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IVF Doctor Reveals Couple Who Can’t Conceive are Actually Biological Twins

After running routine DNA tests, this IVF doctor discovers the pair are actually biological twins.

The couple had attended a clinic in Jackson, Mississippi after failing to fall pregnant and deciding to seek information on IVF. They had no idea they were related, let alone actually biological twins.

The doctor who accepted their ‘routine’ case and later made the startling revelation cannot be named. This is to protect the privacy of the couple. He commented to the Herald on the case;

During the in vitro fertilization process, we take a DNA sample from both the male and female to get a profile of their genetic backgrounds. It’s just a routine thing, and we wouldn’t normally check to see if there was a relationship between the two samples, but in this case the lab assistant involved was shocked by the similarity of each profile.

The similarities were initially assumed to be that the couple were cousins, however further investigation revealed them to be biological siblings. After more research, the doctor eventually concluded them to be fraternal twins.

The doctor was then tasked with revealing his shattering findings to the couple. He commented that he did so ‘as gently as possibly’ however despite his delicacy, the couple immediately burst out laughing, in complete shock;

The husband said that a lot of people remarked on the fact that they shared the same birthdays, and looked similar to each other, but he said it was just a funny coincidence and that the couple were definitely not related. The poor man had no idea.

With further convincing, the couple accepted they were actually separated fraternal twins and with extensive investigation their unknown back-story as children was revealed.

The babies’ parents had died in a car accident leaving the two children without care. No relatives stepped forward to take responsibility for the twins so they were placed as wards of the state. Both babies were then adopted separately. A clerical error meant that neither child’s case file had a record of them being a twin. Neither pairs of the adoptive parents knew the children’s story.

Ironically when the couple had met in college they had both bonded over being adopted and their shared birthdays.

The couple is now reportedly considering the future of their relationship. The doctor commented on the couple since the revelation;

I really hope they can work something out. For me, it’s a particularly unusual case because my job is all about helping couples conceive a child. This is the first time in my career that I’ve been glad I haven’t succeeded in that regard.

From a legal standpoint marriage between siblings in Mississippi is prohibited and illegal, punishable by a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine of $500. In this case, it is believed the couple will not face charges due to the extenuating circumstances of their situation.

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