleks Darwin Reply

    Can’t believe that I loved and grew up with Play School and now my children are doing the same!

    Thank you play School for being apart of our lives and memories

  112. Avatar of Yvette

    My son would love to see Big Ted and Lil Ted because of all the adventures they have together.

  113. Avatar of Ceinwen

    I would love to see my little boys face when he saw all his favourite characters on stage and not just on the tv screen , pretty sure he would be very excited !!

  114. Avatar of Kate

    My beautiful 10 month old loves the singing and dancing. We would love to see Big Ted.

  115. Avatar of Tmeeka Henricks
    Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    I took my 4 year old last year and he was too overwhelmed to enjoy it until the last few minutes, I’d love the chance to take him again now he’s that bit older as he does love Play School and sings along at home to all the songs.

  116. Avatar of Deere

    We love to sit and do the activities from playschool together with our toddler!

  117. Avatar of Maureen Woodbury
    Maureen Woodbury Reply

    Would love to take my Granddaughter and Grandson. I would be voted the best Nan!

  118. Avatar of Samantha Bradley
    Samantha Bradley Reply

    My 3 year old would absolutely love to win this!! Her favourite show is playschool and she loves copying them it’s so cute!

  119. Avatar of Chanelle

    My 2 year old daughter is so engaged when Playschool is on. She loves to move and dance to the songs, laugh at the stories and try the craft activities after the show.

  120. Avatar of Kylie Sims
    Kylie Sims Reply

    I would love to take my 3 year old daughter to watch play school as she loves watching it in the morning. . She loves to pick a window and has done ever since she was 1.5yrs. She loves all the characters and would be so excited to see them live.

  121. Avatar of Kylie Sims
    Kylie Sims Reply

    My 3 yr old loves playschool. She gets so excited when the windows come on and always picks a window. She would love to see playschool live.

  122. Avatar of Rikki-lee Puddy
    Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    I would love to take my son so he can experience why i loved play school so much growing up

  123. Avatar of Crystal Colee
    Crystal Colee Reply

    My 3 kiddies are huge play school fans and we would love to see them live !

  124. Avatar of Cherie Cooper
    Cherie Cooper Reply

    We’ve never been to a Play School concert and they look like a lot of fun, my toddlers would love it! Plenty of singing and dancing to burn off their never ending energy!!

  125. Avatar of Katie Gilroy
    Katie Gilroy Reply

    My family would love to go to see Play School live. My 1 year old hears the opening song and urges me to run to the other room and watch it with him. He sings and dances to the music, is memorised by the art and scenes through the the windows, and loves the clock. Though his version of the word clock is much funnier. His favourite song is the teddy bear twist… Even great-nanna is expected to dance when he hears that song!
    Fingers crossed that you make his year and send us to the concert in NSW.

  126. Avatar of Lizzy B

    My kids learn so much through Playschool. They love singing along to the songs. I know they would be so excited to see a live show.

  127. Avatar of Kerry

    My two children are obsessed with playschool. They love jemima and big ted

  128. Avatar of Fran

    My little one has not yet been to a Playschool concert but would love to see Big Ted and all his friends.

  129. Avatar of Lauren

    My daughter loves playschool. This would be the perfect outing before i return to work.

  130. Avatar of Carly Powell
    Carly Powell Reply

    Playschool has to be one of the most entertaining kids educational shows, my kids love it! We can’t wait to see them live!

  131. Avatar of Sara Alagappan
    Sara Alagappan Reply

    My 18 month old loves playschool! She loves to dance to the title song and has a huge grin when she hears it anywhere!

  132. Avatar of Hannah Jewell
    Hannah Jewell Reply

    I would love to win this prize so I can take my second daughter to a Play school show. She’s never been. Thank you for the opportunity!

  133. Avatar of Isabella B

    The activities that my girls watch on playschool are often copied and tried in our house. Plus we all like to sing along to all the songs

  134. Avatar of Sarah Potter
    Sarah Potter Reply

    My daughter and I are both big fans of big and little ted. I still remember watching them when I was little and I can see she enjoys listening to all the songs too

  135. Avatar of Leone McMillions

    Eli is nearly 6 months old and when he hears Playschool on ABC he stops what he is doing and stares. He really enjoys the catchy tunes. I don’t think he has a particular favourite character yet but I’m sure he could associate Humpty with the nursery rhyme. I loved to be able to take him to the concert and stimulate his brain! Mum would love to sit on the floor with Eli on my lap and participate with the actions to the nursery rhymes and songs! Watching Eli’s beautiful smile, hearing his giggles and seeing him gaze in amazement and his eyes light up with excitement at the Playschool characters would just blow mum’s heart away!

  136. Avatar of Jane

    Would love to take my 2 year old (technically she’s not even 1 for a couple more years as a leap year baby) but she absolutely loves playschool and only thing that allows me to get 5 mins to myself and also her big sis who is almost 11 she loves it still loves the music and crafts. And my 2 year old has to have big sis everywhere she goes. So this would be amazing to share together. Xxx

  137. Avatar of Kylie Szczepanski
    Kylie Szczepanski Reply

    My. 2 yr old son loves humpty and jemima and their big adventures!! so would love to see playschool live!

  138. Avatar of Lisa Paine
    Lisa Paine Reply

    Once upon a time
    We all stood in line
    To see our playschools favourites
    Playing princesses and pirates
    We love the singing and the dancing
    (Teo is good at prancing)
    Its so much fun
    Especially if we won
    Tickets to see
    The Playschool family!

  139. Avatar of Jess

    My little man loves all of play school but I think he gets most excited for Humpty Dumpty

  140. Avatar of Emily Hooper
    Emily Hooper Reply

    My daughter absoloutely adores playschool, she runs to the tv and dances around the loungeroom to the theme song as soon as it starts and sleeps with both her jemima dolls and her humpty dumpty every night. It would be wonderful to take her to watch it live and see the excitement on her little face.

  141. Avatar of Anne Marie
    Anne Marie Reply

    My 3 year old loves play school she went last time and she still talking about it

  142. Avatar of Jas86

    We love play school can’t wait to see them live again this year!

  143. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris Reply

    I would love to be able to take my daughter who strongly believes Teo is her best friend. She watches playschool every chance she gets and loves it every time Teo is on.

  144. Avatar of Elke

    We’d love to win as it would be the perfect first live concert to share with our little man who is 9 months old (and who took us a long 7 years to make!)
    He absolutely loves Big Ted and Slush the Pig.
    He loves to stand at the side of his playpen and dance along to the songs on Play School!

  145. Avatar of Ashleigh

    My little boy just loves play school so it would be amazing for him to see a show in front of him up close !!

  146. Avatar of CyndiS

    It will be a perfect first concert for our little girl. Her eyes light up whenever the theme song for Play School goes on.

  147. Avatar of Steph M

    Little ted is my little mans favourite! He’d love to come see playschool live and see all his favourite friends! He loves singing and dancing and learning through playschool and we love that it gives us 25mins peace while he’s learning!

  148. Avatar of Katrina

    Archie would love to go to play school live.. it’s our morning distraction so mummmy can get ready for work!!

  149. Avatar of Nicola Cataldo
    Nicola Cataldo Reply

    My girls would absolutely love to see all their favourite play school characters come to life, I would love to win this for them!

  150. Avatar of Gwen

    I’ve taken my girls to the last two Playschool shows and they’ve had a great time. It’ll be nice to win a family pass so we can make this year’s show a family treat.

  151. Avatar of Talia

    My 2 year old daughter loves watching Play School at home, and would be ecstatic to see them live!

  152. Avatar of Wendy Heinrich
    Wendy Heinrich Reply

    My granddaughter Alexis absolutely adores Humpty, I’m sure she’d love to see him in person.

  153. Avatar of Jen

    My boys would love to see Playschool. It’s their go to favorite show.

  154. Avatar of Robyn

    We’ve been 2 years on a row and we LOVE it!!! Looking forward to going again

  155. Avatar of Rhonda

    My daughter thinks Play School is number 1,
    She thinks all the characters are really fun!.
    She loves Justine,
    But is just as keen,
    On watching everyone.

    She laughs at their funny dances,
    And around the lounge room she prances,
    Joining in all the singing & fun,
    My daughter knows Play School is number 1!

  156. Avatar of Katrina Whitehead
    Katrina Whitehead Reply

    My 3 girls have always loved play school. My youngest who is 20 months really loves it at the moment and loves music. Play school has always been big in my house because i work in child care and enjoy it myself!!

  157. Avatar of Belinda Borg
    Belinda Borg Reply

    Both my 11 month old and 6 year old love play school. If we win it would be a great gift for my sons first birthday. His birthday is the 23 of march 🙂

  158. Avatar of Xanthie

    My daughter (14 months) would be so so happy to be chosen as the winner for Adelaide, my missy moo savannah LOVES big Ted ❣️

  159. Avatar of Naomi Price
    Naomi Price Reply

    Favourites in our house are Jemima, Humpty, and Big Ted! My 3 year old Molly and 1 year old Charlie both enjoy singing and dancing to the songs on playschool,, and we would love to be able to have a family outing to see the love show!

  160. Avatar of Jane

    My daughter loves playschool but rarely gets chance to watch it lately as her brother is older and thinks its “boring” haha and it just leads to arguments! Being able to take her to this would maked her day

  161. Avatar of leanne mills
    leanne mills Reply

    Would love to take my fun loving 2 yr old granddaughter. She sit’s mesmerised to Play School and must watch a dvd at bedtime when having a sleepover at Nanny’s!!

  162. Avatar of Claire

    My 2 yr old would love to see all the characters and sing along to the songs. We love the playschool cd and always have it on in the car!

  163. Avatar of Bree Smith
    Bree Smith Reply

    My son (6 months) and I just started watching and he absolutely glued to the tv when it comes on!

  164. Avatar of Jess Jordan
    Jess Jordan Reply

    Jonnys face lights up everytime the Play school theme song starts – I’d love to see how excited he gets seeing It all live!!

  165. Avatar of Robyn canning
    Robyn canning Reply

    I’d love to take my youngest children. I’d also love to see playschool myself

  166. Avatar of Carolyn Wilson
    Carolyn Wilson Reply

    I would love to take my granddaughter, just like we took her father to see play school concert 25 years ago love it.

  167. Avatar of Bree schepemaker
    Bree schepemaker Reply

    Play school is the only tv show my 18mth old will watch, it’s my only half hr of piece a day. I know he’d go crazy to see it live

  168. Avatar of Nicole G

    My son would love to go and see Big Ted in person- its a show I grew up watching and now my son is doing the same so it’s very special.

  169. Avatar of Maddy

    My 2 year old loves playschool and would love to go to his first concert!

  170. Avatar of Janna Chen
    Janna Chen Reply

    My son loves playschool and its one show I will let him watch because its educational and he learns from it.

  171. Avatar of VMCCLAY

    My son LOVES Jemima and Humpty. His favorite show is Play School and he loves his nursery rhyme book. He has never been to a live show, it would be a great birthday gift for him.

  172. Avatar of DD

    My son loves playschool, he loves all the activities and we both learn so much watching it.

  173. Avatar of Kim

    I would love to win as I love Play School as much as her, it is such a family classic

  174. Avatar of Jodie outram
    Jodie outram Reply

    Playschool Awesome love The presenters on this kid show.So energetic and full of life.

  175. Avatar of Lauren Storey
    Lauren Storey Reply

    My 10 month old would love to meet Jemima! However, I would love to meet Kim and Lisa. They have always been my favourite!

  176. Avatar of Nikki

    Omg omg omg PLAYSCHOOL!
    My 2 yr old is absolutely mad for you. He loves the window shapes, especially the arch window. We have to play it daily. But before we can we must sing your theme tune!

  177. Avatar of Helen

    My daughter would love to see the playschool show. Watching over breakfast, giggling at the silly songs, and marvelling at the craft creations bring her such joy. I’d quite like to see it the show too. Like so many other Australian adults I grew up with humpty, Jemima and the rest of the crew!

  178. Avatar of Rebekah Ballingall
    Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    PLay school was my favourite show as a child and I would love to share my love with my son who is 3 years old

  179. Avatar of Grace

    My 8 month old loves listening to the songs. She’s not interested in the tv unless someone is singing hahah

  180. Avatar of Nicole Woodley
    Nicole Woodley Reply

    Play School is a preschool child’s best friend and an institution of ABC tv that I enjoyed watching when I was growing up and have loved introducing my children to!

  181. Avatar of James Sharpe
    James Sharpe Reply

    i grew up with them,
    hopefully they will appreciate and love the only way i learned to talk according to my hopeless parents 🙂

  182. Avatar of Kristy M

    My son loves Playchool. He loves the singing and dancing and story time.

  183. Avatar of Yonna

    All 3 kids love Play School. It’s the one show that all 3 will stop what they’re doing and watch together!

  184. Avatar of Renae

    My son loved play school live last year and would love to sing and dance an afternoon away again.

  185. Avatar of Tara

    My daughter loves playschool, her favourite character is scrap, she’s dog obsessed!

  186. Avatar of Brooke

    I myself loved play school as a kid and alwayd watched it… now my 9month old watches it… as soon as he hears the song he turns his eyes to the tv… im also currently pregnant….. and im happy play school is still going and i hope we have the chance to go to the concert and meet Jemima and Morris and Big ted and little Ted and Daisy and more and some of the play school presenters

  187. Avatar of Chris S

    We love Play School! I would love to take my son (& his bestie) to see Humpty in real life 😀

  188. Avatar of Laura R

    My 8 month old has just discovered TV. She loves Play School. I guess she’s just like her mum. I was and still am a fan. We both would love to meet Little Ted. It would be fantastic to share this experience together as a family. Thank you.

  189. Avatar of Jodie

    My kids love watching Playschool every day! My 2.5 year old is excited to see Humpty! But she’s probably more excited to see the presenters…especially if it’s Teo again.

  190. Avatar of Lisa McClafferty
    Lisa McClafferty Reply

    My son is 9 months old and he LOVES Jemima ! I would love to bring him to watch play school ❤️

  191. Avatar of Martina davidson
    Martina davidson Reply

    My daughter would love to go!
    We listen to the playschool music cd and she loves to dance.
    She would be so excited to see it live.

  192. Avatar of Catherine Howard
    Catherine Howard Reply

    To see the kids enjoy their first live show and dance their tooshies off with the play school crew!

  193. Avatar of Aleisha Austbo
    Aleisha Austbo Reply

    As a child, I was obsessed with play school.
    To this day, I find it rather cool.
    Keely (3) now loves it too,
    It’s helped teach her colours from silver to blue.
    Jemima has become her favourite toy,
    Play School brings us so much joy!

  194. Avatar of cleo

    Oscar love to sing and dance along , would be great to see live and feel the vibe.

  195. Avatar of Jenny

    My almost 2 year old asks for ‘Playschool’ and ‘Dumpty’ everyday, he’d love to see them live!

  196. Avatar of Chelle

    We are doing lots of singing Play School songs st the moment. My little girl would be ecstatic to join in here!

  197. Avatar of karina l

    My daughter would love me forever if she got to see her favourite show live in person!

  198. Avatar of Tara Congoo
    Tara Congoo Reply

    Watching my 3yo teach his 10month old baby brother the actions to rock abye a bear while singing to him is the cutest ever!

  199. Avatar of KIRSTIN

    My baby is now old enough to enjoy a show and it would be great for him to see Play School live with his older sister

  200. Avatar of Helena

    Once upon a time there was a little girl with Autism. She had no words or voice until a magical box played a wonderful show called Playschool. She had so much fun watching the singing, dancing, story time that out of nowhere she began singing along. The little girl was obsessed and wouldn’t stop watching playschool but mummy didn’t care, she loved seeing her little girl blossom before her eyes. The little girl finally found her voice and uses it constantly, even sometimes in her sleep. What a miracle it would be to see her favourite show live.

  201. Avatar of angela rhodes
    angela rhodes Reply

    My son always dances around when Playschool comes on the telly. He has so much fun interacting, he is in their world . I love watching him and remembering myself doing exactly the same thing when I was younger. 😀 Playschool is always memorable .

  202. Avatar of Tammy

    I’d love to introduce my 14 month old daughter to Playschool in this way!

  203. Avatar of B.Kay

    I took our year old daughter to a live Play School show when she was about 2 years old. I would love to do the same for our son, who is now 2 years old. Such a great show with wonderful characters.

  204. Avatar of Sarah

    My daughter LOVES Playschool and is totally in love with Zindzi the presenter and Henny Penny and Humpty Dumpty. I wish I could share a photo here to show you her face whenever it starts; each time it’s like she is seeing it for the very first time with her jaw hanging open with excitement and eyes wide, and will always wave goodbye for the entire duration of the closing titles

  205. Avatar of Fay

    Love to introduce my granddaughter to Playschool as my children grew up watching it 30 years ago.

  206. Avatar of Anna

    My daughter loves play school and will watch a little while mum trys and do half hour of work

  207. Avatar of Sara Jochheim
    Sara Jochheim Reply

    My 3yr old loves Play School. Its the only garenteed mummy time I get a day because nothing will make her move from the couch when its on. Winning the Family pass would mean her getting to see her favorite people in person. She would love it.

  208. Avatar of Casey Lee

    My 1 year old loves playschool! She copies the actions and dances along. She absolutely adores Tao.

  209. Avatar of Sacha

    My daughter has just turned one and never really shown an interest in what’s on tv until now where she absolutely loves playschool! It doesn’t matter what she is doing, when she hears the opening music she stops whatever it is and comes to watch… she watches mesmerised and dances to all of the songs and claps her hands… it makes her so happy and it’s very cute to watch… I also loved playschool when I was a kid so it’s nice to see my daughter be able to watch the same programme that I did as a kid

  210. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    As soon as the playschool music comes on, its time in front of the TV, this is time we share together,

  211. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    My 3 beautiful grandchildren all adore playschool. As a grandma I encourage this as there is so much to learn and enjoy from it so we have Playschool on disc, LP (yes… from my own children ) and on the TV. To see them live would be the icing on the cake!

  212. Avatar of Christine

    Canberra often has play school at the top of a big hill under a big flag and all the boys and girls just laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh joy to have some organised entertainment for once!

  213. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    Play School has been Aussie kid staple since forever. Almost a right of passage. The best wholesome family fun available.

  214. Avatar of Lauren Pratt
    Lauren Pratt Reply

    I love the relaxed vibe at Playschool concerts, you can sit on the floor in Tassie and your little ones can dance. I also love how all the adults get into the swing singing the famous playschool opening song.

  215. Avatar of Skye Danaher
    Skye Danaher Reply

    I would love to win tickets because my littlies love this kind of stuff 🙂

  216. Avatar of Deanna

    My daughters adore Play School and it is a very educational show. They both enjoy all aspects and would be thrilled to attend a live concert. 🙂

  217. Avatar of Jodi Wells

    My kids are in obsessed with Play School and watch it EVERYDAY!!! They also love nursery rhymes just like mummy.

  218. Avatar of Trish

    Elijah would love to sing and be Humpty Dumpty together with the real humpty!

  219. Avatar of Tasha Walker
    Tasha Walker Reply

    so they could see big ted, jemima and the rocket clock in the flesh

  220. Avatar of Melly

    My 14 month old loves watching play school on tv singing the songs and dancing along. To see them in person he would be ecstatic!

  221. Avatar of Pip Thomson
    Pip Thomson Reply

    My 3 year old’s name is Theodore. He’s a bit on the small side so of course he gets called Little Ted. He’s had a Little Ted bear since he was born and loves Play School. He can’t remember the last time he saw Play School live because he was about 2 months old so I’d love to win this prize and take him along.

  222. Avatar of Richelle

    I’d love to re-visit Play School with my nephew now that my own kids are a bit too grown up for it!

  223. Avatar of Katherine F
    Katherine F Reply

    At 2, my daughter is just hitting her stride with Play School! She can now sit down long enough to watch it, join in with the singing and dancing/actions where needed too. She has been to one as a tiny baby but this would be fantastic to take her to all for her.

  224. Avatar of Phil L

    Our 2.5 year old loves play school as we limit his TV watching, but we always let him have this show on!

  225. Avatar of Beth

    I grew up watching Playschool so it is heartwarming to see my kids enjoying it so much, with many of the same friends (Jemima, Big Ted, etc). They get so excited when it comes on TV. They would love to see the live show (as will I!).

  226. Avatar of andie harrie
    andie harrie Reply

    Once Upon a Time’ there was bear in there
    going to a Play School Concert will be fun to share
    putting TV charters into life will be exciting
    For a 4 year old very enticing

  227. Avatar of Augustus

    PLAYSCHOOL is the best show for inquisitive little minds! Educational and entertaining with awesome characters and presenters! My son’s favourite part is the ROCKET CLOCK! We would LOVE to see the LIVE SHOW!

  228. Avatar of Jordana Hodgetts
    Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    To be honest, my 17month old son is still fairly young to be going for the playschool concert which is why I have been hesitant to drop the money for tickets myself. With being heavily pregnant it would also be fairly dissapointing for him if I was to work him up saing we are going to see all his favourite characters (toy and human alike!) and then to not be able to take him.
    If I was to win tickets it would be easier to manage these situations as if we needed to leave early for my son or if baby was coming we wouldn’t have the guilt of having spent almost $100 and not seen much of the show. I bub comes before the show,
    I don’t mind my toddler watching TV when playschool is on because it is much more educational for him to watch people interact, sing, and dance than it is to mindlessly watch colours change on cartoons!

  229. Avatar of Jasmine Heslop
    Jasmine Heslop Reply

    Play school has certainly fostered the imaginations of my 5 year old and 7 year old! They still see that every object has a purpose and regularly use everyday household materials for storytelling, art work or pretend play. There’s no time for boredom when you can create. They would love the experience of seeing familiar Play school faces and friends in a concert for the very first time!

  230. Avatar of C McCarthy
    C McCarthy Reply

    I’d love to win this prize because my youngest child has just turned 5 and I fear this will be our last Play School Concert. End of an era for us

  231. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda Belinda Reply

    I’d love to take my nephew! He adores Play School (and me of course) An excuse for us to bond!!!

  232. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy wedding Reply

    I have 3 grand kids that would adore this and a grand ma that wants to take them

  233. Avatar of Jodi Matthews
    Jodi Matthews Reply

    Would be great to show my kids what I grew up with and a show that is still running 30 years later… LOVE play school

  234. Avatar of Mandy P

    My little guy LOVES Jemima and Humpty, and it would make his year if he got to see the ‘real’ Jemima and Humpty at the Playschool show.
    Plus this mumma was a huge play school lover back in my childhood days, and secretly I would love to see Jemima and Humpty too! 😉

  235. Avatar of izabella

    I want to see Miss 3’s eyes light up with delight as all her play school dreams come true live!

  236. Avatar of Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams Reply

    We love watching play school, singing along and making some of the arts and crafts later. It would be a great family activity for us.

  237. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van Schoonhoven Reply

    ~ This prize would make my little Sia very happy and give her a very wonderful and enjoyable day! ~

  238. Avatar of Belinda M

    My kids love to dance and sing along, I love watching them interact with the presenters. To see this live would be amazing as I could watch them with the other children too.

  239. Avatar of Kate Hardman
    Kate Hardman Reply

    Play School is the one show that no matter what my 21 month old is doing, she’ll stop and sit down to watch. Everything they do is intriguing to her and I love that it’s Australian and they always use basic materials instead of new age products.

  240. Avatar of Katrina Phillips
    Katrina Phillips Reply

    Play School is an Australian Icon – I’d love a chance to see the characters and presenters in person.

  241. Avatar of Lisa

    I’m not sure who loves playschool more, my little one or me. Having grown up with it I love that my kids get to also and with the same style format as all those years ago.

  242. Avatar of Allan

    I want to win because I am a big kid as much as my children and we would all have a great time

  243. Avatar of kaitlin frayne
    kaitlin frayne Reply

    Play School has been a Australian favourite for over 50 years. Generation after generation continue to love the characters, fun, and songs just like I did and my kids now do. I’d love to take them!

  244. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    I am continually taking my 2 and 4 year old to shows to keep them entertained, but it gets rather expensive buying adult and children tickets every time. It would be lovely to win some. Thanks

  245. Avatar of Jacqueline H
    Jacqueline H Reply

    My little ones (3 and 1) love to sing and dance, and Playschool is one of their favourite shows. Live show would blow their minds!

  246. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia Mathers Reply

    My 4 year old grandson is obsessed with Play School so I would love to take him and my other grandchildren, secretly I think nanny will have more fun singing and dancing haha

  247. Avatar of Jackie C

    Absolutely captivates my child! When playschool comes on my child is hooked and we love it. It gives us great ideas for projects to do the rest of our day.

  248. Avatar of Amanda K

    I’d love to win this for my best friend and her little girls. They’ve had a tough year with their Dad being away in Iraq on deployment and I know a Play School concert would cheer them right up!

  249. Avatar of Amy Peters
    Amy Peters Reply

    My son loves watching Play School and would be so excited to watch a show!

  250. Avatar of Alison O'G
    Alison O'G Reply

    I would love to take the kids – my daughter loves watching and favorite bit (as was mine as a child) is trying to guess which window we will be looking through today.

  251. Avatar of Sidra Sajid
    Sidra Sajid Reply

    My kids will be on the moon when they will see ‘Once Upon a Time’ right in front of their eyes. Thet gather in front of screen when they hear ots ‘Play School’ on tv. They do all the crazy dance moves with anchors and they are learning and anticipating telling time with ‘train clock’. They guess ‘which window will it be’.

  252. Avatar of Julie H

    I would love this prize as would gift it to my brother and sister in law who are due with number 2 soon so it would be nice for them to be able to spend some time with their daughter before bubs arrived.

  253. Avatar of Maria

    I would love this prize for my niece and nephew. They love playschool and this would be a great treat. Thank you

  254. Avatar of michael b

    Playschool is the most fun any child can have. There’s a song for every occasion and a story to make them smile.

  255. Avatar of Egija

    My daughter adores Big Ted and dances around everytime she hears the themesong!

  256. Avatar of julie Mennen

    Playschool provided me with short guilt free breaks from my children, so I could prep for dinner, many years ago, and now again with my darling 2.5yr old granddaughter who lives with me. After all these years, playschool is still right up there, in providing youngsters with a comprehensive show that is educational, musical, artistic and very importantly demonstrates play activities that inspire and stimulate their own imaginations. Would love to take my grandaughter to the live show!

  257. Avatar of Jodie

    I love the variety of Playschool and how it engages not only my 2 year old but my older 2 girls as well. We all sing & dance along (sometimes even Dad!!)

  258. Avatar of chers

    my childhood memories relived as well as new ones with my little miss so she can do the same 1 day

  259. Avatar of Lana

    Both of my children love watching Play School, each morning we make a fame of guessing which window it will be.

  260. Avatar of JuliaT

    My daughter would love to attend the show!! The NSW show falls in the month of October which is when her birthday is! It’d be a great birthday surprise for her!

  261. Avatar of Wendy W

    I grew up with Play School and love the family friendly approach they have for entertaining children. I would love to take my two children and share my childhood memories with them.

  262. Avatar of Bon amy

    Play school was my favourite show as a child growing up. 30 years later it’s now my son’s favourite show! It’s educational and fun! It’s bright and friendly and organic. I love that he loves it and we would both love to go to the live show!

  263. Avatar of hayley murrells
    hayley murrells Reply

    Playschool is timeless and always transports my kids into a playful mood and I just love watching them sing the songs i once sang at their age.. I’d love to see their faces light up at the concert!

  264. Avatar of emz

    As a young girl I watched playschool myself as well as attended a show or two. I have very fond memories of watching Benita with my 3 sisters. Currently on maternity leave I dont really have the funds to buy tickets but would love to take my 4 year old and my 10 month old boys as we watch playschool together every morning before kinder.

  265. Avatar of Kylie Servante
    Kylie Servante Reply

    My son Cooper loves Playschool!! I remember watching it when I was young and how much it encouraged me to learn new things and tell the time. My son is so keen to learn the time at the moment and he is only 2!! He loves story time and loves all the singing and stories!! Would love to take him to this so he can rock out the Playschool way!!

  266. Avatar of Roberto Colombi
    Roberto Colombi Reply

    Playschool is a ‘Class’ act – entertaining and educational at the same time – my kids get so much out of it

  267. Avatar of Berni

    My 3 year old twins absolutely love watching playschool at home and I know they would have a ball going to see ‘once upon a time’ concert!! I remember going with my nieces & nephews years ago to a playschool show, and now I have my own kids I would love the opportunity to take them!

  268. Avatar of amandalk

    Play School is one of the few shows that can hold my daughter’s attention. She loves it, and I don’t mind watching it either 🙂

  269. Avatar of Tess McEvilly
    Tess McEvilly Reply

    The girls love watching play school together- they would LOVE to go to the concert!!

  270. Avatar of Amanda

    My youngest is 17months and obsessed with big ted! Her older siblings are 8 and 5 so I take opportunities to keep her my baby. As young at heart as possible for as long as possible!

  271. Avatar of Dani

    We love playschool. It’s engaging for both my 4yo & my 18mo. They’d love to see the live show.

  272. Avatar of Danielle

    My 22 month old would absolutely love this. She loves play school & especially little ted

  273. Avatar of Erin

    We took our 2yr old to his first Play School concert last year and he loved it, still talks about it now 🙂

  274. Avatar of Jon

    My daughter loves play school. Only kids show that she goes out of her way to sit and watch when it comes on TV. So to see them live would be a dream come true for her

  275. Avatar of Katherine

    My daughter loves Play School, and I love that she is watching something that is educational, fun and engaging that stirs her imagination, and with real life people! My daughter loves all of the classics including Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider and Der Glumph, and she will just love to see her favourite Play School characters playing out her favourite rhymes!

  276. Avatar of Freya

    My girls would to love to see all their favorite play school characters in person!

  277. Avatar of Michellec13

    I loved playschool as a child. Now that I have 2 girls they love playschool too, so seeing it all together would be perfect!

  278. Avatar of Rachel Tindale
    Rachel Tindale Reply

    We are a family of 3 living week to week which unfortunately our son does miss out on events like this. I would love to spend a day with him and my husband to watch my boys eyes light up with excitement. This would be such a treat for us all and a break from the “daily living”

  279. Avatar of Meg

    My two little girls love Playschool, as does my inner child, who grew up on a steady diet of Playschool on the telly. We would all love to sing and dance to our favourite show in person!

  280. Avatar of Sammiebbob
    Sammiebbob Reply

    As a kid I absolutely loved play school and now my three kids enjoy watching it too. My youngest dances to all the songs

  281. Avatar of Kara

    My two love making things which is why I think Playschool has always appealed to them so much- they love trying to recreate what they see on the show

  282. Avatar of Emma

    Our little girl just loves Play School, the singing, the actions, the animals! It brings back memories for Mummy too!

  283. Avatar of Melzie86

    My nearly 4 year old twins love playschool and always sing and dance in front of the TV. I also have an 8 month old who’s face lights up everytime the windows and rocket ship comes on. I’d love to see their faces when they can actually see play school in real life.

  284. Avatar of Vicki

    Like all Aussie kids over the years my grandaughters love Play School & all the characters, they would be thrilled to see the show

  285. Avatar of Laura hughes
    Laura hughes Reply

    Playschool on in the morning means I can get breakfast for everyone including the pets without being interrupted because my 2yo is glued to the tv. She loves playschool and I would love to see her face light up if she got to see it love.

  286. Avatar of Trudie

    Great Post Naomi, love reading your stuff.
    PlaySchool brings back so many memories, I love sharing it with my girl.

  287. Avatar of Lisa Phillips
    Lisa Phillips Reply

    My 3 little ones just love play school! They get so excited when it comes on and would love to see it live.

  288. Avatar of Trudy M

    The kids just love play school and I grew up watching it so the whole family are fans of the show. Such a fun and educational show for kids too.

  289. Avatar of kylie v

    I grew up with playschool and would love to show my 3 yr old daughter what mummy loved at the same age

  290. Avatar of Peggy O’Sullivan
    Peggy O’Sullivan Reply

    My daughter loves play school and learning new things. We sit together and watch it so I can further explain the things they are talking about. We always love guessing the windows.

  291. Avatar of Mark Agapiou
    Mark Agapiou Reply

    My Children would love to see playschool live. Larissa will sing along with all of the songs.

  292. Avatar of Rai Dietrich
    Rai Dietrich Reply

    I loved play school when I was a kid and the kids love it too

  293. Avatar of Annaliese

    It would be such a thrill for the kids to see their favourite presenters live!!

  294. Avatar of Megan T

    My little one loves his Little Ted toy! He would love to see him live!

  295. Avatar of Michelle

    I would love to take my two girls to this! Play School is such an Iconic Australian show and we would all enjoy it.

  296. Avatar of katespan

    Long time devotees of Playschool my little ones would be stoked!

  297. Avatar of Stef

    I would love to win because my kids are huge fans of Play School and they have never seen them live before, they would so shocked if I brought them to watch the live show!

  298. Avatar of Julie Parsons
    Julie Parsons Reply

    I’d love to win a family pass to Playschool to help spend family time together while having fun and learning with our little man.

  299. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty Perkins Reply

    My toddler and preschooler would LOVE this! They’re both glued to the tv when I put playschool on and love to sing along and do the actions to the songs!

  300. Avatar of Kelly Clayton
    Kelly Clayton Reply

    I’d love to win as it would be the last time my daughter would probably have interest in Play School as she is growing up so fast. Say goodbye to watching in person.

  301. Avatar of Milly

    3 year old perfect age for this show. It will absolutely delight him.

  302. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    My two year old is just starting to obsess over this show!

  303. Avatar of Helen

    Play school is a favorite in our house. Watched every morning. My girls love to sing along. Would love to win.

  304. Avatar of Jessica Giles
    Jessica Giles Reply

    I’ve then my eldest to the play school concerts since his 1st birthday and it’s become a birthday tradition every year now. It is always within a week of his birthday.

  305. Avatar of Tgreen

    We love Playschool, i have taken my four yr old for the last four years. Would love to also take our one year old for the first time.

  306. Avatar of Katie Brown
    Katie Brown Reply

    Baby Ruby is so mesmerized by playschool… would love the opportunity to watch live and keep playschool in our lives for many more years to come.

  307. Avatar of Sarah

    I’d love to win tickets as Playschool is my 2 year old daughters favourite show. She sleeps with a collection of Jemimas, Humptys and a Big Ted and I even made her a giant Jemima cake for her birthday last year! She loves singing and dancing along with the songs and would love the show!

  308. Avatar of gaujess

    My little ones would love the concert, It would be a good daddy daughter date with the 3 of them

  309. Avatar of Lynda Kelly
    Lynda Kelly Reply

    I would love to win the family pass for my 2 grandchildren. The oldest one loves humpty & jemima & watches PlaySchool daily. The youngest will be old enough to enjoy the august show in Adelaide too.

  310. Avatar of Nicola Voice
    Nicola Voice Reply

    My 4 son LOVES Playschool! All of his teddies are named the same as the Playschool teddies too! And we live singing the theme song together

  311. Avatar of Kate Coleman
    Kate Coleman Reply

    I would love to take my oldest daughter to see playschool – she loves to dance,sing and follow along with the presenters and I am sure that she would love it even more in person!

  312. Avatar of Tamara B

    Playschool is the ONLY show my daughter will watch the whole way through! She dances along and tries to guess the window (she always picks the circle…so we sometimes get it right!). It’s a total winner in our house and she would be so excited to go to a show!

  313. Avatar of Casey Quin
    Casey Quin Reply

    My 2.5 year old would love this but things like this are unfortunately not in our budget

  314. Avatar of Bernadette Maio
    Bernadette Maio Reply

    This is my second & last child to be enjoying playschool I’d love to make it a special time for her in bringing the show to life. She loves Justine & all the talented crew

  315. Avatar of Sarah Willsmore

    I would love to see Play School with my 2 year old son who loves watching it! I also love getting different craft ideas from it! He loves to dance along with the hosts

  316. Avatar of Julie

    My little boy has juvenile arthritis and with all the hospital visits etc it would be nice to treat him to something like this just to see his face light up 🙂

  317. Avatar of Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Reply

    Would love to see my sons’ eyes light up as they experience the magic of Play School’s live show.

  318. Avatar of Kirsten

    Nothing beats playschool. love that my daughter loves the show that I loved growing up 30 years ago! and australian institution!

  319. Avatar of Tahlia

    Oh plays hool you are timeless. I’m really looking forward to seeing this live with my little man. I never took my first horn and regretted it. Now he is too old. However securely I still think he would enjoy it. Xx.

  320. Avatar of N Beaumont
    N Beaumont Reply

    I have two little girls who would love to escape to “Once Upon A Time”, to dream big, have fun, learn and make memories together with my husband and I!

  321. Avatar of MEL

    My son adores Play School, I’d love to share this with him as I did too!

  322. Avatar of Megan M

    Where do I begin?!
    I LOVE playschool, so engaging, educational and fun,
    Always new ideas to learn and songs to be sung.
    Both my boys love it so, they could watch all day,
    It’s the one show that keeps their attention in every single way!
    They love the presenters, every single one,
    Humty Dumpty joins in all their everyday fun.
    A playschool show would make our day,
    Precious memories and great fun in every way!

  323. Avatar of Jaimi Layt
    Jaimi Layt Reply

    Play school is the only thing that calms a baby tantrum at my house! My son, Jax, adores the show and claps along to all the songs. I’d love to see his face at their live show

  324. Avatar of Naomi

    We had tickets to see Playschool last year when they visited Cairns! Those plans went out the window when I had my baby girl 2wks early 2 days before the concert! Would love to take my 2yr old and nearly 1yr old this year!

  325. Avatar of Maria Tjin-Lailatul
    Maria Tjin-Lailatul Reply

    My daughter is 3 year old and she loves play school.. She will always stand by every morning for the show

  326. Avatar of Lianne Smith
    Lianne Smith Reply

    I would love to take my Grandchildren to see their favourite show!

  327. Avatar of sandra

    Im being a little selfish here as I love playschool just as much ( if not more) than my kids so I would love the be the one that “has” to take them if we won lol.
    Such a great educational program for all and a bit of a giggle at time s as well

  328. Avatar of Joanne bishop
    Joanne bishop Reply

    This would be a fun family day out. Playschool has been entertaining kids and patents for so long they do such an amazing job

  329. Avatar of Ali

    This would be an amazing birthday for my little girl. She gets very excited when playschool comes on and she would love the live show!

  330. Avatar of Amber C

    I grew up watching Play School and now so are my babies! I’d love to witness a piece of Australian history as a family 🙂

  331. Avatar of Tracy Painter
    Tracy Painter Reply

    My daughter loves Play School and is old enough to start enjoying concerts.

  332. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne Baker Reply

    Loved by both daughter and her mum,
    We’d be ecstatic if we won.
    Familiar faces and stories to tell,
    Well loved songs we know so well.
    Jemima, Big Ted and Humpty too,
    Maurice and Diddle to name a few.
    Toy friends we’ve all grown up to adore,
    Each day they leave us wanting more.
    Presenters that give it their all,
    Admired by viewers big and small.
    We’d love to win the family pass,
    To see the live show at long last.
    Thanks Mum Central for the chance to win,
    To let our concert fun begin!

  333. Avatar of Melanie O

    Me and kiddo would ahve a ball, playschool is an icon we both adore

  334. Avatar of Emma R

    My youngest is always being dragged to her older sister’s activities and has missed out. It’d be special to take her to a play school concert and share some one on one time with her!

  335. Avatar of Bryony

    We bought tickets and went to see Playschool live in Cairns a couple of years ago but it was the first live show we’d taken our boys to and our 2 year old got so overwhelmed with all the dancing and excitement we had to leave! We’d love to give it another go now he’s a bit older (he’s 4 now) – we’ve been to some other shows and he’s definitely ready this time!

  336. Avatar of Asih

    Both my daughters love Playschool! It’s the time when they do not fight over toys and instead they sing and dance together

  337. Avatar of ledam nguyen
    ledam nguyen Reply

    I grew up watching and learning from playschool. now my children are loving it too. they look at the wall clock and can predict the time that the television need to be switched on. they love to engross their eyes and body in movement. They love the characters in the show by searching the dvds, cds, toys, stationery and books to remind them of their interest when we go shopping.

  338. Avatar of Lu

    It’s the only time my kids sit still and concentrate allowing me to have a HOT cup of tea!

  339. Avatar of Candice Milner

    My kids love Play School. It’s their favourite time of the day – mine too. They can’t get enough of it and would be so excited to go to a Play School concert.

  340. Avatar of CL

    My daughter and I love singing and dancing, especially when Teo is on!

  341. Avatar of lexy h

    Love that play school has spanned generations. My 2 year old gets so excited when it comes on and would love to see the live show. The singing, the stories, characters and activities make for wonderful toddler viewing!

  342. Avatar of Jo Barry

    Not sure who becomes more excited when the 1st sounds of Play School starts – Great Nanna, Nanna, Mum or the 2 kids – we all watched, danced & sung, listened & played through all our generations. Thanks Play School.

  343. Avatar of Carmal Harris
    Carmal Harris Reply

    My two children love play school and especially love Humpty Dumpty!

  344. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant

    I’d be as excited to see Play School ‘Live’ as my Granddaughter would be. We watch it daily and interact together daily, so much to see, learn, do and dance, we love Play School 🙂

  345. Avatar of Karen Collins
    Karen Collins Reply

    I’ve never taken my little ones to a live show but I’m keen on this one as my toddler and I can bust a move in public with no-one judging us.

  346. Avatar of Kathy J

    I love watching my two girls dance around the lounge room together whenever Playschool is on. We even have the CD in the car for dancing there too!!

  347. Avatar of J M

    I could say it’s because my little boy adores Playschool (which he does), but it’s also because Mumma has a teeny tiny crush on Teo, lol!

  348. Avatar of Carlin Lee
    Carlin Lee Reply

    My daughter loves play school and would love to see them live in front of her! Her big brother saw play school at about the same age as she is now and it would be lovely for them both to share this experience!

  349. Avatar of Jacoba Evans
    Jacoba Evans Reply

    When the kids hear, There’s a Bear in There, they run to the TV and sing along as loud as they can. Then watch Play School from beginning to end. Huge fans in our house.

  350. Avatar of Enka

    I would like to surprise the beautiful two little girls next door with these tickets. I know they love Playschool and I often hear them singing songs from the show when they put on little concerts in the back yard.

  351. Avatar of Sarah

    I’d love to watch a live version of my all time favorite childhood show

  352. Avatar of Cassy26

    Play school is fantastic on the television but to see it live and be able to interact with all their favourite presenters and toys would be a dream come true for my youngest two kids and I think I might enjoy it just a little bit as well 😉 Its a story they’d be telling for a very long time I think….

  353. Avatar of krystal p

    Dance like no-one is watching….that is what Miss 2 and I do each morning. Looking forward to showing off our dance skills to everyone.

  354. Avatar of Jess

    My 2nd bundle of joy will be able to go to something with her brother. Having a nearly 14 month old and then a 2nd bubba soon this would be amazing as my babies will get to go to something together as a little family. And me and my partner can watch our babies be happy and having a great time.

  355. Avatar of Dan28182

    No matter how old my son is getting he still loves playschool! He is constantly learning from it and it allows him to let his imagination run wild

  356. Avatar of Sarah

    My son love to sing and dance along with thw presenters whenever playschool is on

  357. Avatar of Lisa

    Thank you for the opportunity to win 🙂 I have a dear friend with young children who I’d love to give these tickets to. Thanks

  358. Avatar of Stacey Shailer
    Stacey Shailer Reply

    I’d love to share the magic of Play School with my kids, I love the fact that they are growing up watching the same show I loved as a child!

  359. Avatar of Amelia

    My 3yo daughter is always amazed that I know the songs on “her” show – Play School. Imagine the awe if I took her to see it live!

  360. Avatar of Chrissy Roberts
    Chrissy Roberts Reply

    Jasmine and Jarad would absolutely love to enjoy this show. It would be brilliant. We would be so pleased to win.

  361. Avatar of Jacinta

    We recently moved into a rental property and there was an issue with the TV antenna unfortunately leaving us without TV for the last two months. We downloaded the ABC iView app and literally the only show she used it to watch every day was Playschool.
    Now that the antenna is fixed and we have TV again, she makes sure she never misses an episode of Playschool! Seeing her little face glued to the screen for her fav show before she toddles off to play with something else is great to watch again. It would be so good to see how excited she would be if she got to see them live!!

  362. Avatar of Karin A

    My grandkids,Kayley 4 and James 2 simply adore watching Playschool just like their mother before them 30 years ago. Its educational as well as fun and they usually don’t miss an episode. If they are tired or grumpy its a great distraction.

  363. Avatar of julie ford
    julie ford Reply

    my little men would love to watch playschool live they are super excited watching on ABC and would be over joyed to see the characters in life

  364. Avatar of Alicia

    Playschool is an Australian institution – plus, my kids love it!

  365. Avatar of Belinda Smetioukh
    Belinda Smetioukh Reply

    Happiness and joy for the kids = happiness and a bit of peace for me!

  366. Avatar of Mary M

    Like all the ‘Once upon a time’ stories, Play School is timeless. My children loved it and each generation is drawn into its wonderful, exciting, creative world.

  367. Avatar of Rachael

    “There’s a bear in there…….” has echoed through our house for more than 30 years! I love it, my kids love it and hopefully one day my grandkids will have the chance to love it too!! Such a beautiful, fun and entertaining show that kids of any age can enjoy! Would love to see it live and share those special memories with those that mean so much to me 🙂

  368. Avatar of Letitia

    We are HUGE play school fans, and once apon a time fairytales are very big in our house. We would soooooo love to go!

  369. Avatar of Cme

    My daughter loves singing and dancing with playschool. I secretly love the craft ideas they share. Plus we’re both big fans of big ted and jemima!

  370. Avatar of Kim Cockburn
    Kim Cockburn Reply

    I would love to win this for my son. He is 2 and would love it. I would too. I loved watching play school as a kid .

  371. Avatar of Doddy

    Would love to take my granddaughter Auri she watch it on tv and to see it live Playschool be awesome for her.

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