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WIN: Turn Memories into a Stylish Jewellery Keepsake with an Uberkate Cuff

There’s some moments you just want to capture forever. You know, those meaningful whispered words or heartfelt scribbles that touch you right to your soul?

Meet the Uberkate Cuff. The perfect example of stylish jewellery meets wonderful keepsake.

Find out all about this super-stylish, super-sentimental range below. Including how to win your very own piece valued at $565. You should be so lucky!

I’ll never forget the first time I found a tiny, scrappy piece of paper shoved inside a book where my son had written in his scratchy, new-writer-way, I love Mum. It literally made my heart burst from my chest and I’ve kept that little piece of paper, with its ragged edge and pale blue biro, in my wallet ever since.

The thing with small pieces of paper is they aren’t made to last and you don’t enjoy them every single day. That’s where Uberkate steps in with their divine range Your Script which is perfect for translating these moments into wearable pieces of personalised jewellery.

uberkate-cuffs-2Whether it’s the lyrics of a meaningful song, a drawing your child proudly presented, your wedding vows, a mantra to yourself or the precious handwriting of a departed loved-one, whatever you’d like to celebrate or commemorate Uberkate can do it.

Then, unlike, tiddly squares of paper, the words you so treasure are made eternal and will be enjoyed for a lifetime. You’ll wear them close to your heart day after day and not only adore a classic piece of timeless jewellery but that memory will be carried with you, always.

If you don’t know about Uberkate, here’s the back story and why their gorgeous jewellery is making its mark.

Born in Sydney in 2003, this Australian-owned business was the heart of the world’s personalised jewellery storm. Their original Ubercircles necklace design was where it all began and since that time they’ve worked with thousands of people to develop their own beautiful, custom and truly unique pieces.


The award-winning Your Script range is a further evolution of Uberkate’s stylish, highly personal work and the most perfect way to savour a feeling or memory years beyond the actual moment.

By now you’ve probably already thought of that gorgeous treasured memory in your life you’d like to cherish forever through a piece of amazing jewellery? Well, here’s a little bit about the process and how it’s achieved so you know what will happen when you make your very own…

There’s something for everyone

The range of pieces you can choose from is extensive with rings, charms and cuffs in different shapes, sizes and metals to select from. It’s super easy to brief the Uberkate team via their website and best of all they will work with you to achieve an ‘oh-my-god-it’s-better-than-I dreamed-of’ end result.

The Your Script range is an opportunity to make something you take pleasure in or nostalgically revere a lasting piece. Whether you indulge and commission a piece for yourself (go on, you desire it!) or suggest it when someone next asks, ‘what would you like for you ….?’ if you’ve got words or pictures you hold dear this is the most perfect way to ensure they are never forgotten. For more information, be sure to see the Uberkate website. You can also follow their work on Instagram.


enter-to-win So, you want your very own personalised Uberkate piece from the ‘Your Script’ range, right?

We know we do! So, why not try your hand at winning one? The team at Uberkate have generously given us a beautiful silver cuff (which will be personalised to the winner’s specifications) to share with a lucky Mum Central reader.

To enter, simply complete the form in full and comment below telling us what you love so much about the Uberkate Cuff and you could be our lucky winner!


Win a Gorgeous Personalised Cuff from uberkate Valued at $565

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  1. Avatar of Caroline Kelly
    Caroline KellyReply

    Personalised keepsakes and heirlooms individually designed for the wearer to treasure.

  2. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl LowtherReply

    Beautiful, unique, and personalised jewellery to suit many tastes. Pieces to treasure for ever!

  3. Avatar of Kate Webb

    It’s gorgeous personalised keepsakes of fabulous quality

  4. Avatar of ChriS

    Beautiful personalised pieces that are perfect for special occasions and everyday.

  5. Avatar of Amanda Doerr
    Amanda DoerrReply

    Literally wearing your heart on your sleeve, taking your precious memories with you everywhere you go.

  6. Avatar of Carmen

    I love the story about how they started and how they give back to the community. I also love their cuffs as you can personalise the cuff with an entire script which represent my loved one’s which I can have with me so it can ease the heartache and longing I have for them whenever we are apart.

  7. Avatar of Annie Tidey
    Annie TideyReply

    I love Uberkate’s jewellery! They hand-craft such precious, timeless personalised products that there’s nothing to actually dislike about their jewellery or their business structure (and they now even offer buy now, pay later!!!).

  8. Avatar of Kell

    Uberkate Pieces are perfect to be passed down as a special Modern Keepsake…just like my Nanas Cameo was for me.

  9. Avatar of Tracey Taylor
    Tracey TaylorReply

    I would love the cuff with my children and grandmother names.

  10. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that it is so personal, we live in a world of mass produced, generic products, this is the opposite!

  11. Avatar of TonyI

    We can create a heirloom piece with words that will transpose to all future generations that waer it

  12. Avatar of renae shaw

    I love how personalised it is and the sentimental value this brings to the wearer

  13. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon WottonReply

    I love that uberkate jewellery is not only stylish and great quality but is also personal and heartfelt and can become a beautiful family heirloom.

  14. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss KibbyReply

    unique and personalised which can hold special memories….perfect <3

  15. Avatar of Sue Bou

    Uberkate is a stylish way to make a statement while still being understated, if you get what I mean 😀

  16. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer

    I love sterling silver and the unique style of Uberkate, simple and a great accessory for any occassion.

  17. Avatar of Amy Macdonald
    Amy MacdonaldReply

    U)niquely Personalised
    B)eautiful Designs
    E)xquisite Style
    R)emember Memories
    K)eepsakes forever
    A)lluring Beauty
    T)reasured words
    E)ternal Sentiments

  18. Avatar of Judith Senese
    Judith SeneseReply

    They are gorgeous and unique, with adding a bit of flair.

  19. Avatar of Heather Pitkeathly
    Heather PitkeathlyReply

    I love the sentimentality behind the idea of each design.It brings a uniqueness to the wearer and the piece.

  20. Avatar of Kylie T

    Uberkate sparkles harmonious expressionism deep at heart
    Love, passion and beautiful memories; intrinsically part
    Personalisation encapsulating treasured, stylish masterful art
    Too generations this adornment will inspire and impart!

  21. Avatar of Anna Lam

    Besides photos, jewellery is one of the most sentimental items cherishing memories for a lifetime.

  22. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea CornishReply

    What a brilliant idea, to keep that special message near,
    A uberkate cuff is a beautiful, timeless piece,
    one can not help but cheer.

  23. Avatar of Jody Taylor
    Jody TaylorReply

    Although my daughter is thousands of kilometres away I like the fact I can keep her and her brother & sister close to me and each other

  24. Avatar of Tabatha Voss
    Tabatha VossReply

    I love silver,I love howUberkate is simple but still special

  25. Avatar of Nadia Wilmott Morales
    Nadia Wilmott MoralesReply

    i love silver! I love uberkate in general, but silver is awesome

  26. Avatar of Simone Wisley
    Simone WisleyReply

    I love uberkate jewellery because it makes me think of my mum.

  27. Avatar of Jessica Murray
    Jessica MurrayReply

    I love the idea of being forever able to wear my son’s sweet words in his hand writing.

  28. Avatar of Annette Rowe
    Annette RoweReply

    Uberkate sparkles harmonious expressionism deep at heart
    Love, passion and beautiful memories; intrinsically part
    Personalisation encapsulating treasured, stylish masterful art
    Too generations this adornment will inspire and impart!

  29. Avatar of Allmaree

    Personal stylishly craft master pieces, who wouldn’t want their own Uberkate.

  30. Avatar of Mary Moschovakis
    Mary MoschovakisReply

    sentimental, stylish and can be passed from generation to generation

  31. Avatar of Ledam Nguyen
    Ledam NguyenReply

    individualised jewellery to last a lifetime and heirloom

  32. Avatar of Faye Hannam
    Faye HannamReply

    A unique gift for anyone and everyone… I’m sure this jewellery would be a family favourite/heirloom in my family and everyone would want it! Ab fab!!

  33. Avatar of Marni Mead

    I love the idea of personalising a beautiful piece of Jewellery so you can wear it every day.

  34. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love how Uberkate is unique with quality personalised jewellery that’s priceless & so sentimental.

  35. Avatar of Sue Perry

    Something that is truly personal to just me & my son. Just a quick glance & memories will come racing back instant smiles

  36. Avatar of Andreanne

    I love how it can put emotions and feelings into a beautiful keepsake

  37. Avatar of Harlie Foster
    Harlie FosterReply

    I love unique and personalized jewelry, which is exactly what this.

  38. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra BlackReply

    Something that can be passed down to my daughter in years to come

  39. Avatar of Nicky

    The Uberkate looks so unique and I would like to have one.

  40. Avatar of Alicia Cathrene Kimberley
    Alicia Cathrene KimberleyReply

    Funky, stylish and heartfelt the perfect gift to treasure forever

  41. Avatar of Rebecca Cohen
    Rebecca CohenReply

    To be able to have a life mantra in stylish jewelry to wear everyday is fabulous

  42. Avatar of Erika Coyne
    Erika CoyneReply

    I love that you can create a “you” piece of jewellery with uberkate that can be as unique as you want.

  43. Avatar of Aroha Kinley
    Aroha KinleyReply

    Each uberkate is a classy timeless keepsake, made uniquely for it’s wearer. Just beautifully sentimental and irreplaceable.

  44. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    I love how unique and personal these beautiful pieces are. So special, would be treasured by their owners forever.

  45. Avatar of David Scott
    David ScottReply

    Would love but wish to be,
    Represented in beauty by thee,
    Uberkate cuff, you sparkle, you dazzle,
    My partner would be,
    Absolutely enchanted by thee!

  46. Avatar of Jewelzped

    I lost my beautiful baby girl Kenzy on the 11th of April, she was only six and a half.
    I love that the UberKate Cuff is gorgeous and stylish and can be customised to keep her close to me always and forever!
    This Classical, Elegant Time Piece,
    Will Keep Our Love Alive For All Time!

  47. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    I love that they can be personalised. Very stylish as well.

  48. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I love the personalised uniqueness of each charm, would look amazing worn on my arm. Special memories captured to see, can’t wait to see it worn on me…

  49. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle GreenReply

    Such a unique and beautiful gift. As your kids grow up and move on its nice to have memories of them close to you.

  50. Avatar of Lauren Ciantar
    Lauren CiantarReply

    I love that it is personalised and can tell a story.

  51. Avatar of Gwencel Mitchell
    Gwencel MitchellReply

    it is stylish never out of fashion and would make a wonderful heirloom with a message that your child could keep to remind them of you and then they could add another message for their child

  52. Avatar of Loulouhealthy

    What a great keepsake. Forever engraved in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  53. Avatar of Neeks

    What a beatiful idea. Perfect little keepsake you can hand down to future generations too

  54. Avatar of akka08

    So stunningly stylish, heirloom quality, a personalised keepsake to be worn daily, kept close to the heart.

  55. Avatar of Leonnie Rainsford
    Leonnie RainsfordReply

    keepsake and being unique to pass on to future children of the family. No one will ever have the same

  56. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    Love that I can wear my own personal mantra on my wrist and look down and be continuously inspired and focused on my goal!

  57. Avatar of Anna Gikas

    How wonderful to own such a beautiful and individual piece for all to admire and see

  58. Avatar of Jenna Butler
    Jenna ButlerReply

    I love that it’s something so very personal to keep close to your heart but it’s out there on display so everyone can see how much love you have for a special person or thing in your life. It’s just lovely. Mine would definitely be personalized to have to do with my kiddies x

  59. Avatar of robfunk

    My wife loves Uberkate, this would be perfect for Mothers day.

  60. Avatar of Anna Ryan-Punch
    Anna Ryan-PunchReply

    Handwriting is so personal – seeing my own evolve over my 26 years of diary-keeping (since I was 10 years old) is amazing. I’d love to preserve my own 8yo son’s handwriting from a message to me in one of these beautiful jewellery pieces.

  61. Avatar of Katrina McKee
    Katrina McKeeReply

    Would make a beautiful keepsake for my sister to remember her stillborn son.

  62. Avatar of Kate Slack

    Such a beautiful idea, a lovely way to carry a piece of your heart around wherever you go.

  63. Avatar of Felicity Burger
    Felicity BurgerReply

    I would love to remember something my daughter has written for me (something she is getting good at now) to remember how she was when she was ;young.

  64. Avatar of Lisa Jene

    I love the individuality offered by the cuff. My family and I are especially off-beat so inspiration to me is probably madness to others.

  65. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    This Cuff would be such a lovely present for a 21st Birthday gift from Mum and Dad, with little incidents that have happened during her 21 years of love.

  66. Avatar of Anita Pender
    Anita PenderReply

    I love that each piece created is beautiful yet personal and unique! Love the uberkate pieces

  67. Avatar of Liza Santos
    Liza SantosReply

    I would love to get a cuff for both my mum and daughter they look quiet good

  68. Avatar of Tracey Morris
    Tracey MorrisReply

    Love the quality & uniqueness of Uberkate Jewellery. Every piece is absolutely stunning.

  69. Avatar of Kelly Lucas
    Kelly LucasReply

    Being able to look down and read words of love at anytime is something special

  70. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia WarrickReply

    The quality and craftsmanship, and how we can really make it our own! 🙂

  71. Avatar of Jammie-Lee Bennett
    Jammie-Lee BennettReply

    It is personal, it makes you really think that someone has gone out of their way to personally think of you, its heart warming

  72. Avatar of littleangel

    I love how personalised it can be…something to cherish forever.

  73. Avatar of Annya Cowan
    Annya CowanReply

    Not only can you personalise with words you can personalise the writing. That first love letter or that last card from your grandma. How heartfelt

  74. Avatar of Alex

    Obviously it’s about the personalisation – creating something truly unique and with sentimental value.

  75. Avatar of Tamie Tui

    It’s customisation at its best. Though instead of script I’d have my daughter’s initials repeated over and over like it’s her very own monogram, store it away and give it to her on her 18th birthday!

  76. Avatar of Sherna Swanepoel
    Sherna SwanepoelReply

    The way memories are engraved not just in ones heart but on stunning jewellery pieces!

  77. Avatar of Melanie J Patterson
    Melanie J PattersonReply

    This would just be the perfect keepsake to have with all my three boys. Though I would love something with my mums name who passed away 11 years ago. These are beautifully made and just the perfect keep sake!

  78. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole GurneyReply

    It’s so lovely to have something on your wrist inspired by the children u love

  79. Avatar of Amy B

    Unique, personal, stunning mementos that anyone would be proud to wear

  80. Avatar of Kim Kilgour
    Kim KilgourReply

    I love that you can uber personalise a beautiful piece of jewellery with the “your script” option, etching handwritten heart felt words to keep for eternity!

  81. Avatar of Sally Louise
    Sally LouiseReply

    Personal, distinct, eye catching and stylish – great gift for Mum!

  82. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate MarconiReply

    I love that it is handcrafted and that they have a great name!!!!!

  83. Avatar of Donna Portingale
    Donna PortingaleReply

    To wear your child’s written message, all the time whether your wealthy or poor, you go out or stay home would be awesome some parents aren’t lucky enough to still have their child beside them so this is brilliant way to keep them alive along side any child’s message that you may or may not still have with you

  84. Avatar of Bethany Brown
    Bethany BrownReply

    what’s not to love about these unique and stylish piece of jewellery.
    the fact it can be love ones writing means we can always have them with us, even if they have gone to heaven.

  85. Avatar of Jacinta Nimmo
    Jacinta NimmoReply

    These are just gorgeous! love that they are personalised and hand craft very awesome!

  86. Avatar of Robyn Smithwick
    Robyn SmithwickReply

    Lovely stylish jewellery! I WOULD LOVE a stylish silver cuff

  87. Avatar of marypreston

    The Uberkate range is not only incredibly beautiful, but personal as well. I love that.

  88. Avatar of Helga Grenkowitz
    Helga GrenkowitzReply

    I like that’s it us not the cheap fashion jewellery; it is a valuable unique style jewellery where you can put your own sentimental touch to it.

  89. Avatar of Ketrina N Paul Stowers
    Ketrina N Paul StowersReply

    Love ❤️ personal jewellery. The range is amazing!

  90. Avatar of TanyaCrerar

    I love that uberkate offers one of a kind jewellery- each piece is totally unique, just like each owner.

  91. Avatar of Shannan Sullivan
    Shannan SullivanReply

    i love the simplicity & elegance of the uberkate pieces which make a classic statement piece of jewellery to anyones collection

  92. Avatar of Anita Black
    Anita BlackReply

    I love that one can have what they want engraved on it to carry close to the heart and plenty of room too for it too, Nice to have a one of a kind piece of jewellery that would be of such sentimental value.

  93. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that Uberkate jewellery is personalised, so it has meaning and looks beautiful

  94. Avatar of Nikki Cashion
    Nikki CashionReply

    I love that I can customize to what I want . Great idea

  95. Avatar of Therese Jeffery
    Therese JefferyReply

    I love the endless possibilities and the custom designs.

  96. Avatar of Dorothy Kezich
    Dorothy KezichReply

    Tempting choice for a perfect piece
    Uberkate Cuff not just on lease
    The expression cuff looking so smart
    Love for family engraved from the heart

  97. Avatar of jayla1987

    I love the personalisation with script it’s so beautiful making memories last forever

  98. Avatar of Lenna Reinhard
    Lenna ReinhardReply

    Beautiful unique customised to what I want and will hold so much sentimental meanings

  99. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne BakerReply

    This gorgeous cuff we’d love to win,
    To let our uberkate collection begin.
    Stunning and sentimental keepsake piece,
    The compliments I’d receive would never cease.
    An item to represent the mum and daughter bond,
    One of the most meaningful pieces I’ve ever donned.
    Inscribed with lyrics of our favourite song,
    Together we always sing along.
    I will follow where you lead,
    Is what I’d have this cuff to read.
    Thank you Mum Central and uberkate,
    I’ve well and truly taken the bait.
    I’d love to wear this piece with pride,
    I’d never let it leave my side

  100. Avatar of Rita Maguire
    Rita MaguireReply

    Personalised so you’ll never have the same as anybody else. Holds the sentiment close to the heart.

  101. Avatar of Brenda Vette
    Brenda VetteReply

    Uberkrate personalized jewelry, shows style and big bolds statements, such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  102. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    There have many beautiful jewelleries in the world but only a few jewelleries have sentimental and cherished memories. Every Uberkate Jewellery is special designed for unique, elegant and effortless for every aspect of living. Each feature is thoughtful designed , allowing you to create and personalised. It is a incredible experience to wear this sophacicated and special Uberkate Cuff. ” Thinking Differently”

  103. Avatar of K Innes

    That you can chose everything, right down to the script.

  104. Avatar of Katrina Stanton
    Katrina StantonReply

    Urberkate, your great. Make a statement, show a Personality, enrich a soul. A cherish dream may unfold with Urberkate. a gift unfolds.

  105. Avatar of Millicent Stewart
    Millicent StewartReply

    It could be a present for anyone you love. What a beautiful keepsake

  106. Avatar of Liz

    Carrying around a cuff with my boys and husband writting is something very very special. Always, its the little things that mran the most

  107. Avatar of Rachelvk

    How lovely it is to be able to wear something so beautiful and meaningful.

  108. Avatar of Leah Johnston
    Leah JohnstonReply

    I love that no two pieces will be exactly the same.

  109. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    Classic, elegant, classy, less is more, just beautiful, and to own a piece is on my bucket list.

  110. Avatar of Jessica Dobson
    Jessica DobsonReply

    Beautiful keepsake that can be personalised however you like

  111. Avatar of Di Hain

    It is personalised and a great sentimental piece that will be special to me, especially if I am lucky enough to win!

  112. Avatar of Leanne Campbell
    Leanne CampbellReply

    I would love to own a piece of this jewelry especially as I can select exactly what I want engrave on it which would instantly make this the most sentimental & precious piece of jewelry I could ever own!

  113. Avatar of John Halls

    I would have my words of wisdom inscribed for my granddaughter to have it with her for long after I am not around to enjoy her beautiful smile.

  114. Avatar of Trudy M

    Looks great and you can put a thoughtful message to give someone special to you.

  115. Avatar of Melanie

    Uberkate jewellery looks absolutely stunning! I would soooooo treasure a cuff, and the fact that you can personalise it would definitely make it my most favourite piece of jewellery. I am coveting this!! ❤❤❤

  116. Avatar of Tennille

    How fun it would be to choose the script. I’m loving thinking of all my favorite words and the memories attached to them.

  117. Avatar of Sarah Kennedy
    Sarah KennedyReply

    It’s silver so much more my style, and I would feel so proud to wear something with such great meaning inscribed within it.

  118. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    I love how unique it is and that I can put whatever means the most to me on it. Makes it so much more personal and special.

  119. Avatar of shelbyward

    The quality is stunning and having the ability to personalise a piece of jewellery whether it be a message or names of family members, it makes it a piece to be treasured. Very special!

  120. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    I do not wearing a lot of Jewelleries but I love collecting them. Uberkate Jewellery has heartwarming personal stories and sharing them with those closet to you. Especially, this magnificent detail handcrafted Cuff can truly stand out from most of big brands of jewelleries because its outstanding quality and personality. A perfect gift for everyone.

  121. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee IzzardReply

    uberkate personalised Jewlery is next level!
    Beautifully design pieces to suit many styles of all ages, what really sets uberkate apart from anything I have seen before is their creative ability to transform a loved one handwritten message into an everlasting piece of art. Providing such a treasure is pricelist. A personal love story that’s change the way I see jewlery

  122. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love how Uberkate jewellery has the power to connect loved ones in such a powerful, stylish and elegant way whether it be friends, lovers, families or even pets!

  123. Avatar of Andieharrie

    Uberkate keeps family near my heart
    Even when we are far apart
    Uberkate lets me carry important thoughts with me
    upon my wrist for all to see
    Uberkate is my style
    Wearing or giving it makes me smile

  124. Avatar of Karen Holding
    Karen HoldingReply

    it is always a one of a kind piece unique piece to every person

  125. Avatar of allan

    this is a beautiful piece which I must get!!! it would be the envy of everyone I know

  126. Avatar of FoodieK

    I just love that you can give the gift of a personal message and you know it will be treasured because it is beautiful as well as meaningful.

  127. Avatar of Nichole Mckee
    Nichole MckeeReply

    I love that every piece is personal and unique and there will never be 2 of the same item

  128. Avatar of Tehani Gauder
    Tehani GauderReply

    Love this, so unique and very pretty too.
    Why have only one when you could wear a few.
    Time goes by so quickly and memories start to fade.
    With a personal piece from Uberkate I would have it made.

  129. Avatar of Anthea Lazzaro
    Anthea LazzaroReply

    The braclets are so unique and stylish with the beautiful quotes.

  130. Avatar of Jodie Dorricott
    Jodie DorricottReply

    I love that you can capture a moment and keep it forever to let everyone see, and not just keep it in your heart.

  131. Avatar of Kylie Mitchell
    Kylie MitchellReply

    I would love one of these cuffs to give to my Mum for Mother’s Day. She would absolutely love the chance to be able to create a distinctive and exclusive piece of jewelry.

  132. Avatar of Toni Armstrong
    Toni ArmstrongReply

    I love how it would give me a little piece of my girls with me at all times

  133. Avatar of Bet Hogan

    Uberkate , stylish, unique
    sentiment, I seek.
    Memories shared, to keep
    sentimental, makes me weep.
    Close to my heart, wishes to make
    Uberkate jewellery is great 😀

  134. Avatar of Stephanie West
    Stephanie WestReply

    I love the different fonts you can choose from and the endless options for customization.

  135. Avatar of Kristie

    Keepsake I can pass on, it’s also fashionable and easy to wear

  136. Avatar of Ben N Nicole
    Ben N NicoleReply

    I love that you can put your own quote or saying on the cuffs.

  137. Avatar of BellaB

    I love that it’s so very personal – and the script is beautiful.

  138. Avatar of Cassy

    I love that it’s so personal and can mean so much to each and every person who wears it.

  139. Avatar of Monica Porreca
    Monica PorrecaReply

    These pieces are so precious and after losing my dad a year ago I’m thinking now of getting something to remember him with.

  140. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    A great way to keep your love on the outside too – to celebrate and share the greatest gift – family. I was a first time mum at 38.

  141. Avatar of Yvonne 'von' Ryan
    Yvonne 'von' RyanReply

    these are just so unique and very personal , I would absolutely love one of these beautiful cuffs

  142. Avatar of Gail R

    It’s so unique and personal that maybe I could convince my husband that it is necessary!

  143. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita ThornReply

    I love that Uberkate Jewellery can be a complete one-off design with personal etchings that I can gift to the amazing people in my life that deserve something unique & special.

  144. Avatar of silver101

    Uberkate Jewellery brings a whole new meaning to signature jewellery. Beautiful, simplistic but also very personalised and professionally made. Love how it really makes you feel when wearing it too.

  145. Avatar of Becky Palmer
    Becky PalmerReply

    Beautiful, simple and personalised to you,
    No other piece can outdo!

  146. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Uberkate Jewellery is something so beautiful and so precious to close your heart . It is a unique jewellery with personal stories and style. Uberkate Jewellery has my impression for its outstanding quality and designs.

  147. Avatar of Amy June Hartfield
    Amy June HartfieldReply

    Über Kate is very talented and a local Northern Beaches mum! I’ve followed her jewellery designs for a while now but have never purchased a piece due to starting my own business. Now I’m expecting my own little baby in October it would be perfect!!

  148. Avatar of lennicecummings

    I love how unique and personal Uberkate Jewellery is to every individual person

  149. Avatar of Lynne Lillington
    Lynne LillingtonReply

    Unique pieces that hold precious messages that will last a lifetime. I’d write one for my mum R.I.P

  150. Avatar of Michelle

    I love how the pieces are personal but still stylish and unique.

  151. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea NicolescuReply

    I love that it is personalised and it will always be unique and meaningful to yourself and those close to you

  152. Avatar of Tmeeka Henricks
    Tmeeka HenricksReply

    That it’s so personalised, especially using your own script, nobody else will ever have a piece exactly like yours and you can remember those special moments, words, and handwriting from someone you love <3

  153. Avatar of Kristina

    Jewellery that means something. Uberkate sells pieces I would wear everyday because they hold special meaning. Love the Your Script option. I have a lovely boss and kindergarten teacher and most importantly friend whom i’d love to give a your script piece with a message from her much loved, much missed father.

  154. Avatar of mustangmum

    So beautiful and it would be nice in a difficult time to look upon your wrist and be inspired.

  155. Avatar of Shu- Ching Chang
    Shu- Ching ChangReply

    Uberkate Jewellery has perfect and thoughtful designed for every aspect of living. It is a wonderful Jewellery to wear everyday because it can be personalised . I love Uberkate Jewellery’s revolution and ideals. A perfect prize for everyone. Thank you.

  156. Avatar of Loretta Franceschini
    Loretta FranceschiniReply

    Very stylish and on trend. Easy to wear bespoke peices that are multi generational. Make excellent personalized gifts.

  157. Avatar of lexi

    Uberkate jewellery is totally unique,
    the quality cannot be beat,
    something beautiful to wear,
    but with sentimental flare.

  158. Avatar of Amanda Varady
    Amanda VaradyReply

    To be able to carry my daughter’s name with me. I’d love to record the very first time she wrote her name.

  159. Avatar of Chloe Ann Hamilton
    Chloe Ann HamiltonReply

    Uberkate jewellery is the ultimate personalised jewellery. I would love to have my grandma’s writing as jewellery I could wear forever.

  160. Avatar of Kacey Hills
    Kacey HillsReply

    To have something that is so beautiful with a unique message that is important to me would be amazing!!

  161. Avatar of Cathie Mills
    Cathie MillsReply

    Uberkate jewellery is beautiful and unique. To take the beatutiful cuff and have it personalised with my children’s own words and writing using the your script would be the most meaningful gift I could imagine.

  162. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Unbelievable and wonderful experience are my impression for Uberkate Jewellery. It is truly an amazing opportunity to win this personalised Jewellery for Mother’s Day . Thank you.

  163. Avatar of Lily

    Uberkate Jewellery truly captures the desire of every mother, to be able to hold our nearest and dearest with us always. I love that Uberkate focuses on this core value and presents it in beautifully designed and quality crafted pieces. My family is precious to me, so it’s only fitting that what I choose to represent them is as equally unique and precious.

  164. Avatar of Karina

    Uberkate jewellery is so beautiful and stylish. After 7 pregnancy losses I am finally pregnant with a rainbow baby and I would love to celebrate my love for all the babies with something meaningful that I would wear and cherish every day. A quote about love and never giving up would be a perfect reminder.

  165. Avatar of Jessica Taylor
    Jessica TaylorReply

    The words are unique to you, I’d love this for my twin sister ❤️

  166. Avatar of Mel Watson

    I love that uberkate jewellery is so beautiful & timeless and that each piece can evoke a memory from a special time in your life.

  167. Avatar of Amastaycia

    I love that uberkate takes something as precious and priceless as a memory and turns it into a peice you can wear forever.

  168. Avatar of Nat M

    My very own words. Not someone’s take on how I should be.

  169. Avatar of Natashya Earle
    Natashya EarleReply

    Love the fact I can have jewelery with a personal meaning for my family and I

  170. Avatar of Jacqui Gerrard
    Jacqui GerrardReply

    Love you can get something that truly means something to your heart and you can wear everyday to remind you.

  171. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie LouiseReply

    I love that with Uberkate jewellery, I can have my children’s little love notes, etched forever in jewellery that I can wear everyday, and be reminded of special moments.
    Plus I’d love to show it off to everyone. I would be so proud to wear it everyday!!!

  172. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TANReply

    I love Uberkate’s stylish designs and meaningful jewellery!

  173. Avatar of Maree Schmidt
    Maree SchmidtReply

    Gorgeous pieces from Uberkate! Stunning wearable memories!

  174. Avatar of Reesy Dempsey
    Reesy DempseyReply

    To have unique and special memories that I can wear is one of the most amazing and precious gifts anyone could ever give, I have some meaningful lyrics that I feel help keep my Angel baby’s memory alive to be able to have them me would be so comforting

  175. Avatar of Caz Palmero
    Caz PalmeroReply

    Oh wow what a unique way of leaving your loved one a script about your life to leave your family for life .

  176. Avatar of Peter McKim
    Peter McKimReply

    A personalised memory for a loved one to carry with them always. To have with them when times are tough to lean upon and remember there is always someone who loves them and will stand with them through anything.

  177. Avatar of Wendy Christidis
    Wendy ChristidisReply

    I love Uberkate’s modern take on traditional personalized jewelery. They are unique , personal and will be treasured forever ,,,for generations to come. they are a family heirloom

  178. Avatar of Wendy Peters
    Wendy PetersReply

    these are just so son would give it to his girlfriend..they are just so sweet…

  179. Avatar of Katie T

    Love that the jewellery is designed to be a visual reminder of something important to the wearer, whether it be a loved one, a moment in time or a mantra – something that will get the wearer to smile or feel inspired whenever they look at it.

  180. Avatar of April D

    I tagged Trish.
    I’m looking for a piece I can wear everyday and I think a Personalised Cuff from uberkate could be just the one.

  181. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth KaminskiReply

    I love the personal & individual touch. Its simple, stylish, so unique but accesible for everyone! I just love it!

  182. Avatar of Chrissy07

    Unique, stylish and a piece of jewellery I would be proud to wear. Just lovely.

  183. Avatar of Kerry Gilmore
    Kerry GilmoreReply

    …… be able to have my daughters writing with me everywhere I went…….absolutely priceless!!! This would be the most amazing prize for someone to win!!!

  184. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Uberkate Jewellery has perfect designs for all of ages. It is Jewellery cherished precious memories and sharing them with those closet to you. I would love to pass this special Cuff to my daughters .

  185. Avatar of adam

    would make a very sentimental gift to be cherished forever

  186. Avatar of Jodie Prosser
    Jodie ProsserReply

    Uberkate jewellery is so beautiful and personal and sentimental keepsake of memories luv it oxoxo

  187. Avatar of Sam Duncan

    Not only is it stylish, but it’s such a great sentimental gift for loved ones

  188. Avatar of michelle brown
    michelle brownReply

    Would make a lovely heirloom to be passed on 🙂

  189. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah ArmstrongReply

    I just love a well made, stylish, timeless piece of jewellrey

  190. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley BeechReply

    I love the simplicity of it and how each piece is persoanlised.

  191. Avatar of Jackie

    These beautiful pieces tell a special love between mother and child and make the perfect airloom thanks to the quality.

  192. Avatar of Zaharia

    Beautiful, original one of a kind items that last lifetimes.

  193. Avatar of Ellen Kolmer
    Ellen KolmerReply

    Hi Uberkate Jewellery designer. I will be honest – I never heard of you before, but when I saw your CUFF I was in love. What a beautiful, unique piece of art. I always find it hard to find bracelets, because my hands/wrists are so big, so this cuff would be the perfect piece of jewellery for me.
    I will find something beautiful to write on it to make it even more personal.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this cuff.

  194. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess HowardReply

    I love how your piece of jewellery is totally unique and it is just made with heart, your heart. Its so special.

  195. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    I love Uberkate Jewellery revolution Jewellery ideas . It is truly an amazing prize for a lucky person. As a mum with two autistic children, I would love personalised Cuff for my favourite quote. Thank you. Good luck everyone.

  196. Avatar of Lauren

    Who wouldn’t want to have one of these gorgeous pieces? You can keep memories literally at your fingertips, brilliant.

    Lauren G

  197. Avatar of Bianca Bonakey
    Bianca BonakeyReply

    I love that it’s all personalised .. I received a necklace when my daughter was born with her name and date of birth on the back .. still wearing it 5 years later

  198. Avatar of Marion Bennett
    Marion BennettReply

    I love the beautiful meaningful sayings you can have to reflect who or what is yours

  199. Avatar of Jenna

    can personalise it to suit me. I have very simple taste so being able to have something for me that isnt ‘flashy’ is perfect!

  200. Avatar of Kirsty May

    I truly would cherish such a jewelery item as my little girl is my life and I love every moment I am blessed with 🙂

  201. Avatar of AJ Riley

    these are a wonderful idea, would be lovely to have for any special occasion

  202. Avatar of Tammy

    A glance will make you stop and make you smile in the middle of a challenging “moment”

  203. Avatar of Colleen Dancer
    Colleen DancerReply

    Beautiful, simple and elegant. It’s very hard to find jewellery that meets these criteria

  204. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    I love the way it can be personalised with your own message – just perfect for a gift.

  205. Avatar of Trina

    i love the personalisation of this, A simple glance fills your heart, a loved one touching you, no matter where they are, the love is always with you

  206. Avatar of Kristy F

    The uniqueness of it and how you can really personalise it to mean something special. That is uber cool.

  207. Avatar of Emma B

    Being a personalised piece means that I could remember unique quotes and special times, every day I wore my special uberkate cuff. How lovely would that be.

  208. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van SchoonhovenReply

    ~ I love the personal touch with the uberkate Jewellery! ~

  209. Avatar of Danielle Raper
    Danielle RaperReply

    It’s just so personal and something than is one of a kind and can be passed down from generation to generation

  210. Avatar of Louise Hopper-Cousins
    Louise Hopper-CousinsReply

    How personal and everlasting is this beautiful jewelry xx

  211. Avatar of Mary Whitta
    Mary WhittaReply

    A lovely way to celebrate all that is good in life!

  212. Avatar of Bec D'owney
    Bec D'owneyReply

    I like you can say a lot and it’s a constant reminder that makes you smile.

  213. Avatar of Justine Liane
    Justine LianeReply

    I would honour my mother, wearing her heartfelt words on my sleeve as a sign of respect and immense love.

  214. Avatar of Ali Hillier
    Ali HillierReply

    I love all of these pieces are unique, showing off your favourite lyrics or a drawing your child has done. It’s just beautiful.

  215. Avatar of Karen Sharp
    Karen SharpReply

    I would love a tattoo, but they are too permanent. This way I could wear my inspiration when and where I choose.

  216. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidisReply

    I love that it’s made for only me , putting it out there for everyone to see..

  217. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Uberkate Jewellery has perfect Jewellery designs for inspiration of beautiful life. It is an extraordinary jewellery with personal stories. You love to wear it everyday and everywhere. A precious Jewellery only made for you. Love this beautiful prize, thank you.

  218. Avatar of Jacqueline Dodd
    Jacqueline DoddReply

    Uberkate Jewellery has so many different styles for everyone! No wonder I love it!

  219. Avatar of Beksmum

    The chance to use and pass on the wise words that have real meaning to your life – plus they look beautiful 🙂

  220. Avatar of Janice Kathleen Marsh
    Janice Kathleen MarshReply

    My 6 year old grandaughter has so many beautiful things to say in letters and on the phone. I could put some on bracelet and also get one for her to remind her of our love.

  221. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita MunroReply

    It goes with absolutely anything & it’s the first thing you look at on any beautiful lady!

  222. Avatar of Louise Powell
    Louise PowellReply

    The words can last forever, where the people don’t

  223. Avatar of Alysse

    I love that the jewellery represents that anything thought of can be formed in the physical world. It’s a reminder that all anything starts with is an idea…

  224. Avatar of Kim Scott

    I would love to own a unique and beautiful Uberkate cuff that carried a personal message to remind me daily of the love that I have for my unique and beautiful little boy.

  225. Avatar of Nat Hallett
    Nat HallettReply

    The individual engraving makes it very special and invites conversation.

  226. Avatar of Kristy Winters
    Kristy WintersReply

    i loved the idea of having jewelry with my kids names on it as soon as I saw heidi klum’s neckace but i love the way uberkates circles nestle inside each other

  227. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth MartinsReply

    I love that they can be personalised,
    something that has an extra meaning,
    and can be treasured forever.

  228. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Uberkate Jewellery has heartfelt message for a special one . It is a beautiful jewellery with extra features. Do I like this Cuff? The answer is yes. As a mum with two autistic children, I really love to wear unique and positive thoughts things everyday. Just want to be happy and moving forward when I feel sad . Thank you . Good Luck Everyone.

  229. Avatar of Belinda M

    I love that it’s a special part of your kids childhood that you can keep forever and eventually give to them when they grow up. Something for both of you to remember each other by

  230. Avatar of Katie Sara Winderlich
    Katie Sara WinderlichReply

    It’s just special, and something that can be always with you ❤️❤️❤️

  231. Avatar of Blossom

    My inscription would be “I will always love you”, something I will be remembered by forever. A sweet, short genuine that says it all. I would love a Uberkate Cuff with this short inscription on it – unique is how I would descibe this product.

  232. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    The timeless styles,
    And the ideas that go for miles!
    They look stunning and are personal too,
    Will pick the wearer up when blue.

  233. Avatar of Ebony Turski
    Ebony TurskiReply

    A precious loved one, taken too soon,
    Up into the heavens, beyond the moon.
    An Uberkate cuff keeps them close to your heart,
    Forever their words near, never to depart.

  234. Avatar of Vija Leitis
    Vija LeitisReply

    I love the quality, the materials and designs. They speak to my taste.

  235. Avatar of Ebony Comerford
    Ebony ComerfordReply

    I am very picky when it comes to jewellery, so custom design suits me perfectly!

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