Active Truth: Comfy Activewear and Tights with Pockets!

I live in activewear. Rarely do I ever make it to the gym – ok, make that never – but I do actively do laundry, chase my toddler around and cart my older kids from one activity to another after school. Sometimes I walk around the block. Sometimes I sit on the couch and eat Nutella out of a jar. It’s all about balance.

But most of the time, I’ve got tights on.

Why? Because leggings are comfort level x 1000. Quality tights make our butts look decent, suck in the wiggly bits and they keep us cool and comfortable when doing all the mum things. Ladies, I may not be running a marathon but let me tell ya, I am still puffing, sweating and counting down the minutes until I can relax on the couch.

This is why I am beyond excited to introduce you to the greatest thing in activewear in the history of ever. Are you ready for this?

They are tights… with pockets. Yes guys, POCKETS.

They are called Active Truth’s Smart Pocket Tights and they are literally life-changing. Okay, maybe not life-changing, but definitely life-helping.

Active Truth active wear pants with pockets
Active Truth’s Smart Pocket tights were designed with the busy mum in mind. Source: Supplied

Look great and never lose your keys again!

Not only do they hold in your wobbly bits, but they also hold your phone, your keys, credit card and even your baby’s dummy too!  No more searching the house for your keys or accidentally leaving your phone on the top of your car when you’re trying to juggle everything. Active Truth’s Smart Pocket Tights to the rescue! Go on, just take our money now.

Supportive, absorbent and 100% squat-proof

While pockets are a massive bonus, truth is Active Truth’s Pocket Tights range is also incredibly durable and supportive.  These leggings are made of quality material so there’s no chance of showing off your underwear when you bend over. Plus, they are Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. so they won’t wear poorly after one wash.  Designed for mums in mind, their fit is so flattering, especially the signature high waist that sculpts your tum and provides core support.  Which, let’s face it, we all need after pushing out a baby or three…

Active truth pants with pockets
Active Truth Smart Pocket Tights are comfy and cute to boot. Source: Supplied

I also love how comfortable they are to wear. They absorb the extra sweat mum glow that comes with doing all the mum things. You know, like squatting to pick up 800 Lego pieces. Or wrestling a back-arching toddler into a car seat.

Or searching every single cupboard in the house to try and find the bloody keys. The keys are in my pocket tights, thank you very much!

Perfect for pregnant mums 

That’s another great thing about the Active Truth range. They grow with you. Tights and pregnancy go hand in hand. We especially love that they give your pelvic area the extra support it needs and deserves. The soft fabric feels comfortable on your belly and it will expand as your bump grows.

Active Truth also have a Pregnancy Pocket tight in their maternity range (and it’s available in 3 different lengths). We actually think too that they are the only Australian  (and possibly) worldwide brand that have pregnancy tights with pockets! Which is kinda helpful given we know just what happens when baby brain comes into play … more things within close reach!

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Then, once you’ve had the baby, you’ve got the perfect pair of post-partum pants to recover in. It’s a win-win-win for ALL the mums – whether pregnant, postpartum or, like me, 10 years into parenting and still avoiding your post-baby jeans.  #LeggingsForLife

Active truth maternity tights with pockets
Extra support for your bump? Yes please! Source: Supplied

Larger sizes for real women

It’s a given amongst most women that our bodies change after pregnancy. And they all change as we head towards menopause.

Active Truth leggings are made for REAL bodies, with their sizes ranging from Small up to 3XL.

Because they know that people of ALL sizes actually go to the gym or (like me) just love doing everything in comfortable pants. No matter what size you are these leggings are going to make you look and feel great.

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Breastfeeding-friendly tops to match

But the pregnancy goodness doesn’t stop there! Active Truth also offer matching crop tops and breastfeeding friendly tops to make it easier than ever to breastfeed on the go. If you are out for a walk or any outing with your child, you can easily stop and feed without having to attempt to get your boob out of the tiny neck hole in your shirt. #awkward 

They look great on their own but also are ideal to wear underneath a tank top or t-shirt if you’d prefer. Plus there are t-shirts and full-length tops too – all super stretchy and comfortable and great for growing bellies too.

Active Truth maternity tops
Active Truth has breastfeeding tops. Photo: Supplied

Get them for 20% off! 

Honestly, ladies, we love them. You can pick up a pair of full-length ones for $120, pair it with a breastfeeding crop top for $95 and rock the active look no matter what you’re doing.

Smart Pocket Tights come in full length, 7/8 length, three-quarter length, and bike shorts and heaps of funky patterns too including Wild Tropic and Havana Nights. Plus they’ve got Classic Black and Navy too. All supportive, all flattering and all with POCKETS.

So take the juggle out of parenting – Shop their Smart Pocket tights. We’ll even throw in a 20% discount!

Simply use code MUMSACTIVE at checkout before 16th March to knock 20% off the prices! #winning

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This is a sponsored post for Active Truth
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